Jeff and Jordan from 'Big Brother' among 11 teams on 'The Amazing Race'

It’s official: two of Big Brother’s most beloved players ever are joining the next installment of The Amazing Race. Jordan Lloyd, 22, and Jeff Schroeder, 31, are among the 11 teams that will cross five continents and eight countries in the 16th edition of Race that kicks off Feb. 14. Here are the other teams:

Couple Caite Upton, 20, a model/actress from Lexington, S.C. (and the former Miss Teen South Carolina who bungled that Iraq answer on Miss USA 2007) and Brent Horne, 28, a model from Columbia, S.C.

Undercover detectives Louis Stravato, 47, and Michael Naylor, 45, from Providence, R.I.

Father Steve Smith, 57, a professional baseball coach, and his daughter Allie Smith, 23, from Encinitas, Calif.

Fellow moms Monique Pryor, 39, an attorney from West Orange, N.J. and Shawne Morgan, 39, an attorney from Bowie, Md.

Brothers/cowboys Jet McCoy, 30, from Ada, Okla. and Cord McCoy, 29 from Tupelo, Okla.

Married couple Adrian Davis, 40, and Dana Davis, 39, from Arlington, Texas

Grandma Jody Kelly, 71, a personal trainer from Round Rock, Texas and her granddaughter Shannon Foster, 22 from Georgetown, Texas

Carol Rosenfeld,  47, a consultant, and her girlfriend Brandy Snow, 40, an actress, both from Los Angeles

Married couple Joe Wang, 42, a software salesman and his wife, Heidi, 37, from El Segundo, Calif.

Brothers Dan Pious, 24, a financial advisor and Jordan Pious, 22, a strategic consultant from Barrington, R.I.

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

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  • Ed

    Ugh, I wish CBS would stop with having people from one reality show compete in their other reality shows. Or maybe it’s just these two. I know that Jeff was a fan favorite, but he’s really not a likeable person. He said some really mean and hateful things on Big Brother (through the live feeds), and all his comments were edited out for broadcast television. And Jordan’s ditzy personality is just not cute or appealing. I hope they get eliminated from “Amazing Race” early.

    • Alan

      They’re gorgeous. I love them.

      • Kaf

        Well, Alan, I’m glad your measuring stick when it comes to liking someone is whether or not they’re gorgeous. Who cares what type of person they are, as long as they’re pretty, right?

      • @Kaf

        from your comments you are odviously a fat ugly troll…of course people like looking at good looking people on TV

      • Alan

        News flash Kaf. Reality shows are not deep, intellecutal studies of the human condition. I couldn’t care less about the “real people” behind the reality show stars. Reality shows are phony, heavily edited, heavily manipulated pieces of fluffy cotton candy escapism and I treat them as such.

      • Matt

        I love them and they are not mean people. Hell if any of you had to live in the BBH with creepy people you would be mean too.

    • jem

      I don’t watch Big Brother so I can’t judge, but I loved when Boston Rob & Amber went on the amazing race! I’ll blog about Amazing Race & Survivor at all season long.

      • thin

        Can’t stand Rob, and those two were completely insufferable on there. I was so glad to see them lose.


      They are off first or second, I cant remember which, but yeah its to get ppl to tune in from the BB crowd who havent watched AR in a while

      • AnonymousBlogger

        Why do you have to put a spoiler like that? That’s just plain rude!

    • Trazey

      oh poo everyone says hateful things with a camera on them stuck in a looney bin 24/7 LOL jeff & jordo were adorable together, anyone who could put up with her dumb-girl chatter deserves a medal!! I hope they win yay!!

    • AnonymousBlogger

      I watched the live feeds and his remarks were only made on in the first week. After that he made up with those he had wronged. Anyways, I’m more interested to see Caitlin Upton, SOOOOO HOT!

    • debra

      i find it funny how they are getting the same reviews on here as they get from both seasons of big brother they were on. i guess jeff is a big abusive and homophobic bufoon

  • Juan

    …countries like ‘the iraq’ and such as…

    • T

      I do

    • pal

      ‘some people in our nation don’t have maps’…my, I hope Caitlin has bought some maps now.

  • EWsMom

    LOL these were “beloved” players? Considering Jeff’s homophobic remarks…I don’t think so.

    • silver

      Absolutely they were beloved by most. IIRC, they won all of the America votes for favorite player, the “wizard” power, etc. They certainly weren’t beloved by all but it’s definitely fair to say that in general people loved them.

      • ?

        In general “people” loved them?

        Big Brother got, on average 6-7 million viewers a night…..that’s like 2% of the population….so you can say more like “a small niche of America loved them”

      • Mark

        @? – Does silver really have to define “people” as “people who watched Big Brother”? Geez, nitpick much?

    • J&J forever

      just because Jeff does not like gays, does not make him a bad person, just like dancing around in leg warmers, wearing assless chaps and throwing hot cups of yorgurt on each other backs, does not make gays bad people

      • Matty

        Um, yes it does make him a bad person. But I think maybe your comment is sarcastic.

      • Via

        Completely horrible comment, but sadly, I was cracking up reading it, lol!

      • @matty

        “comment is sarcastic” nothing gets by you Matty…a regular sherlock holmes you are. What an idiot

      • Sara

        LOL.. he doesn’t hate gay people! Oh my gosh, he said one word, big deal. It happens.

      • Glory

        Yeah. Maybe he doesn’t hate gay people…maybe he’s plain old ignorant. Because yelling homosexual slurs does, in fact, make you ignorant.

      • debra

        omg same slurs on big brother 13 what the heck is with this guy and why do the keep giving spots on national tv is he cant keep his homophobic opinions to himself. geez just sayin

  • Melinda

    I love Jeff & Jordan! Can’t wait to watch :)

    • Leigh

      Me too! This’ll be the first time I’ve watched The Amazing Race in about five years, and I’m doing it just to see them. :)

  • nykolus

    i’m with ya, ed. i loathe cbs re-casting people for their shows (rob & amber). not that i’ve ever watched big brother, but still… they need to stick with ‘real people’.

    • Zach

      get over it. this is reality TV. who exactly “real”? What makes the other people they cast with because of connections with the show’s producers any more real than former reality show contestants?

      • me

        It just makes it all seem so fake. I understand that most reality shows are fake but that’s why I liked AR so much because it had *real* people.

        Now every season there’s a former pagaent queen or models who obviously got in because of their agents. What’s the point of having an open application for everyone to try out when all you need is an agent.

        I still love the show and I’m already hoping for early exits.

      • teresa

        So beauty queens and models aren’t real people and have no right being on reality TV???
        Most people who get on a TV show get agents. Most of them think they’re gonna get famous. 15 minutes famous is about it.

  • LeLe

    Good catch Juan, Catie Upton was the the pageant girl that really bungled the question with her answer about school kids in the U.S. not being able to read maps.

  • Laura

    You realize that Caitlin Upton is the same person from the Miss Teen South Carolina fame…

    • AJ

      I know! “Model/Actress”??? I wonder if this season they will go to “The Iraq & such as….”

  • Mark

    Wow! Undercover detectives! A seventy-one year old personal trainer! And the gay team is female! The season looks promising!

  • scrabblequeenbee

    I haven’t watched Amazing Race for a few years. I do watch Big Brother and I love Jeff and Jordan. I’ll be watching Amazing Race this years.

  • Layla

    This piece of “news” has been all over the internet for weeks and weeks.

    • T

      May have been but I didn’t know so thanks EW! Love Jordan and Jeff!

  • Go J&J

    Big Brother is a guilty pleasure during the summer TV hiatus. I liked Jeff & Jordan on BB and hope they do well on The Amazing Race. Reality TV is not for everyone, but I am entertained. TMR is a great show by the way. Tip of the hat to earlier posts that saw J&J in the LA Airport with matching backpacks & shirts suggesting they were on The Amazing Race.

  • Big Dave

    This “news” had already been widely reported, and is not the big news about the casing of TAR 16. The big news is that one of the racers will be Caite Upton, the Miss Teen South Carolina contestant who gave the inane answer at the Miss Teen USA pageant a few years ago.

    • Joe R

      This “news” was officially announced today by a CBS press release, so it’s worth reporting. Jeez.

    • Matthew

      @Big Dave Who cares if she’s going to be on the show?

  • Jon

    Yay for homophobes everywhere!

  • Pete

    Seriously? Why does the media insist on shoving these morons down our throats? Hopefully the race goes to South Africa, such as.

  • BW

    My understanding is that Jeff did make some comments that weren’t great, however they didn’t make it to air. Also I don’t think just because he made a few slurs, that he is homophobic. A friend of mine uses the f word all the time, but one of his best friends is gay. Also, I don’t think judging him by what was said in private is fair. I’m sure we have all said things in private we didn’t want known. Does that make us bad people? No

    • Jon

      So if I say the n-word or make misogynistic comments, Im not a bigot? Sorry not buying it.

      • Scott

        I see you failed to comprehend the point that BW was making. Good think my (favorable) opinion of Jeff doesn’t depend on whether blowhard Jon is “buying it”. Move along.

      • kyle

        get a life! so he made a mistake and said something he shouldn’t have.
        tell me MR. PERFECT how is it living in a world where apparently you’ve never done anything wrong??

      • To Jon

        I didn’t care for Jeff’s comments but ANYONE is capable of making a stupid comment even people that are more intelligent and more likely to think things out than others. That does NOT mean that idiotic comments that some people say represent the dominant view that they have of someone or something. If someone uses the N word it’s wrong BUT that doesn’t mean that they dislike black people or are bigots overall. I assume that you’re open minded enough to understand the difference.

    • Janet

      BW, are you serious? To quote you: “Also, I don’t think judging him by what was said in private is fair.” You do realize that what he said was not in private, right? He made his comments while he was on a nationally televised show. Being that what he said was in front of cameras and microphones, yes, I will judge him. Harshly.

      • T

        And I doubt Jeff cares whether you or anyone else will judge him, harshly or not.

      • BW

        I am absolutely serious. He said it in a situation where he was at “home”, his home for the time let happened to be wired with a bunch of mics. Did he know it was wired, absolutely, but in the context I don’t think you can say he hates people. BTW, I am black and I have white friends who have used the N word before. Do I like it? No. However do I think it makes them a complete racist? Nope. In private I’ve made some misogynistic comments, that doesn’t mean Im sexist. It means I made a poor word choice. For me, someones actions speak more than a couple of words

      • kyle

        BM’s crazy! The Big Brother house as Jeff’s “home,” so there’s an expectation of privacy? Hell no! Nothing is private when they’re in the house–there are 24 hours feeds for christ sake, so you can’t say some comments are public and some are private. You can’t say anything was said in private while on the show. There are some crazy people in this world.

      • teresa

        Janet: It’s not your place to judge anyone harshly.

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