Scoop: 'Gossip Girl' finale will feature 'two OMG! moments'

gossip-girlImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWSpotted: Gossip Girl fans piddling themselves upon learning that the show’s season finale will, in the words of executive producer Stephanie Savage, conclude with “two OMG moments.”

Savage declined to provide specifics, although she did reveal that the season 3 capper — which is currently being shot — will be unlike the show’s previous two finales in that “it’s not centered on a big event,” she says. “There’s not a giant wedding or a graduation. It’s a real potboiler where all of this season’s stories bear down on each other.

“It’s one of those episodes that just really moves,” she continues. “Every scene leads to the next scene in a very sort of tight and exciting way. I’m hopeful it’ll feel like a satisfying conclusion to all the stories we’ve been telling this year and also give you a sense of what season 4 will hold.”

As previously reported, the season-ender will also mark the return of Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina, but it may not be the Georgina we’re expecting. “[She’ll have] a different persona,” Savage teases. “We’ll find out where she’s been the past couple of months.”

Gossip fans are probably asking the same question about the show itself, which returns next Monday after a three-month break with the first of 10 consecutive episodes. “I’m excited that we’re running 10 in a row without any interruptions,” says Savage. “Last season, we had a very erratic schedule during the second half of the season, and I think it was hard for [viewers]. We’re excited to come back and have 10 in a row… If we were a cable show it’s practically an entire [season].”

Excited for the return of Gossip? Thoughts/theories about the OMG-heavy finale? Looking for specific scoop about Chuck/Blair, Nate/Jenny, and (yikes!) Dan/Blair? I can help you with that last one: Check out this week’s Ask Ausiello.

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  • LM

    I hate Georgina!!! Leave her at NBC’s Mercy (where I actually like Michelle Trachtenberg’s character). Please?!?!?

    • Anne


      • em


    • tinna

      i actually don’t i agree.. she’s the perfect character you love to hate:D! and Michelle Trachtenberg is an awesome actress

      • Quinn

        Michelle/Georgina are amazing ♥

      • alex

        She reminds me of every terrible girl i went to high school with on north shore long island. which i guess is what makes her the perfect character to love to hate..

      • Nick T

        Have you all forgotten the best GG quip ever?:

        “You can tell Jesus…the BlTCH is back!”

      • Will

        Georgina’s ♥
        GG’s always exciting when she’s around!

      • GeeMoney

        Michelle Trachtenberg is more tolerable on GG than she was on Buffy… ugh… I almost stopped watching Buffy because of her. I think that it was a good move for her to end up on GG…. I don’t hate her as much anymore.

    • Erin

      Hated her since she played the worst most annoying pointless character ever on Buffy.

      • Heather

        I agree totally. I try to not hate the character and not the actress, but for this particular case I can’t help it.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Agreed. But, I think most of these posters are neglecting to realize that Michelle Trachtenburg is completely annoying and hasn’t done any decent work since Pete and Pete……..

      • @TweedleV

        how can you say Dawn was pointless on btvs? Shes the entire point of season five and ultimately the catalyst for buffys death and rebirth. Wow I geeked out hard just now, sorry lol I eventually liked dawn but hated when she would do te escalating screaming

      • Sara

        Mary, most of the people who watch Gossip Girl don’t have a clue what Pete and Pete was!

      • Mike

        Clearly everyone’s forgotten her amazing performance in “Harriet the Spy.”

      • whale sweater

        i love michelle t and think she is a great actress. i liked her on buffy (and pete and pete, that show was awesome) and i love her as georgie. she always brings it on gossip girl and i definitely vote she comes back preggers with dan’s baby.

    • zurichhottie

      Maybe Baby, baby! Someones preggers. I am thinking Jenny(?)

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Nope. I bet it’s Georgina, and it’s Dan’s.

    • Nick T


  • Carol


    I like Georgina, but i’m not sure if i want her back at Gossip Girl…

  • adma

    dan and blair!! p

    • mishka

      DAN & BLAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank God, those people are really reading our comments !!!!! :)

      • wd

        seriously! im all for a little sexy time between those two. they have chemistry and are are actually fun to watch together.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Agreed, but that’s the same way everyone felt about Chuck and Blair, until they actually started a relationship, and we realized Blair is a great sparring partner, and a great bitch, but as a girlfriend is boring as hell. Really, though, I’d like to see the two of them start some sort of hush-hush affair, just quickies on the d.l., and try to keep it under wraps. Would be a great storyline. Especially if they maintained that they still can’t stand one another, but that they also can’t keep their hands off each other. Juicy! BTW, I really would like to see Nate and Jenny actually hook up. Or Chuck and Jenny. They’ve been hinting at that one for a few seasons now, and I’m ready for some action! P.S. Blake Lively can receive her walking papers for all I care, she annoys the crap out of me. Her voice and demeanor make me wanna throw something at the tv. I would like Serena a lot more if they had cast someone different.

      • J

        NOOOOOOOOOO! Not Dan and Blair, that is just wrong!

  • Sofia


    I sosososososo hope they get together. They have such amazing bickering/chemistry and a Seth/Summer vibe. They’re FUN to watch!

  • Gregoire

    Maybe one of the OMG moments will be that Georgina gets pushed off a building.

    • Sarah

      Only if we’re lucky.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Lols, and I completely agree!

  • adma

    nate and jenny too

  • Nina

    I sure wanna know about Nate/Jenny. ‘Kay? Thanks.

  • tracey

    can’t wait.

  • helen

    Omg! Nate and jenny?!?! They make the cutest couple, but in the promo it was all anout nate and serena! I hope we see more nate+jenny, it was the best, and they never officially broke up….

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I’m guessing Jenny will come between the two of them (purposefully), which will create a huge rift in the Humphrey/Van Der Woodsen household. Bring it on!!!

  • Jess

    D/B + J/C = Gag me, and pull the plug on GG for good. Its just one slap after another in CB fans faces. They where pushed onto the backburner in the first half of this season, screwed up completly in the latter half of last season. Im looking foward to the first few episodes of this return, after that all episodes will be tivo’d and scenes will be fast forwarded and Im not even sure if the finale will be watched. I tell you one thing, Chuck fans dont know what it feels like to be screwed over.

    • Caitlin

      Are you kidding me? Gossip Girl has become The Chuck/Blair Show. I stopped watching because of those two being shoved down our throats. Hopefully the rumors are true and another couple will get a chance in the spotlight.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Not really. The hype is all about them, but they don’t really get that much screen time together.

  • D.

    i hate the fatc that they bring mitchelle for an episode or two and they call her back after a few months without a real story. bring her in a more consistent way or leave her on NBC

    • Icon


  • Kristen

    Seriously, why does SS hate us so much? I am now totally convinced that the rumors are true, and Chuck and Jenny either have sex, or it looks like they do. I’m so upset by this. If the finale ends that way, I seriously don’t think I can come back for another season. Chuck/Blair fans took enough abuse last year, and I left the show for a while. I came back, but if all of the Chuck/Jenny rumors (“spoilers”) are true, then that’s the line for me. I’m so disappointed.

    • elena

      This Ausiello column had no mention of Chuck/Jenny. But I’m with you, I don’t think I could say “EWWWWWW!” any louder at that pairing.

      • Annie

        He’s no Roark and she’s no Dominique, and it was gross there.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Annie what the hell are you talking about?

      • SFar

        Roark & Dominique are from “The Fountainhead”…read people!

    • Joenna

      We already know that it’s not Chuck and Jenny that break Chair up. Jack is going to get Chuck to do something horrible (while I know that doing Jenny would be horrible) it’s unlikely. And Jenny is with that drug dealer anyway.

    • AnanoOfficial

      I totally agree, Chuck and Blair already had that hating each other/loving each other but couldn’t make it drama…it’s perfect how it is now…so they need to keep it like that!! There’s enough drama brooding all around!

  • Natalia


    give me a reason to watch this show again…pleeease

  • Mike

    yeah umm….Dan and Serena would be nice

    • carol

      noooo that’s ooooooooooooooooold! Nate and Serena all the way!!!!

    • charlotte bonn

      yess!! serena and dan are the best! nate and serena suck.

  • T

    Well, at least the snorefest of Chuck and Blair will be over soon

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