Blind item: Dying show buries actress' future

You’re gonna like this: I’m leaving it up to you to decide whether this blind item is a case of denial or spite. What’s the story? An up-and-coming actress on a doomed hour drama was the top choice to headline a much-buzzed-about pilot — you know, the sort that could’ve turned her from a “soon-to-be” to an “is.” The series’ big-shot producer wanted her. The network wanted her. Everyone wanted her.

But… well, you knew there’d be a “but.” Even though it would take a miracle of biblical proportions to save her current show, its suits refused to release her from her contract. “We could be back next season,” they insisted. Uh, yeah, so could my humility.

As a result, the almost-leading lady got screwed. Who is she, and what going-going-gone drama’s producers were so deluded, or so nasty, that they wouldn’t give her the all clear? Sound off below.

Oh, and while we’re in blind item territory, I should tell you that I’m about to do something I rarely do: give you a major clue about an old blind item. This one, to be exact. But there’s a twist: The clue will be revealed via twitter at some point in the next 24 hours, so best start following me via @ewausiellofiles if you want to know the best-kept secret in Hollywood.


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  • klwillis45

    Michelle Borth?

    • Dave

      Same thing happened to Tom Selleck and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

      • Bobby’s Robot

        and Kate Jackson for Kramer vs Kramer’

      • mgb

        …and Pierce Brosnan w/Remington Steele, when they originally wanted him for James Bond. Even though he later got the part, he was years later.

      • Andrea

        and Pierce Brosnan for James Bond. He got the part years later but the first time he was stuck with Remington Steele.

      • Brian

        Thank goodness!

      • Valsadie

        Leave us not forget Pierce Brosnan and the first time he was approached to be James Bond — in the 1980s, while he was still on “Remington Steele.”

      • TJ

        These examples aren’t quite the same. Selleck, Brosnan, etc. lost out on big MOVIE roles because they were committed to TV shows. This blind item is just about getting another TV role.

      • Steely

        This reminds me of the whole James Bond/Pierce Brosnan/Reminington Steel debacle from the 80s.

      • Dominic

        Hey, didn’t this happen big time back in the 1980s with Pierce Broson on that show he was in?

      • Pierce Brosnan

        I can’t believe no one has mentioned the similarities to this story and Pierce Brosnan not getting cast as Bond!

      • timothy dalton

        you guys are awesome!

      • Imzadi

        Not really the same, because Magnum was a very popular show for some time. Of course Indiana Jones was bigger. But it must be hard, if you loose a big oppurtunity because of a already doomed tv show.

      • Chuck

        This is crazy! I can’t believe no one mentioned the whole Pierce Brosnan / Remington Steele episode… Weird, wild stuff.

    • shawshank

      The worst example of this was Pierce Brosnan the first time he was wanted for James Bond but he was still contractually obligated to do Remington Steele. I don’t think anyone has mentioned that yet.

      • Jack S.

        Did you know the same thing happened to Pierce Brosnan? He wanted to be James Bond, but couldn’t get out of his Remington Steele Contract

      • Lars

        You know, this same thing happened to Pierce Brosnan, I think, too.

      • michael

        And Stephanie Zimbalist who lost her leading lady role in Robo Cop and never got another chance for a movie career.

      • Nick

        You know, this sounds alot like what happened to Pierce Brosnan.

      • MattyB

        Hmmm, didn’t this exact same thingy happen to…Roger Moore?

      • Tom

        I heard the same thing happened to Pierce Brosnan. Or something. I don’t know. Remington Steele, anyone!? HELLO!? I MEAN, HOW HAS NO ONE POINTED THIS OUT YET! SHEESH!

      • Pierce Brosnan

        But the WORST example of this is what happened to Pierce Brosnan. He could have been Bond a decade earlier! Didn’t something similar happen to Tom Selleck? I can’t believe no one has mentioned these similarities yet. Come on, Internet! Get on it!

      • Blue Topaz

        I worked at MTM back when Mr. Brosnan was being considered for the James Bond role, and the real reason the producers of Remington Steele didn’t let him out of his contract was because they hated his (then) wife and her interference in the show.

      • Shel

        I don’t know if anyone will even read thru all these Pierce “jokes” but if you do and you know what the new clue is for the old blind item he mentions? Cuz I don’t tweet and he can’t make me. lol

      • Marjie

        Seems like I mighta hearda rumor about some double-aught spy movie thingy goin’ on way long ago and some broad in a white Rabbit convertible ran over the lead actor’s foot or somethin’. Hummmm?

      • Megan

        Shel – the blind item clue was that the fighting lovebird couple appears on a cable network show. I refuse to sign up for twitter also, but you can still view pages without doing so.

      • Shel

        Megan, thanks! How do I view Twitter pages?

    • Bonnie

      Actually, none of those other shows was being canceled. They were all renewed. So it’s close, but then again….not.

      • Christa

        Remington Steele had been cancelled but because Pierce was going to be Bond and he was getting so much publicity the studio heads decided to go with a 5th series. They offered to share Pierce with Cubby Brocoli but he refused. Bond could only be Bond and so Pierce had to wait another 8 years.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      The actress is Katie Cassidy, and her current show is Melrose Place. The pilot is for Drew Barrymore’s Charlie’s Angels project.

      • Lulu

        awe! Katie would have been amazing, that sucks if it’s true!

      • jenn

        That was my guess!

      • Lu

        That’s probably right! Katie is awesome, MP is so dead.
        And besides Ausiello wrote “The series’ big-shot producer wanted her”, and Drew Barrymore is producing Charlie’s Angels, so…

      • itsaveryverymadworld

        She is a good actress. It’s weird because when I first saw her in the movie Click, I assumed she would be horrible because she looks like any other hot blond actress. I was wrong though.

      • Bill

        That would SUCK if it were Katie. It reminds me of what happened with Pierce Brosnan back when he was doing Remington Steele.

      • Charlotte

        That’s too bad. I liked her on Harper’s Island. Such a so-bad-it’s-good show. Never watched the new Melrose. It just looked so bad.

      • brad

        I think you could be right about katie cassidy, she is a fantastic actress, she was great on supernatural two years ago as well.

      • Rowell

        I was thinking Katie Kassidy too! She was great in Harper’s Island and I know she’ll be great in Nightmare on Elm Street. I think she would’ve been perfect for Charlie’s Angels. I wonder if she would still have a chance and enough time to do it when they finally cancel MP.

    • Pierce Brosnan!

      I can’t believe no one’s mentioned Pierce Brosnan yet! The same thing happened to him when he was on Remington Steele. Doesn’t anyone remember that?

    • anthony

      who is liz taylor

      • ellyn m.


  • Paul

    Can you really classify Hayden Panettiere of Heroes as an up-and-coming star?

    • daisyj

      I was thinking Ali Larter.

      • no

        ali was hot in her one football movie, shes old now, far from up and coming

      • Scott

        Larter’s still totally hot; not so much up and coming. Thirty-three will never, ever be considered old. If so, then almost every single male actor headlining major movies these days is ancient.

      • Tego Livi

        Ali Larter is attractive, but she’s not a very good actress and has an unpleasant personality onscreen. She’s not an up-and-comer, she’s a lesser bimbo and future “whatever happened to…”

    • Sarah

      My guess was someone from Heroes as well. I’d say either Hayden or Ali.

      • Chappel

        The part about “buries” actress’ future sounds like the cheerleader. Didn’t she get buried alive with her father?

      • Snarf

        Me too.

    • Jeremy W.

      Hayden Panettiere was my first choice as well. Heroes is definitely doomed and shouldn’t come back for another year.

      • Q

        …and yet, I can see the producers refusing to acknowledge this fact and holding her to her contract. My first thought, too.

      • Mo

        Yep, I thought the same thing. It’s definitely someone from Heroes, and I think it’s HP because she is younger and has been in a lot of “teeny” role, but nothing that would take her from “oh, how cute” to leading lady.

        It could be Larter, but I dout it. She could get work in movies of tv because she’s good and people know her somewhat.

      • cack

        And Heroes has done this before. They wouldn’t let Masi cameo in Scrubs after they signed him. Then they kept Sendhil out of that Rex Lawyer show.

      • Bill

        Poor Hayden. It reminds me of what happened to Pierce Brosnan when he was doing Remmington Steele.

    • Luddite

      She was my first thought. But I wouldn’t really describe her as an “up and comer.”

      • Cris

        Hayden’s been around for a while, but I certainly wouldn’t qualify her as a leading lady. She was my first thought as well.

    • Heather

      I was going to say Hayden too.

    • Luca

      i certainly agree that Heroes is the show.

      and Brosnan isn’t the same at all. His was a case of being under contract on a winning show and the Bond producers basically saying “well he’d love
      Brosnan if he wasn’t taken already”

      • Tim

        thats actually not true. Remmington Steele was cancelled. Then Brosnon got Bond. And NBC still had a certain period of time to bring the show back even though they had cancelled it. He got so much publicity for being Bond they decided to bring the show back for 6 more episodes. This lost him bond and the show got cancelled again.

      • mike

        i really doubt the show is heroes considering sendhil is in a new pilot

      • Joe

        Actually..there was one bit of nastiness you forget. P.B.’s estranged father showed up out of nowhere when the Bond talk started, and it pissed off P.B. so much he said some bitter things in interviews that made the Bond producers rethink if they wanted his image at that point.

  • kat

    My first thought was Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman, but it doesn’t fit the profile (though she deserves a great show, as do so many other characters)

    • Momo

      No, it’s not her because Dollhouse has been officially canceled.

      • Stacy

        Plus, Joss isn’t that much of a douche. He’d let her out of her contract.

    • Chris Richards

      Joss let people from Dollhouse do other shows, which is why Amy Acker got stuck in only 3 episodes of season 2. Definitely not Joss.

  • Chase

    That almost sounds like America Fererra, but seeing as how I haven’t slept well today I am most likely wrong.

    • SirLizard

      “Ugly Betty” is not a drama. Although it is a dramedy, it officially gets classified as a comedy. At least that’s the category that all of its awards nominations have been made under.

      • Gina

        Plus “Ugly Betty” has officially been canceled I believe.

    • Meli

      If I’m right, America Ferrera is starring in a major movie about to come out. So she’s done with TV series.

  • Melissa

    Katie Cassidy on Melrose Place?

    • Jamie

      That would be my guess as well, Melissa. Katie has lots of potential and “Melrose Place” hasn’t yet officially been cancelled.

      • MattyB

        Yep. My guess too. Katie was also terrific on Harper’s Island & is the only thing worth paying any attention to on MP. Other than her performance, the show is a snooze.

      • Anne

        Ohh, good guess! EW is especially fond of her, so it wouldn’t surprise if they’re outraged over there on her behalf.

      • Kalie

        That was my first guess–Katie Cassidy. I’ve only seen her in “Supernatural”, but I hear she’s the only good thing about MP and everyone knows it will probably be canceled.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I bet it’s Katie Cassidy, too, and the pilot is Charlie’s Angels. I’d bet money on it.

    • JB

      Bingo! I haven’t watched it but all I read about is she’s driving this show almost single handedly. She was on Supernatural and was awesome.
      And Melrose is probably dead according to papers.

      Can’t think of anything or anyone else “new” this year. Not already established shows folks, NEW this year shows.

      • topazbean

        Ooo, that’s a good guess. She is a really good actress, much too good for a show like Melrose Place.

      • kate

        Totally agree, gota be MP and Katie Cassidy!

      • Abby

        I don’t see anywhere it says it’s a “new” show.

    • Tomm

      I totally agree. Hayden and America are fairly well known, while Katie Cassidy got good reviews, even though “MP version 2” didn’t.

      • Ashley

        I was totally thinking Katie Cassidy!

    • Jason

      That’s my guess.

    • jayme

      yeah this is what I was thinking to.

    • Hillary

      I also thought Katie Cassidy!

    • EveatEden

      I was thinking Katie Cassidy as well. She’s great on Melrose Place and that show is not doing well at all.

    • Bia

      This was my guess, she gets surprisingly good reviews for her role in Melrose and clearly has a future. Matt Roush even gave her a “Cheers” for playing Ella.

    • Elizabeth

      That was my first guess as well!!

    • Eric

      My thought

      • kenny

        right there with you….

    • Brooke

      That was my first thought too!

    • rerun

      And she is HOT! The more of her in quality TV is welcome by me.

    • me

      totallllllly agree i think it’s Katie Cassidy ,,she fits the profile ,,, her show is doomed but not yet cancelled and she is up & coming … and she is the best thing about the show ( and by the way i like the new melrose place :D)

      • castiella

        Plus the “miracle of biblical proportions” could refer to her stint on Supernatural.

      • samantha

        i also like the new melrose place and i think its going to be much better now that they are past the nurder mystery plot. i like the develpoing relationship between lauren and david and how about jonah and ella! if the show did get cancelled though, i would definitely love to see katie cassidy in the new charlie’s angels… she is waaaay too talented to not have work.

    • Scott

      That was my guess too.

    • Gabby

      Katie Cassidy is my guess as well. God, the producers are such douches if that’s the case. She’s a very promising up and comer and she deserves to get her break.

    • marvin3O

      that was exactly my guess… she is a great actress, i love her since Supernatural, and Taken, and now Melrose… she deserves to be a big star!

    • Hillary

      I thought so too!!

  • Nevin

    someone from ugly betty is my guess. America Ferrara?

    • J

      Ugly Betty has already been canceled, so it’s no one from that show.

    • Katie

      I think Ugly Betty is a comedy? Or it’s supposed to be, though I’ve never seen anything funny about it.

      • Tarc

        While humor is subjective, you’d have to be a little broekn not to find *something* in Betty funny. Seriously – even if you hate the plot and the characters, the comedic writing steals the show – every show.

  • angel

    I want to say that it’s someone from Ugly Betty. I want to say Vanessa Williams, but that’s just a guess. Love these teasers!

    • ummm

      up and coming actress on an hour drama does not = vanessa williams.

    • SirLizard

      Angel, there’s not one thing about your post that comes close to the clues in the blind item. “Ugly Betty” is not a drama. Although it is a dramedy, it officially gets classified as a comedy. At least that’s the category that all of its awards nominations have been made under. And Vanessa Williams has been in show business for 26 years now, so, even though she is wonderful, you can’t call her up-and-coming.

  • Chris Shifty

    Don’t watch but I’m guessing Heroes.

  • Ryan

    Katie Cassidy?

    • Ryan

      I agree, it has to be Katie Cassidy. And coincidentally we have the same name.

      • Ryan

        If your name is Katie Cassidy, then why are you posting as Ryan?

  • Matt

    I’m going to say Sophia Bush on the dying One Tree Hill. That show ended for me after last season. This season doesn’t even exist…I must not be the only one, look at the ratings.

    • kat

      yeah. one tree hill’s worthiness ended when lucas and peyton left. sophia bush definitely is great, though.

      • Jen

        I agree, OTH is over. Put it out of its misery. Sophia is awesome though. She’s up and coming. I don’t think it’s America, she’s already a star.

      • Jaime

        I’m with ya’ll. I didnt’ think I’d mind Peyton and Lucas gone, but I was wrong. I can’t stand the new sister and I’ve given her a chance.

      • Aimee

        Agreed. Peyton and especially Lucas were NOT my favorite characters (Sophia lover all the way), but ever since they left, the show has officially become unwatchable to me. Now, the only teen shows I follow are Gossip Girl (although I’ve accepted it will never again reach season 1 greatness), Greek, and Friday Night Lights…oh, and Vampire Diaries (even if that has more of a supernatural focus). LOL, so still quite a few.

    • guest

      one tree hill’s been around for awhile. i wouldn’t consider sophia “up and coming” anymore. she’s been in the business for at least 7 years..she just flies under the radar

      • whatever

        she doesn’t fly under the radar. she just sucks. Most of the acting at OTH is subpar. and that kid is annoying as hell. classic way to get me to tune out of show? play up the cutesy factor. gag.

      • kevin

        nah I think she cld still qualify as up and coming, but i don’t think it is her. Wonder what the buzzed about pilot is???

    • Jason

      Think again, Matt. OTH does better than GG, 90210 and MP.

  • Dave

    Hayden & Heroes?

  • Stu

    Gotta be Ugly Betty

    • RJ

      No it doesn’t. The show has already been cancelled and everyone knows that. There is no contract to hold the actress to because there is no show.

    • SirLizard

      Gotta be, eh? I love when people who are obviously completely wrong can have such confidence. “Ugly Betty” is NOT a drama. People really need to learn how to understand the definitions of words in these blind items.

  • Shaun

    Hayden Panettiere???

    • Robbee

      That was my guess too!!

    • Gwen

      Navi Rawat(Numb3rs)?

      • Mike W

        Great guess

      • JB

        This is THE BEST GUESS. Hayden Planetarium can’t act her way out of a paper bag and Ugly Betty is already canceled.

      • Nic.

        That’s a good guess, but I was thinking of the actress who plays “Nikki” on Numb3rs. Although I really hope Numb3rs isn’t doomed :(

    • topazbean

      I don’t think it can be. 1. She’s been pretty clear that her career interests may lie more in producing than acting 2. apart from heroes, she’s done a reasonably successful movie and presented an award at the Emmys. I’d say she’s arrived.

    • Cabram

      It’s not Hayden. For one, she really isn’t praised much for her acting. Secondly, she already garners a ton of attention… so I very much doubt a new role will increase her profile. She’s already well known for what she is.

  • Kenbud

    Anastasia Griffith of ‘Trauma’

    • John

      That’s my guess too. Or someone from Mercy

      • Heidi

        I was thinking Michelle Tratchenberg from Mercy…

    • EveatEden

      Hmm that’s a decent guess too.

  • Jon

    Anyone on The Deep End. Now there’s a doomed show.

    • Mike W

      If it were Ugly Betty it would be Becki Newton (and Michael would have sounded much more angry/sad about this), but Betty is not a bubble show, it is officially canceled.

    • tomison61

      I love The Deep End.

    • Rachel

      I love The Deep End!! It’s so witty and fun!

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