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chuckImage Credit: Greg Gayne/NBCMy Buy More mole just tipped me off that Josh Schwartz is casting younger versions of Chuck and Ellie ( 7 and 11, respectively) to appear in a flashback sequence in Chuck‘s season finale. No other details were provided, but I spy a connection between this and Scott Bakula’s return as Bartowski patriarch Steve. Also, if you recall, Schwartz recently declared that Bakula’s Chuck comeback arc would be “the biggest thing we’ve ever done on the show.” Put it all together and what do you get? A comments section bursting with theories. (That’s your cue to tell me what the hell it all means.)

UPDATE: I’m told the ep will flash back to the night Pop B left home, forcing Chuck and Ellie to become each other’s family.


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  • CJ

    This has to mean that they are going to reveal Mama Bartowski sometime during that episode. And my guess is that we will see her once in the flashback at the beginning, then again as one of the Ring leaders at the end.

    • Jay

      Umm… if that’s not it, it should be.

      • Ambaryerno

        I can accept Chuck’s dad as Orion. But Mama B as a Ring boss? That’s WAY too much. I don’t mind so much if she’s somehow sucked in to the spy world, but I don’t want her to be a spy herself.

      • Nicotine

        Agreed. Can you say jump the shark? Because if the above happens, that’s exactly what this show will do.

      • hope

        please can we find another name other then ‘jump the shark’? it’s gotten lame and old

      • Ben

        @hope – Jump the shark has jumped the shark?

      • Ryan

        Hope his mom wouldn’t be a Ring boss. I already had trouble with the fact that of all people Bryce sent the intersect it to the son of its creator.

      • Brad

        instead of jump the shark, how about nuked the fridge after the last terrible indiana jones movie

      • Matty

        Yeah, too bad that plotline was already done on Alias. If that were done on Chuck too it would just be stupid.

      • JosieG

        @Brad: HA! I love the idea of changing it to nuked the fridge! Thanks for the smile!

      • Mike

        I fully support changing it to “nuked the fridge.” Let’s start a movement people!

      • Dave

        J-t-s is 15 years old and quite lame. N-t-f is newer but still lame (and refers to movies and not tv shows).


      • MaryA

        “Nuked the fridge” – I totally LOVE it!

      • Angs

        Bryce knew who Chuck’s dad when he sent to him though. SO it wasn’t random. But the Mom being Ring leader would be too much i think, but I wouldn’t mind if she was in the spy world in some way.

    • Zac

      To alias esque

      • DaniVT

        Exactly my thought!

      • Ben

        How do we get there? OH, you meant too……

      • kiara diaz

        Even doght peole these days stupit like my brother

    • JP

      That would be crazy awesome. Maybe Ellie will be the one to find out about Chuck then as well.

    • alia

      She’s supposed to be dead. Cancer, I think. Bringing her back would require some retconning.

      • P. D. Yerf

        Bryce Larkin ring a bell? Also this is television. No body no death…and even then sometimes :)

      • Mike

        They’ve never said she was dead or that she had cancer. She was just “gone.”

      • LP

        They said she took off on them. Hence their mother’s day in October. So yeah, not cancer or not just “gone”. It was explained. And only tools who think they are pop culture savvy (but in reality are not at all) say jump the shark.

    • Melody

      No, they did that with Prison Break, Chuck has to be more original.

    • Bristow

      I know there is a B in Bartowsky and Bristow, but do they really have to go ALIAS on us to create some good TV.

      The whole my estranged dad is the spy who got betrayed by my mom who was also a spy working for priovate interest is too ALIAS!

  • DR

    Clearly, Mamma B is going to show up. :)

  • Michael

    The beginning of the Intersect?

  • david w

    chuck flashes on back to the future then builds a delorean and goes back to visit his younger self just after ellie and his mother left.

    Okay really I have no clue what they would be showing us but at least we are hearing something about a show I actually watch instead of constant spoilers for a show that I know noone who watches.

  • Boricua71

    I bet she’s the leader of FOLCRUM!

  • Davad

    Umm..As long as Yvonne randomly is in a bikini or getting ready for an assignment, I’ll watch it no matter if they introduce an evil twin of Chuck who runs Russia.

    • Boots

      She’s someone’s daughter, stop treating her like a sex object.

      Mama Bartowski should be played by Allison Janney.

    • Kash

      totally agree if Yvonne’s on, I could care less.. lol but no I like where they are going, I’m just not soo happy bout the whole smallville superman move they made, I say ship kristin back to smallville, better yet lets have superman fly her there!

  • pop

    again i call for lynda carter to be cast as their mom!!!

    • Zazazing

      Lynda Carter would be awesome! There definitely would be a family resemblance between her and Ellie.

  • evelyn27

    Awesome! Is Jennifer Garner too young to play Mama Bartowski in a flashback? ‘Cause that would be amazing. Someone mentioned the original Superwoman and I think that would be a good choice, but not for a flashback.

    • pop

      yeah not for a flashback…but for now i think its perfect casting!

      • pop

        err i meant for present time.

  • Brian

    I dont think it will be too deep but just a flashback of them as kids..

  • Zaphod

    How can it be Mama B? As someone else said, isn’t she supposed to be dead?

    I’m willing to bet that Ellie is the other one who finds out what Chuck’s really up to.

    • Tiffany

      I’m 99.99999% sure that they said she left. In Vs The Best Friend, Chuck tells Sarah that Morgan sat with him the day his mom took off so I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.
      They definitely did not say she died.

  • JD

    Mama B! And I vote for Sela Ward; there’s a likely resemblance, particularly for Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and she’s age-appropriate!

    • JJ

      Sela Ward would be perfect. One of the best looking actresses out there.

  • Kristina

    Actually I’m pretty sure Mama B is alive or at least she didn’t die of cancer when they were younger. She left first and then their dad left.

    But yeah, I also feel like she’ll come back as a spy although wouldn’t it be interesting if she came back only to tell them the reason she left was because she couldn’t be a mom any more or something non-spy related. TV shows really do that though…

    • Kristina

      Wikipedia says Mama B didn’t die but left them when Chuck was in the 5th grade. I vaguely remember that from the pilot.

  • Kim

    I’m guessing Ellie finds out the truth about Chuck and their dad.

  • Generation Gossip

    Hmm I may have to start watching this show.

    Check Out

    • Susie

      Shameless Plug Alert!!

  • Jumper

    how about the female general as Chuck’s mother?

    • Mike

      I’m going to go with my old standby – Mama Bartowski was a CIA agent who was sent to handle her asset – Chuck’s dad. She either left on her own or was killed.

      It makes a good parallel to Chuck and Sarah’s relationship.

      • pj

        thats exactly what i think too!

      • Zaphod

        Interesting idea.

      • Bristow

        This theory for chuck/sarah channelling momy and dady B is still quite ALIAS for me but it makes sense and it doesn’t jump any shark…

    • rex0136

      The General? No way. Elle’s gene pool is way better than that. How about Sasha Banachek.

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