'True Blood' scoop: 'Middleman' grad Brit Morgan is Debbie Pelt!

True Blood has found its next bat-bleep-crazy villainess.

After an exhaustive and months-long search, sources confirm that actress Brit Morgan — best known from ABC Family’s short-lived drama The Middleman — has scored the pivotal role of Debbie Pelt, the psycho ex girlfriend of werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello).

Last month, exec producer Alan Ball told me that the juicy part — already a major component of the show’s upcoming third season — was being beefed up. “She’s going to be in more episodes,” he said, “so maybe that will have an impact on [what actress] we can get for her, which is a big question right now.”

With that question now answered, all of Season 3’s major roles have been cast.

Do you think Morgan’s right for the part? Surprised Ball didn’t go with a bigger name (and word is there were a couple in the running)? Sound off below!

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  • Bob

    I love her. She was great in the Middleman, but she works well as a happy bubbly character. It will be interesting to see if she has the range to do dark and angry.

    • jimy

      ri ni ma de xox

    • Nicotine

      She was kinda crazy in The Middleman, so it just might work. Of course, that was good-crazy and this is batsh*t-crazy. In my experience, there isn’t much difference between the two.

      • singlemillionairesmatch

        she is so pretty

      • Daniel

        I’ve never seen her in anything that I know of. But from reading the books, she looks the part based on my conception of the role. I can’t wait to see if she’s good at playing … how did Aus put it *scrolls up … “bat-bleep-crazy”.

    • PSac

      The picture here does her a disservice. She’s REALLY pretty, and was great in The Middleman. I think she’ll do really well.

  • Sofia

    Why does Debbie have to be in many episodes? After the Crazy-Ann failure last season they should learn from their mistakes. Give Lafayette and Eric more screen time instead.

    • Selle

      I agree. I wish AB would settle on the core characters of the story and spend more screen time with them front and center. I hope we’re not headed for another season where each episode only moves the plotlines forward an inch because the main characters all have to share the 50 minutes. The result of too many characters is a show that is action-oriented but not character-oriented. There’s insufficient depth to the characters and the suspense around any given storyline is reduced.

      • Mary

        I could not agree with you more. True Blood’s problem right now is it is action-oriented instead of character-oriented. I hope they fix that in season 3, but I have no expectations that they will.

      • Kat

        You’ve just about said it all, I agree. Concentrate on the character dynamics of Sookie/Eric/Bill. And get Tara off the show, her character should be replaced by an important character in the books. She didn’t really mattter in the books. Writers, are you listening?

      • TK

        Yeah, not to mention that it seems like every other week there is an announcement about another new cast member. Season 3 hasn’t even started and I can already tell its going to be a big confusing jumble of too many characters and too many story lines going on all at once.

      • xs

        Agreed. More Sookie/Eric/Bill, less Tara. I can’t believe how they’ve embellished that character and not for the best either.

      • Are you for Real?

        Why can’t you just get over the fact that Alan Ball has decided not to follow the books. I have not read them but I am a huge fan of the show. Just because the story has been adapted doesn’t mean that Ball doesn’t want to put a different twist on those books. Let it go, the books are one thing and the show another.

      • Tarc

        I’m not sure what books you’ve been reading, but the books ARE action-oriented (Sookie is invariably beaten to a pulp by the ebd of every novel). Just because the books are told exclusively from Sookie’s point of view doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things going on off-screen that are worthwhile to see. And sure, Ball is adding some things, but he *is* generally following the main plotline of the novels. Some might argue that it makes much better TV than just following Sookie around (not to mention that I’d pretty much kill Ann Paquin to have to carry every moment of every scene for the entire show…

    • kat

      i COMPLETELY agree with you on that. i ABSOLUTELY HATED the Mary-Ann storyline (and all that went with it. GAG). give me loads of eric, pam, alcide and lafayette and i’ll be happy.

      • SLB

        I agree. I hated the Maryanne story line. And i hated Jasons idiot girlfirend.I’m curious as to why they are making characters who were barely mentioned in the books into such big parts on the show.

      • Sandy

        You are so right about Maryanne! I hated her character last season. I didn’t like Jason’s girlfriend either but I liked her better than maryanne. I personally liked Season one better than two.

      • MB


      • Trueblood HP fan

        You know what by what i read in the comments i think i prefer NOT to read the books, i always get mad with Harry Potter movies because they concentrate on stupid stuff then on the center of the story.. so i guess ill have to wait.. because for me True Blood was pretty awesome on season 2…

      • Joey

        Long live Maryann!!! As far as I’m concerned, her character brought the fun in to True Blood’s second season. She caused madness and mayhem and orgies. What could be better, really? Michelle Forbes is an amazingly talented and beautiful actress who deserves her own show. I hope Alan Ball and his team keep bringing in offbeat characters played by fantastic actors. I’m also rejoicing at Pam’s expanded roll and yes, let’s have us some more of those steamy Sam and Bill sequences.

    • Brian

      The Maryann storyline wasn’t a failure. It was great, and Michelle Forbes’s performance was brillz.

      • Mica

        I disagree. I mean, I loved Michelle Forbes performance, but hated the Maryann arc. They should have used more screen time on Godric’s arc.

        But Debbie Pelt does have some interesting scenes on the book, so maybe they can do some good work with her.

      • Mary

        MF’s rocked in that role, but MA received too much airtime and importance and her s/l was a failure.

    • Ashley

      Yeah i mean Debbie Pelt is a necessary character but they should focus on Sookie, Lafayette, Eric, Pam, and Bills kidnapping this season…they need to downsize Taras screentime and go easy on Jason’s escapades as well…they need to focus on the main characters.

      • Erin

        Oh I’m all for downsizing Tara’s expanded role. But to go easy on Jason’s escapades? Hell no. He brings the awesome. I love the supporting cast – Hoyt, Jessica, Arlene, Terry, Andy – they make the show for me.

      • LK

        i think everyone who’s read the books and enjoys the show forgets…lafayette died in the second book!! i mean i love lafayette on the show, i think he’s an hilarious character, but we should be grateful he has any screen time at all, cuz he’s not even suppose to be there! same for tara! (though tara gets on my nerves on the show)

        so if we want more of the main characters, i say more eric/pam/bill/sookie since they were important characters…all the other characters should get decent screen time, but not the whole hour!

    • kylla

      I loved the Mary Ann story line! An the season had unbelievable ratings. I guess if you are using “fail” in the same way “bad” is used for “good”, then yes… The season was a big failure!!

    • Dan

      Crazy-Ann FAILURE?!

      I’m sorry, but I loved every second of Mary-Ann screentime. Michelle Forbes stole every scene she was in.

  • john mars

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for Brit Morgan to be in a new show!

  • Regina


  • Kathy

    Eh who cares. not looking forward to Debbie Pelt sucking up valuable Sookie/Eric/Billtime.

    • Celia

      Agreed. Her storyline is boring. She does a lot of dumb things over a boy/wereman.

  • Cheery

    Aw man, I was really hoping for for Krysten Ritter (Jane from Breaking Bad) but I guess they can’t cast anyone prettier than Anna…

    • Sandy

      Tee-hee, that’s kind of funny and probably true…

    • Joan

      Uhhhhh…I think they have already!

      But seriously, Brit does not look anything like the description of Debbie Pelt in the books. Dark hair, short sculpted haircut.

      • LB

        no, but that hasn’t stopped them before. Tara’s physical description in the book is miles away from the actress’s. And the characters (the book character vs the tv character) are miles away from each other too.

      • debbie

        I looked the girl up on IMDB and she’s has pic as a redhead. A bit of Miss Clairol and a “flowbee”….she might pull it off.

  • Aida

    “Crazy-Ann failure”? are you insane?

    • Ashley

      I feel like im one of the only ones who like Evan Rachel Wood as the vamp Queen…i thought they needed to make her different than in the books….in the books she was kind boring if you ask me…at least on the show shes more interesting even if she is self-absorbed and crazy….everyone keeps going on about her age but Evan rachel wood is only like 23 or 24 I think…shes young enough to play a vamp that was turned in her teens

      • Tarc

        I also loved Wood as Sophie-Anne. She was pretty perfect considering that the original was practicaly a clone (at least visually) of the psychotic Claudia from Anne Rice’s Vampire series. They had to change it up, and they sure weren’t going to make things complicated by using an ‘under-18’ actor for such a adult role.

    • Veera

      I have to put my word in as well. Just in case someone from the actual writer crew gets a wiff.

      The MaryAnne story was utter, complete epic fail.

      No doubt about it. If they continue on this path the show is gonna plummet. The thing that keeps the ratings up, is the human vampire interaction. Especially wwith Sookie/Bill and Eric in the center. Of course some other things and characters have to be dealt with ’cause there is only so much you can do with a few people before it gets old too.

      But the main focus should absolutely be on the vamps. Otherwise I predict we are going to see the shows star fall really fast.

  • Sia

    I’m sorry but I don’t like this show. There’s nothing new it’s just drama with vampires. And yes I liked the Twilight movies at least it was more romantic and it makes you feel like your in high school again. AHHH MEMORIES !

    • Brian


    • Dave

      Your high school had pale, constipated-looking, sparkly vampires with overdone hair? Having not read the Twilight books, the movies make True Blood feel much less homoerotic.

      • JH


    • Celia


    • Mary

      When you graduate high school, come over to the dark side that is True Blood ;-)

    • Cheery

      Get sterilized.

      • James

        right on.

    • mari

      Hah!!! I do not like my vampires to sparkle. No, thank you. You can keep your Twilight vamps. Let me have my Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, and Charlene Harris vampires. Some might be broody (I’m looking at you Bill & Louis but at least they do not sparkle).

    • Tom

      EPIC FAIL!!! Twilight is lame compared to True Blood. After all, since when do vampires Glitter!?

    • Sarah

      I’m glad you’re commenting on a show you don’t like.

      • Joan

        Why are you even here?

    • Ashley

      Twilight is nothing like an actual highschool and the vampires in twiglight are lame

    • xs

      Twilight should have been listed as a comedy the acting was so laughable!

      • Zoey

        Right on! I seriously laughed throughout the whole movie. Twilight is drivel for brainless teenagers and deluded adults. True Blood is for the more mature people.

    • Nancy B.

      What are you 12? Twilight pleeeassseeeee. Vampires in the daylight?

  • Aida

    “…sucking up valuable Sookie/Eric/Billtime.” Right, cause that’s what True Blood is all about. GOD THIS PEOPLE!

  • Alex

    Meh. Was hoping they’d get a bigger name. But if she rocks the part, more power to her.

    • c

      Agreed, I thought they might too, but then again I hated Evan Rachel Wood in her role, so a name actress isn’t always the key.

      • lala

        Definitely. They really dropped the ball casting ERW as the vampire queen. I mean REALLY.

      • jenn

        That was going to be my comment, that I was glad they didn’t get a bigger name because there are less expectations this way. I thought ERW would’ve been great, but she was terrible and annoying, and now we’re stuck with her. I would much rather have a cast of nobodies who can act than fancy actors who are just pretty.

      • Marin

        I totally agree! She is terrible! The Queen is supposed to be scary, and she so isn’t. Also, didn’t care much for the Mary Anne arc either – went on waaayyyyy too long and the way it went down in the book was much better.

      • Tarc

        And then there are the rest of us that loved Wood in the role…

    • aleksa

      It might be okay. Consider that almost the whole cast were relatively unknown when the show started.

  • carine

    Glad to see Ms Morgan back on TV. She was amazing in the Middleman. Now we’re just missing Matt Kesslar in a regular tv role.
    I’ll think she’ll be perfect for the role !

    • castiella

      I think I’m actually starting to go into Keelsar withdrawal. Thank Heaven for my Middleman DVDs.

    • amj

      I agree, the cancellation of The Middleman was just depressing as it was fun, interesting and awesome! Miss that show still!

  • Billy

    I trust Allan Ball’s judgement on this one. She is such a major part in the books.. and has to be someone you can really hate and loath along with Sookie. CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER!

  • dia

    I always pictured her a brunette.

    • nicolerene

      She is, with a choppy haircut

      • nicolerene

        in the book anyway..

      • Sarah

        heh i love how Sookie makes fun of her hair in the books. i think she calls it “stupid” quite a bit.

    • sw

      Me too!

    • Mary

      She could always color her hair. That’s what Anna did for Sookie.

    • Bia

      I agree, I was thinking Fairuza Balk would’ve been perfect for this role…how did they not think of her?!

  • Hayley!

    I’m glad they went with someone unknown (to me).

    The scenes with Evan Rachel Wood distracted me – would rather see the show make stars out of strong actors than cast known stars to draw new viewers.

    • Sandy

      Evan Rachel Wood distracted me, too – but that was due to her poor acting…

      • xs


      • Sally Skellington

        THANK I’ve said it a 1000 times she’s baaaadddddd actress.

  • Styrch

    I really hated the Debbie Pelt story line in the books so I am not excited to see it on my TV, especially beefed up. I agree with other posters – more Eric, Pam, Lafayette please!

    • Michelle

      WORD! At this rate I’ll be watching the Eric and Pam bits on You Tube.

      • Bart

        Tara and Lafayette are two of the best characters on the show. The actors who play them are incredible and make implausible scenes feel real. The central characters are great, but they would be really tiring if there weren’t other terrific sub plots to move each season along.

      • amj

        I absolutely agree, it is the range of characters that makes the show so awesome. Although I cannot say I would be upset if I got to see Eric more frequently. Love him!

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