Breaking: NBC renews 'Community,' 'The Office,' and '30 Rock'

nbc-renewsImage Credit: NBCThis just in: NBC’s entire Thursday night comedy lineup will be back next season!

The Peacock has extended early renewals to rookie comedy Community as well as The Office and 30 Rock. The pickups come less than a month after the net ordered a third season of Parks and Recreation.

The jubilant Community cast immediately took to Twitter to celebrate the news. “We just got called into the make-up trailer and told that WE GOT PICKED UP FOR A SECOND SEASON,” exulted Yvette Brown. (Watch the video of said announcement, shot by series creator Dan Harmon, here.) Added co-star Danny Pudi: “Drizzle drizzle! NBC picked us up for Season 2 of Greendale shenanigans. Thank YOU for watching and Thank YOU cast/crew for the best job!”

Still on the bubble: Heroes, Mercy, Trauma, and Chuck.

My Bubble Show Scorecard has been updated!

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  • chewy

    Finally, NBC using some brains for once!

    • LOL

      “Punch it, Chewy!” – Han

    • Dube

      Agreed! This is great news! P&R has been soooo much better than last year and Community has been a very pleasant and hilarious surprise for me. Good job NBC… didn’t think I’d be saying that for awhile, but there you go!

    • Dianna

      I didn’t know NBC had comedies, or shows on Thursday. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I really didn’t know. I knew there is a 30 Rock, and Office, but didn’t know when they were on.

      • jk

        You must be pretty stupid, then.

  • Nicotine

    All it needs to do now is renew Chuck, the other three I don’t really care too much about. Maybe Law & Order, but definitely Chuck.

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      People didn’t really click inside this post to grumble that “Chuck,” which has been back for maybe 5 minutes, hasn’t been renewed yet, did they?

      Does NO ONE know how this business works?

      • Jenny

        that’s a stupid post. Clearly the person was just saying he/she wants Chuck to be renewed next.

  • Anthony

    Thank Jebus!!! Cant say how happy I am that Community will be returning next years. Fantastic show!

    • Kieran

      “Community” is hilarious, especially when Senor Chang kills it. Nobody talks about this show, so I wondered if I was the only one watching it. Glad to hear it’s coming back. We need more student films from Abed.

      • Melissa

        Community is the funniest and most refreshing show I have seen in a long time. Senor Chang and Abed are stand-outs, and the rest of the cast is great. I’m happy to see that they’ll be back for another season!

  • lala

    gr….if chuck is not renewed: death to nbc!

  • snark

    I’d watch “Heroes,” if every week they show me a new way to make a hoagie.

    • For the love of all humanity…

      Cancel Heroes. Set the cast free to pickup pilots before it’s too late. Even if Heroes returns it will be pulled from the airwaves within weeks. The ratings are that bad. The only entertainment I get from watching it now is to later come on here and hear others’ critiques of what we had seen, all the continuity errors and illogical decisions the characters make. Its train wreck TV at its finest with the random FX scene. Let the cheerleader die.

  • Chris Shifty

    NBC just renewed their funniest show with Community. I’m a huge 30 Rock and Office fan but Community has consistently put out a funnier and better episodes all season long. When I turn on my TiVo its hard to choose which show to watch first on Thursdays. Parks & Rec looks to only get better with Lowe/Scott joining the cast.

    • Christine

      I completely agree…I’ve been in awe of how funny “Community” has been lately and I’m also an avid Office and 30 Rock fan. And Parks and Rec has been strong, too.

    • LP

      You are wrong. Community is a very solidly funny show, but still doesn’t compare to the likes of 30 Rock or the Office.

      • DL

        How much of the 1-hour Office was funny? 5 minutes?

        I loved the UK one and the US one for the first few seasons, but it just isn’t what it was anymore.

      • MAE

        I have always LOVED LOVED LOVED the NBC Thursday comedy line-up, especially with the addition of P&R and Community. I personally feel that Community DOES compare favorably to The Office and 30 Rock. As a matter of fact, for me, 30 Rock is my least favorite of the night.

  • alia

    Oh, come on. Chuck has GOT to be coming back, right? RIGHT? (Do we need to start mailing in Nerds again?)

    • ger

      No, you just need to get more people to watch it.

      • strawberry lumps

        i heard that Chuck was pretty much a shoe-in to get renewed. i forgot where, but they said it was so safe it’s not even funny.

  • Graham

    First thing I thought when I saw the headline: “NBC?… The comments are going to be littered with Chuck nonsense.”

    One day, I’d like to be surprised.

    • bamalam

      agreed…lame-o’s…all of them…of course…I’m probably the biggest lame-o who still enjoys Heroes…

      • NorthTxPaul

        I keep recording Heroes… Always hoping that it will bring back the magic of the 1st season. Now it’s the Robert Jordan of TV, a series that keeps going without any plot ideas.

  • Shana

    Great for Community. The show has an awesome cast that is consistently funny.

  • Dave

    I can’t get into P&R. Too many annoying characters.

  • Dusty

    i wish they would have cancelled the office.

    • Sal

      Me too, much as I don’t want to admit it. It has not been a good season.

      • Dusty

        i personally think it should have ended with jim and pam getting married.

    • Chris

      Hey Dusty and Sal….
      The show can be permanently canceled for you….Just don’t watch anymore! But don’t be doing any wishing for the many, many loyal fans of the Office. With all the garbage that’s on TV, you wish for a quality-written and fabulously acted show like The Office to be canceled? Crazy…

      • Dusty

        oh you kn ow it sucks now a die hard office fan..just let it go

      • pepper pots

        actually no, dusty, i don’t KNOW that it sucks now. that is called your opinion. please try not to confuse it for fact.

  • Kate

    Why can’t they put Chuck on Thursday night at ten and then they can really claim a full night of comedy. I bet it could hold up better against Private Practice and whatever NCIS CBS has on than against 24, Dancing with the Stars, and the CBS comedies. That way, also, CBS has monday comedy night, ABC has Wednesday, and NBC can have Thursday.

    • strawberry lumps

      Chuck is funny, but it’s not really a 100% comedy. my ideal situation: nbc gets Better Off Ted and puts it on thursday at 10 and moves Chuck to 9 so i can watch How I Met Your Mother and Chuck

    • OIC

      Good call. Of course, noone at NBC is smart enough to make it happen. After all, you could be watching “The Marriage Ref” at 10…

    • J

      Chuck wouldn’t hold up on Thursday night. It can’t compete with lots of the other stuff on, like Vampire Diaries & Grey’s or Supernatural & Private Practice. Not to mention Burn Notice on USA. Burn Notice, Chuck and Supernatural have a lot of cross fans. I love Chuck, but NBC won’t let you transfer their shows from Tivo to Tivo. They put it up against Supernatural, no contest. I really do hope they renew Chuck and keep it on Mondays.

    • bootsycolumbia

      No. They tried comedy at 10 with Jay Leno and it didn’t work (although saying the Jay Leno Show was a comedy is really stretching it). They need to turf The Marriage Ref and put a good quality drama on Thursday night the way they did with Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and ER. NBC owned Thursday nights for over 20 years with that format. My suggestion would be (at least to start) to put Parenthood on Thursday nights. It’s getting clobbered by The Good Wife on Tuesday nights and it would be good counter programming to The Mentalist and Private Practice.

  • Wilson

    Why the heck isn’t Chuck already renewed? It’s one of the few shows left on the channel that still get watched by 6+ million viewers.

    • 18-49 demo matters more than total viewers.

      • CiciRose

        Chuck’s demos have been better than Parks and Rec all season, if not at least a couple of other shows, as well. It’s one of NBC highest rated shows this season.

    • Abby

      Chuck only started its Season 2 in January so they probably need a little longer to see their numbers. Whereas the other shows have had numbers from Sept./Oct. I think it’ll be pretty safe. NBC needs to fill hours now that Leno’s gone and Chuck has held up well.

      • Abby

        oops, make that Season 3.

  • Buddy

    This begs the question: where will they program new comedies? Are they starting a new night of half-hour shows? Are some of the Thursday shows being moved? Will the funny stretch into the 10 o’clock hour?

    • Nick B

      I doubt they will break up the Thursday night lineup. And I don’t think they will add two more sitcoms in the Thursday 10 o’clock hour either. My guess is they will put new comedies on a new night.

  • brynna


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