Exclusive: 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' DOA at NBC?

NBC has delayed a verdict on Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, the much-buzzed-about drama pilot starring Doctor Who‘s David Tennant. Peacock execs were eyeing Rex to possibly fill one of its post-Jay Leno Show holes at 10 pm this spring. But a source close to the show tells me, “The sets are coming down this week.”

An NBC rep declined to comment, but a Peacock source insists Rex remains under consideration for fall. “The sets are on fold-and-hold,” maintains the insider. “They will still be available if the show is picked up for the fall.”

The project, which co-stars Jerry O’Connell, Abigail Spencer, Jane Curtin, and Jeffrey Tambor, had been in development at NBC-Universal for nearly two years. A pilot was commissioned last October and completed in December.

Bummed Rex is not coming to your TV this spring? Are you holding out hope for a fall berth? Sound off below!

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  • Ruth

    Noooo! It had better come in fall is all I’m saying, this is the only thing that’s kept me from going into a state of utter depression about no more Tennant on Doctor Who.

    • Heather

      The show has to come on I miss David Tennant, he is a great actor!!!!!!

      • Esther Marlowe

        Heather, I most whole heartedly agree.

    • Fonzy

      Fox should pick it up then put in back to back with Hugh Laurie’s House… Tennant + Laurie ommnummmnummm

      • Dave

        The Anglophiles would have much rejoicing if that happened. Especially if Tim Roth’s Lie To Me came on at 10pm, assuming Fox would program that time slot.

      • Kimberly

        OMG …Hugh and David – YUMMY
        I am so bummed by this news..
        I was counting days.
        Watched end of time again .
        Cried again,
        I love David as the Doctor
        NBC is such a network of idoits

      • leanne

        That is definitely possible, ‘Rex….’ should definitely air on Fox, actually ‘House’ was also passed upon by NBC and Fox picked them up and now it’s their number 1 scripted show! NBC is going down fast, this could be a blessing in disguise for David!! Now the prospect of seeing Hugh, David, and Tim on Mondays gets me sooo excited!

      • brian

        FOX will never have a 10:00 show. The local affiliates make the too much money with local news at that hour.

      • Jen

        I love David Tennant but I know a bunch of people who worked on the show and they said it was terrible. He can find a better project.

    • aby

      Same here. I need David Tennant on television. Is NBC stupid? Whoops, that much is obvious, but really they should be begging David Tennant to come save their pathetic network. Perhaps this is for the best, he deserves a better network.

      • Gina

        If NBC passes this up, they are not only stupid they are MENTAL…

      • Jen

        All of you are assuming this show was good, which it wasn’t. David deserves to be on a good show that can get a great audience. If NBC passes they are doing the right thing and he will find something better, I promise you. I have a bunch of friends that worked on the show and the it just wasn’t good.

      • franca


      • Carrie

        but jen this was a pilot, they can improve upon what was bad by the time the actual episode was written, they had feedback from sample audience and i think there is potential and it shouldnt be overlooked

    • Chels

      Amen! Going to go through withdrawl!

    • Melissa

      I an so disappointed to hear that NBC is chickening out On the REX thing. I mean come on it’s not like they are the network juggernaut they once were in terms of programming. They need to return to the era of take a chance on the quirky, the attitude that brought with it the success of Seinfeld, Friends… ETC. Wake up NBC!!!

    • Gina

      Im in agreement …..I am a huge Dr. Who fan and was so sad to see David leave the series. Id love to see him do yet another brilliant piece of work. Love that man. :P ( Just bought Masterpiece theater’s “Casanova” this week.)

    • DT

      i agree with you

    • Nikki

      I agree!!!!

  • jenn

    Jerry O’Connell has killed another show.

    • Jude

      LOL THIS.

    • Becky

      I hope it survives! I was looking forward to more Tennant time on my TV.

    • Becky

      Ack! I replied to you when I meant to make a new comment; oops!

      But LOL at your comment nonetheless. XD

    • Anne

      Hahaha! True. NBC didn’t need him though. They like to sabotage shows on their own.

    • Seb

      I thought exactly the same thing Jenn!

    • Gazza

      I can’t believe they replaced Senthil Ramamurthy with HIM, of all people. Not Cool.

    • Brooke

      I was thinking the same thing. What were they thinking when they replaced Mohinder with him?

      • Cath

        OMG, what planet are you guys from? That’s David Tennant! He can act circles around Senthil Ramamurthy.

      • Sihaya

        Oh, Cath – Sendhil Ramamurthy was replaced by Jerry O’Connell as Rex’s “friend.” David Tennant was always in the leading role.

    • Sam

      Instead of Jerry O’Connell, NBC should get the actors Ted McGinny (?)[Happy Days, Married With Children, and Hope and Faith] and Heather Locklard.

      • Stephen

        Ted McGinley and Heather Locklear?

    • Leslie

      That is so true, he should just give up acting and become a full time Dad. Enough killing shows, that may have had a chance

      • Nurikoness

        Come guys leave the man alone. he is the nicest guy ever. me and some friends went out to the set of this show and he offered us ribs from his own lunch cause we were hungry.

  • Lois

    Sad news. They had better think about this show for the fall. I need my David Tennant fix now that he’s no longer The Doctor. If this show doesn’t get picked up, I hope that David plays the Riddler in a Batman movie.

    • Lynsey

      OMG, that is a brilliant idea!

    • Dede

      You are a casting genius!

      • Justine

        It’s been a rumour for a while now, David’s said he hasn’t been approached.

      • Duckie

        no they aren’t. David Tennant has expressed interest in playing the Riddler in the past. All it takes is reading news reports.

    • Rebekah

      Lois, I agree with everything you said. There is nothing more to say. :-)

  • Michelle

    Rex better get picked up for fall. Because if David had to drop out of Burke & Hare for a show that’s not going to get made then I’m going to be PISSED. Do something right, NBC!

    • Elizabeth

      HA! My first reaction was to be pissed that he dropped out of Burke and Hare for this.

      • Lizzie

        same here. because him and simon pegg would have been so good!

    • Katie

      That was my reaction too. Its a shame that they’ve already recast as well. Though I’m sure Andy Serkis will be fine.

    • Catherine

      ‘Rex better get picked up for fall. Because if David had to drop out of Burke & Hare for a show that’s not going to get made then I’m going to be PISSED.’ I TOTALLY agree!!!!

      • fernie

        My exact thoughts as well. Still, there’s always…his upcoming Radio 4 drama? Sigh. My hope now is that he’ll go and do another play. (Please?)

        But I’d say this article is rather over-dramatic; it always seemed to me that the chances of it being rushed to air in 2 months were slim at best. (& honestly, how good would it have been with that short a turn-around?)

  • Michelle

    Die hard WHO fans won’t know what to do without a weekly dose of Tennant! And this time we wouldn’t need BBC! Put the man on TV! This spring or fall, just do it!

    • Justine

      Just an hour of him, unedited, in front of a camera. I’d watch. lol

      • CJ Colvis

        Ditto. He could just read the phone book and make it interesting.

      • Carrie

        SECOND IT!

    • Lalla

      My sentiments exactly, Michelle.

      I want my Tennant fix.

      • Leslie

        Me too, miss DT, he needs to be on a great show in the USA so we will finally get him in real time not delayed like on Dr. Who. They really made me mad waiting so long to air them when they already aired int eh UK.

    • Gina

      Tennant Fans UNITE!!!

    • Pat

      Amen–Bring on David Tennant! How could TPTB be so clueless–enormous talent + existing fan base = MWTV!! Are they that fearful of success?

  • Addie

    No!!! I was hoping so much for a Tennant-fix this spring.

    David Tennant coming to a mainstream American audience MUST happen, so NBC better take this pilot in the Fall. I want to see him on a network.

  • markinnyc

    At least the NBC streak of making horrible programing decisions remains intact with them not picking this up.
    I mean it only has a built in following with David Tenant.
    NBC….Zucking it up for ten years straight

    • Alexandria


      How can you not love a show with an instant fanbase? It might not have as much of a benefit on American broadcast television (as only a few PBS shares broadcast Who reruns), but they’d kill in syndication.

      • purpleprose78

        I miss him too! Granted Netflix instant view and iTunes downloads provide a bit of a fix, but alas….it is not enough.

    • Elizabeth

      …”Zucking it up”… points for you!

  • Cgpunker

    NBC is a nightmare. They can’t get it right! Put Tennant on tv!

  • Emily

    no i really wanted to see this show happen! I would love a way to watch david tennant all the time!

  • kate

    Jenn, That’s exactly what I said, when I read the news. When I saw that Jerry O’Connell had been added to the show recently, I knew it was already dead in the water…

  • Ann S.

    Oh, NBC is in sad shape – they can’t turn their nose up at anything at this point, nor cancel what they’ve got. They have 5 primetime hours to fill, and so-called ‘reality’ television can only go so far…

  • PJ

    I’m actually relieved it’s not being rushed out just to fill NBC’s spring schedule and clean up their mess. I still have high hopes it will end up on the fall schedule and that they take their time and do it right. Reports are that the pilot was tested with focus groups so it sounds like the show is still being worked on.

    • Jane

      I agree! I was actually a bit worried about plans to have it premiere this spring. Rushing it would just result in a sloppily put together show. I still have hope that it will get picked up for fall.

  • frelling_cute

    Bring back Journeyman NBC.

    • clynngo

      No! Kevin McKidd is too good on Grey’s Anatomy. He’s the only reason I watch the show anymore.

    • Ana

      OMG I loved that show…. I totally agree… stupid NBC!!!

  • Caitln

    :( If this is true, good-bye to the only reason I’d watch NBC anymore.

    • NBCZucks

      Exactly. At this point I can’t think of a reason to tune in after the Olympics. The L&Os end up on cable quick enough and anything else I watch is ondemand. And yeah, I’m in their desired demo too. Zucked up again.

      • Addie

        Until (and if) they bring on Rex, I won’t be watching NBC (after the Olympics)…they lost me when they tossed Coco to the curb. The only thing that will bring my back is a certain skinny, Scottish bloke.

  • katie

    I really really hope that Rex’s get picked up. the show sounds so amazing!! I’m really excited to have David Tennant on my tv, but with Jerry o’connell, Jane Curtain, and Jeff Tambor will be so awesome!!

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