'Mentalist' exclusive: Leslie Hope returns... to steal Jane's heart?

Even those of us lacking Patrick Jane’s keen observational skills could spot the sparks flying between Simon Baker’s sleuth and Leslie Hope’s psychic, Kristina, when the ex-24 heroine guest starred on The Mentalist last season. Exec producer Bruno Heller certainly picked up on something, because he just invited Hope back for the final two episodes of the season. And this time around, the romantic tension will be much more overt.

“Jane tries to prove once and for all that she is a charlatan,” Heller reveals. “At the same time, [he finds] himself strangely attracted to her.”

Might that attraction lead to a full-fledged romance? “All [the producers] told me was they had some fun stuff for me to do,” says Hope. “I don’t know what their version of ‘fun’ is, but I’m hoping it involves Simon and not wrestling a barracuda in a tank.

“He’s not so hard on the eyes,” she adds of Baker. “I was happy to go flirt around with him for an episode [last season]. There are worse jobs on the planet.”

Whether or not Hope’s Mentalist arc continues into the fall may depend on what transpires with Tangled, the Canadian-produced pilot the actress recently shot. “I’m in this weird holding pattern on that,” she explains of the action-drama, in which she plays big sister to Prison Break‘s Sarah Wayne Callies. “Even if [The Mentalist] wants me back next season, I have to wait and see what’s happening with Tangled.”

What do you think? Is it high time TV’s hottest widower stopped grieving and started getting it on? Would you prefer he hold out for Lisbon? Sound off below!

Photo Credit: Michael Ansell/CBS; Hope: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

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  • patty

    God i don´t see chamistry. I want him with Lisbon… love these two

  • Cass

    A little flirting is fine, but definitely hold out for Lisbon! Please! I did like the character, though–her alleged chat with his dearly departed darling got Jane to cry, so I’m always game for Patrick displaying some raw emotion. Maybe Kristina will make Lisbon a little jealous–that couldn’t hurt, and could be a vehicle to drive Jane and Lisbon closer together.

    • Carrie

      Amen! I’m totally with you on this one!

      • Jackie

        I don’t care care for a Jane and Lisbon romance either, but I would like to see with someone. Let’s be real, Simon is too good-looking not to have some romantic interest.

      • Tego Livi

        The widower angst is the primary romantic impulse with Jane so far; I don’t see that changing in the near future. If the show lasts several years, I imagine they will slowly develop an attraction between Patrick and Teresa. They already show (every once in a while) that she isn’t immune to his charm, which is a good thing–the cold woman in a position of authority fighting with the rakish charmer is a very old, tired cliche.

  • gabilu21

    Jane and Lisbon are the only t.v couple that I don’t care about and don’t see being together, there’s just no chemistry like that!

    • Daisy

      I completely agree. Lisbon + Jane = 0 chemistry. In fact, I wish they would recast the Lisbon part, which I know they won’t, but a girl can dream can’t she? I don’t like the actress in that role. I am really hoping they never get together.

      • Jackie

        Daisy..I’m with you on this. I am hope Jane and Lisbon never get together. They are more like sister and brother.

      • Jessica

        Im sure that Robin is a better actress than you are.
        And im sorry to tell you, but Jane and Lisbon will get together. Because we all want them together (except werid people like you)

  • cobby@comcast.net

    Oh please , not Lisbon…there’s no chemistry there, but they are fabulous as work partners and a relationship would ruin that, and as I said there is no sizzle there at all.

    • Sook

      Oh there is definitely chemistry between Jane and Lisbon. How can you not see that? I love Leslie Hope but will not like it when Jane likes her, not Lisbon. :(

      • Kenz

        i totally agree, Sook. did you guys not see the episode where Bosco died, or any of season 1 and 2? there are definitely sparks, and they are they perfect match. Jisbon!

  • Viviane

    No chemistry at all, but I love when he’ll show psychic don’t exist. It’s so funny and in the end of the episod last season she was in it, it was so heartbreaking, the end. The mentalist is my favorite Tv-show with Supernatural. I love all the characters and the actors. But I prefer Jane/Simon Baker, he’s a very great actor.

  • Balroger

    I think they should bring back Lisa Sheridan as the con artist from the “Miss Red” episode in season 1. Now THAT was chemistry…

    • Ingrid

      heck yes.

    • Heidi

      I actually thought he had great chemistry with Alicia Witt (who played the blind girlfriend of RedJohn’s right hand man).

      I think Jane needs some loving attention, someone he can let his guard down with. I DON’T think its Lisbon. They work great together but I’d love for them to be one set of co-workers on TV who never venture into romance territory

    • Judy

      I totally agree that Lisz Sheridan the con artist in “Miss Red” should make another appearance on The Mentalist. Not as a romantic interest however.

  • Tessa

    a little flirting is fine but HOLD OUT FOR LISBON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felicia

    I really didn’t see any romantic chemistry between him and Hope’s character, but I hope he proves she’s false this time. I like him and Lisbon as work partners and friends, but don’t see them being more than that.

    If he has to be paired up, I’d definitely like to see Lisa Sheridan back. She had a great character and their chemistry was amazing.

    • Kristi

      I concur!

    • Spouh

      Totally agree ! The end of “Miss Red” leads me to believe that Lisa Sheridan might come back in the show …

  • Dee

    Not with Lisbon! She should get together with that rich tycoon from the episode with the car dealership.So it might be interesting to see a somewhat competitive relationship grow with the Kristina character. But what about Cho??He needs something outside the office.

    • Ludmila

      Hey Dee, Cho have a girlfriend, watch these week episode.

  • Sofia

    Of course hold out for Lisbon! They’re so great together, I’ll be really pissed off if Jane has some sort of romance with this… bitch. Jane/Lisbon, no doubt!

  • Sam

    Hold out for Lisbon definitely! They have such great chemistry and are my my favorite tv pairing!!!

  • Lauren

    It wouldn’t hurt for him to have a little interest (or at least someone interested in him) to get Lisbon’s attention, but I really want Jane and Lisbon in the end!

    • Robin

      Amen to that ^^

    • Laura

      AGREED!I don’t mind if he has some interest or some flirting, but Jane and Lisbon in the end, DEFINETELY!

      • Kenz

        Amen sisters! We know good chemistry and romantic coupling when we see it! :D I don’t mind if they throw in a few flirts here and there, but it has to be for both of them. Jane gets an interest, Lisbon is jealous. Lisbon gets an interest, Jane is jealous. But definitely Jane and Lisbon in the end!!!

  • Marcy

    Lisbon, definitely! I hate Hope’s character, by the way. And now, humpf, even more! Jane and Lisbon are my favorite couple on TV, I don’t even have to think about it
    please Heller, don’t piss me off, I trust you!

  • Belle

    Oh goody…they can throw this chick in there when obviously Lisbon is far more interesting.

  • Natalie

    How boring and such a well tread path to keep it Lisbon-Jane. I totally saw the chemistry and would love the writers to shake it up. I also would like them to start slowly unwrap Cho’s back story – he has so piqued my interest. A very strong dark horse!

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