'Glee' spoiler alert: Major scoop on this season's final episodes

Entertainment Weekly intern Vlada Gelman is covering PaleyFest ’10 for The Ausiello Files. Here’s her report from last night’s Glee panel.

You Say “Hello”: The audience was treated to a screening of the April 13 episode, “Hello,” which finds Sue back at work and back to terrorizing Will. She charges Brittany and Santana with seducing Finn, who’s now sort of dating Rachel even though he isn’t quite over Quinn. Meanwhile, Rachel catches the eye of Vocal Adrenaline’s lead singer Jesse St. James, played by Lea Michele’s former Spring Awakening costar Jonathan Groff. Will and Emma continue to be adorable as they try to start dating, but a couple of things stand in their way, including Vocal Adrenaline’s coach (Idina Menzel) and an admission from Emma.

Set List: The episode features several songs with the word “Hello” in them after Will tasks the New Directions kids with finding a new take on it. Finn channels his “inner rock star” with The Doors’ “Hello, I Love You.” Rachel, mad at Finn, focuses on the first syllable with All American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell,” but then makes sweet with Groff in a duet of Lionel Richie’s “Hello.” Groff and the Vocal Adrenaline team also tackle AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” Other songs featured in the episode include Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again” and The Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye.”

Team Puckleberry: After being surprised by the reaction to the pairing of Puck and Rachel, exec producer Ryan Murphy confirmed that “they will get back together. We do give them another go.” But the writers want to keep Puck the great bad boy that he is, so he’ll sleep with pretty much every girl on the show. He’ll also be “trying out a new look” in an episode, Murphy said of the mohawk-less Mark Salling, before adding, “It might be come back.”

The Power of Madge and Gaga: As everyone knows, the show’s second episode back will be a Madonna tribute featuring 10 songs. Mercedes and Kurt try to give Sue a makeover in the episode, which leads to Jane Lynch performing “Vogue.” But the Material Girl is not the only one getting the Glee treatment. Another episode will tackle a Lady Gaga cover. “We reached out to her and she said, ‘Yes. I love the show,'” Murphy said. Additionally, Kurt will be singing Bette Midler’s “Rose’s Turn,” which Chris Colfer told Murphy was a personal favorite of his. But those hoping for a Coldplay or Bryan Adams cover will have to wait. The artists didn’t give the show clearance to use their songs.

Star Power: “If you have a Tony, you can get on the show,” Murphy said of their guest star criteria. Neil Patrick Harris, who, as previously reported here, plays an old glee club rival to Will (Matthew Morrison), showed up for his first day of work Monday after opening the Oscars the previous night. He and Morrison will sing two duets, including one you already know about (Aerosmith’s “Dream On”) and one you don’t (a Billy Joel number). Kristin Chenoweth also reprises her role as April Rhodes in the third episode back.

The Parent Trap: Viewers will learn more about Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) in an upcoming episode that explores why she’s so damaged. Meanwhile, two other adults on the show will get closer when Kurt hatches a plan to get his dad and Finn’s mom together so he can move in with Finn. In other parental news, producers said we won’t be meeting Rachel’s gay dads this season.

Too Risque for TV: Although the show pushes the envelope, there are still many lines that get left on the cutting room floor. “Shut your mouth before I rape it,” was a Sue crack that made it past the censors only to get cut by the self-editing producers at the last minute. Another line that got ditched from “Hello”: “She wears floor length skirts that make her look like she escaped from a polygamist cult.”

Glee Live: Murphy said that they may add more dates to the Glee concert tour, which sold out most of its dates within seconds. The tour will feature the entire cast singing the show’s greatest hits “with special appearances by Matt and Jane in some capacity.”


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  • Adele

    Anything said about some storyline continuity? While I am overjoyed to hear all the things happening for the rest of the season….continuity would be their biggest gift (to me anyway).

    • ernie

      This is pretty much the biggest Glee scoop ever and you’re complaining?!!! Watch the show.

      • Adele

        Why would I bother posting here if I didn’t watch the show? I love it but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognise a certain disjointedness about the plotlines.

        The mid season finale showed what they can do at their best, I’d love to see that pacing and overall cohesiveness each week.

    • james

      If you are looking for continuity you are in the wrong place.

    • Megan


    • Rachel

      I agree. continuity was a problem. but I love the show and have been having a major geek out ever since I heard joss and NPH will be teaming up for an episode. squee!!!!

  • Niko

    That’s an unusual setlist for “Hello”.

  • Chris

    I’m thrilled to hear that we’ll be seeing more of Puck and Rachel.

    And Rachel singing Gives You Hell? I am beside myself with anticipation. Can’t wait to buy that song from iTunes!

  • Sam

    Am I the only one who thinks this show could be loads better if they scaled back on the obscene number of songs performed?

    • Jade

      I would like the show 100x more if they would stop giving all the songs to Rachel. Lea is talented, we get it, but the rest of the cast (uh, not counting Cory) are good singers and deserve a little more attention. If they were just going to focus on her then it should have been a show about a solo performer, not a Glee club. No wonder there are rumors about her being a major diva on set…

      • hen

        agreed! please let some people besides for rachel, finn, and mercedes to sing. I dislike how they use Arty’s vocals but most of the time dont show him singing it! (case in point: Somebody to Love)
        Lets hear it for some other singers!

      • llevinso

        I agree. I love Lea’s voice but I’d really like to hear some of the other people featured more. And I’m sick of hearing Finn sing all the male leads. I know he’s supposed to be the star and all but he has the worst voice of the bunch. The other guys deserve a chance to shine.

      • J

        You need to read more spoilers the other are getting their songs. Lea is a lead so she will get her songs too. But the Madonna episode you have Naya, Finn, Jayma, Chris, Amber, Jane, Matt and lea all singing. We know Chris sings Roses Turn.
        And for many people if you give less to Lea that would be a turn off too. Not to mention we know Mark and lea sing two duets, Matt sings with NPH, Jane sings with Olivia Newton John. So it isn’t only Lea.

      • Frank

        Jade you do know Rachel is the lead right? Finn, Will and Rachel are the lead characters. So don’t blame Lea for getting the leads, the writers make that decision. And spreading rumors is as worse that being a diva. Plus Amber gets a lot bt she can’t act, Chris is getting more. We just haven’t heard spoilers aobut Kevin adn Jenna yet. Naya even has a song coming up. So Cory and Lea are going to get a few more songs, that is just the way it si, but the other get their too. Be more concern of the new characters and all the guest star taking the songs.

      • G.L.

        Yes! I totally agree- I think Finn definitely has the worst voice of the guys- Puck’s voice is great, Arty’s is incredible, and Kurt blows my socks off every time! Quinn has a great voice too- and she’s only sung lead twice. They really need to spread the singing around.

      • bex

        I would like more Kurt singing :)
        i love his voice

      • maiv

        Agreed! we know that Rachel’s the lead….but she’s not the only character on the show!

      • Danielle

        Rachel has a beautiful voice, but I would like to hear more Puck! Give the boy some songs. I melted in my seat when he did Sweet Caroline as well as the home video he made as an ode to his cast mates.

      • steve

        Are you kidding me??? Cory Monteith has a great voice! He may need some work, but the voice is pure.

      • Johnson

        agreed! tonight’s episode was spectacular because other people were in the spotlight. rachel’s fine, but she’s also pretty annoying. kristen chenoweth gives me chills every time she sings! more mercedes, more quinn, more of the rest of the cast–less rachel!

    • Tinuviel

      The show is a musical.. hence the number of ‘performances’ in each episode. I, personally, love all the performances. Can’t wait to see the end of season episodes!

    • james

      its called glee its about kids singing

    • john

      isn’t it the point of the show is being a musical!

  • Adele

    Sam…I agree. I think the number of guests could be too as we still don’t know jack about the majority of the actual cast.

    • Henry

      I love this show, but it’s uneven. And I’m positive it will only get worse if they continue to rely on guest stars and develop THEIR characters rather than focusing on the great cast of core glee kids.

    • llevinso

      Yeah, as excited as I get about these guest stars, I wish they’d just focus on the actual Glee cast for a bit.

  • ObiHave

    Jane Lynch “Voguing” has Emmy written all over it.

    • Lil Paigles

      Ryan Murphy you broke my heart, the Emma admission and then Will utter stupidity. Shes too good for him… what an complete jerk.

  • amy Cohen

    More Glee tour dates please…getting tickets have been a nightmare!

  • Jane

    YEAH for finn and rachel! I heard Finn will be fighting for her!! Long live Fichel!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!

  • Sam

    FINN AND RACHEL!! What about him fighting for her – and that he is not going to give up easily!!! FICHEL!!! Puck is a jerk and player (as stated last night) – do we really want our Rachel will someone like that?

    • Seriously

      We want Rachel with someone who dumps her because two popular cheerleaders want to date him?

      Neither boy is ideal.

    • Ericka

      well do we want Rachel with someone who can’t make up his mind? I think not.

  • Meredith

    Am I the only one who can’t wait to see Brittany and Santana try and seduce Finn? That sounds hilarious!

    • Jackie

      Ha ha, that will be interesting. It kind of explains the clip they’ve shown in previews of Finn sitting across a restaurant table from Brittany and Santana with the girls dissing Rachel (“Those sweaters make her look home-schooled”). :)

    • Paula

      i’m wanting to see a follow up of santana and brittany saying that they are together…what a pair..ha ha LOVE THEM…

    • Billy

      I hope they just don’t make it unrealistic and have Finn turn down a three way cuz no high school guy would. Before everyone starts saying it, this would not be a stretch as we know Brittany and Santana are already having sex.

  • kisha

    Thanks for the scoop! I’m excited to see the new episodes and hear new music.I cannot wait to see the episode where Kurt plots to get his father and Finn’s mom together that should be hilarious.

  • Karen

    Am I the only one who isn’t liking the fact that Rachel and Puck are being portrayed as whores? Rachel goes through Finn, Puck and Groff’s character, while Puck goes through pretty much all the girls. It kind of sickens me, to be honest with you.

    • JMB

      How is dating more than one person during your high school years qualifying someone as a “whore”? Puck is a self-confessed whore, and proud of it. It’s part of his character, and there are plenty of people out there like that. But I fail to see how Rachel is a “whore” because she wants to be with Finn but can’t, settles for a relationship with Puck which fails, then flirts with someone else. What century do you live in? Is Rachel supposed to be locked in a tower until she’s married?

      • Frank

        Yeah Rachel the whore who hasn’t even been to second base.

    • kiarra

      I agree. These characters should be close to each other and it would appear they mean nothing to one another.

  • Sasha

    Im such a big Puck/Quinn fan, so Im actally hopeing that there will be some sort of relationship development there, regardless of his hook-ups with everyone else.

  • melissa

    This is so exciting! I really hope the Glee cast comes to Boston…

    • Jackie

      I second that! Could totally imagine them on stage at the Colonial Theatre (not too big a theatre, and not too small – just right size for that kind of event).

    • erf

      I wish they’d come to Atlanta! We
      have great venues.

      • Pam

        Can I hear a “NASHVILLE ARENA” holler?!?!?!?!?

    • Julia

      I hope they come to Detroit! We could use some Glee love here.

      • Claire

        I agree with Julia! Detroit needs Glee! I tried getting tickets to Chicago, but on ebay one ticket was 700 dollars, what the Puck?! but I guess Glee tickets are expensive because its the best show in the world.

        I think I’m the only one who totally love jesse. He is number 2 on my favorite character list. Kurt is my favorite, My dream is to meet Chris Colfer!

  • kacey

    I really hate that writers and producers are influenced by a loud fan base instead of following their own plan which was obviously Finn & Rachel. Puck is still the bad boy and he belongs with semi-badgirl Quinn who is having his baby afterall.

    • kate

      I completly agree with you, the thing is the fanbase for puck and rachel isnt even as big as the quinn/puck or rachel/finn fanbases, they just complain louder! lol

      • Stephanie

        So true. They are louder because they need to fight for what they want. Louder shippers in most fandoms are the ones with little shot of being endgame.

    • llevinso

      But regardless of the fans, Finn & Rachel couldn’t get together right away without problems. That would be so boring. This is only Season 1. Makes much more sense to have other things and people get in the way, such as reviving Puck and Rachel even if only for an episode or two.

    • bamalam

      Exactly! That’s how Heroes got ruined. The writers had a plan and were going on with it but then the loud fans were like “we hate these characters” in the second season so they abandoned those plans and got rid of them. The same with Nicki and Paolo from Lost…they ended up being buried alive because fans didn’t like them.

      • hannah86

        Didn’t Nicki and Paolo only come up for one episode? The one they were killed off? Maybe they were around for two. I just know it wasn’t enough episodes in between for them to air and then for the writers to rewrite and shoot the next episode where they died.

        I agree that’s how Heroes was ruined.

      • bamalam

        They were introduced at the start of the second season…were in the background for like half the season, having only like one line each and then they got that episode focusing on them and they were killed off. I believe the main gripe was the fact that viewers were supposed to believe that they were there since the beginning yet only learning of them now.

    • Jimmy

      Ryan Murphy said there will also be Finn Rachel undertones, they have plans for 3 years. Finn and Rachel will be a part of that.

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