Exclusive: ABC cancels 'Ugly Betty'

This is about as ugly as it gets, folks.

ABC has just informed Ugly Betty producers that the show’s current fourth season will be its last.  What’s more, the network has trimmed Betty‘s episode order from 22 to 20.

Although not a complete shock given the show’s heinous ratings, the news is nonetheless a total bummer — particularly in light of Betty‘s creative resurgence this season.

The good news is that ABC has given Betty‘s bosses enough time to craft a satisfying series finale. Exec producer Silvio Horta and ABC president Steve McPherson confirmed as much in this joint statement:  “We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty‘s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.” (Click here for a major spoiler about the series finale!)

But back to the bad news: Betty is about to hang up her poncho for good. The comments section is currently accepting heartfelt eulogies…

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  • Kevin

    About time, this was one of the most overrated shows ever.

    • Jen

      HECK YES! I agree! And hopefully Adam Rodriguez will return to CSI Miami as I haven’t watched an ep since he left.

      • woundedduck

        You’re calling Ugly Betty over rated and you like CSI Miami? Your opinion=very suspect.

      • Rich

        While I have no opinion one way or the other, I *hope* this means Better Off Ted has been saved for at least another season. That’s a damn funny show but ABC refuses to promote it… so we shall see….

      • paige

        yea go back to your CBS hole and eat up your pathetic procedurals

      • XK

        I have to agree with woundedduck. I don’t care for Ugly Betty, but CSI: Miami is and has been just plain awful.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Uhh I think Ugly Betty is overrated and I HATE CSI: Miami, does that give me more credibility?

      • paige

        I dont understand how a show with bad ratings that is being cancelled because of bad ratings is considered “overrated”

      • Tarc

        Yeah, sorry, but liking CSI Miami pretty much abrogates any point you might make regarding TV.

      • michael

        Hey people…I think that you are being unfair to Jen. If David Caruso knew how to act and if the writers on this show knew how to write, CSI Miami would be almost bearable. Stick that in your pipes and smoke away.
        (And, in all seriousness, Adam Rodriguez has NEVER been better than he is now on Ugly Betty).

      • Joan

        I agree with you! Adam’s loss from CSI: Miami makes it harder to watch the show. Regarding Ugly Betty, I think it is a shame that the show and the people were moved to NY, then canceled.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I’m with you Joan. I stopped watching the show a long time ago, but the fact that ABC just pretty much gave up on the show is the reason it’s being canceled. I get that it has terrible ratings, but the move to Wednesday was too little, too late. It should have been given the attention it deserved, as it was a huge star for ABC at one time. They let it languish in it’s Thursday night spot, and then, instead of shuffling it around a bit to find it’s niche and nabbing some good guest stars, they moved it to Friday and hired Lindsay Lohan? This whole thing reeks of NBC and their handling of Conan O’brien. And, keep in mind, the last episode I watched of this show was before Rebecca Romijn joined the cast, so I’m not just some deranged fan lashing out. I just have a bullshit-o-meter that’s dinging right now.

      • firemendate

        I’m so upset

      • Sean

        boo to the cxl for UB but must agree… CSI Miami sucks this season and has been dropped from my watch list.

      • Jeff

        You say you’ve not watched an episode of CSI since Adam R left, but he has yet to leave. His story arc is still going on. Seems you jumped ship a bit too early.

      • Min

        CSI Miami is so better off without Delko. The guy has been shot so many times and still lives. His role in that show should have ended like 3 seasons ago!

    • Ellie


      • EWsMom


        Everyone kept saying how the show was on a creative high this season…but it looks like the viewers didn’t agree.

      • diane

        I’m going to miss this show, all it’s quirkiness, They should never have moved it from Thursday night

      • Sean

        It is SO good this season and totally has its mojo back. damn. i guess it didn’t bring people back to it, but i partially blame the Friday night placement then the move. crap move ABC. who is running these networks?…

      • nora

        I stopped watching this season because I didn’t know when it was on – not because I thought it sucked! Stupid ABC.

    • Rush

      Bet she gets her braces off and has snaggletooth.

      • Brian


      • duck2.0

        Diane is right-Thurday night was the spot. the thing that you ALL don’t get is that KIDS LOVED IT, and when it got moved around so muchwe couldn’t follow, especially in the lat Wed spot-ANY 10 Pm spot!!!We have HW & bedtime, and we could really relate to betty and the ugly duckling finding her wings, pushing through it all, the dyfunction and glory of family, the evil underminer, the making it, following your dreams, realtionships that get messsed up…and out own struggling with fashion identity and braces. Glam queens drag queens, mystery..it was exciting and colorful to us. Who cares if you ADULTS didnt like it, we teens & tweens did-SHAME ON THE NETWORK for taking away our show…and our parents let us watch!!! AND as a NY City kid…iwe really liked it, and seeing them shooting around our hoods.

    • Tim

      It’s been around at least one season too long.

      • tvfan

        So true, once they stopped advancing the plot, it just got so old.

      • Zach

        you probably wouldn’t know, but the show was actually great this year!

      • dbejar79

        I am guilty for leaving the show last year cause it was boring. But i got into it this year because i give chaNces and oh boy it was good classic fun! catchy quotes .. SUCKS THAT lots of the fans gave up though… dont blame the watchers, blame the production on ugly betty who lost their mojo and got it back too late.
        watch this season on abc.com maybe another chance??

      • Shelia

        I think “Ugly Betty” was an awesome show. It was good quirky comedy, unlike some other junk that is on. ABC has lost a viewer. When something good is on, somehow they manage to screw up and take it off to bring on some stupid stuff like “Cougartown” about women sleeping with men old enough to be their sons. How pathetic can you get. As for the CSI shows, there are way too many of them. They are all the same, just in a different location. How mundane and stupid as well. “Ugly Betty” was different and fun, as well as “The Unit”. ABC, you have made a bad mistake.

      • Tori

        Okay, have you actually watched Cougar Town? They got rid of the older woman/younger man premise after about three episodes because they realized it was dumb. The show has turned into an excellent ensemble comedy, the perfect foil for Modern Family.

    • Samsonite

      My girlfriend tried desperately to convince me of the merits of this dreadful show, but I held my ground…and now she can’t stomach it either! Yay for good taste!

      • michael

        And Yay for arrogance because I’m sure that you are a tastemaker.

      • Rick

        Goes to show that bad taste is contagious. I bet you both like toilet humor.

      • Mark

        Let me guess: You think “Two and a Half Men” is classic comedy.

    • ks


      • Limevixen

        Sometimes I liked the show and found it funny but more often than not I just found it to be cruel. Who wants to watch a show where people are mean to a girl because she isn’t their version of what’s attractive?

      • Chris

        Welcome to real life! People are mean. Well let’s go back to watching something with people being mean to one another so long as it is an all white cast

      • BettyFan

        The beauty of the show was that even faced with adversity (ethnic adversity, adversity in her looks, adversity when it came to working at a fashion magazine not being her ‘dream’) ultimately this girl always managed to see the bright side of life, see the goodness in people others didn’t see anygood in, and bring out the good in the attitudes and lives of all thouse around her. Sure, even in real life people are mean but this was a TELEVISION show… and that braces-laden smile was a welcome addition into my home…and will be missed. i thought it was a great show, with a good message, and spectacular actors.
        godspeed, betty

      • C

        Ugly Betty is great show. Agreed that it is so much than so many bad silly comedies that stay on season after season. It is very intertaining show. Sorry to see it go!

      • anonymous

        Hear, hear for BettyFan’s comment! I second that.

        Betty, you will be missed.

    • Alan

      Go away. It was not overrated at all. What other show is comparabale to this one? It was funny and had heart.

      • Maureen

        I agree. I will miss it.

      • Lois

        I agree Alan. I will miss it so much.

      • Amanda

        This show always put me in a good mood. It was optimistic and tried to show the good some people. I will miss it!

      • Marie

        I’ll miss it as well. It was getting soooooooo funny lately. It is a bad bad decision

      • Ann

        Love the show and really will miss it!

      • vandien

        I will miss the show, but mostly will miss Amanda and Marc…*sniffle*

      • Mary

        I’ve liked Beautiful Betty from the first episode and think ABC is making a mistake. Just watching the clothes every week was a treat.

      • LB

        So…. so… sad. :(

      • Vic

        It was different and very good.
        Do we really want shows about amateur dancers or fat slobs losing weight? Or any of the other
        “Reality shows”? The major networks seem to be run by morons!

      • sue

        I agree Alan. Who’s running these networks anyway? I’ll miss you Betty.

      • Tara

        I’m sad. So in the name of craziness I hope the show goes full camp for the rest of the season. Tony Danza should romance Claire. Plus, Clare and Willemina should get in a slapfight over some Proactive. And if there’s a murder then Bobby should have to inspect the body.

    • Stephanie Tanner

      ABC should re-instate TGIF – who else misses Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Full Hosue, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and they can add Brotherly Love (orignally on NBC). Quality programming.

      • Matt Roman

        YEAH! Some love for Brotherly Love!!

      • Jen D

        Yea for TGIF! And yea for you for listing Perfect Strangers twice- it was pretty awesome.

      • Danno

        OMG TOTALLY TGIF!!! When I was in college we used to actually wait until after Boy Meets World before we would hit the bars on Friday nights.

      • whatevs

        I can’t believe you just equated Family Matters and Full House with quality programming.

      • Anna

        I miss Boy Meets World. Sabrina and Perfect Strangers had their moments. Family Matters and Full House were two of the most annoying shows in the history of television. Was Brotherly Love the one with the Lawrence brothers?

      • A.J. Simon

        FULL HOUSE >>>>>>>>>>> Family Matters

        But yeah, TGIF was awesome, if they bring it back, ABC would own Friday night – everyone with young children would have something to watch that would not be embarassing to watch with a 4 or 5 year old. Back then, shows had relatively normal kids, now everything has kids becoming pop stars, movie stars, sluts, etc. I’ll quote the Full House theme “What ever happened to predictability, the milk man, the paperboy, evening tv?”

      • Stephanie Tanner

        Yeah, Brotherly Love had the Lawrence brothers, and it was hilarious with Matt Lawrence being an insecure high school student, Andy was cute but not annoying, Joe and Lou had a pretty fun love/hate vibe. It was a solid show. And the theme song was one of the best ones ever!

      • g


      • sock monkey

        TGIF! I’ve been saying this for the past few years. But please no more reality shows – I miss the kind of half hour comedy that was suitable for the whole family.

      • Rebekah

        Best idea ever. People love watching their old fav shows. This would be a smart move for Friday nights. Plus I agree, NO more reality shows!

      • Maddy

        Actually Brotherly Love was on the WB, not NBC.

      • Fringefanatic

        Oh man, Boy Meets World? I really miss that show! Topanga…best tv name ever.

      • Stephanie Tanner

        @Maddy – It actually started on NBC for a year then went to WB

      • Mark

        You forgot “Dinosaurs” and “Step By Step!”

      • Jeremy

        The new TGIF Night:
        1. The New Brady Bunch (Two Lesbians played by Stockard Channing and Tyne Daily must raise a household of hispanic, white and native american children in a two bedroom apartment with Vern Troyer as the Landlord
        2. Son of a Muppet (see the result of when a human woman and a felt puppet procreate in this dramedy)
        3. My Two Dads (Val Kilmer and Howie Mandell as two gay fathers to a snotty Paris-like teen in this 21st century update)
        4. The Secret Life of the American Pregnant Man (Nuff said.)

    • Howard Zen

      Good riddance!!!

      • CMD

        I loved Ugly Betty. One of the best shows on tv and a show with actual “color” on the screen. Every time I watched it, it uplifted me and made me feel excited.

    • Alan

      It’s VERY bad karma to celebrate the cancellation of a show just because you don’t watch it.

      This WILL 100% chance result in a show YOU LIKE being cancelled in return.

      What is the point if being happy at a show’s cancellation? How does it affect you if a show is on TV that you don’t like?

      • Anna

        It’s pretty much a given that any show I like will be canceled too soon. The ones that aren’t (e.g. The Wire), barely make it. By my reckoning, karma owes me a show or two, or three. That said, I’m not really all that happy about “Ugly Betty.” I didn’t watch it more than a couple of times but it wasn’t a bad show.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I am not happy that the show was cancelled but this show has been hyped up on EW with articles devoted to quipps on Ugly Betty and recaps and the like when it was pulling on a good day 5 million viewers whereas shows lik NCIS with 20 million aren’t even included in weekly highlights. I feel sorry for the fans but Betty was pulling bad ratings BEFORE this season, it should have been canceld a while ago.

      • Tim

        Open up another time slot for a show that I might actually enjoy watching. I gave it an opportunity as I watched season one, but couldn’t bare to finish season two.

      • Dan

        I can guarantee karma won’t affect me since I don’t watch TV.

      • terry

        I agree Nerwen. EW has always been snobbish when it comes to covering tv. When something is coming on, they promote the hell out of it, then when it turns out terrible, they jump on the bandwagon and put it down. And some shows that actually do have some fans, they disrespect if they don’t have that hip quotient. So they rarely cover shows like Dianosis murder, Nash Bridges, and even Psych, because they’re light enterainment and they’d rather cover something that is conrovertial. Of course, they look stupid at times. I used to love grabbing a sixpack and laughing at the unintentional humor of Walker, Texas Ranger. I know the show had big fans(my parents among them) and I didn’t judge. But I got a kick out of it. EW was too square trying to look hip that they didin’t get it. Then Conan showed the humor in the show and EW finally covered that.

      • Cordy

        I am very happy for this, because now there are 3 slots for half hour comedies on wednesdays, so even if ABC picks up pilots, it still has room for Better Off Ted! I feel bad for the Ugly Betty fans, but this can directly effect what I watch

    • Cardsgal

      Do you know how many shows I’ve watched on NBC over the past ten years? Zero. On CBS? Zero. On ABC? Lost, Desperate Housewives, Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty, Flash Forward…At least ABC takes some creative risks, but the shows almost never last long. People seem to want to watch mindless junk. Once Lost ends, I may actually be finished watching network TV. Very dad.

      • Cara

        So what were you watching before 2004? Every show that you listed didn’t start until 2004…just curious.

      • Tina

        ABC does have some good ones, but give NBC a chance with 30 Rock and Chuck. Give CBS a chance with Big Bang Theory (sometimes). Other than that, I agree. Network TV should be on it’s way out with all the crap it airs.

      • Kerriblack

        I agree. I loved last year’s show Life On Mars. I got so into it and then it was gone, I loved Samantha who and where is that now, Carpoolers, What about Brian, etc? Everyshow I have gotten into on ABC in the last few years has gotten cancled. I am so sick of it and mad at ABC. They do not give shows a chance. I happen to love Ugly Betty, but when you change a time slot on a show so many times they are bound to loose viewers.

      • Danno

        Do you seriously expect us to believe that you watched NOTHING but ABC programming for the past 10 years. Color me skeptical.

      • Cardsgal

        I was watching HBO, the WB and Fox — specifically, Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls and SITC — those were my faves.

      • Cardsgal

        Also, forgive the typo — I meant “sad,” not dad. And I didn’t say that I watched only ABC, just that I didn’t watch CBS or NBC.

      • Rebekah

        Cardsgal, I love all the ABC shows you listed, plus V and Grey’s Anatomy. Unfortunately, Pushing Daisies was cancelled prematurely, this is LOST’s last season, and now with Ugly Betty ending, I am getting nervous. Grey’s has been pretty bad lately, and both V and Flashforward are on shaky ground. I just hope at least Desperate Housewives can keep going. Otherwise, all my ABC shows will be dead. Yes, ABC does take chances, but they seem to always release the ax way too soon. And then they fill the creative void with stupid reality shows. UGH.

      • iheartpoco

        NBC ran Freaks and Geeks as well as Ed. Both creative, both in the last 10 years.

      • Katie

        Agree. What about Dirty Sexy Money? I adored that show, and they canceled it, and then never showed the last 4 taped episodes. ABC just cancels without thinking. Betty is my favorite show on TV, and after they cancel it, I’m done with ABC. Grey’s sucks so bad anymore that I don’t care about it anymore. So thank you ABC, now I can go to bed an hour earlier.

      • David

        I do regard ABC as the most creative of the networks and most of their shows I really love. They have a higher hit to miss ratio than all of the others.

        Ugly Betty did well to last 4 seasons IMO. At least it’ll get a proper ending.

      • Lex

        Rebekah, I agree with you on pretty much everything, except I haven’t watched V before.
        I haven’t watched much TV before 2 years ago honestly so I don’t know too many shows (hey I’m a student so I read too :D) and when I started watching TV regularly I only ever watched anything on ABC. Lost, Grey’s, Desperate, Pushing Daisies were all my favorites.
        The rest of network TV isn’t that bad though, lately I’ve been watching other channels. FOX has Bones and House which are AMAZING. NBC’s The Office is pretty good too. I never watched anything on CBS before… and Privileged was the only good show that the CW ever had but they cancelled it, go figure.

      • gloworm

        I am a fan of Ugly Betty and will miss it. Katie, sorry you missed the last episodes of Dirty Sexy Money. They were aired during the summer.

    • darclyte

      I’ve never seen 1 second of 1 episode. Just never found it appealing.

      • Jen

        How could you find or not find it appealing if you never watched one second of it? Yes, it’s gotten old, but no one has been as funny on tv in years as Wilhemina Slater/Vanessa Williams! Perfect comedic timing.

      • dawnselya

        then shut up retard

      • Tessy

        Pls, try to watch 1 second of 1 episode. If u don’t like it, then go back to watching whatever u watching b/4.

      • Bob

        How do you know you don’t like it? You should have given it the chance it deserved.

    • Zach

      it’s about time… all they need to do is cancel Grey’s anatomy and that spin-off show now…

      • Danno

        Hate Greys Anatomy and outright refuse to watch the ridiculous spin-off

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Yes please please please bury Grey’s Anatomy!

      • Zach

        Ugly Betty was much better now than Grey’s has been in years, and that spinoff was never good. Grey’s deserves to die.

      • sasa

        totally agree that grey’s anatomy is so overrated!

      • Tessy

        Yes, Grey’s anatomy sucks

    • JW

      Looks like that move from LA to New York worked out really well for them.

    • Lee Lewis

      I agree should have been cancelled 3 years ago.

    • T

      Hey, Kevin, Overrated is crap like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Better Off Ted and The Bachelor. People apparently like to watch the ultimate in CRAP TV. ABC is just like NBC. Give me the cable channels any time.

      • bdoll

        how is better off ted overrated? where are all the articles about it or the promos on abc for it or… the ratings?

      • Alan

        TOTALLY disagree on Better Off Ted. A great show featuring terrific satire and great writing. Really funny. It’s too bad that ABC has chosen to burn off the show along with the vastly overripe Scrubs.

      • Dave

        Calling Better Off Ted overrated just shows that you don’t understand the meaning of the word overrated.

    • THANK GOD!!!

      Fricking crapola show, full of gay stupidity, stereotypes, and shinola

    • Nihilistic

      I absolutely agree, thank god it’s gone. And also thank god that you’re comment was the first so I don’t have to wade through the rest of these garbage comments. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • shaz10

      well i’m sure you don’t watch so how would you even know

    • AcaseofGeo

      Given that this series was almost always a cellar-dweller in the ratings, its HUGE SUCCESS was always more in the minds of the media and not the general public. EW’s SLAVISH devotion to posting the “20 BEST QUOTES” from it every week is one example. I don’t know if it was good or bad as it was usually up against “Survivor”.

    • GLENN

      This show was monumental for the Hispanic community. I think that ABC is the one to blame for this not the writing or the show. They took it off so they could use the time period to show that lame ’80s alien retrend. Then they put it on Friday’s lineup where good shows go to die. Then they put it back on Wednesday. Viewers have short memory so they can’t follow where their favorite show goes to. ABC his pulling a boner much like NBC.

      • hzmq3h

        umm…I think you mean retread.

      • TS

        sorry Glenn, I would rather watch V anyday

    • Freddy Wisconsin

      Man, you probably haven’t watched a bit to say this. This is sad

    • h

      What are all the queers going to watch now? Glee?

      • Udbimpressed

        They’re gonna watch whatever you’re watching.

    • Hazle

      I’m not sad that Betty is ending but we don’t need more reality TV crap and could we please have a show on that does not show a dead body in the first 10 minutes.

    • janeyk

      It’s way past time. I guess if she had lived until 90, the braces would still be on her teeth.

    • TS

      I totally agree. It is nice that they gave the writers time to wrap the series up for dedicated veiwers. It would have been nice to get that as a Eastwick fan.

    • kellybelly

      Oh NO!!! I love Ugly Betty!!! Hilarious and poignant at the same time. ABC sucks by moving it’s air time all over the map. (yea, it’d do well on Fridays…NOT!)
      But I am glad that it will have a satisfying wrap up conclusion.

    • UGH!

      Glee is the most overrated show on TV at the momment.

    • Kathy

      How can ratings go up when the network keeps changing the night its on and the time. I love the show but it has jumped from Thursday to Friday to Wednesday this year.

    • Dana

      Obviously isn’t overrated if it was it wouldn’t be getting canceled!

    • Natasha

      I loved the show and I will miss it. After a long and stressful day of work, the show made me laugh and relax. I do think htat ABC killed Betty.

    • Tessy

      I’m so sad that ugly Betty is been cancelled and i guess i’m d only person saying that.

    • Daniela

      I just watched all four seasons. I’m in love with the show and think that it should re-aired and sold to lifetime. While airing the first four seasons, we can get newer fan base and write more seasons. I would not mind it airing fridays either.

  • Paige

    This makes me really sad.

    • paige

      me too other paige

      • paige

        me three other other paige

  • Brooke


    • Kevin


  • kat

    i loved the show in the beginning, and just didn’t keep up with it, though i stopped by once in a while and i LOVE the relationship between Daniel and Betty :)

    • Amber

      Agreed Kat…it got weird in the middle there.

  • Aggie

    Noes!!!! I love this show! Too bad all the good ones always get canceled….

    • Loux

      And Two and a Half Man is still on the air….this is caos!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jean Genie

        They’re probably afraid to cancel that show because of what Charlie Sheen might do …

      • Tim

        Quality aside, people actually watch ‘2 1/2 Men’. ‘Betty’ is actually being beaten by the already canceled catastrophe that is the ‘Jay Leno Show’.

      • paige

        and heroes is still on…

  • Nico Novito

    This is a very sad news… “Ugly Betty” is one of the only reasons why I want to watch TV these days. Hopefully, the finale will be good.

  • Jon

    Just when it was getting good again.

    • TV Fan

      I agree, they killed it by moving it to Friday night. Thanks, ABC, for another death on air.

      • Chet

        oh stop. The show was dying a slow death the last 2 seasons. It was in the same timeslot for 3 years and its ratings were under 7 million. Clearly people were tiring of the show regardless of what time slot its in.

      • michael

        Yeah…this IS NOT on ABC. The ratings last year sucked. They could have easily cancelled the show last spring, so we should probably be thankful that we got an additional 20 eps out of the deal. ABC didn’t kill Betty any more than it killed Pushing Daisies. They’re both casualties of the hopelessly popular serialized cop shows. That’s what people like at the moment.

      • Zach

        TBH the ratings were never great to begin with – this was never a hit like Desperate Housewives. And yet that’s a true shame. Grey’s is in the toilet, I’m not interested in Better Off Ted, and I find Modern Family unfunny and overrated. Betty was cute, funny, dramatic, and quirky. It really proved this year that it had legs, and this is the network that kept According to Jim on for 8 seasons. I hope America is happy with its formulaic, boring, heartless procedurals, CSI spinoffs, and much blander workplace comedies. FOR THOSE OF US WHO DON’T IDENTIFY WITH MIDDLE AMERICA, UGLY BETTY IS A REAL LOSS. BETTY WAS AN INSPIRATION FOR WHIMSICAL QUALITY PROGRAMMING WITH A FOCUS ON SOCIAL ADVANCEMENT. THE MASSES CAN ENJOY THEIR MINDLESS SUBURBAN SATISFACTION WHILE I CONTINUE TO ENJOY THE PURSUIT OF SUCCESS.

    • Mels

      No kidding! I watched through the last two seasons. Then it all paid off with this season. So good! I’m going to miss this show :(

  • Todd

    My wife loved the show. ABC killed it when they put it in the Friday Death Slot (c).

    • april-ann

      ABC kills everything worth keeping on the air. Just another good reason to stay away from ABC.

      • Joanne

        Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

      • paige

        I just hope the emmy voters award Vanessa Williams a much deserved Emmy for her always-on-her-A-game performance…

      • Zach

        Yes, she deserved to win last year and the year before! She’s really advanced the character this season, and they better award her before it’s too late! I hope the cast can all find good work immediately afterward.

      • Sara

        As does FOX. I’m still lamenting the death of Arrested Development.

  • Leslie

    whaaaaattt?!!?!?? NOOOOOOOO this is so heartbreaking!!!! it’s one of my absolute favorite shows! ugghh

  • Tiffany

    This breaks my heart! I’ve been a loyal viewer from the beginning even through the rough patches and I have really been enjoying this season. I thought for sure it had saved itself. How depressing!

    • Alan

      Me too. I’m sad. But if there is a silver lining, I’m very happy it was not cancelled abruptly. I’m very happy that ABC is letting it finish the season. There’s nothing worse than a cancellation with no warning. At least they can wrap things up all nice!

  • Karen

    Aww this is awful news! I really enjoyed this show.

  • Amit

    Honestly, this is all ABC’s fault. The show was having a creative resurgence, but then ABC goes and moves it to Friday, and then to Wednesday, and on top of that, when watching the show on ABC.com, the site claims that the show is on at Fridays when it’s been on Wednesdays for a few weeks. If they had kept it where it was, then I’m sure the show would still be going, and going strong.

    • The Truth

      Honestly, this is all the show’s fault. If its quality remained high it would not need a creative resurgence. Time slot does not matter if the show is good. Many a good show survived and even prospered in the dreaded Friday time slots. Also if you can access the ABC website you can access any online tv guide to see when shows are on. You never single source info off the internet even from a reputable site.

      • Amit

        Good points all, and I agree with you especially on the last one, but if people are catching up, they’re going to turn to Hulu or ABC.com, if not torrent sites, and at that point, if the website tells you that such and such a time is when the show is airing, you’re going to take it at face value. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what people do sometimes. As for the creative resurgence, I think that the writer’s strike had a lot to do with it. A lot of shows changed because of that, whether tonally, or due to other reasons. UB unfortunately took longer than most to pick themselves up, but now that the show’s doing better…I don’t know. I think it just deserves another chance. The show JUST moved to Wednesdays, after all.

      • michael

        Um…what “good” shows survived and prospered on Friday nights in recent years? Do you call Ghost Whisperer’s ratings prosperous? Numbers? They wouldn’t survive on any other night but because so few people watch TV on Friday, they eke out an existence. Run your numbers before you run your mouth.

      • Vinz

        Well, I have a different opinion. There were good shows who did not make it on a friday time slot – Terminator for example. Or Dollhouse for that matter. Maybe it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy that friday night is a death slot. If you see it this way: Both the above mentioned shows had a kinda non-mainstream setting (T. was on the way to shed light on a relationship between John and a Robot and everyone was always haunted – by the past and current enemies. Dollhouse raised, or was supposed to raise, the question what we take out of relationships and how we behave in our fantasies). So they do not get that much audience anyway. That in combination with the unpopular time slot in a way doomed the shows.

      • Brooke

        Dollhouse, Firefly, Terminator, etc…there are a ton of shows – not counting Ghost Whisperer – that have not done well on Friday nights. I’ve made this argument before, and I’ll make it again: Friday nights, in today’s world, are nights where people – especially people that are UB’s targeted demo – are less likely to stay at home, but to go out with their friends, do something outside the house, maybe get away for the weekend. DVRs and TiVo has helped with people not needing to stay at home on Friday night to watch their favorite show, so for anyone to put a show on Friday and then for them to expect the show to get monster ratings is highly unrealistic. Not very many people are going to stop their life for a television show that they could dvr/TiVo/catch on Hulu.

      • The Truth

        Actually I did run the numbers, Michael. Those shows you mentioned are not just surviving but thriving according to the ratings. You can’t play the if they were on at another day game. Numbers are numbers and there are a lot of people watching those shows. Terminator and Dollhouse were poor shows, if they were any good more would have watched. So what do you suggest Friday night be just dead air time? If the show is good people will watch it or record it. They track the numbers for DVRs too. Hey 10 million watching a show on Friday night is 10 million watching a show.

  • Jason

    AWWWW I have enjoyed this series from the beginning it makes me sad!

    • Deb

      I, too, am sad to see “Ugly Betty” go off the air. I have watched it since the beginning and I felt this season was off to a good start! I will miss this show!

  • jetty

    Next up on NBC the inevitable Heroes cancellation.

    • Chris

      From your lips to God’s ears.

    • derrick

      We can only hope.

    • GimplyGump

      while I agree, you do know the show is on ABC ….

    • Paula

      NBC cant cancel anything…it is desperate to fill time slots.

      • [pfft]

        They’ll probably just put in another Dateline or create a new Law & Order series to fill in gaps.

    • Pepper

      Why can’t you just not watch something? Why does it have to be cancelled if you don’t enjoy it?
      Then cancel Lost, CSI New York and Miami, NCIS… it’s a long list.

      • Icon

        Cancel LOST?

      • tyani

        Lost has not been cancelled. It’s ending on its own! I can’t believe you put the groundbreaking Lost with CSI NY and Miami!

      • Khristina


        It’s sad enough that the show will be over this May…but how dare you state that! LOL jk :-P

      • Jack

        I see the point you’re trying to make but please, NCIS and Lost are both amazing shows! How could you put them in the same list as the crap that is CSI Miami and CSI NY?

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Why is NCIS on here? That show is pulling 20 million!

      • Jo

        Pepper isn’t saying to cancel ‘Lost’ or any of the other shows she/he listed. Just how ridiculous it is for someone who doesn’t watch something to want it canceled. Why does it matter.
        I’m with Pepper on this. Just because I don’t like or watch a show do I think it should be taken off the air. My personal dislike is ‘Idol’ but do I want it canceled – no. Lots of people like it and deserve to be able to see it.

      • Khristina

        I know that Jo…

        Just giving someone a little crap because cancel and LOST should never be in the same sentence. Ha ha It’s all good.

    • Chris

      Sorry Jetty as someone who was a big hero’s fan and hoped it would bounce back, that show just got more and more ridiculous. Ugly Betty may have crossed that line but it was inspired by a soap opera and was about fashion.Very different cases

  • Alex

    Sorry to hear. I haven’t watched since the 1st season but there are some talented people involved in that show.

    • Robin

      I hate comedies, but I actually liked this show. Maybe another network would like to pick it up.

    • Diogo

      I really hope another network is going to pick up Ugly Betty! It’s such an amazing show!

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