Scoop: 'Desperate Housewives' snags John Barrowman

Desperate Housewives boss Marc Cherry has accomplished his mission to bring Captain Jack to Wisteria Lane!

A Housewives insider confirms that Torchwood‘s John Barrowman is joining the ABC soap later this season for a minimum of five episodes. The actor will play the Big Bad at the center of the Angie (Drea de Matteo) mystery.

Last summer, Cherry — a big Torchwood fan — met with Barrowman to discuss the possibility of him visiting Wisteria Lane at some point. It was just a matter of finding the right role.

Barrowman’s arc will kick off in early April and span the final five episodes of the season.

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  • David

    Oh great. Just when ‘Housewives’ couldn’t get any worse.

    • Buzz

      not a good add imo

    • Pete

      Well it’s great for me. I haven’t watch Housewives this season, but I will definitely tune in to see Captain Jack play the big bad!

      • Canadian Fan

        I’m with you. John being on it is the only thing that could get me to watch Housewives.

      • Allison

        Haven’t watched Housewives for years – but I’ll watch for Captain Jack. Especially if he’s a big man whore.

      • jenny

        He’s the only reason i would watch desperate housewives <3

    • allie

      Bad decision on Barrowman’s part – this show is terrible.

      • Allison

        Yeah – you’re right – it’s not the same without aliens and Welsh accents.

  • George

    To be honest I’m not a fan of his, and I’m not a fan of the Angie Bolin storyline. Meh…

    • EWsMom

      Yeah that storyline is just DRAGGGGGGGING along so slowly…my God, get it over with already.

    • TB

      What??? I *love* Angie! She’s a hoot! And thrilled that JB is going to gues on the show!

    • Manar

      Why are so many people bashing the mystery this season? Need I remind you of the mystery last season? lol It was barely “mysterious”.

      The mystery season is handled really well. Hints are dropped in each episode. Plus, I read a spoiler, which involves a twist (involving the Bolen mystery), which will surprise many people.

      Oh, and I love Angie! And Drea, too! Cherry better keep her. :)

  • Steven

    DAMNIT. I just got myself out from the clutches of this show. How did they know this was the one thing that could get me back? Marc Cherry is an evil genius.

    • PixxieTrixxie

      I agree – this was one show that I have not missed but I will watch to see Captain Jack.

      I would rather see new episodes of Torchwood if it can come back from where they left it. Captain Jack looked like he was jumping back into the world in the season finale of Dr. Who.

      • fantasylover42

        well hopefully this will raise more JB awareness in the US, because he really deserves all of the attention he can get. sorry, that didn’t exactly come out right, but what i meant is he’s fabulous. i love him. and Torchwood is going to come back for a 4th season last i heard, so hopefully our thirst will be quenched soon.

    • Laura

      I agree. Now I’ll have to start watching DH again. Anything to see Captain Jack again. He could just sit there and I would watch.

  • &&

    Wow, I really expected Barrowman to make a better decision than being on such a terrible show. I hope he got a truckload of money for those 5 eps.

    • westwingpotus

      I agree. Love Barrowman, but I wish he wasn’t in this mindless schlock. I suppose it’s to let him be better known to American audiences. That’s the only reason that makes sense. Exposure, even in crap, is better than no exposure.

  • Luis M.

    I love John Barrowman! I can’t wait to see him on Wisteria Lane

    • Mary

      I agree, Luis! Finally a positive note! Gosh, there is so much hatin’ going on here…

      • Marcy Arbitman

        Me too! I love, love, love JB and can’t wait to see him on ANY American TV show! I was about to quit DH but not now!!!!

  • tvgirl48

    I’m not a fan of the Angie storyline either but who better to play a character in a soapy show about sex and scandal in the suburbs? Most other Americans won’t really know who he is, but I literally gave a squeel of joy when I saw this headline.

    • ash

      Me too!

      • jojo

        Me three!!!

      • Michelle

        Oh my yes…me four!! I do hope this won’t interfere the possibility of Torchwood in the US!!!

    • Sue

      Me five. Can’t wait!

  • KRG

    I LOVE Barrowman! Desprate Housewives: I am coming back;-)

  • kim

    Haven’t watched this show in a long time but I guess I’m going to have to go back. Five epps can’t hurt, can they?

    • Tasha

      That’s what I keep telling myself.

  • mgb

    I’ll watch whatever John Barrowman is in, even the horrible Angie storyline. He’s brilliant.

    • Sarah

      I personally can’t stand DH but I love John Barrowman and I’m happy that he’s going to be in the states for a while. We need lovely men like him running around. ;]

  • orville

    Yes! The only thing that will make me interested in the Angie storyline again.

  • AnaB

    Oh John… John, John, John… what are you thinking??? You deserve so much better =(

  • robinepowell

    All right, Captain Jack is coming to Wisteria Lane! Can’t much better then that. :D

  • jmo

    John’s a smart cookie. DH is gawd-awful but it brings in the ratings and that translates to millions of Americans who get to see John Borrowman for the first time. I think it’s a smart move.

    • orville

      Not really the first time. He was in “De-Lovely” and “The Producers.” Besides *a lot* of Americans follow Doctor Who and Torchwood.

      • Shadow Step

        If you check the box office, not a lot saw de-lovely or the producers.
        And everything is releative, but no – a *lot* do not follow Doctor who and Torchwood, only a tiny fraction of tv viewers.

      • jmo

        I’m a big sci-fi fan, but there’s a huge swath of middle america that don’t get it. “it” meaning a lot of things: BBC America, Doctor Who, or science fiction in general. That’s why I’m so bummed that “Rex is not your lawyer” might not even get a greenlight. Not enough people know about David Tennant either.

      • Vanessa

        ^^ i can’t believe there are still people who think Rex has been passed on or may not get picked up. it more than likely WILL this Fall. As for Barrowman, I think it’s something fun for him to do – who cares what people think about the show; I’ll watch him!

      • tjj50

        Actually, 1st time I remember seeing JB was in the short lived, prime time soap Central Park West. This could get me to tune in to DH.

      • Tego Livi

        His part in “The Producers” wasn’t really a “role” that people would recognize him from, since he only appeared briefly in a stage production and had blond hair.

      • orville

        Well, yes, a small role, but he did get to sing *the* song from the Producers–Springtime for Hitler.

        And, yes, I would say *a lot* of Americans do follow Doctor Who and Torchwood. They carry (and sell!) the box sets of both in my *small* Midwestern town, so we can’t be the only ones buying and watching.

      • Kelly

        I live in Tennessee. All my friends and I watch Who and TW. Just because the teabaggers are noisy here doesn’t mean there aren’t those of us living and working here who keep things running while they stand out in the street yelling.

    • Buzz

      they have the same demographics

    • Zakry

      Yes, Orville, you are the norm. Please remember that when you try to speak for “lots” of others.

  • Liana C

    Stopped watching the show eons ago, but for Barrowman would watch the last 5 eps just to see him!!! I think I’ll tivo so I can bypass all the scenes he’s not in. Don’t care about the story line, just that he’s on!

    • Sarah

      Me too! Dang, I quit watching the show at the beginning of this season and was glad to be through with it, but now I’ll have to watch the last few episodes.
      Maybe this can work out for John like it did for Nathan Fillion.. he was unknown to many but the Joss Whedon crowd before DH.. after playing a few episodes as Dana Delaney’s hubby, he finally got his own show this last year (Castle), which is awesome!
      I would love to see John Barrowman headline his own American show. :D

      • vic

        I agree completely-I thought of Nathan right away.He,like Nathan, is gorgeous.This will attract both males and females to the show.

    • Valley Girl


  • znacki

    Nice to finally have confirm of the rumor that has been floating around since last ComicCon. Next up – will he meet with Russell T. Davies about “things” – including the rumored US Torchwood – while he is in the States??

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