'Grey's' scoop: 'Heated debates' raging about Owen-Cristina-Teddy triangle

greys-anatomyImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCGrey’s Anatomy is doing the time warp again this Thursday with an episode that flashes back to Owen and Teddy’s stint as Army medics in Iraq. The intense hour promises to shed light on the duo’s pre-Seattle Grace relationship as well as the origin of Owen’s post-traumatic stress disorder. The guy at the center of all the drama, Kevin McKidd, took a few minutes out of his day to preview his big ep and reveal why Owen and Cristina’s main obstacle will “never go away.”

How much do we learn about Teddy and Owen in this episode?
Kevin McKidd: The episode’s more about Owen being triggered by something that’s happening at Seattle Grace, and it brings all these [emotions] back to the point that he feels like he’s almost back there. That’s what brings us to the flashbacks. But it definitely shows the audience what kind of friendship [Owen and Teddy] had and the tough [conditions] they worked in. It also explains one of the reasons why Owen has PTSD. It shows an incident, a very traumatic incident, that happened out in the desert that Owen is still healing from. That’s sort of the journey in the episode.

What is the trigger?
McKidd: It’s a medical thing. It’s a very interesting medical thing.

What is the fallout, if any, from these flashbacks for Cristina and Owen?
McKidd: I think what’s really interesting is that it sheds more light on Owen and Cristina’s day-to-day life as a couple and what sort of pressures they have to deal with. The churning up of this flashback definitely explains to the audience why they’re so intense as a couple. It shows the pressure that Owen’s living under and also the pressure Cristina has to deal with having a partner who has this pressure cooker inside his mind… You start to see some habits forming that maybe aren’t quite so healthy. And also, one of the main symptoms of PTSD is emotional detachment… not wanting to feel emotions so you numb your emotions and therefore become distant to the people that you’re closest to and in love with.

Rumor has it Teddy’s going to hook up with Mark. What impact will that have on the Cristina-Owen-Teddy triangle?
McKidd: I don’t know. It is very nebulous at the moment in the writer’s room. I think it’s a very complicated situation. They created this very complicated construct of a triangle that is more complicated than most triangles. All I’ll say is that there have been a lot of heated debates and differences of opinion about where this is headed and what this is going to be. Whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be very revelatory before long. To me, it feels like the complication hasn’t disappeared.

But is it safe to say Owen and Cristina’s main obstacle will center on his PTSD?
McKidd: I think that definitely will come into play. And I’m really excited about that because I think that’s a very adult problem. I think many people and many wives and loved ones of veterans are dealing with, ”Where am I in this? I know this person has a problem, but what am I getting out of this? Where is my life now? And even when there is love, when there’s a problem like this, is that enough?” That’s a really interesting story, and that’s definitely the same for Cristina and Owen. It’s a thing that’s not going away. Like Dr. Wyatt said in the season premiere, it can get better, it’s a thing that can be handled and managed, but it’s something that never really goes away.

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  • Kate

    Watching paint dry is more fun than watching Cristina/Owen scenes. At least Teddy makes things more interesting. But still, the whole thing is very boring.

    • Amanda

      I agree. I’m so over everything Cristina-Owen and the Cristina-Owen-Teddy triangle. I really hope we start seeing less and less of all of them.

      • Jules

        Love Owen and Cristina! They are amazing and can’t wait to see more of them! Could careless about Teddy!

      • Jealousyanyone

        Jealousy can spur ignorance – LOL

      • Linda

        I have been watching since SP5 cause of Owen and Cristina’s amazingly complex love story. So even if there romance takes a couple wrong turns, I will be rooting them on because I want to see them be triumphant in their love.

      • em

        Meh, i’m bored of Christina/Owen. What’s with Christina ALWAYS being with these intense, dull, way older men? I think her and Avery would be SO awesome together. I mean, he’s young, hot, and fun, and so would bring out the life in her…

      • Molly

        Way older men? Sandra Oh is 2 years older than Kevin McKidd. Cristina got a PhD before doing her internship, remember?

    • Jane

      I agree. They bore me.

      • Cris

        I get a kick out of GA fans bashing other GA fans! Get a grip people! Jealousy over other couples on the show getting the scenes you wished your couple had is just pathetic, even more pathetic than Teddy!!! Owen and Cristina are a very complex and interesting couple that have a lot to fight thru which I am sure they will even though it will be difficult. If you don’t like them GA has plenty for you to choose from. I don’t see CO fans slamming other couples!

      • emily

        in real life Sandra Oh is actually older than Kevin McKidd — so an age difference really isn’t that obvious a pattern

    • grace

      Love Owen and Cristina’s lovestory and Owen’s battle with PTSD, this episode is going to be brilliant!

      • mary

        So excited to see this Owen centric episode!

      • lisa

        This is going to be a great episode! Wished we could have YangHunt’s anatomy every week minus the bear!

      • jude

        I love Cristina and Owen! After all the craziness with Burke she deserved better. He keeps her sane and doesn’t take any of the crap she throws at him. She shines with him. And besides they are very sexy together!

    • militarychik

      As a wife of a military personnel, I really tried to hold back from posting here among all this ignorance and hate over a subject/storyline that is so REAL to so many people in our country. Also, the flashbacks from the promo also realistically show the danger are military families deal with on a daily basis, so if that is boring to you that makes me sad because they are their fighting for all our freedom. The PTSD storyline that is being told on Grey’s is being told in a very realistic way and has an impact on many that our suffering with PTSD. So I love the Owen and Cristina lovestory because it shows that even though one is dealing with the horrors of war they can still be loved and fight through the hell that is going on in their minds. So to read all this hate and negativeness about Owen’s behavior is nothing new, people with PTSD are judged all the time. So I hope that Grey’s is able to bring awareness to the world that this is an illness that very honorable people are dealing with on a daily basis and fight to live a normal life. So, I am one that will be cheering on Cristina and Owen for them to learn how to deal with PTSD and still love each other forever!

      • Elle

        Important topic for sure, but I’d like to see the more simpatico Teddy dealing with it, not Christina. She and Owen are not that interesting, obviously not that compatible, and look horrible together.

      • Cindy S.

        Amen, militarychik! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Carlyn

        The PTSD is definitely an important one and I hope Cristina and Owen are able to win this battle. Cristina and Owen are good for each other!

      • Lisa

        AMEN! Hope this PTSD storyline bring awareness to many and educate those with ignorant comments! I will be cheering for Owen and Cristina too!

      • Erin

        I am sure the GA Writers, Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh will do the PTSD story proud, it should be a brilliant episode! I am going to have my kleenex box close by.

      • Roselle

        Oh militarychik-I wish I could communicate with you personally talk to you to show my gratitude to you and you husband for the sacrifices you both make. Hope he is safe and well. That being said, the fact that Owen is so wounded emotionally from serving his country is what makes him such a compelling character for me. I am so glad to hear you say that you are rooting for Owen and Cristina to make it and they represent what military spouses and significant others face. Being a writer myself I was so horribly let down by the writing on this season of Grey’s Anatomy because I felt the whole love triangle dishonored Owen’s service to his country, his struggle with ptsd, and Cristina’s struggle to help him through. To me that was good drama and real drama. When I hear about praise for Owen and the things Kevin McKidd does to try to help our troops (when he is still a British subject and not a citizen of our country) I makes me very proud to be his fan. I’m just surprised that you made no mention of Teddy. In my opinion I can’t believe that Teddy was ever in the Army. She has to go. Blessings to you and your husband.

      • COlove

        I will be cheering on Cristina/Owen with you Militarychik! This real life problem is what makes their love story so heartbreaking and real.

      • Sara

        Bless you and your husband! I hope Grey’s does the flashbacks and the PTSD story justice in honour of the military families. I hope they Cristina and Owen as a good example of a couple that can survive the PTSD because of their love for each other. Now, that would truly be inspiring!

      • em

        I completely agree. I’m super excited to see this storyline with the backstory of Iraq, especially after seeing the Hurt Locker. But i’m a way bigger fan of Teddy/Owen than Christina/Owen, so I hope they don’t overshadow the issues they’re adressing by making the whole thing about Christina and Owen’s relationship problems.

      • tina

        I hope the PTSD story and how Cristina and Owen deal with it, is inspirational for the families of loved ones going through this. I truly hope they don’t have Owen/Teddy hook up – I don’t believe they will go that route and I truly hope not. Owen and Teddy have a close “friendship” bond, if it was more than that he would have acted on it. With Cristina, in spite of himself he fell madly in love with Cristina. That is the love that will sustain them.

      • Emily

        Owen’s PTSD story has been done well so far (except for the beginning of this season where it just wasn’t addressed), so am looking forward to the show on thursday. Owen and Cristina lovestory is also very inspirational, so I hope they have a happy ending.

      • armywife

        Militarychik, thank you for speaking up! I have enjoyed Owen Hunt’s PTSD storlyine on GA since last season because it brings a subject that is usually swept under the carpet and not talked about. My husband has been suffering with PTSD since he has returned from Iraq a couple of years ago. It has been very difficult but he has acknowledged it which is the first big obstacle and now we are learning to manage it. So far I believe Owen’s PTSD has been addressed realisticaly and I hope Cristina and Owen as a couple come through it stronger as we have.

      • mmm

        Owen’s flashbacks and his struggle with PTSD makes for interesting and exciting TV! I will be glued to my TV Thursday night.

      • Jill

        Militarychik and armywife – I hope GA does your families justice and delivers an amazing episode about Owen’s war time and his PTSD. My heart goes out to all of your families!

      • Gina

        I hope this Owen-centric episode represents what our military has to deal with to protect our freedom! LOVE TO ALL the men and women that fight for our country! Bless you!

      • Rose

        militarychik & armywife, loved you posts

      • Karen SF

        militarychik & armwife – I wondered what people actually dealing with PTSD thought about this show. As a fan of the storyline I’m glad you feel that it’s been helpful too. I can say that even though this is a fictional story, it has prompted me to tune into some PBS and other programs which discuss how it affects real families and the struggles these brave men and women go though. Best of luck to you.

      • Katie

        AMEN! Bless your husbands for what they do for our country!

      • Michelle

        What a fabulous post! I thank your husband for his service to our country.

      • Christina

        Military chick ~
        A heart felt thank you to you and your husband.

    • CC

      Agreed. Though I don’t want to see Teddy with Mark under any circumstances. I think Alex would be better suited for her intensity (and vice versa).

    • Chelse

      Teddy makes things boring! WOuld of been far more interesting to have just concentrated on CO and their struggle with Living with PTSD every single day. There’s is the real Love Story of the show. But I guess some people just want fluff! And shallow sex, flirting and so called good looks!

      • Kay

        I love the real and complicated romance of Cristina and Owen! There is enough fluff on GA, this is a serious and grown-up romance! The one-night stands and quickie hookups just don’t fit Cristina Yang’s personality! Owen is her TRUE soulmate.

    • jules

      I totally agree. I’d rather see Cristina with Dr. Avery.

    • Beth

      I like Teddy, She LOVES HIM! Christina loves being a Cardio God. Nuff said. I think Owen loved her once, I hope they can reconnect and soon! I think you stick them in a broken down elevator for a couple days and the sparks would fly…yeah put Yang with Avery, that would be hot!

  • Zoe

    I want Christina to be with Dr. Jackson “Hot Eyes” Avery. Owen and Teddy can go be PTSD togeter.

    • maiv

      Agreed. C+J=fun relationship to watch

    • maiv

      And I feel that Jackson’s not the typical guy that Cristina would get with. It’d be interesting

      • Sophie

        Exactly which would be a challenge for her. She needs some fun in her life.

      • em

        I know right? She’s had to deal with Burke AND Owen… she needs someone young and fun! Can’t you imagine her being all like “Oh my god, go away…” but totally loving him too?!

    • shli

      I’m sorry, Zoe. “Owen and Teddy can go be PTSD toget[h]er”? That’s callous and insensitive. You think that having PTSD is something fun or some sort of club?

      And in general, when did exploring the suffering of many real veterans become “boring”? I find it an intriguing story line, regardless of whether or not you care for the couple.

      Oh, and if you don’t care about this character or story line, I don’t see the point of even coming to this article when the topic is so clearly stated in the headline. I really don’t understand people taking the time to comment on things that don’t interest them. I suggest focusing on things you care about, rather than complaining about things you don’t. Makes life a lot less frustrating.

      • Jenni

        You are one of the most annoying people I’ve ever come across.

      • Cate

        OMG! People are negative and mean on the internet.

      • Kiki

        What’s with all the hating? Kevin McKidd is a great actor and I’m looking forward to him being amazing on Thursday. The PTSD storyline is interesting and compelling. I hope he does our military personel proud.

      • COlove

        Just CO LOVE here!

      • erf

        Agree with shli-There is NOTHING funny or fun about PTSD. One of my
        dearest friends struggles with it as a result of childhood sexual abuse.

      • Carrie

        I totally agree with Shili, PTSD is a serious topic. Fortunately, I think Kevin McKidd will do an excellent job in this episode!

      • Rose

        Owen and Cristina is a very mature storyline with real problems like PTSD and Cristina’s fears not a fluffy romance which is why I love it!

      • Hailey

        PTSD is a serious and prevalent subject in our world today, hope GA does this storyline justice!

  • Lisa

    Love Owen and Cristina! Hate Teddy, could careless about this character. But I am excited about Owen and Cristina dealing with the PTSD as a couple! It will not be easy but I hope they make it through it!

    • Emily

      Totally agree, Owen and Cristina are amazing together!

    • Gina

      Cristina and Owen’s love story is why I am still hooked on Grey’s. Wished they never introduced Teddy, so unnecessary.

  • Teri

    Cristina and Owen are the hottest couple ever on Grey’s! I just hope they are able to make it as a couple despite his PTSD.

  • Karen

    No more stupid triangle! When will they learn!!!! Cristina/Owen have enough baggage with the PTSD demons, don’t need Tri to make it interesting. As for the intensity for Cristina/Owen, it totally makes sense with everything they have had to deal with as a couple. Love their intensity and blazing hot chemistry!

    • Kathleen

      Totally agree!

    • Jenna

      Hope they learn soon and end this retarded triangle! Owen and Cristina have plenty of other issues to work on without the triangle card. Just plain blah! Plus I see no chemistry between Owen and Teddy.

  • desf

    ZZZZZZZZZZ who f’ing cares about these 2??

    • liz

      um, Me!!!!!!! and countless others!!!!!

      • tina

        Hand raised high! I care about Owen and Cristina!

  • Amy

    Owen and Cristina are my favorite couple on Grey’s, it breaks my heart to see them deal with this REAL problem – PTSD but oh so good to watch

    • Erica

      C/O are my fav too! Love to watch them deal with everything!

    • Beth

      They are the reason I keep watching!

  • Britney

    Anything involving Owen is BORING and annoying. They need to drop everything involving him like yesterday. I’m gonna hate this episode.

    • liz

      well then don’t watch. I’m looking forward to it. He and Cristina are the only good thing on the show.

      • whatevs

        Really mature answer. I’m sure there are a lot more people who hate this couple than not.

  • Kiki

    The triangle has to end. It would be so out of character for Owen to decide he wants to be with Teddy. PTSD or not Cristina and Owen belong together. The writers need to know they are messing with the best thing on the show. Maybe if Teddy’s character was more compelling or interesting, but seriously, why would he choose her over someone like Cristina?

    • Amanda

      Teddy is more compatible with Owen for starters. They have a bond and a past that Cristina will never be able to have with Owen or even understand. Teddy and Owen together makes more sense than Owen and Cristina ever did.

      • JOanna

        What yo are saying is that Army folks should marry/date only Army people. That is very narrow minded.

      • giselle

        I agree. Teddy really knows him. Despite the fact that Crowen love each other they don’t really seem to know each other.
        However, I want Teddy with someone else. Give her something fun, we’ll see how the Mark thing goes.

      • Gina

        But Teddy does not know the After Owen! That is the point that I think will be made from this episode. She knows the Before Owen and only Cristina has gotten to know this troubled After Owen and knows how to work with him during his panic attacks. I really hope this is made prevalent.

      • Beth

        Exactly, before Owen and after Owen are not exactly the same person. Teddy is “in love” with idea of the before Owen, Cristina is in love with the “after” Owen warts and all.

  • Maia

    I’m really looking forward to this episode. The writers planted a big seed with Owen’s PTSD that hasn’t been fully explored yet, and the ramifications on his relationship with Christina have been touched on but not explained enough. We as a public need to see this kind of story, and it’s great to see the incredible Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh bust their acting chops on this storyline. The only part I could do without is Teddy. She’s been superfluous from the beginning. These two have enough to deal with without her whiny interference.

  • JOanna

    LOVE Cristina and Owen. I want this stupid triangle gone!

  • Jen

    ughhh… make the triangle part go away!

    Very excited about Cristina/Owen’s struggle with PTSD, I wish they would make that the triangle. LOVE C/O

    • Emily

      Totally agree, this is the TRUE triangle story to tell – Cristina/Owen/PTSD. NOW that is compelling tv.

  • lad84

    Triangle needs to go!!!! PTSD is where the good drama is and Cristina and Owen are in love <3

  • laura

    Owen and Cristina are the only reason I watch!! Teddy needs to disappear into the parking lot!

  • sarah

    Cristina and Owen are hot! teddy is boring and typical!!! I want to see Owen marry Cristina

    • Janie

      Would love to see Owen and Cristina get married, especially if Cristina proposes.

      • Carrie

        I would love to see Cristina and Owen at least get engaged.

      • Donna

        Cristina proposing to Owen would be awesome!

      • Susan

        Would love to see this!

      • Kayla

        It would only work if Cristina asks Owen!

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