Jay Leno's new 'Tonight Show' promo: Did you see it?

The campaign to promote Jay Leno’s return to The Tonight Show has officially begun. His first promo – which already aired on the east coast tonight during NBC’s telecast of the Winter Olympics – should look vaguely familiar to anyone who remembers the spot that ran during last year’s Super Bowl to create awareness for Leno’s primetime show:  it features Leno driving down L.A.’s Pacific Coast Highway in a flashy Cobra. It’s the same car and road in the updated spot, but this time the “10” on the side of the car flies off to reveal “11:35 p.m.,”  instead – all while “Get Back” from The Beatles plays in the background.  More promos for Leno are expected to air during the duration of the Olympics.

Last month, NBC Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin told EW that the network will promote Leno’s return “with some humor and a wink, not a sledgehammer. We will certainly be more subtle.” He went on to say that the positive side of the public battle to replace Conan O’Brien was that the public already knows what’s going to happen to the venerable late night franchise.  “All we have to do is gently remind people when it starts,” Gaspin said. “We’ll have the Olympics as a platform to let people know that Jay will be back on The Tonight Show starting March 1.”

For more on Leno’s return:

Kevin Eubanks’ replacement for The Tonight Show? Randy Newman, of course!

Kevin Eubanks out of The Tonight Show; more changes afoot?


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  • Yes

    I know where I’ll be…watching Colbert.

    • Jessica

      Me too. :)

      • Mr. Bignuts

        I will be watching conan, I recorded the last episode and watch it every night. Leno is a tool. He should drop the whole clown act and stop talking about his cars, it gives a bad public image. Mr. Colbert needs to lay off it and not attack Jim Cramer!

    • Morales1984

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  • sam

    Is it really necessary for you to post something new every time Leno takes a breath? Now the Conan fans can begin their daily Leno bashing.

    • dlauthor

      Fortunately, we have Sam to come to defense of the true victim of all of this.

      • Normalman

        There’s a victim in all this?

        Please, laid off factory workers with 2 weeks severance are victims. Guys getting 30 mil to take an 8 month vacation are not victims – they are still way better off then most of us will ever be.

  • erik


  • Betty

    Leno is THE MAN. And his guest on his second day is none other than the fabulous ADAM LAMBERT !! Can’t wait.

    • dave

      great, these two have something in common. Both like to take it in the arse.

      • RK

        If Leno had you as a writer, I might actually laugh at something he said.

      • Jay’s A Ho

        More like Adam gives it and Jay acts like a punk and receives it

      • walter

        Jay only catches if Jeff Zucker is pitching.

    • Rachel

      Noooo! I love Adam Lambert! Great, my Leno boycott will last all of one day. Sorry Conan.

      • Troy

        That’s what YouTube is for.

    • Em

      NO! I don’t wanna watch Leno! I don’t wanna like Leno!! But really? Adam’s going to be on? I love Adam! How can I not watch?? AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH

      Can I make a one-off deal with the universe that just because I watch Leno during this ONE EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCE, I am not endorsing him?

      • Ben from Baltimore

        That is how he beat David “Cheating Heart” Letterman all those years, by picking the right guests. Jay knows how to call a cheater on his/her merits, though. Dave on the other hand doesn’t have the right to be the pot that called the kettle black.

  • rebecca

    No i didn’t see it and hopefully i never will see it! Leno is terrible! YAY i am the first to bash him!

    • Your Teacher


  • Andre

    I expect the broadcast rights cost for “Get Back” are up there.

  • kyle

    I will also be watching Colbert!!!

  • JT

    If I wanted to see people stab people in the back I’d watch Survivor…

  • Lorilea

    I don’t think even Don Draper could help this advertising campaign.

    • Em


  • Andy

    With no Conan on I have gone back to watching Letterman, and damn he is funny, I will not ever be going back to NBC late night……hell I barely can stand there primetime programs which all seem to suck.

    • ScubaGolfJim

      Don’t worry Andy. They want viewers the advertisers will like. And advertisers prefer viewers that know the difference between “there” and “their.”

      • Louise

        Um, no they don’t. If they wanted their viewers smart, they wouldn’t be pitching them high fat, high fructose corn syrup-laden foods.

      • Mr. Bignuts

        Andy, you are a moron. You are a person of subnormal intelligence, and I beg you to stop posting your “thoughts”

      • Lala

        Oh please, as if Jay Leno’s show is the bastion for intelligence and wit. OJ Simpson jokes (in 2010!), Jaywalking, and Headlines are baseline humor at best.

  • Nikki

    Didn’t see it, and frankly, I hope the entire show goes down in flames.

    • PJ

      It won’t.

      • Feiss

        I agree. It will go up in flames.

  • Jed

    After 3 months, we shall see what transpires with this snoozefest but ratings won’t pick up for at least 6 months.

  • Rock ‘n Roll Ghost

    Leno’s an embarrassment. Yay, the tired old hack comedian is back. Middle America can rejoice that their safe late night is back. Johnny Carson dead is more cutting edge than Jay Leno alive.

    • Middle America

      I’ll be watching Letterman, thank you very much.

  • Sharlin

    I’ll be spending 11:35 with Stephen Colbert. Thank You.

  • Quirky

    “…the positive side of the public battle to replace Conan O’Brien was that the public already knows what’s going to happen to the venerable late night franchise”

    Didn’t NBC say a few weeks ago that there would be no need for damage control becuase most of Jay’s fans didn’t really follow the late night fight on the internet?

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