'Lost' exclusive: Michelle Rodriguez returns!

michelle-rodriguezImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCMichelle Rodriguez is the latest ex-815er to book a return trip to Lost.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Rodriguez will reprise her role as late tailie Ana-Lucia in at least one of the show’s final episodes.

Rodriguez, who was killed off in season 2, returned in season 5 when Ana-Lucia appeared in one of Hurley’s visions.

There’s no word where or exactly when Ana-Lucia will resurface this time around, but, come on, this has “flash-sideways cameo!” written all over it!

Rodriguez joins a growing list of Lost alums guest-starring this season. Said list includes Maggie Grace, Harold Perrineau, Cynthia Watros, and Rebecca Mader.

Thoughts? Theories? Head to the comments!

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  • Deion

    Yay! Following Mike on Twitter makes the scoop come so much faster!

    • Sofia

      Hello there, Ausiello!

  • Nina

    OMFG!!! Hell yes!!! I love her character.

    • Lost Fan!

      Me too! And has anyone noticed that the Lost Last Supper picture is starting to make sense? Seems like everyone to the left of podLocke are one side, and everyone to the right of him are on Jacob’s side?

      • KS

        Which one is Judas? Or IS there one??? Dun dun dun…

      • Tom in STL

        Sayid is Judas. He is sitting in the same position Judas is in for the original. Kate is Peter, Sawyer is John, Jack is “Doubting” Thomas, Hurley is Matthew, and of course Locke is Jesus.

      • jodipo

        no, that is wrong. Richard is not on Flocke’s side, and Ben killed Jacob so you could hardly say he i on his side.

      • Alicia

        There’s actually one version of this picture in which Richard and Ilana appear to have switched sides, and to be supporting “Flocke.”

      • Joe

        I agree, looks like we’ll see Ilana and Richard switch sides soon.

    • Brenda Barrett

      I love her, too!

    • T.C.

      I’m so glad she’s coming back. I’m looking forward to Libby’s return as well. I really wish there were more strong/interesting female characters on Lost. Sun and (especially) Kate just don’t do it for me, and Claire is a little too far off in cookoo land for me to relate to her.

      • Sassafras

        Kate’s character is so annoying. Hope she falls of a cliff and die!

      • Banjo

        Glad I’m not the only one to find that! I wish they’d brought Michelle on as female lead, actually. Kate and the others they kept I find annoying or bland. At least Shannon was entertaining and had some fire to her (and was sexy too… :P )!

      • cloud

        What about Juliette?

    • Tracey

      I’m so happy about this! I loved her character.

      • em

        i loved her too! why did they kill her off!

      • cloud

        She only wanted to be on for one season. Same for the actor who played Eko.

      • gigi

        She was killed off along w/ Libby b/c in real life the actresses got DWI’s and I believe went to jail or at least had major community service to do. They were kicked off the show. I love Michelle personally and can’t wait to see her back!

    • laylagalise

      Me, too! She’s a great actress and it wouldn’t be the same if Ana Lucia didn’t pop up. I just hope Mr. Eko does the same.

  • D.

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Sofia


    • RememberMe

      Only if we get to see her bite the dust again.

      • LAJackie

        I’ll second that. Hated Ana Lucia.

      • Meg

        i agree…i hated her character. the only person i was happy to see bite it!

      • Zoey

        Oh God, please. I hated her. I was so happy to see her die.

    • you are just


    • Maddy

      Hate the character and all of the time wasted on her boring story. The only reason to see Anna again is to see her die, perhaps more slowly and painfully this time. But what a waste of the few episodes they have left.

    • Annie

      OMG…this is not good news to me. I haven’t hated many TV characters but she is at the top of the list. I couldn’t even watch LOST when she was on. When Michael shot her I was actually happy.


      I agree…..Only if they kill her off again will I be happy to see her!!!

  • Blake

    Great news

  • david w

    sweet anna-lucia was always my favorite tailie

  • krayzeman


    • Q

      He wants to come back, but the producers have repeatedly say they don’t want him!!

      • Daniel

        I thought it was the other way around…

      • Daniel

        I thought it was the other way around…he just wanted off

      • Daniel

        Did he actually say the wanted to return?

      • Nick

        He did quit the show. But he said recently he’d be glad to be back on.

    • topoopon


  • Come On!


    • Mark

      Relax, they do this with every show that sees a character’s return. I’m a huge Lost fan that hates spoilers, but c’mon, Lost doesn’t need special treatment. They’re not even saying what she does when she returns.

    • RK

      Ah, it only took 8 posts.

      • Reese


    • Reese

      How exactly is this a spoiler? And, if “spoilers” get you so bent outta shape that you resort to using all CAPS, why are you on ew.com? Shouldn’t your head be buried in the sand somewhere until next Tuesday?

      It’s 2010…not 1975. Not much is “secret” these days…

      • Spoiled

        It’s a spoiler because I didn’t know she was going to show up and now I do. There’s generallya surprise effect the writers are going for when they bring these past members on, and knowing exactly who we’re going to see ruins it. Typically on EW, you have to click the article (“Casting scoop for Lost!”) to see what it is, not just go to the main page.

      • RK

        Nope. They did the same thing when announcing Shannon was coming back.

      • Monica

        Are you kidding? I wish that was the case with cast (and casting) related articles titles at EW. Season 4 of Dexter was ruined (RUINED) for me because of a title. That wasn’t the first time. This won’t be the last.

      • Monica

        My comment was for Spoiled, btw.

      • Michele

        Why do people who freak about “spoilers” search the internet for articles about “LOST?” Just do no reading or internet searches until after the show ends, for god’s sake!

    • Beth

      I completely agree. As someone who doesn’t watch the next week’s promos, I think this sort of stuff is the worst kind of spoiler. “Casting scoop” would suffice.

      • Anne

        For all you “angry” people out there about spoilers… I hate to tell you but we’re in the 21st century and if you’re gonna choose to be on the internet at all you’re going to inadvertently be exposed to spoiler headlines. Stop whining and accept reality. As others have said also, why are you reading entertainment websites if you DON’T want information?

      • Muhaha

        So you didn’t see Ben being killed by Locke?

      • Matt

        Anne – we’re in the 21st century???

    • b

      no kidding. this is ridiculous. its not even safe to go to the ew homepage anymore.

  • sheri2271

    I hope they don’t make her David’s mom. Thanks for the scoop Mike.

    • Liz

      Exactly what I was thinking. I defintely hope that Doc Jensen is right and Jack’s baby mama is Juliet who is currently dating Sawyer.

      • Lily

        Definitely think Ana-Lucia will be David’s mom. Yes, he doesn’t have the complexion, but look at the dark hair. Also, Ana-Lucia is scheduled to be back very late in the season… which is when they apparently intend to reveal who David’s mother is.

    • Kalick

      I don’t think David has the complexion to be her son.

      • Anne

        Ha! No kidding. That was one pale kid.

    • Laura

      It would be hard to imagine two people with brown eyes having a son with such bright blue eyes, but they have stretched the truth before.

      • niki

        Jack doesn’t have brown eyes..

      • nacho mama

        It had better be possible. I hafve blue eyes. Dad has brown and Mom had green. Now, as the complexion of an Ana-Lucia/Jack kid, why not. The kids are a mix. My kids are half-hispanic and aren’t as dark as their Dad. Just don’t put them next to their cousins.

      • Lori

        My husband and I both have brown eyes and our daughter has blue eyes and she is most certainly our child. We both have 1 parent with blue eyes, so we each of Dominant/Recessive Brown which means there’s a 25% chance any of our children can come out with Recessive/Recssive Blue. Dumba$$.

      • In a s show with a giant smoke monster . . .

        You’re seriously going to get hung up on eye color?

      • Laura

        Geesh. This is a TV show. They cast a kid with very bright blue eyes. For a dramatic effect, I would imagine they are trying to imply the mom has blue eyes.

        To those of you have have kids with different eye color than yourselves, don’t take my comment personally. It is TV.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Plus the character would have been 16 when she had the kid. “Lost” hasn’t quite gone there yet.

    • Laura K.

      Doc’s theory makes no sense. Jack said David’s mother was out of town, not out. Meaning she was traveling, not on a date. Doesn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t be the mother, but it does mean she probably wasn’t dating Sawyer at the time. (And don’t even get me started on why she was out of town while her son was auditioning for a prestigious music school).

    • LAJackie


      We were at the PaleyFest panel for Lost and when asked if David’s mum was someone we had seen before, they said yes. When the audience all went ooooooohhhhhhhh, Damon said “it’s Sara!” in a “it’s not that much of a surprise” type of voice.

  • Eckhard

    She will kill Kate in the Flashsideways.
    Sorry Kate

    • Mells

      @Eckhard – that would be fantastic!!!!

  • crispy

    Do you even watch the show? None of these Lost vets have “booked a return trip to the island.” They’re all showing up off the island in an alternate timeline. And honestly, Charlie’s 30-second cameo was hardly anything to get excited about that it warrants screaming headlines at the top of EW every time another former Lost actor is cast. Also, Ana Lucia sucked.

    • Cerulean

      crispy, I highly doubt he actually means ‘booked a return flight’, it’s just a way of saying the actor/character will be on the show again while making a reference to the plane that started the whole thing. Chill.

    • Luddite

      Well, they do film on an island.

    • Lisa Simpson

      As much as I disliked AL at the time, I don’t mind her coming back for a cameo, as she did for Hurley. I just hope they don’t bring back Nina and Pablo.

      • crispy

        You know, it will be sorta interesting to see how they’ve changed her in the sideways timeline. Will she be nicer? Does she make smarter decisions? Can Michelle Rodriguez do more than one expression?

      • Goob

        You mean Nikki and Paolo?

      • LAJackie

        Nina & Pablo?!!!! Ha ha, that’s funny :D

      • Lisa Simpson

        Crispy – Yeah, in this changed Sideways world, will Michelle Rodriguez be able to deliver a believable line reading?

        Goob – Yes, those two. Sawyer called them Nina and Pablo, and I thought that was as much respect as the characters deserved.

  • UGH

    Is she going to ape the Sawyer angry stare again?

    • Mike

      Seriously. This chick has exactly one expression. She uses in every single movie or TV she somehow manages to get cast in. There is not one iota of difference between characters in any show or movie as her range is about .75 of an inch.
      Makes it easier for her, but tiresome for the rest of her who have to endure her.

      • Shane

        that is exactly how i feel about “whispery monotone, lip trembling, hey, i am acting!!!! wow!!!” elizabeth mitchell.
        i was so happy when she died i was jumping up and down screaming “goooo down the damn hole!!!”

  • arwen

    Love it, this is great news.

  • DC

    She has to be on Team MIB. Disappointed that they are bringing Rodriguez back. Are Nicki and Paulo next? Spend your money on making the finale memorable not requiring us to see everyone who has appeared in the prior five years. It is a great show but the number of returning folks is out of hand. I hope this pays off…

    • ryan

      Most people enjoy seeing old cast members. I don’t think the final episode will suffer financially.

    • Johnification

      Actually, a self-aware Sideways cameo by Nikki and Paulo would probably be really funny…

      • facue

        That would be really funny.

      • Mouse

        Bring back Nikki and Paulo just to have MIB and Jacob bicker about who has to have them on their side. “You take ’em.” “No… you.”

    • ef

      Love it- I keep thinking the same about Paulo and Nikki reappearing…perhaps they are who will be resurrected and protect the island!

    • Tim

      All someone has to do to plausibly have a Nikki cameo is turn on the TV and then Expose can be on TV

  • Eckhard

    off the island is “season 7”

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