Are Mark Harmon's 'NCIS' days numbered?

ncis-harmonImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSNCIS fans are still freaking out over exec producer Shane Brennan’s cryptic tease last week that Gibbs will be forced to make a “life-changing decision” this May “that will impact every member of the team.” In fact, the tantalizing spoiler left some wondering — crazy talk alert! — if Mark Harmon’s days are numbered.

“I don’t think [that’s the case] but I don’t know for sure,” Harmon told us last night prior to the PaleyFest ’10 event honoring NCIS. “I’m still having a blast doing the show. That hasn’t changed since Day 1. I have no plans to leave. I have a contract with significant more time on it. But that may not stop the producers from getting rid of me if they think that best serves the story or the show. But I have no plans to take myself out of the game.”

Okay, well, that still leaves the question of what crisis will befall his character at season’s end and how it ties into Rena Sofer’s no-nonsense lawyer (and possible love interest for Gibbs) Margaret Hart. “Whatever [fans are] thinking, they’re wrong,” counters Harmon. “It is never the obvious [thing] on this show. As always, these writers make you think something but it is almost never what you think will happen. I think it is good to keep people guessing, especially after seven years.

“I think it is time for us to see these people away from their job and with their girlfriends or family,” he continues. “It is time to let out some of those nuggets. We’ve earned them. They come for the procedure but now we have earned the right to break off another piece of the puzzle.”

Getting back to the big May mystery, Harmon hints that although Sofer’s character plays a part, “she is not alone. Others will play a part, [too].” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)


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  • Matt

    I wonder if Sofer is a trojan horse sent by Colonel Bell.

    • Laura

      While watching tonights ep …
      What is Sofer is Gibbs daughter?
      The mother in law hired a private investigator to find someone!

      • todd742

        Colonel Bell is dead and the mother in law was looking for her daughters killer and Gibbs let her know he took care of him.

      • Alice

        I watch every episode of NCIS, even if I have seen them before. I love watching Mark,..he absolutely KNOW that he IS NCIS. If he leaves the program, so do I.
        As for Michael Weatherly, I, sometimes, they would be better off without him. But that is just my opinion. I love Ziva

    • rita

      i’m italian, and in Italy the show works only for Mark Harmon. If he really goes, here the show is dead!

      • barb

        Once they start messing with original characters, a lot of people quit watching. The chemistry isn’t the same

      • NanciMarie

        Barb is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT — LOOK at the original CSI (missing Grissom!!
        I would probably be one who stops watching also…Barb is RIGHT, Mark Harmon IS NCIS and it would not be the same…
        I stopped watching CSI for the very same reason, IT (CSI) IS NOT THE SAME anymore…

      • jan pugsley

        I wish I had known about Mark Harmon and his crew a long time ago. I watch the program faithly and look forward to new episodes. Mark Harmon is the man. I also like the other actors. Please keep this NCIS going.

  • Elizabeth

    I hope he will leave. I can´t stand him. And NCSI is getting worse and worse. Sad :(

    • farva627

      You can’t stand Mark Harmon? He made this show what it is now. He is the glue. Period, he goes, the show is screwed.

      • Maggie

        Gibbs BEGAN as the glue, but the other characters have grown a lot since but Gibb hasn’t. It makes it feel false when Gibb treats everyone like he did in season one. Right now I think to glues/lead character might actually be Tony. Gibbs need to grow like to others or go away, so life change=good.

      • denise

        i agree if he goes i wont be watcing the show

    • Ronda


      • Monty

        Did you need to yell?

      • Elizabeth

        I´m sorry but i think NCIS is pathetic right now. Just my opinion. If i miss an episode I don´t care at all. And Harmon is a bad actor but again this is just my opinion.

      • Hope

        i agree with Elizabeth NCIS used to be one of my top shows now even if I miss an episode I could care less it’s pathetic now.

      • Caroline

        Gibbs leaves – then I leave. The reason the show is pathetic (as you call it) is because of Shane Brennan and his stupid ideas. Go back to the winning formula, make the case the center and leave the “Love triangles and shipper stuff” to the fans and their stories.

      • UnHolyDiver

        Two words: caps button.

      • Krystal

        No need to yell. But still – to each their own. I love Gibbs and I think that Mark Harmon is an excellent actor. I wouldn’t leave if Gibbs left, but even when I only watched an episode or two here and there, I was devastated when Gibbs almost left the first time. I love what they’re doing with the show now. It shows progression, unlike a lot of other procedural shows that have stuck with the same formula – and gotten progressively boring.

      • connie

        I whole heartly agree with you he makes the show.He can make you up set at times but we all have that happen in our lives. If he had to leave the show I think I might also stop watching it.
        But I would like to see more on his loss of wive and daughter

      • MURIEL


      • Amariah

        2 Rhonda:

        I totally agree, taking off Gibbs would totally destroy the show!!! dislike of Gibbs = dislike of NCIS
        who would be the father figure? it sure as heck wouldn’t be Tony!

    • Kimberly

      Mark Harmon has the character that holds everything else together on NCIS. I mean without Gibbs the show wouldn’t be worth watching! I love the rest of the characters, but if Mark Harmon left, I would probably stop watching it. And as to the show getting worse, that must be the reason as to why it is ranked the #1 show on television.

      • Cheery

        ITA, Mark Harmon/Gibbs is the heart and soul of the show; it wouldn’t be the same without him. I literally shouted “NO!!” when I read the EW headline. Shane Brennan can go f&ck himself if he wants to get rid of Gibbs!!

      • Ashtrash

        No Gibbs = No NCIS. I vote they get rid of Shane Brennan instead.

      • denise

        he has an increadable smile if he leaves i wont be watching

    • Leprechaun

      You better hope Abby doesn’t find out you said that.

      • Alyce MD

        Because I’m disabled, I can’t do much, but if at all possible I never miss an episode of NCIS. Mark Harmon IS the glue that holds the show together, and is my fravortye actor on TV today.

    • KimR

      Obviously a poser. She spelled it NCSI. A true blue would never make that mistake! Gibbs is the glue. For sure!

      • Elizabeth

        ohhhh sorry i made a mistake! of course that means i have never watched the show and i´m not a real fan. This is a place to post opinions, positives and negatives and mine right now is negative. Period.

    • J

      NCIS keeps getting better…sometimes in life you decide not to like things…obviously you’re more interested in cartoons or soap operas…pathetic!!

      • Cathy

        No Gibbs- No NCIS as far as I’m concerned.

    • Maddy

      So you watch a show where you can’t stand the lead actor? Seriously? I’m smelling eau de troll or stupid, Probably some combination of both.

      • RosieOGrady


    • Jordan

      Wow. You are a sad person. If you dont like Mark Harmon and you think NCIS is getting worse, which by the way, its having its best season ever, then dont watch it anymore.

      • Susan

        Sad person if you don’t like Mark Harmon, gotta be kidding me, your pretty sad if you actually believe that man can act. Talk about over-acting. Any bits and pieces I have watched of it, when he is on screen, he’s just trying to be this tough guy, and he sure doesn’t cut it, AT ALL.
        Maybe some acting lessons would help, but I doubt it.

    • zara

      1) it’s NCIS not NCSI
      2) he’s the backbone of the show. him leaving would be a mistake especially as the show is number 1 on TV

    • stepie

      Elizabeth – why do you watch a show that revolves around a character you don’t like? And if you don’t watch it, why do you care???

    • thecentre

      Are you like ten years old?

    • David

      So quit watching the show if you no longer like it. I stopped watching Heroes and Lost because it got bad for me.

    • Matty

      You’re an idiot.

    • Nonna

      If you cant stand him CHANGE THE CHANNEL or turn off the tv and read a book

    • Bethany

      The fact you can’t properly spell “NCIS” clearly displays your great concern for the show’s well-being.

    • Zeeb

      Tell that to the ratings.

    • Danise

      Stop watching it if the show is getting worse and worse. I love NCIS.

    • craig

      Your’e Nuts!

    • kyle

      yo need to shut the hell up Elizabeth if you dont like it then dont watch it no one is forceing you to and know one cares what the hell you thing you suck so stop with leaveing the bad comments mark harmon is the best if you dont like what im sayin then you can go to hell

    • Gail Boris

      I find it hard to believe that anyone cannot see that without Gibbs, there is no show. He is what makes the others look so good! Everything is played around him. I for one do not believe the show can survive without him and the majority of the viewers of the show wholeheartly agree. It amazes me that anyone can see it any other way.

    • julie pearce

      HAHAHAH you are sooooo stupid… If you dont like Mark Harmon then you must be from a Gay/Lesbian group or some other stupid organization.. hahahah Mark is a great actor , super hot looking and just awesome everything… I bet you are really talented yourself huh??? WOW… and thats why you are a multimillionare and Mark isnt….. right.??? wow are u stupid !!!!!!!!!!!

      • gephipps

        julie that was uncalled for. grow up

    • Lawrence

      I played Sargent Jeff Ross On the show In season 7 “The Reunion” and let me tell you that Mark is not only the glue for the show but he is the heart and soul of the cast and crew on and off the camera.
      The show will not survive very long without him And as Lindsay says if he leaves so will many of the fans too!
      Hes not on some crazy movie star crap he’s a real gentalman and takes what he dose very seriously and he cares alot about people mostly you the fans , and hes a very funny guy off the camera.

      • selkiepeople

        Mark Harmon makes it look easy which is why he is good at his job. It’s as if this is his natural persona and as the poster who played on the show stated, he is the glue and without him, his personal ‘story’ re: his past via NCIS you can’t understand his character. He makes what could be a total challenge for another actor seem very believable . I’m disabled too and on those days when pain levels are high, those marathons are a great distraction. No Mark, NO NCIS and the cast is as tight and unique as a great rock band. Timing and personal identity is everything. They got this right. I can see where he’d be funny off show btw. You can see it in his eyes.

      • Carolyn Elam

        You can tell Harmon is a dedicated actor, he has played in a few movies and was great! He has the “gift”and I , one am so glad he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I remember when Ricky Nelson married his sister, he was a hottie back then even.

    • Lisa

      I agree with the other people that are saying if you don’t like the main charecter shut the hell up. Mark makes the show work and he is very HOT!! I have always liked him. You don’t watch the show so you can’t say if he needs to stay or to go.

    • R. T.

      Well Elizabeth my dear i am sure you can use your remote to change the station. No one has a gun to your head to make you watch it Sweetheart

    • gephipps

      are you crazy. he is the show. if they get rid of him i will never watch the show again.

    • pepper pack

      Then why do you watch it? Gibbs/Harmon is center of this show. If you don’t like him then don’t watch it

    • Red

      Pepper pack is right. It’s not rocket science, if you don’t like a show DON’T watch. Duh!!!

    • NanciMarie

      COME ON now!! Are you loopy? Or what!

      • NanciMarie

        Additionally, Mark Harmon is awesome in the role. He is the unchanging figure for the others to LOOK to for their characters’ fulfillment. Same thing goes for ABBY!!!

    • jan pugsley

      Oh NO he is the very best he will never go or be let
      go on the # 1 show in the world.

  • Lindsey

    I’m sure they won’t kick him off, but if they do, there’s one thing I know for sure. If Mark leaves, so do I… I’m sure I won’t be the only one..

    • Nicotine

      No, you won’t. If Mark Harmon leaves NCIS, then so does my viewership. I like Micheal Weatherly’s character, Tony, but I don’t think that character was constructed to anchor an entire series. The Gibbs character is the glue that holds the rest of them together and Mark Harmon is the big name cast member on the show. I haven’t even seen any of the other cast members on anything else except Micheal Weatherly on Dark Angel, and that show went belly-up even with Jessica Alba.

      • Jennifer

        I remember Michael Weatherly when he was on the soap opera Loving! I believe his characters name was Cooper Alden.

      • thecentre

        Remember Abby on SyFy short-lived series ‘Special Unit’.

      • Matty

        Ducky was on The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

      • steve

        Michael Weatherly was also Christina Applegate’s ex on ‘Jessie’.

      • steve

        Ilya Kuriakin

  • wolverinemarky

    NCIS is one of the best shows out there period. and it would be a sad day to lose Gibbs

    • Autumn Gray

      They won’t take out Mark Harmon–they’ve said time and time again that they know they’ve got something special. TPTB know that it’d be suicide to kill off Gibbs, aside from the fact that several other members of the cast have already said that they’ll stay as long as Harmon stays. We’ve got nothing to worry about, but this arc should be a very interesting one nonetheless.

  • mary ellen

    I just saw a USA interview with Harmon and he said he was still very happy to come to work. So I doubt either he will quit or his contract won’t be honored. He still has one year left on it as do the other main players I believe. SB is just stirring up fans again. That is what he does. Annoying as anything but that is what he does.

    • Erika

      They’ve already had a story where Gibbs ‘left’. I mean, heck, the man went head to head with the original showrunner and didn’t get killed off. Gibbs is staying put. Rena Sofer’s role is set up to make her look like an accomplice of Bell’s, so it’s got to be 180 degrees away from that. NCIS does their best work with ‘tantalizing’, so I can’t wait to see what this twist holds.

  • Keith

    Get rid of Tony. What an awful character! If anyone acted the way he does in his job they’d be canned before too long. The one liners and constant movie references have grown old.

    • Kimberly

      Everything you just described about the Tony character is what makes that character needed.The character as a single unit may get annoying, but then look at how the other characters bounce off him to get their well-roundedness.

      • Rose

        So glad people are sticking up for Tony. He’s an awesome character. Can he be annoying? Yes. But that’s part of his charm. He’s an essential member of Gibbs’ team and the next one in line to be team leader. And Michael Weatherly plays him brilliantly.

        And after this week’s episode I’m going to have to reserve judgment. Because Gibbs did some really questionable things. I’m wondering how this is going to all play out.

    • Mcat

      ALL of the characters would have been canned long ago, with the exception of Ducky. Here’s a clue: It’s not real life.

    • Kerrin

      Aw! Meanie! I love Tony! I love his comic relief and hidden serious/ extremely competent side.

    • tejas

      Can’t get rid of Tony. He’s as important to the show as Gibbs is. About the only ones they could ditch are Ziva or Vance (I’d hate to see them get rid of Vance).

    • stepie

      That’s the beauty of Tony – he’s a goofball, but a darn good agent!

      • WJR

        stepie you said it all. im with you.nuf said

    • Ronda

      His humor is what keeps the show interesting, he can be serious when he needs to be. In that kind of job you need a little relief. and its giving all those different movies a call out, bet someone has gone and rented a movie, just to see if its true. Get a life and live a little and dont be such a sourpuss.

    • David

      I remember when NCIS first started, my wife and I tried to watch it; but couldn’t stand the wise ass Tony. We nade the mistake of not continuing to watch it until the reruns on the USA network this past summer. Now we never miss an episode!

      • Joy

        I started watching NCIS and now I have my husband watching it. Everyone on this show are great they need not change anything!!

    • gephipps

      ya hes become a joke. get him back to the old tony

  • Mellie

    gibbs isnt leaving. they cant do the show without him bc as much as i love michael, cote, pauley and sean, without mark’s character a key element is gone.

  • SH

    Gibbs is the rock on which the rest of the characters stand, without him they fall.

    • liz

      I agree – w/out Gibbs you have no show. When he smiles I just melt!! Tony on the other hand….

  • JAN


    • UnHolyDiver

      Once again, the caps button; know it, learn it, love it.

      • Kosmokat

        “Once again, the caps button; know it, learn it, love it.” Love this. Can I borrow this phrase for when my co-workers yell at me? LOL

      • BAH HUMBUG


  • Liana C

    Gibbs has been the central character around which the other flies buzz. The writers must know that if they ax Harmon, the show goes down the tubes as fans will depart in droves.
    Can’t we just get rid of the Sofer character? She’s awful and worse, awful for Gibbs. Yes he’s been married three times and seems to make awful choices in women, but jeez, the Sofer woman? Ick ick ick.

    • Jenn

      Yeah, I don’t understand the insistence on keeping her around unless we get to see that character come to a very painful end. She’s received almost nothing but negative fan reactions and the entertainment media keeps throwing her out as a possible love interest. What is this, a soap? Come on.

    • gephipps

      has anyone noticed that the writing is diffrent? i’ve noticed it sense the new ncis came on.

  • Li

    Gibbs = HBIC

    Gibbs = Mark Greene on E.R.

    He goes, so does the show. I like all characters though, very much, which is rare in TV-shows. And season 7 has been sooo amazing so far.

    • Bond

      “Gibbs = Mark Greene on E.R.”

      not sure I agree with that since ER went on many more seasons after Edwards left. However, I will agree that I stopped watching after the first round of castmembers left (Clooney, Edwards et al).
      IF Harmon would leave it would be as catastrophic to the franchise as when Simon leaves Idol.

      • Li

        Yeah, but ER sucked after he left. NCIS will suck if Mark leaves.

      • David

        Some shows, like Law and Order, continue to strive after numerous cast changes although I can’t figure out how Bewitched continue to be popular after Dick York left and was replaced by Dick Sargent as her husband, Darrin; but I supposed that is an altogether different situation?

  • Tammy

    I agree that if Gibbs leaves, I will too. He is a mature, slightly screwed up character, who helps to hold the rest of the cast together. When he retired and went to Mexico, the cast was incomplete. And if they need to give Gibbs a love interest, couldn’t they have made a little more appealing when they introduced her? I hate Sofer’s character!

  • Cee

    Can someone explain the Ball story line? I must have missed a few episodes, but I saw the one where Gibbs saw Rena’s character in a picture with Ball…that’s all I know about him! And it seems like it will be important! Help…

    • Cee

      Er…Bell. See? That’s how much I know! ah!

    • WhitneyD

      There was an episode earlier in the season where Franks turned up in an investigation- more precisely, two dead soldiers for hire drifted into a naval harbor on a boat Gibbs had built. As it turned out, the mother of Frank’s daughter-in-law wanted to get her daughter and granddaughter back and had hired them through former Col. Bell to kidnap them (who runs a lucrative private security firm ala Blackwater). Gibbs had Bell handed over to Mexican authorities because bounty hunters aren’t welcome on Mexican soil. Bell was released and Sofer’s character showed up. (Hope that helps)

  • Chris

    I’ll go with Gibbs if he leaves.

    I love Tony and Ziva, but without Gibbs, I won’t watch.

    • gephipps

      now if abby left i think i would stop watching it too. shes my idol

  • Morgan

    Gibbs is NCIS. Without him, I won’t watch, no matter how much I also like the other characters. I can’t stand Rena Sofer or her character. If they put her in as a love interest for Gibbs, I’ll be DVRing the episodes and making liberal use of the fast forward button.

    • ks

      Me too! I do really enjoy Gibbs and Fornell interactions. I would love to see Kent (CIA) come back, yea we will be DVRing the show.

      • Taylor

        Boy, I feel the same way about the character and the actress that plays her too. Whenever, she comes on scene, I just wince. Rena Sofer, I’m sorry, just isn’t that good of an actress to handle the scenes she’s been given. Furthermore, not for one second do I believe that Gibbs would lower his guard for this woman. I really hope the ‘decision’ doesn’t involve her getting pregnant because of him, that would be a serious “Nuke the Fridge” moment for me for the show.

      • Pell

        er, Trent Cort? There’s a character I love to hate.

      • mari

        Pell is right. It is Trent Cort :) I love his character. Fornell, Cort, Gibb’s old mentor (whose name escapes me at the moment) and Worth are awesome recurring characters.

      • Ashley

        It’s Mike Franks ;)

      • kevjn

        i think gibbs should stay &dinozo should go hes acrap actor
        o should ggo

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