Ask Ausiello about the 100th episode of 'Bones'

bones-100-episodeImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxNews flash: The single-topic Ask Ausiello is back! What’s the occasion? I just screened the 100th episode of Bones (a whole three weeks before it’s scheduled to air!) and have a lot to share. Questions, please!

Question: Do you have any Hodgins-Angela-centric Bones scoop? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Also, you are my hero for the clip on ATV! —Miri
You will find out exactly how much Angela has told Brennan about her relationship with Hodgins in the milestone episode (airing April 8). Hint: It’s steamy!

Question: I am looking for any news, scoop, or spoilers about Booth and Brennan and a possible romance moving forward. —Mary
I’ll say this: After learning about the early days of their relationship, Sweets prompts B&B to make decisions about their future.

Question: You always get the best scoops. I think you should prove that now with a really good one about Bones. —Maxine
Someone says, “If we don’t work together anymore, we can have sex.” To which someone else replies, ”I’ll call a cab.” Is that proof enough?

Question: Any Bones scoop to get through this hiatus? —Ashley J
Episode 100 will give you a little more background on Booth’s gambling problem.

Question: Give me some Bones scoop, pretty please! —Sheri
You will see Brennan punch someone twice and slap someone once. And I can confirm that one of those two people is Booth. I can also confirm that there is some kissing, but I’m not saying whether it’s in the past, present, or both.

Question: Like many Bones fans, I am looking forward to the upcoming 100th episode flashback and the return of Eric Millegan as Zack. But what about Jonathan Adams as their former boss? He took a three-month sabbatical four seasons ago! Will his character even be addressed at all? —Jenny
Dr. Daniel Goodman does not appear, but you will see prosecutor Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) help Booth and Bones bring down a judge in the their first case.

Got more questions about Bones? Send ‘em to and maybe I’ll answer them in Thursday’s AA. (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez)

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  • Gare



      How does this crap get 100 episodes and “Arrested Development” does not last as long? FOX is messed up – they can redeem themselves with this bizarro logic by keeping FRINGE on at least as long as Bones stays on. Poor Angel, a crappy series stuck with the less pretty Deschanel sister.

      • Lauren

        Do you like any other show besides growing pains? I have yet to read any of your post where you are praising a show.

      • Amber

        LOLOLOL this is hilarious!

      • someone

        Get lost Growing Pains!


        Bones and Arrested Development, ya I see how you can’t help but pair them together for your trolling.

      • laura


        Seriously? Growing Pains? Ha ha ha ha ha

      • CC

        You’re a dirtbag.

      • BONES FAN

        Shut up. Douche. Bones and Fringe rock.

      • MD

        Emily and Zoey are both beautiful!


        FRINGE rocks, Arrested Development rocked, The Spike Ferenstein Show rocked – these were creative shows that FOX is capable of making, yet they tend to get the short end of the stick (FRINGE will hopefully buck that trend). Bones on the other hand is just a cookie-cutter, bland show – David Boreanez was AWESOME as Angel – he deserves better material than this dreck. And yes Zoey is 100x hotter than her sister. And as for Growing Pains, it was a classic 80s family sitcom without any gimmick (just a plain middle class Long Island family) which is funnier than people remember. Also Tracey Gold is 50x hotter than Emily. FOX can do better, it has done better. You people probably think the Wanda Sykes show is great too – so sad.

      • whatever

        Barney and friends ROCK!!!!
        See how stupid that sounds it sounds as dumb as your comment, yeah that’s right I said it.

      • Sofia

        Yeah sure whatever!!! I you don´t like it get over it!

      • Kayla

        I completely agree that Arrested Development rocked and I too was very disappointed that it didn’t last, but there is no need to dog Bones. I mean I HATE Fringe but you don’t see me on their links making fun of them. I respect your opinion, but your only going to get negative replies when you post bad comments about a show on an obvious fan link. Think about it…

      • LIV

        go get a life its just a tv show

      • Joke

        why do we keep replying to trolls -they’re not wotht our time

      • Wen

        No gimmick? Of course Growing Pains had a gimmick–every show has a set-up. Growing Pains: Dad moves his psychiatric practice into their home so Mom can go back to work and the kids still have a parent at home in the afternoon.

      • Andrea

        so you think this show sucks, but you’re a fan of Growing Pains?! jeez, grow a set. BONES is awesome

      • Annie

        Are you 10? Maybe when you’re done with your growing pains you’ll appreciate a show aimed at adults.

      • Sarah D

        Suck it, THIS Deschanel can actually ACT. I’m also really sorry to say that networks keep the shows with ratings and AD didn’t get the ratings. It was great, but didn’t pull the numbers :(


        Bones BLOWS. Sorry, its true – I don’t buy the dialogue of Bones’ character at all – it is clear she is reciting a script rather than something she would naturally say. Its a medicore show at best. David Boreanez WAS great as Angel, although that show started to tank once Cordelia took on too prominent a role and I can’t stand Connor. But yeah, as for Bones, it BLOWS CHUNKS. Fringe is okay, needs to have a tighter direction. Glee is great. Simpsons should be put to pasture as should American Dad and Family Guy and Cleveland. And FOX needs to get rid of Wanda Sykes – she is just not funny, cringe inducing tv.


        Growing Pains was an 80s sitcom – they all sucked. PERIOD.
        *********SPOILER ALERT************

      • Some people…

        Woah, someone has some unresolved issues…

      • William

        hey, idiot…if you knew anything about the series Arrested Development, then you would know that after it was cancelled by FOX, it had a lot of channels ready to shell out money to keep it on the air, but the creator, Hurwitz, said the show run it’s course and he told the story he wanted to tell. He wasn’t coming back, and no channel would pick it up after that…don’t blame FOX, blame the creator because he could still be making it on Showtime or another cable channel.

      • Rachel

        Why are you in an all-Bones post if you don’t like Bones?

      • Sidney

        being a di-hard bones fans it almost hurt to hear someone say something bad about it..
        see if your badly written “growing pains” did anywhere near as well in the raitings i would be a little offended but seeing as the the television watching world has decided that bones is better i will sleep well at night.
        and for you to say that emily is unattractive means that you must either be fat or extremely unattractive and trying to compensate for that fact because she is extremely beautiful.
        keep your opinions to yourself.
        no one on this page cares about what you have to say.


        @Sidney – Actually Growing Pains was consistently in the Top Ten in Weekly Ratings at its peak, something Bones has yet to do because it sucks

      • dani

        How do I put this? Hmm… GET A LIFE GROWING PAINS! Stop stalking this page! Yer there is freedom of speech but I’ve always been under the notion that only intellects should be given the opportunity to use the Internet.
        Stop spreading your hateful slander on topic boards and try, oh I don’t know, getting out of the house and attempting to make some much needed friends!

  • Carol


    So excited for the 100th episode!


      Is it true that Booth dies of butt cancer?

      • Dani

        were you seriously just on here for a half an hour just so you can make that comment SIX times? lol are you 10 years old?

      • B/B,forever

        Where in the world did you hear that? Absolutly not. If you were a real fan you would know that.

  • Caroline

    Best. Ask. Ausiello. EVER.

  • Tricia

    thanks ausiello!

  • Sierra

    Is anyone as super excited as I am for this episode?! This show ROCKS!


      Not me, I hear Booth dies of Butt cancer – painfully smelly

      • StrawberryFields737

        I’m sorry, but 7 year olds aren’t allowed on these discussion boards.

      • suteko

        can you grow up please!

  • Nicolle

    ooooo Kissing! now im exicted!

  • naya

    oh!!! god that was amazing…ur the best michael…

    there will be a kiss!!!! what???????????

    “If we don’t work together anymore, we can have sex.” To which someone else replies, ”I’ll call a cab.”

    • Julie

      I have a feeling Booth says that to Brennan — maybe in the flashback. I’ve heard that they didn’t exactly get along back then, so maybe they didn’t want to be partners in the future. But we already know Booth called her hot from the promo, so maybe…?

      • Melody

        I pray that is not an exchange between Booth and Brennan, that would just suck!

    • MK

      I have a feeling Sweets says it to Daisy. I’m ready to be disappointed.

      • Lexie

        No way.
        daisy and sweets already have sex. A lot. They had innuendo about those tow a bunch of times, especially in the latest X-mas special.

        My money’s on Hodgins and Angela… 0_o

  • Hilly

    Looking forward to it, so much!
    Thanks Ausie :)


      How can you look forward to Booth’s butt cancer? poor little Booth.

      • Rachel

        Have you considered that people reading this board might actually be suffering from cancer or have close friends/family members who do? Don’t joke about cancer.

      • Lena

        so i’m assuming you are somewhere between the ages of 8 and 11

  • Rachel

    I thought Caroline didn’t meet Bones until the New Orleans case.

    • Maria

      EXACTLY my thought (as posted below)


        You are right, that is when Booth was diagnosed with BUTT cancer

    • Sue1

      You made my point. lol

    • paige

      Wow thats what i was thinking im mean come on that messes it up

      • Lori

        Me too. I always hate it when shows underestimate the fans ability to remember the history of characters

    • bkwurm1

      TPTB actually know this but are choosing to pretend otherwise. At least they are deliberately changing the past and not stumbling into it. As is was, they glossed over how a New Orleans laywer ended up working out of Washington.

  • Maria

    Watch that “If we don’t work together anymore, we can have sex.” exchange be Angela/Hodgins or somebody else.

    And am I the only one who finds prosecutor Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) being in the ep a bit WTF? it’s been too long since I saw her first appearance, but didn’t Booth introduce Brennan to her then? i.e. they had not met before? Somebody with the facts please correct me if I’m wrong

    • Amber

      You’re right. I believe it was Man in the Morgue? Obviously, they don’t understand what continuity means. It takes away from Brennan and Caroline’s first meeting which was very important in MitM. *sighs*

      • Steven

        She did meet her for the first time in New Orleans. But it can be drawn from her ‘first meeting’ in this episode that she forgot her because “squints get to wishy washy on the stand, and I don’t want to remember your name the next time you screw up my case.”

    • CC

      I believe Hart Hanson or someone else addressed that, perhaps she won’t be sharing scenes with Brennan?

      • TK

        I’m actually watching that episode right now on TNT and everyone is right … they get introduced in New Orleans

    • alia

      I think the “if we don’t work together anymore…” has to be Booth and Brennan, because that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone else (Sweets/Daisy, Cam/Booth, Angela/Hodgins, Angela/Wendell). But really, I’m not sure why it should stop B&B, either. I want them to work together AND… um… play together.

    • miribella

      Maybe they’ll realize that and she and Brennan don’t meet – it’s possible it could be a flashback to the case that has Booth talking to Caroline without Bones. Let’s hope!

  • Stacey

    Yeah. One big glaring continuity issue. Booth didn’t bring Caroline in until New Orleans when Brennan was up on suspicion on murder. It’s possible I guess that she forgot who Caroline was over the gap of time. But still… I can’t wait to see this episode…. Sounds exciting.

    • Coz

      It’s quite possible that only Booth meets Caroline.

      • Lee

        No. One of the behind the scene videos showed that they (Caroline, Booth, Brennan, and Angela) were in the same office at the same time.

        Sigh. They (writers & producers) better had a reason for this.

      • pthomas

        I would think the writers are smart enough to recongnize that the audience would notice a time line issue. I am going to trust here is a logical explanation and then complain after the show if there is not….

  • Jen

    Wow! I can’t wait for the 100th episode! Now I’m thinking that Sweets’ drastic decision might be his “throwing down that gauntlet”; forcing B&B to finally admit their feelings for each other or not allow them to work together anymore. Hmm…

    • alia

      Interesting. But I’m torn. I want them to live happily ever after, but I don’t want them to stop solving murders together. I don’t see why it has to be either/or. I’ve always thought the “we work together” thing was just a lame excuse for not taking the risk.

  • Tina

    Thanks! You are a doll!

  • ForensicMama

    re: Caroline Julian… Hart tweeted that they work around it, it’s creative, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Zoey

      Oh BS. That is just producer talk for “Sorry, we forgot our own storylines, so we’re just gonna go ahead and rewrite it a little.”

      • NT

        Agreed…Hart is like that though. “Just wait and see. It’ll be great. It won’t be a dream, it’ll be REAL.”
        I don’t read his comments on the show anymore, he justs talks BS.

  • V

    Caroline Julian CAN’T be in this episode!!!!!! Booth introduces her to Brennan in the middle of the first season!!!!!!! That doesn’t work!

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