'House' exclusive: 'Lost' alum Cynthia Watros checks in as [major spoiler alert]!

Lost heroine Cynthia Watros has found herself one hell of a plum role on House.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Emmy-winning actress has been cast as Wilson’s first ex-wife (he’s had three) who comes back into his life as his new girlfriend.

And this isn’t some passing fling. I’m told Watros is on board for multiple episodes, the first of which is slated to air in April. Ironically, that’s right around the time she’s slated to reappear on Lost as Libby.

This marks the first significant romantic entanglement for House’s BFF since the death of Amber nearly two years ago.

Thoughts?! Are you as psyched about this as I am? ‘Cause I’m pretty psyched.

Photo Credit: Leonard: Florian Schneider/Fox; Watros: Gina James


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  • CC

    This should be pretty cool… there are only two things I’d like to see even more than this:
    1) Wilson and CUDDY
    2) House and CAMERON.

    • Cheery

      Are you high? Wilson and Cuddy are like siblings and Cameron is gone so forget about it.

      With that said, couldn’t they have cast a prettier actress, no offense to the woman.

      • Belle

        Completely agree…100%

      • Krista

        Eff you! Cynthia Waltros not pretty enough? Maybe if that’s the only photo of her you’ve ever seen, fine, but there’s always google images. I just get so sick of people having such impossible and awful standards for female beauty. It’s those dang sitcoms where fat, stupid men have gorgeous wives polluting our thoughts.

        Ahem, anyway. I have very recently given up on House but will totally watch for her. Plus, extra Wilson is always worth it.

      • Kim

        I’m with Krista. Plus I’m psyched about this casting news!

      • Jane

        Couldn’t agree more. Sucks the crack pipe with Wilson & cuddy, house and Cam. WTF? Some people can’t dig the forest for the trees.

      • Kristen

        I’d say that House and Cuddy are more like siblings, but what do I know?

      • Leslie

        I agree with Krista, Watros is definitely “pretty enough”, & a really good actress… they did choose a bad pic of her for this article though, she kind of looks like she’s smelling something farty.

      • Cheery

        @ Krista; I’m not saying she’s unattractive, but Bonnie was pretty average, and considering Wilson is rekindling this relationship (so she’ll be around for a bit) I’d hope she’d be a significant “upgrade.”

        @ Kristen; House and Cuddy SIBLINGS? O_o

        Would a brother makeout with his sister and grab her ass and chest? I should hope not…

      • billy

        So only supermodels are good enough to be on TV for you? That’s sad. Of 3 wives, one of them might not have been a good person who was not a looker? This is Wilson, right? I love the pretty women on House, but a dash of reality now and again might be nice too. I’m hoping for less House interference. How would Wilson not resent it after how much time he lost with Amber because of House?

    • Irene

      What do you smoke?
      That’s not gonna happen, let’s be realistic!

    • Matt54

      I’m holding out for Taub and Foreman.

      • Irene

        LOL! Now that would make for an interesting storyline!

    • Ester

      Can I try that pot? Looks good!
      Enough fooling.
      The woman looks good.I hope they will write her character well and cant wait to see House’s reactions to her!Should be fun!
      And Wilson -I almost thought he has no taste in women at all..I mean…well after Amber.. and Bonnie..(?!?)It turns out the original Mrs Wilson looks great.

    • Sally

      AMEN! House and Cuddy are like siblings, or mother and son, ewww, who wants to see that?!
      Hey, good casting suggestion: Jennifer Morrison, she had a great role on a really good show (also known as House MD old school).

      • Stacey II

        That’s gross, they had sex.

      • jess

        I think the point is that they ACT more like siblings towards each other. Which I actually agree with. House and Cuddy can be extremely immature, and frankly rather dull at the best of times.

    • Joan Wilder

      Ew. I hope you never get your wish. Neither of those couples would work.

      Anyway, the central relationship will always be House and Wilson. (And not in a slashy way ;) )

    • Stacey

      You’re funny, you could have a career in comedy.

    • Jill

      Cuddy treats Wilson like pond scum except when she needs him for something. Wilson deserves better than that.

      I do miss the subtlety of House’s interactions with Cameron though. At least she never tried to set trip wires for him or wild goose chases or blamed him for the fact that she can’t get her life in order.

    • xs

      No, I couldn’t disagree more. How about none of the above! Cameron is gone and the lovely Dr.Chase should move on with someone else.

    • i ♥ house

      i wanna see house and cuddy hook up that be PERFECT ! and i really want wilson to have someone bcause hes lonely.fingers crossed wilson gets someone

  • Pepper

    Or… House and Wilson.
    Still not giving up.:D

    • Sally

      They need to mate soon. :D

      • Stacey II

        Um… They can have sex, sure, but they can’t mate.

    • mary


  • Fallen

    :P Oh no.

  • Emily

    Anything that makes Wilson happy, makes me happy :)

  • annie


    Finally, Wilson getting the loove.

  • Sally

    This will be interesting. Though I hope there won’t be any less “Hilson” moments!

  • kate

    loves it.

  • Christi

    Is she the wife of his that was Canadian? Cause if so, it could lead to a lot of great jokes from House.

    • Ji

      And she has a wooden leg.

  • Mia

    great great piece of news!
    this is gonna be so cool to see how the HILSON is going to be affected.
    very cool storyline and good material.

  • Semaphore

    This is good. If she became a permanent semi-regular on the cast I’d be more likely to watch. I gave up about a season ago.

  • David4


    • David4

      Ick to the storyline and not the the actress, just to make myself clear. Will be fun to hear House make fun of her and how stupid Wilson is for dating an ex.

  • Liana C

    Glad he’s gonna get some loving… now if he can also grow some cojones to stand up to House! He’s such a wimp with everything House says and does to him.

  • Trubie

    Hilson forever!

    • Ali

      Totally :) I’d ship that forever

  • Amy

    Not Watros’ biggest fan, but I’ll give her a chance I guess.

  • Stacey

    I’m beyond happy about this. I love me some Cynthia Watros. Always have since her first scene as Annie on GL. Whoo! She will be great up against Hugh. The sparks are going to fly (verbally, that is, of course)! And I hope, too, she’s the Canadian ex. I love when House makes fun of us Canucks. :-D

    • Shell

      ITA Stacey. I was bummed when she was killed of Lost, and when that Gossip Girl spinoff didn’t work out. I don’t watch GG, not in my age range, but I would’ve have watched the spinoff for her. I hope she’s back on a series full time soon.

      • singlemillionairesmatch

        Yeah, she was good in GG

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