Exclusive: New 'Office' romance for Michael

You didn’t expect him to wait around for Holly forever, did you?

Later this season, The Office will introduce a significant new love interest for Steve Carell’s romantically-challenged alter ego.

“Michael is going to meet someone,” reveals Office showrunner-slash-star Paul Lieberstein. “It’s one of these set-ups where a bunch of people go out and you don’t know you’re being set up.”

When Michael discovers what’s going on, “he kind of flips out and goes into ‘date mode,'” says Lieberstein. “And it goes in a weird direction from there.”

Casting for the key role will begin in a few weeks and the character will likely debut in March or April.

Getting back to the Holly question, might we see Amy Ryan return as Michael’s soul mate in the near future? “Not this season,” says Lieberstein, “but I’d love to see her back.”

Do you think it’s time for Michael to move on (his fling with Pam’s mom notwithstanding)? Got any casting tips for Lieberstein? Head to the comments!



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  • dave

    How about Catherine Keener? Rekindle that 40 Year Old Virgin romance.

    • mario

      OMG YESS!!!!! i second this idea. i LOVE catherine keener. she’s one of my absolute fav actresses today.

      • quipsy

        Totally agree. Catherine Keener is A+++ in my book.

    • I

      That would be awesome I love her!

      • runnersmatch

        I agree too

    • MSR

      That would be spectacular!!!!

    • Brian

      That’s an excellent idea, bring her on board, it would be a real delight.

    • blah

      BLAH, no to the old liberal hag, Catherine Keener. She ruined the 40 year old Virgin, she will ruin the Office.

      • UncleWalty

        either you’re being sarcastic or you’re effin’ high. Catherine Keener was the PERFECT choice for her role in 40 yr. Old Virgin.

    • Jane

      Love Catherine Keener idea, but I kind a want Michael to end up with someone who’s close, but no cigar. Holly’s his true love and if he ends up with someone that is just as good, there’s going to be major conflict in a way that is more soap opera than The Office.

      • Jaimee

        yeah i totally agree here, Holly is the one, but i guess Catherine would be a good distraction for the time being

  • Sam

    Who plays Linda in Better Off Ted? That chick would perfect as like a “dumb younger person reveres older man.”

    • Sarah

      Heh. Her name is Andrea Anders. I like this idea.

    • dave

      I like to think of her as the neighbor from Joey.

      • mymy


  • bb

    There really is going to be another season? I like this show but feel it has hit it’s peak and should end on a high note. IMO another season really isn’t needed.

    • Laura

      That was my first thought too. Except that to end on a high note it would have needed to end two seasons ago…

      • Kris

        I completely agree. The last 2 seasons have been nothing like the earlier ones. This season in particular has been painfully unfunny.

      • hc

        I agree except that there aren’t enough good comedies on TV right now. I’ll settle for a little sub=par Office if it keeps me from having to watch any of the dredge they’re passing off as comedy on CBS.

      • Ryan

        The Office has had some good moments the past two years, even if not as awesome as earlier season. The MS Paper Company was fun. I haven’t found many episodes this season to be BAD, just some not phenomenal. Are you watching Parks & Recreation? It’s a similar vein to The Office, but has come into its own and is quite hilarious.

    • MSR

      This season has had quite a few standout episodes. The only one I didn’t really enjoy was the Stockholders Meeting and the clip show, but even those had a few laughs.

      • Lala

        The clip show really pissed me off. The rest of the season has been pretty good, though. Pam needs to have her baby already (her and Jim are still very cute though,) and we need to see more of the minor characters (Angela! Toby! Creed!) in plotlines. Bring back Mose!

      • UncleWalty

        I agree with you that this season has been a good one. And I think the show has been getting progressively better over the years. Ed Helms in particular was a really inspired casting choice, and Oscar Nunez has done a lot with the story lines he’s been given. I think the show is still fresh enough to run for at least 2 or 3 more seasons. Though I doubt it will last that long…

    • Jason

      I’ve never seen a sitcom that jumped the shark THREE times in one season: Wedding, clip show (that’s the bottom of the sitcom barrel), and I’m sure, the eventual baby episode.

      • rawkfistmusic

        The wedding as a shark jump? You’re kidding right? That was easily one of the ten best episodes in the series’ run.

      • gigi

        The wedding episode was fantastic.

  • Ambient Lite

    Yes, I DID expect him to wait around for Holly, as a matter of fact!
    I’ll always carry a flame for those two, such a perfect match.

    • quipsy

      Agree. Amy Ryan was inspired casting.

    • mads

      Seriously! Can we start a “Bring Amy Ryan Back” petition?

      • amanda

        Yes, they need Amy Ryan back. maybe it was dumb to cast someone they can’t get or can’t afford to get back… but she was/is perfect, so they need to find a way!!!!!!!!!!

      • Will

        I seriously thought I read here somewhere months ago that she was coming back for a few episodes?….No…well do it anyway, Amy Ryan, has been one of the best additions to this show and she needs to come back!

      • Dwigt

        One of the issues with Amy is that she had a baby in October. From every interview, she looks like a real down-to-earth person and she might want to devote time to raise the kid, instead of trying to get as many roles as she can. Paul Lieberstein basically says so: she wouldn’t be able to come back this season for another arc but it will be easier in a few months.

  • therachel84

    whoops, didn’t mean to click the link, but now that i’m spoiled… i’m sad that he’s not with holly, but glad that he’s not hung up on her either.

    and bb, SHHHHH! i’d rather watch S7 of “The Office” than S43982423 of Reality Show Crap.

  • Brittany

    So glad to hear he’s getting a love interest. Michael’s a colorful character and it’ll be interesting to see how she plays off of him. Can’t wait!

  • WhoCares

    I don’t expect the Michael Scott character to do anything but be the selfish, self centered, needy jerk that he is.

  • taco

    i wish michael was my boss

    • Shannon

      No you don’t… he *IS* my boss. The head of our company has done everything but cook his foot on a George Foreman grill. It’s not nearly as much fun as you’d think :-P

  • Nick

    Olivia Williams can do anything and now that she’s no longer on ‘Dollhouse’…?

    • jmo

      OOOh nice choice!

  • Jim

    I wish they would bring Jan back. She was hot!

    • B

      I agree with this comment.

    • Cheery

      Yes, more Jan.

      • M Hardin

        Yes, definitely bring back Melora. Give the people what they want.

      • LTH

        Come home, Jan! And be uncrazy! Love Jan. So. Much.

        “Just call me Levenson in the morning, baby…”

  • Nikki

    Michael (regarding his relationship with Holly): I didn’t find a perfect moment, because I think that today was just about just having today. And I think that we are one of those couples with a long story, when people ask how they found each other. I will see her every now and then, and… Maybe one year she’ll be with somebody, and the next year, I’ll be with somebody, and it’s gonna take a long time… And then it’s perfect. I’m in no rush. – 5.26 Company Picnic

    • Mama Katie

      I love that episode…and that part made me happy. Michael and Holly belong together!

  • Anon Emous


    • quipsy

      No friggin’ way. Jane is awesome but I don’t see Michael’s character ever going back to a Jan-type, and Jane is like Jan on steroids.

    • lovesurvivor

      I think Jane should be required casting for all scripted comedy shows. She can do dramatic (like Criminal Minds) but she’s soooooooo funny.

  • Prix

    Michael needs Holly!! I can’t picture him w/ other woman…

    • poppy

      By bye Holly,

  • CC

    Should be interesting… I hope they go one more season and tie up the romances with Dwangela and Andy & Erin, but otherwise I think it’s getting near the time to end…

    • teresa

      I would rather watch multiple seasons of the Office rather than Jersey Shore or the next sleazy reality show they come up with.

      • Douq

        It’s not all or nothing, teresa. The Office hasn’t been painful this season, but the spark is gone and they’re clearly reaching for plotpoints.

  • Jane

    Actually yes, I do expect Michael to wait around for his Hollygram. They were the best together! He can get together with whoever for now, but in the end it’s gotta be Holly!

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