Blind item: Feud throws hit show 'into chaos'

They say silence is golden. Well, they never stepped foot on the set of this hit series, where months of growing tension between the showrunner and the leading man has led to a complete breakdown in communication. “They are no longer speaking to each other,” confides a staffer at the hour-long drama. “Things are really bad.”

At the heart of the conflict: The actor feels his boss is focusing nearly all of his/her energy and attention on another project. And when said exec does decide to contribute to the show in question, it’s at the last minute — thereby throwing the scripts “into chaos” and delaying production.

It’s only a matter of time before the network or studio is forced to intervene… again. That’s right, this is just the latest backstage conflict to erupt on the unnamed series. But given the parties involved this time around, this new dust-up will prove much more difficult to defuse.

Care to guess the identity of the feuding colleagues? Head to the comments!


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    gotta be grey’s anatomy

    • Jane

      Shonda and McDreamy whatshisface

      • Ana

        A recent article in USA Today said that things on set were calmer since TR and KH are gone. PD also said that he was happy about his SL this season, so GA might be out of the question…

      • Cameradude

        Things have always been pretty good on the Grey’s set actually – only the press seems to think differently. The only real incident of note was between Isaiah and TR Knight a few seasons back.

      • slick

        Professor Plum, in the study, with the lead pipe.

      • runnersmatch

        It is jay leno

    • EWsMom

      I was thinking Grey’s too…but what’s her “other” project? Private Practice? Because that show sucks even more than Grey’s….

      • KR

        PP is actually better than Grey’s these days.

      • Rebekah

        I know, I thought the same thing. Shonda is the only person I could think of, but Private Practice is terrible! Grey’s has been a bit lame lately, but it’s soooo much better.

      • Nick

        Aren’t Shonda and Betsy, her co-writer, developing a new medical or legal drama (because what other kinds are there?).

      • Heidi

        Private Practice is her baby and she’s got something new going on as well.
        I don’t blame Patrick Dempsey – and Shonda needs to ensure things are good on her FIRST show before moving on.

      • AK

        She is developing that new island doctor show or something.

      • bondfool

        Has anyone considered the possibility that it’s Tim Daly who’s upset with Rhimes?

      • Heidi

        I finally gave up on Grey’s after the whole jumbled “holiday” episode mess in November.

    • mscisluv

      Except there really isn’t a clear “leading man” on Grey’s…

      • Joel

        Yeah, the lead person in Grey’s is Meredith. Lead man probably is Derrick but I doubt there’d be problems. Then again, that show DOES have a history with backstage drama. Actually, I wonder if maybe it’s one of the L&Os?

    • Mells

      Totally agree – its gotta be Shonda vs Dempsey on Grey’s. I can’t think of any other show that could fit this item…

      • Cameradude

        Shonda already spoke about this on Twitter..she thinks its hilarious. Not her at all.

      • TJ

        OK, there are like 10 other shows that could fit this item. You really need to learn how to work a remote control and discover the great big world out there beyond Grey’s Anatomy.

    • anthony

      what is heroes

    • C-Dub

      Could it be SVU…Looks like Stabler is out!!!

    • Moe

      Guys, its been solved. The show is Flashforward and the biggest evidence is that David S.Goyer recently exited the show. It’s everywhere. Go to deadline hollywood.

  • Cindy

    Grey’s Anatomy or NCIS

  • Gracee

    NCIS? Donald Bellisario was previously notorious for late scripts, which caused conflict with Mark Harmon.

    NCIS: Los Angeles is probably not helping matter any atm.

    • Bobby

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Bellisario was not involved with NCIS any longer. That was the resultion for the last conflict at NCIS.
      Does it really matter anyway. When have we ever gotten answers to these blind items?

      • Clarissa

        Shane Brennan is the show runner now, and lately it seems like he’s focusing way more on his other show (NCISLA). I’m 99.999 % sure the answer is Mark Harmon and Shane Brennan.

      • cjsamms

        Don’t think it’s NCIS

      • cjsamms

        I don’t think it’s NCIS because that’s the reason Shane Brennan is in charge now. Harmon’s complained that Bellasario was making too many last minute script changes which resulted in unnecessarily long hours.

        If they’re having the same problems again, then you really gotta wonder if maybe it’s not the producer who’s the problem… just saying…

      • KT

        Could House? Or Burn Notice?

    • Sam

      NCIS and NCIS:LA

      It can’t be “Grey’s” since we really never had a conflict with the show and spin-off “P Practice”. It Must be the NCIS franchise.

      “…the parties involved this time round, this NEW dust-up”… just points to the stars on NCIS:LA (LL Cool J and McVet).

      But u know this’s gonna be solved fast the old fashioned way. It’s CBS….

      • bdoll

        never had a conflict with the show? isiah washington and t.r. knight ring any bells??

      • Megan

        Grey’s had conflict! I don’t think it’s NCIS. It says that the network or studio might have to intervene again. I don’t think they have had to intervene in a fight between anyone on NCIS.

      • Natalie

        I think Sam meant between PP and GA…not that GA didn’t have drama of its own.

        Shonda’s been working on PP for a few years now so if there hasn’t been conflict by now, there’s probably not gonna be.

        I’m absolutely clueless as to what show it could be. I don’t really keep up much with how many shows someone creates/produces.

    • Job

      Donald Bellisario isn’t with show anymore, Harmon got him out and he’s kinda in i understand it ..? or was ist another producer that was moved aside, not sure…

    • JimFromJersey

      Agreed. It’s got to be NCIS. Shane Brennan is running both NCIS and NCIS:LA.
      Gibbs Rule #17: Don’t “F” with The Gibbs.

      • seattleellen

        Since Harmon butted heads previously with showrunner – I’m thinking the same thing with him and now Brennan – forgot to mention that in other post.

    • seattleellen

      I was thinking of NCIS as well since I know before Mark Harmon and Bellasario head butted. I hope it isn’t that show as it is one of my favorites! Not quite as crazy about NCIS Los Angeles, but it is now better with Linda Hunt as Hetty.

    • chase

      I was thinkin NCIS also… The show has been sucking lately..

      • Petra

        I think you’re wrong, on both counts.

  • Josh

    NCIS and NCIS: LA — Shane Brennan and Mark Harmon…

    • Lorie

      This is my guess, too.

      • Morgan

        NCIS was my initial reaction as well, since it does seem like Brennan is spending a lot of time trying to launch his baby (NCIS:LA) rather than maybe taking care of the one he was handed when Harmon and Bellasario got into it.

        I suppose this might be a more complex issue now since the show is more popular now and, whereas Bellasario was supplanted after a ratings drop in the fourth season, Brennan’s handling of the show has helped it achieve the status of #1 drama.

    • Cheery

      Team Mark!

      • RJ


    • ceceo


      • Abby


    • KimR

      That’s is what came to my mind as well. I did not know of any previous conflict & it strikes fear!!!! They better not mess with perfection. I want both shows to work out but my loyalty is with the original. Team Mark for sure!

      • laurie

        O.k.-I’m getting nrevous because I didn’t know anything about the backstage problems between Harmon and Bellisario…NCIS is my favorite program-really one of the only ones I watch, and it would be very upsetting if it should go off the air.I love the cast, the cinematography, the post-production work, the way they have grown the characters each season. Ultimately, I am for “Team Mark” whatever happens.

    • Alyssa

      From my viewing skills, NCIS has NOT suffered either delayed production or chaotic scripts. If that’s true, why are the recent episodes so grandeur and epic?

      NCIS:LA can run itself. It’s one of the top shows thanks to Brennan, but i don’t think it needs so much attention.

  • Amy


  • Lidel

    Definitely NOT House just saw an interview of David Shore and Hugh Laurie on NATPE!

    • Lidel

      Ooh could it be 24? Because of the ‘defuse’ hint?

    • Lord V

      I’m with you – seems like a good enough clue for me.

    • whatevs

      Good because that’s what I thought of first since David Shore is rebooting Rockford Files.

    • Jill

      Hugh Laurie is an actor — of course he’s not going to show it in an interview if he’s upset. But as a show, House is sucking big time these days and Shore is all involved in Rockford Files for next season.

  • Natalie

    It has to be Grey’s. I’m guessing Shonda Rhimes and Patrick Dempsey are not getting along all too well.

    • jess

      that’s my guess too!

    • Dani

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

    • Rachel

      I really don’t think it is greys. Perhaps its PP but shonda is very involved in greys right now. She’s personally writing most of the scripts and during the holidays they had a cookie baking contest. (I follow her on twitter – yes I know I have a problem.)

    • sonja

      Is Grey’s Anatomy considered a hit show anymore? I thought the ratings have been in decline for awhile. I don’t watch any more.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Still very much considered a hit show, and while the ratings might not be what they once were, it’s still one of ABC’s top-rated hour-long dramas.

  • marc

    whether its GREYS or not, and im guessing NOT, everyone will think its GREYS so i dont think youre gonna do that show any favors by fanning the flames.

  • erin

    Has to be Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie from HOUSE

    • Dave

      did you even read the post?

    • Ann

      You’re high if you think Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie don’t get along.

      • anon

        doesn’t matter either way since the guess is totally irrelevant to the item.

      • M

        Seriously, have you ever read their interviews together? Not to mention that neither one runs the show.

    • Mariel

      Ahahaha A+ comment.

    • heej

      it’s lupus

      • Laura

        of course! How could we have missed that!

      • Cheery

        It’s never lupus.

        Except when it is.

      • Garen

        it could be auto-immune?

      • jess

        of course it’s lupus.
        in the conservatory.
        with a pipe wrench.

      • GoodWitchPA

        Nothing a good spinal tap won’t solve.

      • Q

        Lupus is a boring diagnosis.

      • LilyBilly

        Steroids always fix the problem!

      • Kim

        No, it’s sarcoidosis. They bring that one up almost every episode.

      • Gigi

        Don’t forget MS is still on the table!

      • pinky lee

        Lupus isn’t boring if you suffer from it! Careful how you state your opinion on a story line.

      • greg h

        Pinky, Gigi – run an MRI. Garen and jess, go break into the patient’s house and find out if there’s any pork in the fridge.

      • The Dude

        This thread made my day.

      • Matt OBrien

        im obsessed with EVERYONE that took part in this

      • Lala

        Me too. That was pretty awesome.

      • SnazzyO

        I LOVE this tangent. Mad props for starting it. But… I thought it was an STD?

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Not an STD. Too outlandish. I heard it was the Avian Bird Flu?

      • Kate

        We need to search the house

      • Jack S.

        You’re all wrong. It’s paraneoplastic syndrome. Biopsy a lymph node to confirm.

      • Marianela

        Oh wait, I’m having an “Aha” moment…, just as the patient’s about to go in an OR for a dangerous, probably fatal surgery…

      • Kati

        You guys have to understand, it was our first guess. We always rule out our first guess without having all the information. I figured that out after pulling a prank on Cuddy/Wilson/the planet.

      • Old Man K

        It is actually amyloidosis

      • DebWhy

        This thread is tickling my fancy. Had to be Cushing’s

      • Lala

        No, it has to be leukemia. All of the symptoms fit.

      • greg h

        Unless the patient’s lying about never going to the tropics…

    • Stephen

      Totally! Robert Sean Leonard being the lead actor and Hugh Laurie is the showrunner… Oh wait the title of the show is House so Hugh Laurie is the lead actor and Robert Sean Leonard is the showrunner…Oh wait next time I SHOULD READ the blinditem before commenting! Silly ole’ me!

      • Ray

        showrunner means producer, not actor.

      • Gigi

        (Stephen was being sarcastic)

      • Lexi

        And showrunner means a producer that’s also acts as head writer and is in effect completely running the show.

    • Johnification

      That’s right Erin! The lead actor writes and produces the show all by himself and personally hires the other actors!

      David Shore is the showrunner for House, Laurie is the star, and House is definitely NOT the show in question.

      • Doug

        Why couldn’t it be Hugh Laurie and David Shore? Shore is putting together a reboot of the Rockford Files.

      • jojo

        @Doug Since the blinditem states the showrunner and lead haven’t been ‘friendly’ for months now I’d say House is automatically disqualified since David, Katie & Hugh were just in Vegas for a conference a week ago singing praises for one another. Besides almost all showrunners have something in the works since it’s pilot selling season

      • Kim B

        Well, I must admit that Katie Jacobs and Hugh have been known to get into tiffs over scripts and other things. They used to be very close, but something in the fourth season changed and the love isn’t there anymore. I don’t know if they’re still openly hostile. It appears that they patched things up, but still, it might have boiled over again. The last time it was rumored to have happened, Hugh left the set and flew home to England. (But that’s just the rumor…)

      • Lala

        Kim B – I heard that too. Don’t know why there was a falling out (or even if it’s an issue anymore, they might be perfectly okay now.) Ultimately, his rep said he flew home for a family situation of some type, which didn’t impact the shooting schedule. Meh, rumors are rumors are rumors.
        Anyway…Could it be L&O: SVU? Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay vs. Dick Wolf?

    • Kim B

      Hugh and Robert are very good friends and that hasn’t changed. If you ever saw them together you could see how much they enjoy each other. There’s a lot of friendliness between Robert, Hugh and Lisa. Not so much with everyone else although Hugh does get along well with Jesse.

      Have you thought that it might be Desperate Housewives?

      • Meli

        I’d think Hugh and Jessie get along since Jessie plays in Band From TV.

        This speculation is getting more convoluted than an episode of LOST.

  • Dave

    just a question … why do people always guess that everything’s Grey’s!? and moreover, why are people still watching that tripe?! shonda’s not even trying anymore. it’s just a laughable shell of what it once was.

    • Lisa M

      I could not agree more! I stopped watching two seasons ago – not even the promise of more Jeffrey Dean Morgan could make me watch – now when I see commercials I’m just so happy I’m not watching anymore!

      • Lala

        He’s on like two other TV shows (as dead characters!) I can get my fix through other channels (literally haha.) I’m glad I’m not watching that show anymore either.

    • Johnification

      People always guess Grey’s because of precedent. That show has been filled with so much public drama that even more private drama shocks literally no one.

  • Meg

    Grey’s. Totally.

  • Heather

    Sounds like Grey’s Anatomy (although is that still considered a “hit” show anymore…ha!) Isn’t Shonda working on something else other than GA and PP?

    • Jaymii

      Stupidly, its still one of the highest rated shows on the tellybox.

    • Levi

      Still the highest rated scripted show on ABC, plus a top ten show.

      • Andy

        That statement is incorrect. Desperate Housewives is the highest rated scripted show on ABC, plus a top ten show.

      • jojo

        I believe that GA is currently ABC’s top scripted drama, the past 2 episodes for DH has been pretty low for their standards. Nevertheless both shows are having series lows this season, but then again their series lows are still very high in current TV standards both shows are definitely among the top 3 in scripted dramas, definitely included in the top 10 scripted shows as well

  • Pedro

    why grey’s anatomy?
    gotta be NCIS

  • timelord

    fringe and lost

    • colin

      No, JJ Abrams hasn’t been involved on a day to day basis on Lost since episode 4 of season 1. He’s more involved in Fringe, but he’s not the showrunner.

      • Jeff

        Agreed. JJ doesn’t have day to day duties on either of those shows, plus there’s no one “leading man” on “Fringe” OR “Lost.”

  • Daphne

    NCIS! Bellisario is notorious for this. He gets a new toy & forgets the original *cough* JAG *cough*. He wasn’t even at the taping for the finale because he was on location in Australia with NCIS (Spin off of JAG)

    • anna

      This isn’t about DPB though. He’s been gone from day to day operations for a while now. This is about Shane Brennan which is why MA has it here since he just sat down in an interview with SB. Shane probably gave him the info directly to gauge fan opinion to see who should leave. Here’s the door, Shane; we want Mark.

      • tvfan

        I agree.

      • Amy

        I honestly have not liked NCIS as much since Brennan took over. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a Tiva fan (which I’m sure I’ll get hate for), but oh well. Vote Harmon! :)

      • Chappel

        I also think NCIS was much better when Bellisario was running things. They’ve dumbed it down quite a bit and replaced a lot of the wit with half-witted and juvenile quips. I still love the show… but not as much, and this tension between star and show runner has Mark Harmon’s name all over it.

      • Morgan

        My favorite season of NCIS has been 3 for a long time, which was under the helm of DPB. However, I really didn’t like the La Grenouille story line in Season 4.

        Also, I’ve watched every episode of NCIS multiple times, and the quips were way more juvenile early on when Tony and Kate were bickering like 12 year-olds about sexism and college. Tony had no depth of character. He was all about his possessions and sex. The only thing I think has been dumbed down a bit are the cases, but the characters are a lot deeper than they were before.

      • Rebecca

        Honestly, with the whole DPB vs. Mark Harmon thing, I was on Mark Harmon’s side, but now that it could possibly be happening AGAIN, it’s just hard to believe that the problem lies with the producer…

      • jenn

        Yeah, if it’s NCIS I would say Mark Harmon must be very difficult to work with.

      • bethanymae

        I’ve personally met and spoken with the cast and crew–it’s not MH. I’ve never met a more humble, kind man in my life. It’s certainly not him.

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