'Bones' exclusive: Season finale will be 'big' and (more importantly) 'real'

It appears real, non-imaginary sex might be staging a comeback this season.

Less than a week after House boss David Shore all but confirmed that House and Cuddy would soon engage in honest-to-goodness intercourse, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan is hinting that Booth and Brennan — who, like House and Cuddy, did the faux deed last spring — might be headed for a legit roll in the hay as well.

It’s also possible I’m reading way too much into Nathan’s comments, so, to be safe, I pasted the transcript of our brief exchange below. Read between the lines and tell me what conclusions you draw.

Is it fair to say there will be a turning point in Booth and Brennan’s relationship in the season finale?
Yes. The season finale is taking shape now and it’s going to be quite a surprise. We literally are in the process of working it out. We’ve had this in our minds for quite a while, and it’s gelling now. It’s going to be a pretty big episode for us in terms of what happens to Booth and Brennan.

As big as last season’s finale?
Yes, but in a very different way. It will be real. [Laughs]. It’s our reality.

No dreams or hallucinations?
No. [The season 4 finale] was a very big episode in terms of production and everything like that. This one will be as big in emotional terms.

What did you come up with? Same thing? Am I crazy? Hit the comments!

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  • Jess

    LOVE BONES!!! But Hart is a big tease…I try not to get too excited about anything he says eva! I am excited for the end of the season as a whole though. From what has been confirmed…should be some really exciting stuff happening.

    • Kelly

      I agree both Hart and David are teases! As much as I’d love to rejoice at the news about BB and Huddy, Id much rather wait for it and see for myself. PS I’m still so excited to see both finales both are awesome shows!

      • Mells

        I did not read a real hookup for B&B in between those lines. As much as I would like it to happen – I doubt it will in this season’s finale.

  • Hann

    So not crazy! (Please, Please, Please let this not be some crazy tease Nathan! I don’t think my heart could handle it!)

  • Paula

    Real doesn’t meant sex. lol It just means something happens in the Bones reality and not in AU. Bones people like to tease their fans, Hart said it himself that BB hooking up would mean the end of the show…

    • JB

      I almost stopped watching Bones after the shear stupidity and dishonesty of last season’s finale. The showrunners of Bones are so sleezy. Last season’s finale was not “big” just stupid.

      • Erica

        haha yes having that happen once on buffy was enough for me ..I don’t know if I could handle seeing that happen to Angel..I mean Booth too.

    • jenn

      Let us not forget, one moment of true happiness and he will lose his soul.

      • Amy

        Bravo, jenn, bravo!

      • Carole

        Damn…I forgot that part. I don’t care, let him lose it, maybe that is how they plan to thin the assistant herd, Angelus will be hungry. And yes Bravo.

      • chattypatra

        Brilliant, jenn! I wouldn’t put it past Boreanaz to pretend he is Angelus just to get the scene on the DVD outtakes. Don’t I wish!

      • Lala


      • Sarahj

        You took the comment right out of my mouth. We can only hope that there will be some gag outtake with Boreanaz as Angelus. I’ve only been waiting for forever for that!!

      • Em

        I will finaly get round to buying the boxsets if there is an out take on it of Angelus!! i really hope there is now.
        and that someone tells me if there is XD

      • j

        Lolz. It is a dilemma.

        Random thought- how AWESOME would it be if James Marsters was ever a guest star on ‘Bones’? I feel like he guests all over the place, why not a stop there too? Lol and there could be a puppet reference…

      • Lori

        I was thinking along those same lines. Hoping they will let Booth wear those black leather Angelus pants that make me salivate so effectively…

      • Gay McCurdy

        I saw buffy and one true happeness
        angel did lose his soul,booth isn’t
        angel even though he is played by the same guy.

    • Ashley

      Amen to that. Especially considering that sex wouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point. Not with that being all the heavy implications in that blurb and not after last season’s finale. Definitely not getting my hopes up this time around. Last seasons finale was nothing but a dirty, rotten trick and I take all their so called spoilers with a grain of salt now. Fool me twice…

  • Crystal

    Didn’t Stephen Nathan also say in another interview there would be no real sex this year? Ausiello, as much as I love you, I think you are probably reading too much in to this.

    Also, A+ for mentioning House/Cuddy as well. I’m just hoping Brennan/Booth have better payoff.

  • CC

    LOVE BONES!!! I’m excited and can’t wait to see what happens. To be honest though, it would be nice to see a couple on tv have a normal progression instead of sex first. Booth & Brennan have such a normal, healthy relationship in so many ways, I’d like to see them acknowledge their feelings and date BEFORE seeing the sex.

    • Cass


      • lily

        i agree too!

    • Jen

      Agreed. There are enough hook-up shows. I love the B&B relationship.

      • Grant

        I do, too. B&B is one of the few TV relationships on right now that I can honestly say has a basis in reality; it mirrors many of the relationships I see around me in terms of dynamic and progression.

      • Autumn Gray

        I agree, definitely, which is why I don’t think they’ll actually sleep together in the finale, aside from the fact that Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan love to tease and mess with our minds. Shey said that they’ve known each other too long and too well to “date.” I think while there is an enormous amount they know about each other, there’s a difference between having sex right off the bat because you already have that background, and taking it slow because they’ve got something really good going and they don’t want to mess it up by moving too quickly. I think Booth especially is going to want to be very careful with whatever their relationship does or does not become, because he knows how fragile her heart is, and he knows how many times she’s been hurt. He’ll do everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen again, and if that means waiting, then he’d gladly do so.

    • Shey

      I think they’ve known each other too long (and they know each too WELL) to “date.”

  • Julia

    Not getting my hopes up either especially after the coma scam (I loved that episode, tho). Honestly, a B&B relationship frightens me a little. I don’t want it to ruin the show because the writers can’t think of anything else to do once the couple gets together.

    • Melinda65

      I loved the episode, too–it was fun seeing everybody play against their usual type, even if none of it was real.

    • BJohnson

      Me too. I’m just gonna watch and see. The near kisses keep me interested. For example, the one with the mummy that just turned into her straightening his tie. I still love Bones, teasers and surprises are what shows are all about, why else would we watch?

  • dewi

    I should probably not make expectations. I’ll just wait for it and see what happens. But an emotional season finale? BRING IT ON!

  • Liz

    Seriously, Bones is the only other show I enjoy. Could you stop mentioned this Huddy crap that ruined House for me at least here?! Thanks for the scoop though.

    • Liz

      Sorry, “ed” is too much, it’s “mention”, of course.

  • Jenna

    those dudes are always so wiley. i can’t trust anything they say or don’t say! so…i dont know!

  • Michael


    • Hannah

      A couple weeks ago Ausiello reported that Stephen Nathan said he didn’t see Bones and Booth consummating their relationship this year. My theory is that what made their first case go so badly was that they slept together, and that will be revealed in the 100th ep.

      • Coyote

        Oooo, that’s good!

      • lily

        i thought that too… it just seems to rash of something that booth would do. idk. Hart did say there would be no sex this season. Hopefully there will be some steamy kissing that makes things awkward btw them . That would be fun to watch.

      • Deb

        Wasn’t he involved with Tessa back then? He wouldn’t cheat, so I really don’t see the flashback having B&B hitting the sheets. I do think it’s possible that she came on to him and because he was with Tessa, he had to turn her down…that would explain all the negative feelings from the pilot episode

      • Lena

        I’ve been thinking that too. It’d make a really good twist, give all the old episodes a new angle, and explain the UST being there from the beginning.

  • Amber

    Ausiello, I think you might be reading too much into what Nathan said, honey lol I don’t think he means sex at all. In fact, I doubt that will happen. Nathan is just as good as Hart when it comes to playing around with words. Just putting it out there.

    • Sue1

      I agree. I think he’s just referring back to last season’s finale (which I loved- it gave us everything and everyone we wanted, without changing anything), stating that whatever happens this year will be real. I’m rarely disappointed by Bones- I’m entertained, amused and always moved.

  • Doug

    I think one of them is going to croak. That would totally reinvigorate the show.

  • twillia

    Can’t wait. But I am a bit baffled by the phrase ” It’s our reality.” Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  • Zilla

    Yeah, that could mean anything. I don’t see that being a definitive “Bones and Booth knock boots” statement.

  • mj

    This will be the ruination of both shows. House has already been sliding – but Huddy will kill it. And really – cannot 2 intelligent persons of opposite sex admire and like eachother without having to sleep with eachother ? Why do all shows do this dance ?

    • lily

      i agree. Sex prob will ruin some part of it. I think awkward moments are more fun to watch.

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