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Question: Anything good coming up for Alex on Grey’s Anatomy? —Jesse
I don’t know if Izzie would consider this good, but the Feb. 18 episode will answer this burning question: Which of Seattle Grace’s other female docs has Alex hooked up with in the past?

Question: Any news on who is going to play Debbie Pelt on True Blood? —Henry
Big news: The role’s been cast!

Question: Ausiello, I really need some Glee scoop. —Lucio
If you liked last fall’s “Wheels” installment, then rumor has it you’re going to love the third episode back. And by love I mean cry like a teething baby that’s just been dropped on its head. It’s probably no coincidence that both episodes share the same Emmy-winning director: Paris Barclay.

Question: Any updates on Neil Patrick Harris’ Glee appearance? Is it definitely happening? —Evan
While there’s nothing official to report yet, a major — and perhaps final — hurdle has been cleared: CBS has signed off on the deal.

Question: I can’t go another Ask Ausiello without some major 90210 scoop! It’s bad enough new episodes don’t start back up ’till March 9th! —Kenny
Annie’s hit-and-run story will come to a surprising conclusion in the season finale, but the repercussions will carry over into season 3. Also, I’m hearing Liam and Naomi hit a rough patch (shocker!), and he’ll turn to Annie for (cough) support. That was a real cough, BTW. I wasn’t trying to suggest that (cough) support stood for something else.

Question: What’s coming up for my new favorite Office couple, Andy and Erin? —Pam
They’ve set a date… to date! Dunder-Mifflin’s newest crushing co-workers will embark on their first date in the March 11 episode. Naturally, there’s a wrinkle. And if you pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale Friday) and turn to The Ausiello Files, you’ll find out what it is.

Question: I am dying (of boredom) and my final wish is for a juicy Smallville spoiler. —Sarita
I hope you survive long enough to catch the Valentine’s Day-themed episode on Feb. 19, because it features two things no Smallville fan should miss: Lois dancing in a wedding dress and a catfight between Chloe and Tess!

Question: Have you heard when Lie to Me will be coming back? —Angela
The show’s boss, Shawn Ryan, tweeted earlier this week that the “most likely outcome is a long run of all-new eps starting in May/June.”

Question: Any Big Bang Theory scoops? —Brooke
This is probably the closest the show will come to doing a musical episode: In the March 1 eppy, Raj will communicate solely through song courtesy of an MP3 shirt.

Question: Is Chris Noth going to become a series regular on The Good Wife? I love the show, but it wouldn’t be the same without that character (and actor).  — J Scout
I’m told Noth will return next season in pretty much the same special-guest-star capacity.

Question: Any Gossip Girl spoilers? —Helen
Just this one: I**e*e*t **o*o*al.

Question: How about a scoop on this week’s winter finale of Fringe? —Will
On the Peter/Olivia romance front, there’s a near-kiss, and a maybe-date. On the “Over Here”/”Over There” mythology front, Olivia has a major revelation about Peter after she returns to Jacksonville (a.k.a. the site of her experimentation at the hands of Walter).

Question: When will Astrid get her own storyline on Fringe? —Thomas
According to consulting producer Akiva Goldsman, “One of the things we’re talking about for next season is seeing some more of her life, understanding her more, and giving her some time to shoulder more episodes.”

Question: When are we going to meet Abby’s family on NCIS?  —Ellen
In less than seven years. “We waited seven seasons to meet DiNozzo’s father,” notes exec producer Shane Brennan with a laugh. “We’re not going to wait [that long] to introduce one of Abby’s relatives. And I wouldn’t even say her relatives — I’d say more of her personal life. The audience loves Abby and I think there’s a lot of rich detail to be explored with that character, so, yes, it will happen.”

Question: You recently fielded NCIS questions regarding potential romances for Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Abby and McGee, but what about Ducky? What does the future hold for everyone’s favorite chatty British medical examiner? —SR
“Ducky is hiding a secret that the rest of the team is determined to find out,” teases Shane Brennan. “And it’s not what they think it is.”

Question: Are we ever going to find out what it is that Vance shredded on NCIS? —Troy
“The fans just won’t let that one go, will they?” laughs Shane Brennan. “We actually addressed part of that — almost all of it, in fact — in ‘Knockout.’ We’ve put a lot of that to rest, but there is still one more question that will be posed and then answered about our hard-nosed director. It won’t be this season, though.”

Question: I have a Chuck query. I was wondering if anyone else will be finding out about Chuck’s secret in the near future? —Jenny
If by near future you mean this season then yes, someone else will be finding out about Chuck’s secret in the near future. In fact, this unnamed individual will not only uncover the truth about Chuck’s other life, he/she will end up joining him on a mission. And if you saw Monday’s immensely entertaining and hugely pivotal episode, you know it can really only be one of two people.

Question: I just saw the Lost premiere, and it was amazing. Since we don’t have a real name for the new bad Locke, I’m trying to get this nickname to spread in the media. He shall be known as… Dreadlocke. Because he causes dread. Corny as hell, but the name fits. Can you help it spread in popularity by using the term? —Collin
Ausiello: I don’t get it. Explain it to me again?

Question: Can you please throw us a bone on your latest blind item? I would love some real-life drama that isn’t my own. Come on, pretty please with a Snapple on top?! —Elise
It isn’t Seth MacFarlane and Stewie. Or is it?

Question: Could you please share some scoop about Desperate Housewives? —Julien
There’s a big story coming up for Gaby that will find the ex-catwalker returning to her runway roots in New York.

Question: You rock for bringing us that fantastic clip from Monday’s Cuddy-centric episode of House. You would rock even more if you told us if there’s any good Huddy action in the episode. —Tammy
Cuddy interrupts an intimate moment between a naked House and another woman. And this isn’t Huddy-related, but Generation Xers should be forewarned that there’s something — actually, someone — in the episode that will make you feel really old. Speaking of House, did you see the huge news?

Question: I need some 30 Rock gossip! —Courtney
Major spoiler alert: Jack Donaghy has a heart! Seriously. The shocking reveal takes place in this week’s episode when the soulless suit goes out of his way to avoid crushing someone’s hopes and dreams. All I’ll say is it involves the arrival of Jenna’s mother, played by the hilarious and much-missed Jan Hooks.

Question: Week after week after week I ask for some Legend of the Seeker scoop, and week after week after week my hopes are dashed. But you won’t break me. I’ll keep on asking you. So, what’s coming up on one of the most underrated shows on television? —Jeff
Go out and buy yourself one of those Win for Life lottery scratch-offs, because today is your lucky day. Exec producer Ken Biller just dropped this mammoth spoiler on my lap: “One of our leads — I won’t say who — is going to die.” Wait, there’s more! In an episode slated to air later this month, “Kahlen is going to suddenly find herself without her powers, which not only puts her in danger, but also creates a situation in which she is potentially no longer a danger to Richard. The question [then] becomes, ‘Can they in fact be together?’ Of course as the episode unfolds, we realize everything is not what it seems. The situation is far more complicated than it originally appears.”

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? I really loved the Damon and Elena interaction we got. Will we get more? —Jezz
Indeed you will. “Damon is obsessed with Elena’s doppelganger, and if one day Elena’s doppelganger is not in the picture, it’s an immediate transference,” explains exec producer Julie Plec. “We’ll see him have an evolution of feelings for her. And, over time, we’ll see her wonder if there’s something redeemable about this guy.”

Question: Any Brothers & Sisters scoop? —Joanne
The “shocking and transformative secret” at the center of the two-hour flashback-heavy episode this April will emerge during a circa 1986 Walker family event, according to showrunner David Marshall Grant. The episode will also take us “back to the day of our pilot, which is when William died,” reveals Grant. “We’ll look at the pilot from a different angle and [discover something] we didn’t know happened that day.”

That’s a wrap! Send questions/comments/anonymous tips to! And for 24-7 scoopage, follow me on Twitter at @ewausiellofiles. (Additional reporting by Archana Ram and Keith Staskiewicz)

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  • Deana

    As much as I love Damon, I hope there actually isn’t anything redeemable about him. Ian Somerholder is having wayyy too much fun playing a bad guy!

    Good news about Astrid on “Fringe,” too. Here’s hoping we get that second season.

    • topoopon

      RE: Fringe, this season is the second. Hope for the third.

    • Paula

      Uh, redeemable about Damon? Lets ask the families of the dozens of people he’s murdered.

      • Brooke

        Well, you can’t need redemption if you haven’t done something terrible in the first place…

      • Josie

        If pop culture has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that Vampires can find redemption

        I feel like maybe Daybreakers had this (didn’t see it)
        Anne Rice’s vamps

      • courtney

        totally agree with Paula here. Last night’s episode clearly showed who taught him how to murder in cold blood.

    • anthony

      this aought be good with lois lane dancing in her wedding dress hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Lennon

    Kind of a waste of a Lost question. I guess they are keeping things pretty secretive in Hawaii.

    • carrot

      And Doc Jensen has already deemed bad locke “FLocke” (fake locke)

      • dex

        I’ve been calling him Smockie all day. Like “Smock-e”

      • Jack

        Everyone’s pretty much going w/ Unlocke

      • Mary

        He’s “Non Locke” at our house.

      • Kel

        I am a fan of Unlocke as well!

      • Mavis

        I like Doc’s use of FLocke. I also like Unlocke or Non-Locke. But Dreadlocke? Wouldn’t Deadlocke have worked better?

      • Johnification

        Jensen referred to the Man in Black accidentally as “Man in Locke” once on Twitter and it cracked me up.

      • murley

        mark me down in the “unlocke” column.

      • tvfan

        I use UnLocke

  • Bren

    Damons better as the bad witty brother don’t want him redeemed for elena.

    • Erin

      Amen to that. I like my Damon bad. Leave the luurve and romantic angst crap between Stefan & Elena. Anyway if Elena were to be interested on Damon let alone hook up with him after he killed Lexi & Vicki and bit and screwed with her two best buds, she would lose any credit she has with me.

      Yay great NCIS scoop. Bring on the bowling nuns.

  • Kristina

    So, I am guessing episode 3 for Glee is about Quinn. That clue about crying like a teething baby clued me in

    • Stephanie

      I think Sue’s sister might come back.

      • Pristavu

        MAN WHAT AN EPISODE!!!!!! Holy cow back to grandure that was, my gosh,spectacular donest cover how that one went. Lex evil as evil gets holy crap. Michale Rosenbaum did a fantastic job on this one. This episode was loaded with tid bits left and right, man good one

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Definitely Sue’s sister. I thought it was a valiant effort on Aus’s part with the line, too. It so reminded me of something Sue would say, that saucy minx.

  • Jill

    I’m curious about this Ducky secret. Also, about meeting Abby’s family! That could be exciting.

    • Suze

      Well, they said it’s not really Abby’s family, so maybe we will meet her nuns.

    • anna

      Ditto here – it’s about time the focus came off of one particular character –

      Mark Harmon = Gibbs; Gibbs = NCIS; No Gibbs = No NCIS

  • G

    Chloe vs. Tess?

    I thought it was supposed to be Chloe vs. Lois.

  • Fia

    I think Chuck is getting better with every episode. Shaw brings a new aspect to the show, they should make him a regular… you know, to mix it up. I kind of miss the bumbling idiot Chuck, though.

    • John

      I feel just the opposite. I like Shaw, but I wish Chuck would quit being the bumble. I thought Chuck 2.0 would be cooler and more capable in this spy game. I want to see him take charge of his spy self and be the kick ass spy we know he is. Oh yeah, and win Sarah finally!

      • GimplyGump

        Did you watch Monday’s episode? It’s on and OnDemand. In it you’ll see a glimpse of the cold-spy Charles Charmicheal starting to rear it’s head. Chuck has to **r* an asset … and does.

  • Chris

    Awesome Smallville scoop. Lois dancing in a wedding dress! I love it. Thanks.

  • Melissa

    Chloe and Tess catfight on Smallville…wonder if its over Ollie??? Guess Ill be tuning in to see…

    Please keep the Glee scoop coming…never get enough of that!!!

  • Angie

    Peter & Olivia!!!

    omg I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

    • Chief Wannadubie

      Yeah, because X-Files only got better after Mulder and Scully hooked up…

      • Vandana

        I enjoy making, and einatg, pasties. It is possible to make pasties in quantity and freeze them in an uncooked state. Last year I created some savoury puddings with a vegetable suet case and a filling of leeks and mushrooms in a sauce comprised of thick gravy and paprika. They were cooked in a microwave and were very tasty.

  • Dee

    Seriously though, if you don’t call him the Locke Ness Monster, that’s just a wasted joke right there.

    If Kahlan or Cara die permanently on Legend of the Seeker I might have to cut a bitch, I love their chemistry.

    • JB

      Watching Cara evolve this year has been pretty sweet

    • Sarah

      If you really want to know the answer to this I can tell you who it is. I’m a spoiler freak.

  • Luna

    Tess and Chloe fighting? About time Chloe avenged the Daily Planet! Tess has contaminated that place with Corruption. So Go Chloe!

    • Haha

      LOL.. it’s really cute that you think it’s over the DP *pats head* It’s probably over Oliver.

      Like it or not, the DP isn’t corrupted, especially since Oliver owns it now. Just because little miss blondie is no longer there (and hasn’t been for almost 2 years now, so get over it, kthanx) doesn’t mean it’s bad. If you’re looking for shady maybe you should look at her actions this season. If anything, shes too shady for the DP, Watchtower, etc.. and needs to just go.

      • Justme

        My guess is when Clark tells Chloe to keep an eye on him, Chloe sees Tess as somebody out to get Clark and go after her. That being said the Chloe trying to redeem the Planet was pretty funny, those Chloe fans will never give up. lol

      • TJ

        Condescending much? That make you feel better?

      • Wilson

        Chloe is my favorite character on the show…I feel that even though it’s still going good, the writers have made Clark so stupid…everything he says or does…it repeats itself…but I also love Tess and Lois..

      • Mike

        Chloe’s darkness this season is a natural course of action for her. She lost Jimmy and shoulders guilt for his death. She might be the ‘made-up’ character, but Chloe has always been the smartest, most-interesting female lead on Smallville. As far as the Daily Planet goes, I don’t really think Chloe wants anything to do with that anymore – she’s got Watchtower.

      • Tired of Peoples Attitude

        Woah. Whats with the attitude? No need to be all snippy. You never know, maybe the fight is over the DP. You could be totally wrong. In some peoples opinions, the DP has turned somewhat corrupted. (so get over that) And sorry to say, but I dont think Chloe is just going to “go” as you put it. She is too much of a vital character to the show.

      • Aldi

        It’s good to see that the ratings were so good. I liked it okay. I think that it could have been betetr if they had a 2 hour pilot to allow more time for character development and to spin out the plot. I certainly think that it has potential.

  • Nikki

    Alex’s hookup? I’m gonna go with Callie. No way it’s Christina or Meredith.

    • FT

      I agree, it’s got to be Callie.

      • Nikki

        Especially since it looks like Alex is headed into pediatrics. This could be some mini drama for Arizona and Callie.

    • Rob J.

      I’m thinkin’ Meredith. She boinked McDreamyhair before she even started at SGH. Evilspawn could have been her one night stand the night before that.
      — Rob

      • Lisa

        On Greys,,,,,,I think it could be Meredith. I mean she boinked George, McDreamy, why not Alex.

    • BB

      Could be Addison…he hooked up with her when she was in the bet with Mark Sloane….maybe another private practice crossover??

    • Mike

      My guess is Meredith. I mean if you’re going to sleep with George (sweet as he was) then why not Alex?

    • Qais

      Mike,I think everyone who has been on for the etnrie series has been presumed dead, unless it’s someone unexpected that we’re overlooking.It’s possible the spoiler came before one of the presumed deaths, lionel for example, or they just overlooked the death when they declared the spoiler. It could be a mistake, because I cannot think of ANYONE who would fit into the etnrie spoiler.I was also thinking that if it was Lionel, wouldn’t they have to have Lex kill him, since that’s what happened in the comics? If so, the identity of the killer would not be the biggest shock, but would be kind of expected.What do u think?

  • Chlarkfan

    Another great column. :)

    Some Life unexpected spoilers would be great and thanks for the Chuck scoop. :)

    You’re the best Ausiello.

    • ysom05

      You are not alone I love the show !!

      Could it be Zed the one who dies ?

      • Pradeep

        That time will come before you know it, Phoenix. It’s such a fun opsition to be in, where you don’t have to owe anyone anything and your money works for you instead of some creditor!Matt Wegner recently posted..

  • Mike

    Wow… I didn’t know anyone watched Legend of the Seeker but me. Guilty pleasures…

    • Alyssa

      HaHa your not the only one I love that show too.

      • B

        *raises hand* I totally watch, too. YAY.

    • Kerstin

      You’re definitely not the only one. I love the show and just got my best friend hooked aswell.

    • J. Baker

      Surprisingly good show. Definitely on my DVR’s “record series” list.

    • Jason

      Dude, Legend of the Seeker is AWESOME! I don’t miss it. In fact, I watch it on WGN in the afternoon, then on my local CW station at night. Then catch the encore the following week…so, in effect, I’m seeing each and every episode FOUR TIMES. And I’m not complaining!

      • ysom05

        LOL – I do the same !!
        I watch it on WGN at 4P followed on the WB at 5P BUT before that i also watch the episode from the previous week at 3P HAHAHA

    • mtp

      LOVE Legend of the Seeker!! Loved the books as well! I am so glad there are people out there watching! I live in fear that it will get cancelled! : )

      • Melissa

        I absoultely love Legend of the Seeker. I think that it is one of the best shows on TV right now and I look forward to each episode. I am also reading the books the series is based on and I LOVE IT!!! Legend of the Seeker rocks and may it be on for many more seasons.

      • Vodats

        Hay all the CR fans! Please keep requesting Chris Rene songs from your local radio sontitas. I requested them in my area today Young Homie and Where do we go from here. Let’s put more pressure where we can. It might help to get his music on the airways.

    • Cynthia

      Another Legend of the Seeker fan here…

      • Michele

        Omg, Legend of the Seeker is such a brilliant show. It’s a shame it is so underrated. I wish more people knew about it because it is SO GOOD. I hope Cara or Kahlan don’t die, because they are awesome. Although this is the sort of show where people die but come back (like we saw with Richard a while back).

    • Gretchen

      I also love watching Legend of the Seeker. It’s very entertaining.

      • Sarah

        I’m also a huge LotS fan. I already know who dies though.

    • Evie

      You are definitely not the only one! I LOVE L.O.T.S! I hope it lasts forever! haha

      • Alex

        Legend of the Seeker is one of my favorite shows of all time! Can’t wait for some new ones again.

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