Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Smallville,' 'Good Wife,' 'Glee,' 'Grey's,' Fringe,' and more!

ausiello-greys-ncisGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Will anything ever happen between Will and Alicia on The Good Wife? —Stef
Maybe. Eventually. Perhaps. Exec producer Robert King explains: “[They have] one of the most complicated relationships… because it really is a friendship that doesn’t want to lose its friendship by going to the next step. There’s an episode [coming up in April] that’s all about not knowing what a jury is thinking and it’s a metaphor for how Alicia and Will can’t get into each other’s heads. During this trial, they have to make moves, guessing where the jury is headed. Sometimes we see that they’re just completely wrong.”

Question: I could probably be persuaded to send you a case of your favorite flavor of Snapple if you’ll give me some Good Wife scoop. —Brooke
I could probably be persuaded to accept those terms. The rivalry between Alicia and Cary will come to a head in May. According to exec producer Robert King, the season will feature two big climaxes — one of which we’ve already witnessed. “The first was ‘Hi,’ the episode where Peter gets out,” he explains. “[The second] will play into [the rivalry].”

Question: I’m bored with Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy. Please tell me she’ll interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina soon? —Maya
I can confirm that in the March 25 episode Teddy will interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina. And there’s a good chance sex will be involved. In other (possibly related) Grey’s news, Leven Rambin is due back as Mark’s preggers daughter, Sloan, on April 29. (I can’t keep a secret — Teddy and Mark are hooking up!)

Question: Who would I contact to pitch my idea for the plot of a Gilmore Girls movie? —Stacy
You can pitch Amy directly. Let me know if you need her e-mail address.

Question: Any juicy tidbits for the rest of the season on Smallville? —David
Clark and Zod will have an inevitable (and rather spectacular) showdown before the end of the season. And look for Lois and Perry to team up on the Kandorians story.

Question: Glee starts soon! In honor of that, some scoop? —Loki
Just 34 days! Here’s another tidbit about the Joss Whedon-Neil Patrick Harris hour: Harris and on-screen rival Matthew Morrison will find themselves up for the same role in a community theater production — hence the “Dream On” duet/showdown I teased in Ausiello TV.

Question: What’s this I hear about 24 being canceled? Please say it isn’t true! —Jaime
As of today, it’s not true. By Friday or Monday, I imagine it will be.

Question: Is it true that Rousseau is returning to Lost? —Jaime

Question: Is Gossip Girl ever going to revisit Blair’s eating disorder? —Lauren
Yes, but if you blink you’ll likely miss it. Exec producer Stephanie Savage tells me that there’s a “moment” coming up that touches on B’s struggle with bulimia. “It’s very subtle,” she quickly adds. “But for people who are looking for it, they will find it.”

Question: What can you tell me about Carter’s return on Gossip Girl? —Lucia
It’s tied to the arrival of Serena’s father (Billy Baldwin).

Question: I think you’re really cool and occasionally awesome. I also think you have the coolest job ever. So anyway, I have a question about NCIS. Any dish on May sweeps? —Annie
Occasionally awesome? This next scoop begs to differ: “Abby will face the biggest dilemma of her professional life,” reveals exec producer/showrunner Shane Brennan, “when she must decide whether to withhold or reveal a secret that could destroy the NCIS team.” Occasionally awesome my arse.

Question: Tiva this, Tiva that. Got any NCIS scoop not connected to those two? —Alexa
There may be trouble in paradise for NCIS‘ hopeless bromantics, McGee and Tony. “We are going to explore McGee and Tony’s relationship a little more in an upcoming episode,” reveals Sean Murray. “They have a very older brother-younger brother type [of] relationship. They protect and tease each other and show off in front of each other. But there is a pecking order, and Tony is on top of it. But he may be challenged by something McGee says or does.”

Question: Please tell me it isn’t true. Please tell me Ruby won’t be in the 100th episode of Supernatural! I’ll give you ice cream with sprinkles on top. —Ann
No, Ruby won’t be in the 100th episode (titled “Point of No Return” and airing April 15). But Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) will be. I scream, you scream, gimme this ice cream!

Question: Any tidbits about the season opener of Law & Order: Criminal Intent? The 30-second spots now showing on USA tell us nothing! —Maureen
As previously reported, the two-part premiere — airing March 30 and April 6 — bids adieu to Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian. How do they depart? All I’ll say is the second episode features a funeral, a firing, and a resignation. Suck it, 30-second spots!

Question: Now that we know that Neil Patrick Harris is not playing Gargamel in the Smurfs movie, can you tell us who is? I think Martin Sheen should be sitting by his phone. —Mike
The role hasn’t been cast yet. I heard offers went out to Sacha Baron Cohen and Mike Myers, but I believe they both passed. Martin Sheen’s an interesting idea. Personally, I’m still pulling for my first choice: Alan Rickman.

Question: Please could you serve up a tasty helping of Greek scoop? —Kelly R.
The show’s just-announced, 10-episode fourth season — slated to debut later this summer — will most likely be its last. “That is the plan,” confirms series creator Sean Smith, who hopes to lure back some old faves like Charisma Carpenter and Michael Rady for the final stretch. “We’re all looking at this as an opportunity to come back, wrap up the show, and end strong. ABC Family could’ve ended it, but they gave us this opportunity and I don’t want to squander it.” Meanwhile, an ABC Family spokesperson insists buzz that Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca) is leaving the show (perhaps to star in a new pilot) is not true. The rep says all of Greek‘s regulars will be back for season 4.

Question: Got a CSI spoiler, preferably something not related to Laurence Fishburne? —Ashley
I don’t know about you, but when I think of things not related to Laurence Fishburne my mind immediately goes to Jennifer Tilly. Coincidentally, the bride of Chucky has signed on to play a sex-obsessed, pill-popping former showgirl under suspicion for murder in the first episode of May sweeps. And here’s the best part: Tim Conway is playing her husband.

Question: Anything on Entourage? —Jimmy
Autumn Reeser’s returning! The O.C. triple threat (gorgeous, talented, loves me) just signed on to reprise her role as junior agent Lizzie Grant for a handful of episodes in season 7. And next week she starts work on the Greg Berlanti-produced ABC pilot No Ordinary Family. Someone’s in demand!

Question: Does anyone even remember that someone almost killed Julie on Desperate Housewives? Will that storyline ever be resolved? —Darin
I remember! And so does Marc Cherry, who confirms that the serial strangler will be unmasked during May sweeps.

Question: There’s some confusion about the duration of Brandon Routh’s stay on Chuck. We know it was extended from four to eight episodes, but another rumor suggested that his stint has been extended even further. Can you clear this up? —David
Here’s what I can tell you without totally ruining the story: Shaw will be around for a little while longer.

Question: When are we going to meet Cam’s parents on Modern Family? —Eddie
Next season! “We wanted to do an episode with Cam’s parents coming to town and staying with them, but we never got around to that this season,” says exec producer Steve Levitan. “So we’ll do it next season I imagine.”

Question: I am so ecstatic that Fringe was picked up for a third season. Help us celebrate by giving us a scoop about the second half of this season. —Erin
I think exec producer Jeff Pinkner has something he’d like to get off his chest: “At the beginning of the next episode, Peter and Olivia are in bed together.” I know what you’re thinking — he’s got to be kidding. Well, guess what?!?! Yep, he’s totally kidding. Fellow executive producer J.H. Wyman, however, is as serious as a heart attack when he says any romance between the two “needs to be earned… it’s trite TV when it’s not. We want to avoid that. We wanted to avoid that from the beginning.” Wyman goes on to tease that this season’s final episodes will feature a number of “revelations about their relationship and who they are.”

Question: Some How I Met Your Mother scoop, maybe? —Vanessa
Ted’s mom (a.k.a. Heroes‘ Cristine Rose) is returning later this season! Why? No clue! (Thanks for the tip, Alison!)

Question: I must have spoilers on United States of Tara! It is one of the best shows on television! —Avery
Tara starts off season 2 (debuting March 22) successfully warding off her alters, but her neighbor’s suicide brings a certain sauntering, chauvinist man’s man back out into the open. Buck ends up bedding a local bartendress, but Tara opts to keep the news of her transition/Sapphic encounter from her family. Oh, and wait until you see who they got to play Tara’s shrink.

Question: I know you hate One Tree Hill, but do you have any scoop on what’s coming up. —Jessica
The season finale is currently being shot on location in Utah. And if you have to ask why, you obviously haven’t been watching this season. In related news, can someone please tell me why they’re shooting on location in Utah?

Question: Is there any word whether TNT will order additional episodes of Southland? —Ken
No word. Worst-case scenario, the April 6 episode turns out to be a series finale. And although it wasn’t intended to bookend the series, exec producer Ann Biderman tells me there’s a “moment” at the end of the episode “that kind of defines what it means to be a cop. It was very serendipitous.”

Question: Does The Vampire Diaries have plans to resurrect Vicki? I’m hearing conflicting things. —George
The truth is right here: “We are not averse to bringing people back from the dead,” says exec producer Julie Plec, “but we would not do it with the first tragic death out of the gate. In the future, we absolutely will use those mystic tricks, but not with Vicki — as much as we loved Kayla [Ewell]. It would ruin the impact.”

Question: Do you really read all the questions you get from readers? —Paige
Every single one. And I don’t just skim them looking for key words that match whatever scoop I happen to have. I actually read them.

Question: Enough of The Vampire Diaries. Got any scoop on True Blood that can hold me over till June? —Brittany
More Vampire Diaries scoop it is! Exec producer Kevin Williamson teases that the season is “building to the Founder’s Day Celebration. That will be our last episode of the season. We will bring that historical storyline somewhat to a close and at the same time, we will start the next chapter. We will involve some of the town council and we will also take it to the next level.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez, Carrie Bell, Lynette Rice, Keith Staskiewicz, and Tanner Stansky)

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  • Nicole

    No Finn/Rachel GLEE scoop? Well, then I’m not interested LOL. Come on Ausiello. This is already Glee scoop everyone knew. Gimme some Finn/Rachel scoopage!

  • Shadow Step

    Oh just tell us when we can look forward to seeing the last of Brandon Routh!

    • ketchikan9


    • jeff

      i don’t get all of the brandon routh hatred…his character’s nothing special but not bad enough for this backlash

      • sk

        Routh’s character makes Casey just the weapons guy. He needs to be back in co-star position as something of a team leader.

        Also, I don’t like the 2-episode story arc idea for Chuck’s girlfriends. Either put him with Sarah, or bring Hannah back for a full season.

      • Wilson

        Yeah I thought Hannah was wonderful and if she wasn’t supposed to be with Chuck, why randomly have them just fall for each other and then kick her out?
        I saw HUGE potential for another really good friend at the Buymore for her. Also, while Chuck’s friends are nice and all, they’re a tad creepy, so it would be a nice change to have a nice friend who happens to be a girl…lol

      • MikeD

        Brandon Routh rocks. Chuck vs The Man of Steel. Bring it on!

      • Vanny

        I Love Brandon Routh! I am actually getting a bit sick of all the lovesick looks from Sarah and Chuck all the time. It was starting to irritate me, so I am actually thankful for some other love interests in Chuck.

      • Melissa

        I like Brandon Routh too. Makes the show more interesting.

      • Carrie

        I also love Brandon Routh. He brings a great dynamic for the show. Aside from being a love interest for Sarah he is a great mentor for Chuck.

      • Annie

        I like Routh in the show, and man he’s so HOT!!! He and Sarah make a nice couple, and I also like Charah. please don’t hate me, lol!

      • Reigh

        Whats whit the Bradon Routh Hate? Pretty Darn good actor, his character adds tons of dynamic to the show, whats not to like about him?

      • Csabika

        The law itself isn’t a loohlope, but I can go up to anybody and kill them and say it was self defense. I may not get away with it in the end, but I will get to walk the streets able to kill anyone else I please while they investigate. In any other state he would have been arrested and the investigation would happen with him imprisoned so that if it was 1st degree murder he wouldn’t be able to kill again before they know the truth. If it turns out the kid was threatening him enough to justify killing in self defense I will advocate his freedom, but that law still needs to be changed. If only to have the perpetrator imprisoned until a thorough investigation can be conducted.Obama would’ve gotten involved at any point in his presidency. This story is national news with a lot of controversy surrounding it. All presidents have thrown their hats in to some stories here and there when they felt necessary. Obama is an african american and a democrat. He doesn’t need to secure the black vote since they already like him for both of those reasons.

    • bob


    • Mike B

      Yes. Why do they keep upping his stay? Get out already!

      • PD

        Because he’s awesome, that’s why.

    • alisa

      Am I the only one who wants not only for Brandon Routh to stay full time, but to time travel back so Chuck does not break up with Hannah, and the two are still sucking face and Kristin Kreuk can ALSO stay full time? I mean, i love Chuck/Sarah, but…

      • Britt

        well, I’m all for the Kristin Kreuk thing, but then they should really find a better actor to play Shaw or some other spy love interest for Sarah, cause he bugs me. But I really loved Hannah, and it made me really sad that they had to make Chuck dump her in such a cruel manner! :(

    • CK

      Totally agree. I have nothing against Brandon Routh, but can’t stand Shaw and the way this whole storyline is going. They need to get back to the way it was and give Casey a bigger role. That’s when the show rocks.

    • Katie

      Yes, please. At the very least sub in a plank of wood and draw on some red eyes (Seriously, is that guy lighting up in between takes or is he just really sensitive about his feelings?). Sure I love Chuck and Sarah together but the Shaw character alone isn’t even that good. And he steals air time from Casey which should be a crime in itself.

    • Britt

      I know. I HATE Shaw, he’s taking all the fun out of the show! He has contributed absolutely nothing to the show, au contraire. And he’s making me like Sarah less, which is not a good thing. Grrr, what on earth were they thinking when they extended his contract? (and yeah! I agree with the Casey thing, at least next episode we’ll get more Casey-time cause Mr. ‘I-only-have-one-facial-expression”s not in that one (thank god).

    • G

      Agreed, also… I havne’t enjoyed the season as much with him. he reads his lines so stiltedly. He’s handsome, but his character is so disgenuine most of the time, it’s not believable. I am afraid he has ruined the third season for us fans. I hope the show gets renewed or at least a great send off with the finals episodes this season… still love the other characters.

  • Meesh

    Hi Ausiello!! Can you get the scoop on Finn and Rachel from Glee. Is Finn jealous? What is Finn going to going to do to get his girl back from her new man Jesse?!! Inquiring minds want to know!!! Thanks!

    • Nicole

      Ooh yes! Jealous Finn would be AMAZING! Finn/Rachel/Jesse triangle, maybe?

    • Naomi

      PLEASE ask about the Finn/Rachel/Jesse triangle!!!

  • tyson

    Thank you for the Smallville, Supernatural, Chuck and Fringe scoop!

    Smallville Clark/Zod fight sounds promising! Hope they’ve learned from the Doomsday one! Oi.

    • Jinx

      Maybe Zod will try to kiss Clark to death! lol

  • Raquel

    Omg! Thank you so much for united states of Tara

  • meh

    I can’t remember the last time you gave us something really juicy on Grey’s.

    • Ana


      • CC

        I think that’s probably because it jumped the shark, and there’s nothing juicy left to tell….

      • Tarc

        The only thing that has jumped the shark are people that still use the phrase ‘jumped the shark’…

  • Christine

    WOO HOO first!

    • Sarah

      f***ing tool

      • K


  • Graham

    Thanks for the Clark/Zod and Lois/Perry scoop! Exciting stuff.

  • Kiki

    I know the Mexie fans won’t be happy, but I’m happy to be rid of Teddy, if only for an episode or two. Still don’t trust Shonda completely.

  • Vikki Sixx

    As I have said before and will say again…I will no longer be watching Law & Order:CI after the second episode of the upcoming season. Goren is the main reason I (and everyone I know) watches the show. I don’t care if he is the most temperamental actor on Earth…CI without Goren is not worth watching. Which makes me wonder…is the funeral for the show?

    • Ryan

      I don’t mind Goldblum so much. There is actually a very old school detective show feel to Nichols on how he interrogates the suspects directly without being stand-offish (as opposed to say, The Mentalist) and then occasionally will gather everybody in the same place or pull out a random detail that we overlooked but was mentioned as he reveals the killer. At times he’s overly quirky (It is Jeff Goldblum after all) but I’m fine with it. I just wish Eames was staying to be his partner. By bets are she quits, Goren is fired, Ross is toast.

      • Lois

        I agree with your guess. Goren is fired, Eames quits, and Ross dies. I’m really going to miss Goren and Eames.

      • Bill from Las Vegas

        I think we can pretty much agree that Ross bites the big one, but I think Eames is the one that’s fired and Goren resigns. Can’t wait for the Goldblum era to start in full force. Goren and Eames have been stale for the past two or three years. Let the new blood roll!!!!!!

      • Jinx

        Goren dies, Eames quits and Ross is fired. (just mixing it up, lol)

      • Emma

        Vincent and Kathryn are fired, I quit watching, the show dies.

      • KayKay

        Bingo Emma! You’ve got it.

      • Dave

        Well, they already announced the possibility that Goren may return for future episodes so we know he doesn’t die. I’m really hoping it’s Ross because I couldn’t stand them killing Eames.

  • mary

    really? nothing about True Blood. Come on. We need more scoop.

  • Sophie

    Epic fail. Teddy’s boring and hooking her up with Mark will not make her interesting. I never stop watching shows because I’ve disliked something, but that was because I had faith in the writers, but this is epic fail…for sure, sad too because it was actually getting good.

    • kate

      Agreed, what a nasty sotyline having Mark sleep wiht Teddy!

    • Tarc

      Of all people, why on Earth Mark? Can you say, boring, expected, and lame? How about Avery? Or Chief?

  • Laura

    Curse you and your lack of True Blood scoop!

  • annie

    Thanks for answering my question!! :)

  • Shaula

    Thank you SO much for answering about Ruby, Ausiello! *Sighs in relief*

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