'Grey's' exclusive: Look who's playing Alex's brother!

Do you see the family resemblance? I do. And so apparently does Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes. I know this because…

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Rhimes just hired the guy on the left (Jake McLaughlin, of Starz’ Crash) to play the younger brother of the guy on the right (that would be Justin Chambers’ Alex Karev).

Alex’s estranged bro, Aaron, checks into Seattle Grace as a patient in this season’s 19th episode. And as I pointed out in this week’s Ask Ausiello, the family reunion is rather momentous: This will mark the first time viewers will be meeting a member of Alex’s troubled clan.

What took so long? You’ll find out when the episode airs in April.

What do you think of the casting? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs in-between? Sound off below!

Image Credit: McLaughlin: Sara De Boer/Retna; Chambers: Bob D’Amico/ABC

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  • Seany


    • Ashley


      • CC


      • lola

        Heh. Spam FAIL.

    • Celia

      He doesn’t look anything like Alex, but why do I care? I haven’t watched one episode of the past two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

      • PT

        So why bother to read this and reply if you don’t care :)

      • Emmy

        Celia: Do being negative make you feel special?? You don’t watch the show but you took the time to read the article and make that comment? I don’t get it. What do you get out of being so negative!!! Frankly, your post makes you appear not nice and slightly strange!

    • Erin

      Lol my thoughts exactly.

      Besides, I thought Alex said he had a sister.

      • Tonya

        he could have both

  • Chloe

    I had quit Grey’s Anatomy but this Alex stuff is making me come back.

    • Sarah

      Alex is the only thing keeping me onboard.

    • Sarah

      I love Alex. He’s my favorite character. (I’m not the same person that posted above me.)

      • Sarah

        This just in: Alex is getting good ratings from the highly sought-after People Named Sarah demographic.

    • Joel

      Alex has been incredible this season. Justin Chambers deserved an Emmy for his work this season. Outstanding talent. Alex went from being my least favorite character to my favorite character, and Justin Chambers has shown that Alex has really grown and matured a lot since the first season.

  • Corinne

    Meh is right.

    Resemblance no.

    Am I tired of Alex? Yes.

    • Pink

      He’s pretty not in a good way

  • Bren

    people still watch this show?

    • Ashley

      I agree.

    • maiv

      uh it still gets high ratings, as far as i know

      • Lyss

        and why do you comment if you don’t watch and bash?????

    • crispy

      After last night’s train wreck, I may stop watching.

      • Ana

        Please do. And stop posting while at it. Have fun!

  • pj

    alex and christina are my favorite characters right now. i’m all for an alex episode.

    • Meg

      Same here. He’s been my favorite character for awhile. It’s about time we learn more about him.

  • Deb

    It’s so amazing that a family member (sometimes two) of every doctor at Seattle Grace just happens to have a medical emergency

    • Isaac

      thats why they call it a drama. And Cristina never had a family medical emergency. Neither did Callie. Or Burke (when he was on the show).

      • Buzz

        Not yet ( Christina) ..didn’t she have any family at her would-be wedding?
        Burke was his own medical emergency , oh, wait , that was the actor who had portrayed him, not the character himself… ;)

  • ggny

    Alex has been the saving grace of this show for the last few years…its a shame that he hasnt been nom for a emmy he is by far the most underrated actor on tv

    • Christine

      I totally agree and the news about Alex’s brother showing up has been the most exciting thing I’ve heard all season about Grey’s so I’m really looking forward to it.

  • C

    He looks more like he could be related to Sloan to me…but I do look forward to seeing another of the Karev clan.

    • IMHO

      I agree! He looks NOTHING like Alex (especially with that extreme jaw!) He is cute, though, and god knows this show needs new life :-)

  • Zoe

    How smart is Justin Chambers? Simply by being around and NOT having much of a storyline beyond propping up Izzie, he’s now one of the last men standing. Anything interesting for the foreseeable future *has* to come from Alex because everyone else from the Fab 5 has either been done to death or they’re gone. So, Go Alex!! Let’s hear more from his family and background – please!

  • Klutzy_girl

    I’ve been waiting for an Alex storyline for years, so I’m so excited about this!

    Don’t like who’s been cast as his brother, though.

  • Jon

    Maybe James Badge Dale would’ve been a not so “pretty” better choice for a brother.

  • alan from canada

    I’m so tired if people with a hate on for this show. Yeah I still watch it. Yeah it’s still entertaining, well written and well acted. Like any show it’s had it’s ups and downs but it still holds up unlike Housewives or House or Ugly Betty.

    • TheGreyOne

      AMEN! Totally agree! =)

    • maiv

      for real!

    • whatevs

      I still watch the show too, but you are seriously on something if you think that it’s well written.

    • SirLizard

      Here you’re complaining about people who “hate on for this show” (nice English there), but then you go and “hate on” other shows that other people, even some of us “Grey’s Anatomy” fans, enjoy very much. You don’t have to tear other shows down just to defend a show that you like.

      • alan from canada

        you are correct and I take it back. But I’m still fed up with people having a ‘hate on’ for Grey’s.

      • Julie

        Alan from Canada said that he was tired of people “with a hate on” for the show. As in his reply to you, “have” is the verb in his thoughts. I have a BA in English and his original post is slang-y but I wouldn’t tear it apart for grammar’s sake.

  • Sarah

    Meh. There’s a bit of a resemblance (Justin’s better looking though) but the actor cast looks like a wax figure in that photo! *lol* I’ve never seen anything from this Jake guy but he better have some acting chops to go up against Justin Chambers. Fans of the show have been waiting a very long time for this so hopefully the writers craft a good story.

  • RGF

    looks more like Meredith’s brother.. but still exciting!

    • KRibbons

      haha definitely. they have the exact same eyes

  • Michelle

    One has blue eyes and the other has brown eyes! I don’t see a resemblance at all. I bailed on Grey’s months ago, but I might have to check this storyline out. I love Alex.

    • kevin

      You do realize that brothers can have different color eyes, right? I don’t know if anyone mentioned this before, but he is an Iraq war vet. You can see him talk about his experience in the special features of the Tommy Lee Jones film “In the Valley of Elah” DVD.

      • Dave

        And this is relevant because…

      • cas

        It is possible for one sibling to have blue eyes and one to have brown eyes IF at least one of the parents has brown eyes. It bugs me, though, when two people with blue eyes are cast as the parents of a brown-eyed person. (This is genetically impossible, since blue eyes are a recessive trait.)

    • Julie

      Siblings can have different eye colors. It’s funny because in real life, Justin Chambers has a twin brother and while Justin has hazel eyes, his twin has blue eyes. Now Justin’s TV brother will also have blue eyes.

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