'Grey's' exclusive: Two more docs checking out?

It looks like Grey’s Anatomy will be down two doctors next season, and, believe it or not, neither of them are played by Katherine Heigl!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mercy West transplants Robert Baker (Dr. Percy) and Nora Zehetner (Dr. Adamson) are not expected to return next season.

There’s no official word on the fate of fellow “invaders” Jesse Williams (Dr. Avery) and Sarah Drew (Dr. Kepner), but there’s buzz both may stick around long-term. Grey’s boss Shonda Rhimes has until June to decide whether to exercise the series regular options in their contracts. (Here’s hoping she does; I like those two.)

Heigl’s MIA Izzie, meanwhile, will reappear in April. But for how long? Confides an ABC source: “No one knows.”

Thoughts? Will you miss Percy and Adamson? Should Rhimes keep Avery and Kepner around? And are you so over the Heigl drama? I kind of am.

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  • Sailor

    Yes, please keep Dr. Avery. Yum!

    • Daniel


      • Cheery

        Axe all the newbies except him :D

      • Jane

        Wait…who are these people again? Is Avery the dude with the hots for Yang?

      • em

        YES dr avery!! him and christina would rock… she really needs someone young and fun, enough with all these intense older guys for her

      • aaa

        Dr Avery can stay but Frankenstein needs to go

    • BigDave

      And please, find him a significant other, so he has an excuse to take his shirt off.

      • Julie


      • Shey


      • skm

        Keep him and put him with Kristina.Him her and Owen would be a great triangle.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        He and Lexie have great chemistry. Yang and Hunt are good together, and please, please, please let them get rid of Kim Raver. I can’t stand to watch her. I hate her character, she’s a bit of an eyesore (due to her obvious eating disorder), and she really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. BUT, I would rather see her stick around than Heigl. I think it’s kind of funny, actually, because I’m of the opinion that Katherine Heigl is slowly but surely digging her own career grave. Hopefully leaving Grey’s is just the tip of the iceburg. I mean, you can only play the exact same romantic comedy lead character so many times before people start to realize what a one trick pony you actually are, and that you have no talent otherwise.

    • tvfan

      I agree, but didn’t last night’s episode imply he was leaving to follow his grandfather.

      • maiv

        I thought it was just implying that he’s gonna start to try to understand him more before he dies.

      • Brooke

        I thought that, too, and assumed he was one of the Mercy Westers that wasn’t staying on the show.

      • seriesfreak

        Yes, and it had me instantly worried! Dr Avery is the only interesting new character (not counting Kim Raver, who’s much needed to shake things up) around! Zehetner doesn’t seem to get any airtime anyway and really, who cares? Dr Percy seems out of place.

        And as much as I appreciate that Bailey may want to find love, this forced love story with a guy I don’t believe would go for her doesn’t work. No wonder they spend no time at all developing the story but shove the characters together to kiss – he’s leaving. And I hope he does. He deserves better than to be the boy toy at the writers’ disposal.

    • sunsetsnow

      Yes please with cherries on top. He needs a love interest stat even if it isn’t Christina.

    • Sharlin

      I thought this show was about the 5 original interns. This has become Heroes with surgery now. TOO MANY DAMN CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT NEEDED.

      • CK

        I agree. Used to love this show. But at some point … Oh yeah, precisely when the Mercy West folks checked in … I stopped watching. I’m still interested in what happens to some of the characters, but I’m done watching.

    • hollie

      Keep Dr.Avery dont really care about the others

  • Amanda

    The only Mercy Wester they need is Dr. Avery!

    • Amber

      Indeed! Mmm mmm mmm!

  • Kathryn

    Good Riddance!! As for Avery, he is the only Mercy-Wester worth keeping! If you notice, he’s the only one that’s been giving s storyline that connected with the original Seattle-Gracers(I’ve blocked out any Reed-Alex interactions) so it’s like Shonda WANTS the audience to get used to him on the show!

  • Sofia

    Oh great more regulars. Just what this show needs…

    • Sally

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Kenbud

    Please keep Dr. Avery. He’s easy on the eyes …. okay, he’s EVERYTHING for the eyes.

    • caydee

      i agree. he is very easy on the eyes and after last nights episode i think i fell more in love with his character. i was worried after meredith said he should go with his grandpa that he would leave but i am hopeful he is staying. and sarah drew is amazing. they are the only two worth keeping the others are just a waste of space.

    • mads

      I also agree. Plus I feel like him and Lexi would be a cute couple.

  • KriZia

    Good riddance to Heigl, I say. The show has run quite well without her.

    • claire

      Yeah it has consistently scored its lowest ratings ever. So…think ABC might see it differently.

      • another blonde

        everytime I see Lexie now, it reminds me that KH isnt there…like they know she isnt there and they asked Lexie to substitute…they even gave her the same man!

      • Manny

        Actually the ratings stayed the same with or without her.

        Shes the one that needs Greys not the other way around with all the complaints she had about the show. Why doesn’t she want to leave

      • m.

        She has a contract and can’t just leave even if she wants.

      • m.

        Actually if you look at the ratings, they are down. The average has been constantly dropping since the beginning of season 4 (since Burke left). I think Feb. 18 was show’s lowest rating (10,2 million).

    • michael

      I disagree. Some don’t miss Izzy because Shonda and company gave her the shaft in terms of storylines. They turned her into an unlikeable nutjob. I miss George much more, but I don’t think that show is the same without Izzie, the one that I liked.

      • Eleanor

        I agree some people don’t..but they never liked her anyway :) But certainly the writers have really had some poor stories for Izzie. The show will not die suddenly if Katherine or anyone else leaves. But all of these things add up…over the weeks and months..ratings decline..and eventually that has an impact.

      • another blonde

        They pushed George out with zero storytime (or bad ones) and it seems to me they are trying to act like Izzie isnt missing

  • Kate

    I don’t actually know the two girl Mercy Wester names … so which one is leaving? Reed or the one who killed the guy?

    • Danielle

      Reed. I had to google them to put names to faces. Lol.

      • Mothra

        I had the same problem, hence this is a no-brainer. If we die-hard Grey’s fans can’t remember them other than by fan site comment nicknames, buh and BYE!

      • julia

        ya had to imdb them to figure it out

      • Rachel

        Same here. Although I think I know them as frankenstein and pixie. That’s what everyone always calls them.

      • MB

        Exactly. Gotta go.

  • Tara

    I want Izzie to stay. All the MWers can go or stay, doesn’t matter to me. I have no investment in any of them.

    • Ike

      Totally agree with Tara. Stop messing with Izzie (Katherine’s character).

      • Rachel

        okay 1st how can you not want Dr. Avery to stay – he gorgeous! =)
        About Izzy – they are not doing anything to her. Katherine doesn’t really want to be on the show and negotitated time off to do a movie and then maternity leave. Should grey’s roll over and cancel itself should she choose not to return? Next year is the final year on her contract and she wanted out last year. I say if she wants out, let her out. I will miss her with Alex though.

      • Katie

        I really like Avery, he is the only Mercy-wester worth keeping, although why did they bring the other girl back just to get rid of her again? I hope that since this upcoming season is Heigl’s last contracted year, give her a good storyline and make the die-hard grey’s fans happy. I just love her and Alex, I just don’t like what they did after she got better. The marriage went down the tube!

    • jen

      izzy is awful. so what if we don’t know the new characters yet? better to not know them than to know that they are selfish, hypocritical and self-righteous to the point of absurdity. There is literally nothing to like about her anymore. if you like her, you like what she used to be- not what she has become.

      • Eleanor

        I really dont get that. Izzie has been through so much – I don’t find her at all selfish or self righteous. She has lost more than any other character…had more misfortune and bad things happen to her..yet is still positive and upbeat and willing to forgive. She lost her kid, Denny, her best friend, she had cancer…lost her job…it just goes on. Noone else has suffered in that way. I think she deserves a lot of slack. In my opinion Izzie has been treated very badly.

      • Tom

        What she has become is not the fault of Heigl, who has done the most she can with her character (I am convinced she won the Emmy because voters were so sorry she was forced to make that idiotic “I believe” speech), but of the writers. They took a wonderful character and turned her into an inconsistent, borderline lunatic. Shame on them.

        Keep Williams and Drew–and draw the line at adding any more characters. Try for some depth with your storylines, instead of throwing two more characters into bed because your writers have run out of ideas. It’s pathetic.

    • jenn

      As much as I hate KH, I’ve definitely noticed her absence the last couple months. I don’t really get invested in each episode, like I’m just waiting for her to come back. The show has lost everything that made it special the first season with George and Izzy. I don’t know any of the Mercy West doctors, and the way Meredith and Christina independently use the same crazy phrases to describe people is so unbelievable, I groan every time. I’m afraid I’m about to give up on GA.

      • dave

        yeah it just hasn’t had any good story lines lately…..

      • Lisa

        Other than her not liking Katherine Heigl, I agree with everything else jenn said above. With George dead and Izzie missing in action, the “heart” of the group is gone. Now all we have left is the cynical, competitive, emotionless part of the core group. George was just caring & always tried to do the right thing. Izzie makes Alex seem almost human, so I miss her mostly for that reason. Without that side of him, I can’t stand Alex. Izzie has had more than her share of tragedy and I think Katherine Heigl has played it beautifully. If she wants off the show, that’s her right but if they write her out, I hope they bring someone to the show to balance the group back out. Lexie doesn’t seem to be able to fill that void, like I’d hoped and none of the Mercy-Westers seem to fit the bill either. Not in my opinion, anyway. On the other topic…keep Dr Avery. He’s hot!

  • Fan

    Agreed about Dr. Avery, he is so yummy and also seems like he might have character potential…the others I don’t care about. I want Heigl out though. She’s done with the show, and those of us who watch the show are done with Izzie.

    • Mothra

      I love the idea of Dr. Hotty McHotness being Meredith’s other half sibling from Dr. Webber and her mom…

      • Susan

        How is that possible? We just met his grandpa, who isn’t related to either Webber or Ellis.

  • Dawn

    Which ones are Percy and Adamson? In other words, no, I won’t miss them. The only one I’d like to see kept around is Dr. Avery, but I thought last night’s show was a setup for him to leave. On Izzie – I like her, but I don’t miss her. The mood seems lighter w/o her there.

  • Michelle

    I only know who Avery is since last night his name was used so often. Never really took to the Mercy Westers. So I don’t care! Do care about Izzie though. Miss her character (but not KH’s drama)

    • Eleanor

      That so called drama is almost entirely created by the press and blown ridiculously out of proportion.

  • Lisa

    YAY! Now if they would get rid of Teddy, I would be very happy!

    • Danielle

      I don’t like that Teddy is/was in love with Owen. But I love the way she interacts with Christina. Now if they can just stay away from Teddy and Owen being some kind of love item, I think her character will be more likable. She’s a great mentor for Christina and she really helps her out a lot.

  • Staci

    I agree — Avery is the only one I care about, but it seems like last night almost paved the way for a storyline where he would leave to learn under his grandfather.

  • Madwelshboy

    As long as Jesse Williams stays, i can live with all the other Mercy Westers going.

  • PT

    I am a huge Heigl fan but very much over the drama but to be fair the majority of it is all generated by the press. She has been leaving the show since the end of Season 2 yet here we are towards the end of Season 6 and she is still on it. Personally I would like her to leave because I think the show has slipped badly and they have really screwed with her character. I also want to see her doing movies full time. You only have to look at the huge decline in Grey’s ratings..to know where its heading.

    • jen

      the decline in ratings has nothing to do wiht the loss of izzie. her character’s ridiculousness is what made people flock AWAY from the show in the first place.

      • claire

        I disagree to an extend. I know a lot of people who simply don’t watch any more because she isnt in it. That said, I do agree that the some of the stories have not helped – but that is down to the writers and their creative choices. A lot of people have not liked the whole Mercy West thing as well. I think that is one of the biggest factors.

      • deana

        Personally, I quit watching because I hated Derek Shepherd so, so much, and the show kept trying to tell me that his self-absorbed, selfish wankery made him a dream man. It was insulting. Shonda was supposed to be selling fantasy, not making every female character suffer. And I think it’s the constant punishment of every single female character that has made people tune out. What was once a fun fantasy became a trainwreck.

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