Exclusive: 'White Collar' promotes Marsha Thomason

Marsha Thomason’s lesbian agent on White Collar will be getting a much heavier workload in season 2.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the former Las Vegas and Lost star has been upgraded to a full-fledged series regular on the USA Network smash.

Thomason’s character, junior FBI agent Diana Lancing, turned up in the White Collar pilot, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since. I’m told she’ll reappear in the season 1 finale on March 9 and then return full-time in season 2.

Thomason recently completed an arc on General Hospital as the manager-girlfriend of James Franco’s psycho killer-slash-painter.

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  • Shadow Step

    bla. It should have been Evangeline Lilly!

    • AJ

      Way to just randomly throw a name out there. The woman just finished Lost and says she may not act anymore. What about that gives even the slightest hint that White Collar would be the way to go. It’s like me saying “bla. It should have been Jennifer Garner!”

      • TJ

        Except the link referenced an actress from Lost, which Evangeline Lilly is while Garner isn’t.

      • RK

        Because actors and actresses are interchangeable. Heck, you could throw Mariah Carey in, too.

      • Mells

        I would actually like to see Jennifer Garnet on WC. I loved Alias.

      • Lucy

        she did a short stint with James Franco on General Hospital

    • Ica

      I really hope that once LOST ends, Evangeline Lilly stops getting work. She has no talent.

      • RyanK

        Ica, did you see her in The Hurt Locker? It was a very very brief role, but also very important, because she had to portray a strong-enough woman and mother in only a minute or so of screen time to make sure the audience doesn’t look down on Sgt. James for being a mostly absent father. It was a very small role but it solidified my opinion that I want to see her in a non “Kate” roll before I judge her as an actress. I think her acting is not best suited for Kate. So I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until I see her in another role.

      • Robert H

        ..and you have no idea what talent is. What a douchebag

      • BHM1304

        Amen to that. Marsha Thomason was great in the pilot and she is a much better actress than Lilly. Thomason has beauty and can act, Lilly is just a pretty face. Anyone watching the awful Kate-centric “Lost” episode this week can see that even over time, she is getting no better at playing the part of “Kate”. She is smart to end her acting career after “Lost”. Comparing her to Marsha Thomason is unfair because Thomason is a gifted actress. In her too brief “Lost” appearances she was more interesting than Lilly.

    • Mells

      Bah! Evangeline Lilly can’t act her way out of a paper bag!

  • Yes

    Glad to hear that. I liked her character and the other woman used to replace her is more of a background character, or at least quickly became one.

    • PSac

      Natalie Morales (The Middleman) should have a bigger role. She carried her own show, she’s underused here.

      • Lina

        Love Natalie Morales!! I second the call for more Natalie on White Collar!

      • GRD

        I agree — I want much more Natalie Morales! She’s a terrific actress!

      • nick

        add me to that list as well…

      • castiella

        I totally agree! Natalie Morales should be the queen of something. She is made of awesome.

      • Bob

        I agree – I love Dub Dub!!

    • brett


      • rayme

        Agree. We need lots more of Natalie Morales.

  • sam

    She was great in the pilot and I look forward to seeing more of her.

    • Shel

      I loved her in Las Vegas and Lost, and thought she was GREAT in the pilot, with a great character. I wondered what happened to her – because that female agent they have instead is a complete bore. This is great news. Nice addition to one of my favorite new shows.

      • diane

        i agree! i was way peeved when marsha thomason was only in the pilot. it was kinda why i tuned in since i didn’t know any one else but willie garison. and then poof! she was gone and the other fbi agent is booooooring!!!! so glad to hear marsha will be back in action.

      • castiella

        Diane, don’t diss Natalie just because she’s underused! Rent the Middleman on DVD for proof of awesomeness.

  • Gwinder

    Loved her character and wondered what happened to her. Glad she’ll be back.

  • Jenna

    wow! we were talking to jeff eastin about where she disappeared to on tuesday! he didn’t let on that she would be coming back!

  • anne

    Cool! I was wondering where she went…

  • Chappel

    Great news. She’s gorgeous, a good actress and has a sexy accent. Works for me.

  • timotey

    This is fantastic, fantastic news! I loved her character so much! Ausiello, you just made my day *vbg*

  • Jim

    YAY! She actually was interesting! The revelation she was gay was handled in the best possible way and the fact that she is tough and definitely not interested in Neal’s charm is awesome.

    • timotey

      Yeah, it was awesome, Peter’s “We don’t ask, we don’t care” XD Made me love his character even more!

  • Steph

    Awesome news!

  • Brad

    Probably alone here but I think she’s quite annoying.

    • William

      Not alone at all, I have to agree.

  • Kate

    I was wondering what happened to her, I thought it was interesting since Neil can charm most -even Peter to a certain extent who seems to view Neil through the eyes of an indulgent older brother-and she seemed able to read him but not in the non trusting sense like Peter’s boss does.

  • M

    I’ve been catching up to this show and I really like it, but can someone please explain this to me: Neil obviously cares about his girlfriend more than anything, so what causes him to flirt with every girl who passes him by? Is it just that he realizes he’s sexy as hell and knows every girl will fall for it?

    • Marie

      because he’s a man

      • ceejay

        LOL….. ditto.

    • David


    • Ang

      …he’s a con man, he’s working the angles… LOL

    • Ember

      At least he doesn’t act on his flirtations, which is refreshing. And, the ep when the chick from Rescue Me through herself at him doesn’t count!

      • Ember

        “threw”. sorry!

  • CandyMaize

    I’m glad she’s coming back. I was disappointed when her character just disappeared (but I understand re shooting pilots).

  • Turtle

    No thanks.

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