Exclusive: First Look: Wilson's first ex-wife is in the 'House'

Here’s your first look at Cynthia Watros in action as Wilson’s first ex-wife and new girlfriend, Sam Carr, on House. The reunion marks Wilson’s first serious romance since the tragic death of Amber two years ago. But whether he’s taking a step back or forward remains to be seen. “There can be great comfort in the past,” says Robert Sean Leonard. “He wants his blankie. And there’s the extra benefit of familiarity and, in a way, a lack of drama.” Actually, thanks to House, the last thing Watros’ quirky, independent character (who debuts April 19) will be bringing with her is a lack of drama. Trust me.

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  • Rowell

    She’s great :) Love her! Glad she’s going back to LOST for an episode!

    • Lexa

      House and Wilson’s love interest fighting over Wilson – didn’t we cover that topic in season 4 with Amber? Snooze. Instead of exploring Wilson’s love life again could the writers sprout some ideas, jettison the awful and boring Lucas and make an attempt at tackling the House and Cuddy relationship before their viewers completely loose patience with the endless roadblocks they are throwing in the way of that couple? All I see this intro of the ex Mrs Wilson as is less screen time again for the talented Lisa Edelstein and more tired filler episodes with rehashed plots to get House to the end of the season. I feel very unenthused. I’m also a bit over the high number of House/Wilson episodes we have had this season, love both charaters but the writers have used their dynamic to death this season.

      • Kate

        @lexa I agree 100%. This season has been a waste. It has killed my love for House/Wilson overusing them (and I know it will be worse in future episodes) and I don´t know if I will care about House and Cuddy getting together anymore. It´s taking so long that is getting boring and I´m not as excited as i used to be.

      • Grace

        Girl, there can NEVER be too much House/Wilson.

      • ceno

        If you dont like the show stop watching it … and stop complaining on internet… if you wanna complain call your momma

      • Wilson’sFakeGirlfriend

        I love Wilson and House/Wilson and there can NEVER EVAR BE ENOUGH. As much as I hate Cuddy, Luddy, and Huddy I understand that it parts of the story the producers are telling.

      • Punainen

        I’m with the people that say we can’t get enough House/Wilson. Their interactions pretty much MAKE the show. If they ever nixed Wilson I wouldn’t even watch the show anymore. It’d suck if they nixed Cuddy, but at least I’d still watch. Wilson is just as important a character as House himself. I’m glad to see them continue to explore Wilson’s character.

      • Larry

        Couldn’t agree more, Lexa.

      • Mel

        This, this this x 10000. Totally agree with you Lexa, though less on the Cuddy part. I love her, I love her with House but I’d like a step away fro the romance generally. These characters, especially Cuddy need to get their teeth around storylines that aren’t just romantically focused, there are so many other places to take these characters. But yes, hopefully they will resolve this House and Cuddy thing soon. And I agree- love Wilson, totally sick of him atm, it’s been overkill this season.

  • jay

    she looks nice. I’m looking forward to her roleplay.

    • dana

      Yes! I hate that they are always dressing actors in matching colors, how does that work, monday is brown, tuesday is blue? Nobody wears the same colors as coworkers, or someone youjust happen to meet on the street! It looks ridiculous!

      • Amy

        Oh I disagree! My office mates and I accidentally wear the same colors all the time.

  • Alexandria

    How they managed to dress the entire shot in a monochromatic yellowish-tan, I don’t know. Wilson needs to ditch the Mr. Rodgers sweater pronto, especially if the scene is going to look like a sepia-tone edit gone slightly off color.

    • Mariel

      Run out of outer things to bitch on?

      • Mariel


      • Kelly


      • erin bowers

        Well I predict by the end of the season Wilson and his honey Sami
        will be shackin up after throwing House out and House will be back in his apartment with his piano.

      • kris

        go back to sleep disrespectful child. it’s your time.

      • Ellie

        That would be the best news ever. I want House back in his apartment. I miss it too much.

    • coolhandkate

      It looks like a flashback.

    • Al

      But you HAVE to admit (I mean, come on!) that they look so adorkably cute together. :) I wave the H/W flag proudly, but I’m interested to see how Sam will do.

      • Wilson’sFakeGirlfriend

        Honey, I’m with you. I love my Wilson, House/Wilson. I know I’m love my WAM and the sweet & sour HAM. House is so much when he’s trying to get the better of Wilson’s women :)

    • Babushka

      I think it’s appropriate since she’s a blast from the bast. Never mind that if Wilson were a colour, he’d be that shade of yellow. Something safe.

  • Liz

    I don’t know her (didn’t watch Lost), but she reminds me of Cameron. Speaking of Cameron, can we have her back too, please, Mr. Shore?!

    • Liz2

      ITA!!! Bring Cam BACK!!!

      • Josie

        Keep her gone!

      • Pistach

        This. Keep her far far away.

      • jess

        aw. you guys are harsh. i miss cameron, and hope watros isn’t just a replacement for her.

      • Ellie

        Cameron again? Isn´t she somewhere in the north pole. Let´s keep her there.

  • missy

    Thanks Ausiello, but we need more HUDDY news, please.

    • lisa


    • Yoyo

      No thanks, dont wanna have to rip my eyes out

      • Chelle


      • hannah

        blech. i think finding out shore is a hameron was what pushed me over the edge.

      • hannah

        GAH! I MEAN HUDDY! Nothing against hamerons… i really don’t like HUDDY. Shore was never a hameron, always a huddy. blech.

    • Elena

      Sadly this season we are not having any Huddy at all. Nothing. The show is getting really boring. And I don´t think this new character will bring something good to the mix.

      • Belle

        I LOVE Huddy but I wouldn’t say that it is getting boring. There have been some really great episodes this year so far. I am willing to wait on Huddy if the alternative means we get a rushed and less than interesting plot.

      • jane

        right, because no huddy=boring. sorry, for many, the less we see of huddy, the better.

      • Kate

        This. What did Shore mean with Huddy will happen eventually? Can you find out Ausiello?

  • Kyle

    So in the end, Wilson might have to choose between the Carr or the House. :D

    • Lana

      LMAO…nicely done!

    • Tracy

      Can’t wait for future recurring characters named Dogg , Katt ,Furniture , and Bank – Account .

      • Al

        WIN. :D

    • Grace

      He needs a House to live in more then a Carr to drive. ;D

    • Alta

      ROTF “The Carr or the House.” Awesome.

  • Jessy

    I loved her on Lost and can’t wait to see her on House. And please stop those Cameron comments. It’s really getting annoying. If you’re not happy about the show then stop watching it!

  • erin

    Screw Cameron she’s done

  • Lilly

    I’m looking forward not only to her interaction with House but also with Cuddy. Cuddy needs a girl friend aka female Wilson.

    • Chris

      I agree. She really doesn’t have anyone to talk to, or at least that’s how it seems. Lucas is a bonehead who clearly doesn’t “get” her, so she needs a gal pal to help her get through the next couple of years (or however long it takes for real Huddy to happen).

  • Glory

    I’ve loved Cynthia Watros since her Guiding Light days!

  • jared4ever

    Let’s hope she can stop drinking and driving long enough to play the role.

    • jane

      Lol. I think we all know why she was kicked off Lost after she joined that exclusive club…

  • Ams

    I really don’t like CW !

  • gillian

    Wilson is so overused this season that I can´t enjoy the character anymore. Last seasons I was looking forward to his scenes with House now it´s like “ok, another Wilson scene”. It´s getting boring and I hate it because he is one of my fav. But it happened the same with 13, i used to like her until TPTB started pushing her down our throats.

    • Monica

      There is no such thing as too much Wilson. He should be in every single scene.

      • Michael


        I would take a Wilson episode every 3 episodes

      • Michaela

        I agree with you, I want MORE WILSON

      • Chelle


      • Josi

        Then give him his own show and get him off of my screen.

      • Lex

        Yes! I love the amount of Wilson this season!

      • Lily

        I agree, you can never have too much Wilson.

      • Rachel

        Agreed! You can never have to much Wilson, never!

      • Kate

        Sorry but there is too much Wilson this season. Nothing against Robert because he is fantastic but this is getting old.

      • MC

        RSL would DIE if that were the case. XD
        Although I do love me some Wilson scenes. :D

    • Michael

      No way! The Wilson screentime is easily one of the best things of this season!

      • Pat

        I like Wilson but i don´t like him in so many scenes with so many storylines. It´s too much. Of course it´s better having more Wilson than more 13. But Wilson in every scene? No please, that would kill the character. He is strong enough to carry a whole episode but he is not strong enough to carry the show.

      • Michael


        Pppfff dont exaggerate! Only in the Wilson episode he was on every scene, on the other episodes he was in a perfectly reasonable ammount of scenes, certainly no more than Cuddy last season, and Wilson is by far a superior character.

        He’s not anywhere near close to carrying the show, he’s just being fucking finally used as much as such a great character deserves to be.

    • JB




      • MC


  • M

    Cannot wait for this arc =D

    I really REALLY wanna like her, she needs to be worthy of Wilson if she’s gonna be in several episodes with him, otherwise she needs to die! (not the actress, got nothing against her lol)

  • spoilerchicka

    2 things: 1. Aussie, please find us some serious Huddy news and Luddy info.
    2. Wilson’s ex returning makes lots of sense re. Amber. Plus Cynthia Watros is a cool actress. Enjoyed her when she really stood out on Titus. Liked her short stint on Men of a Certain Age.

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