'24' to end this season; film version in the works

24-keiferImage Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FoxFox confirmed Friday that after eight seasons, 24 will air its series finale on May 24. Star Kiefer Sutherland told EW.com that producing a ninth season for another network like NBC was not an option because he and executive producer Howard Gordon were ready to call it quits.

“The writers are producing the equivalent of 12 films a year, which is unheard of, and Howard felt to do a ninth would be potentially damaging,” said Sutherland. “We both felt strongly that there has been a demand and an interest in a 24 film, which would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day, so we felt it was time to move in that direction.”

Sutherland promised the series finale would tee up the 24 movie that’s in the works at 20th Century Fox. Billy Ray (State of Play) is writing the screenplay. “We wanted to create a definitive end for Jack Bauer,” explains Sutherland. “Since we do have the intention to make the feature film, it would lead into that and certainly set that up.

“Something we’ve dealt with in the series is how the crisis always has to come to us because we don’t have time to move anywhere in a real time world,” he continued. “In a two-hour (movie) representation of the 24 world, planes, trains, and automobiles all of a sudden become a factor because you are not required to go scene by scene in real time. That’s something I can say I am very excited about.”

As for the actual series finale, Gordon told EW.com that he and Sutherland considered everything from a happy to a tragic ending for Jack Bauer and ended up with episodes that take some risks: “We go to a very definitive, very complex place.”

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  • t


    • Not exactly The Wire

      This show really needed to die at least 4 seasons ago. You can only have so many nuclear bomb scenarios. Everything is so unrealistic are far fetched now.

      Also, it just pisses me off how unsecure they make CTU. Dana can make calls on her cell personal cell phone unnoticed??? Freakin Milton from “Office Space” can wander around CTU with nobody caring? It’s like they totally disregard all the previous seasons when there have been countless CTU moles and attacks…not to mention a couple nuclear bombs being set off in US cities.

      • Rob

        Why don’t you comment on a show you actually like?

      • dogg

        Hey not exactly the wire – for hating the show so much you sure are up on it’s happenings. Your a closet 24 watcher aren’t you? I believe Jack has your stapler!

      • billy

        Just remember “if you woke up today, it’s because Jack Bauer saved your life”

      • Paul

        I agree, this show has looked like nothing but re-runs for years.
        Can’t believe they think a Movie will be worth watching.

      • Lisa

        You mean “nucular”… LOL


        Thank goodness, I thought I was alone in thinking how stupid this was getting. Everywhere from the Whitehouse to CTU is full of traitors. In the lest series, someone please explain to me why the husband of the president would stop to get a coffee on the way to a meeting about his son’s killer. It was lazy writing (they needed some way to drug him). 24 lost it about 4 seasons ago.

      • cj

        I agree totally. The series has run it’s course. Great series as it was, they began to get ridiculous.Too far fetched.

      • NotALemming

        The White house IS currently occupied by a bunch of traitors! IRL!!!!!

      • raingods

        NotALemming-the only traitors are the Republicans who think voting No on everything from unemployment to healthcare is patriotic. Wake up you moron, the GOP doesn’t care about you, they only care about themselves and their elitist douche bag friends. They all need to be charged with treason.

      • maks898

        Raingods, you, frankly, are a moron without any sense of patriotism. Nor do you have any understanding of a capitalistic system, like the one the United States had before Obama was, unfortunately, voted in. Of course, to you capitalism is a distraction…I understand that your goal is to turn America into a socialist, backwards nation who every other nation likes to bone in the ass. However, I do not want that; I want our nation to bone everyone else in the ass, metaphorically, of course. The only way to do that is to vote the traitor democrats out of office. Better yet, lets vote them off this earth; no nation deserves to be stuck with such filth, not even Iran. And, when they go, I hope you go too. :) I say that with all the kindness in the world, but, if you do not understand that, please understand this: we, in America, do not need such garbage (you and all the democrats in Congress). We had it better when you all didnt even speak, much less vote. This country has only been powerful during times of Republicans, and the Democrats that came after rode on the positive efforts of the Republicans before them, only to screw it up towards the end, making it necessary for the Republican who follows to clean everything up. And, you Dems say Bush was a bad President. If it wasnt for Bush, the reforms Clinton made would have completed destroyed this nation. Look…his Executive Order directing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give mortgages to everyone, irrespective of income (or even proof of income), has led us to this catastrophe. Some say Bush caused this, but, if you know anything about history and about Clinton’s terms in office, you will see that Clinton is alone to blame for this. At least it wasnt as bad as it could have been if Bush wasnt in office.

        But, to asnwer your question, voting NO on Democrat’s legislation is not being obstructive; its been a “true” American. Democrats have been coming up with legislation that not only bankrupts this nation; it also causes harm to individual citizens and tax-paying Americans. Yeah, its very smart giving free healthcare to people who dont even contribute a dime to this nation at the expense of the rich folk who, not only pay 90% of all the taxes the Federal Government collects to OPERATE, but also make, if not all, most of the jobs. Consequently…what happens when you tax these people more? Hmm…They invest less, which creates less jobs, which leads to less people paying taxes (and less people with health coverage), which leads to the Government having less funds, which leads to less services. So, what happens is…the nation loses jobs, loses health coverage, creates a bigger debt load, and still causes less benefits to be provided. So, where do we win giving poor people health coverage? They can still, without the coverage, go to hospitals in an emergency, so whats the purpose of this? To give them a benefit which they dont pay for, but which everyone else has to? Its a BENEFIT, not a RIGHT. A RIGHT is to be treated when youre sick, such as in a hospital. Its is not to receive annual physicals and go to doctors whenever you feel sick. That is something you must pay for in a capitalistic nation. Otherwise, what is the incentive to study hard, if everyone gets the same services? Not only the same services, but they also get it at the expense of the Government. I see no motivation to study hard to get a good job when I could get everything for free. Either way, though, we can afford it and, by raising taxes, we will be damaging our economy, which will lead to many more problems than having 45 million people without insurance. Also, the Government wants the tax existing health plans and raise the medicare tax. So, what that means is that, to give 15 percent of the nation health insurance, they are screwing over the other 85 percent who have it. Great math; hurt 85 to help 15. The Government is really working for the “common good” here.

        Anyways, what Democrats are proposing is rediculous. We cant afford all this spending given our current situation. I am all for stimulus spending, but not this reckless, useless spending. Did we really need to raise taxes in the middle of a recession? Governments lower taxes during these times, not raise them. Its insane. All these bills for cap and trade and healthcare are admirable, yes. But, they are not feasible given our debt and tax levels. We should be cutting spending now and leaving taxes, at least, the same, not raising both (which negates the purpose of the raise). Democrats are, in all senses of the forthcoming word, idiots. This will cause tremendous damage at limited gain. I would be for healthcare if we had the funds for it. Not a problem. But, we DONT!!!

      • Tarc

        @maks898 – an great example of what happens when you get your education via Rush and Beck. I’m not sure what’s worse, the lack of factual information of the lack of logic.

      • maks898

        Tarc, it is sad how Democrats like stating problems without explaining the rationale behind them. You stated that I received my education from Rush and Beck, when, in reality, I have never listened to them before. Also, my reply had plenty of logic and facts, which, had you possessed the mental ability to comprehend them, you would not reply with such insults. Thanks.

      • thin

        Off the political topic and in response to Not Exactly the Wire, I would agree with you with the exception of last season. For the first time in a long time, they did things that actually felt new and exciting, so I started this season hopeful for more of the same and have been disappointed thus far.

      • BigO318

        Maks898 – hey maks898 if you are the patriotic great American you claim to be, instead of posting a rant on EW.com why don’t you actually do something. If the cowardly democratic leadership  is such filth and are turning the US into a “socialist backward nation” then grab a weapon and FIGHT BACK like “true” Americans that have come before you.  Show some GUTS and start the revolution!  You may go to jail. You may be killed but it demonstrates alot more than posting some rant on an ENTERTAINMENT/POP CULTURE website? Give me a break!!    What you re doing here is the equivalent of waving around some anti-Obama picket sign at a Star Trek convention.  Not impressed!    

      • LadyJNewYork

        About time this show is over!! It definitely has run it’s course…on to the next!

      • esquirrel

        He can’t because “Saved by the Bell” hasn’t been on TV in years.

      • obamaman

        Wow, way to rant political instead of commenting on a TV show. Yeah, it sucks when society actually looks after it’s own, and it’s horrible when the 2% that control 95% of the wealth are actually told they DO have to PAY the people they got rich off of a decent wage so they can afford to SURVIVE and have Health Care. Capitalism is not about building a society of elite, rich, a-holes on the back of the poor (that’s a monarchy) it’s about everyone who works hard earning what their hard work deserves — you know the people who work deserve to capitalize as well.

      • Sunny

        This is the first time I am watching show. I liked it in the beginning but now I am sick of it. It’s all irrational, illogical and very predictable. Nothing against people like the show. It’s personal.

      • Practical person

        maks898 and all other republicans need to be educated. This forum is not for political rant. Why do you compel to prove that you guys are dumb and stupid. Everybody knows that, you don’t have to prove it again and again. BTW read “Open letter to Conservatives” that might shed some light in your brain (assuming you have one)

      • GreenKnight

        LOL First of all you libs need to go smoke your weed and do your gay sex thing and shut the hell up this is 24 and its completely liberal free lol Second of all 24 is awesome and yes phone calls are not supervised but it would make sense that everyone is supposed to be trusted and moles were rooted out but perhaps they do have a bit too much unrealistic supervision however either way she could have a recorder that sends encrypted voice from inside to him or she could send secret beeper codes or whatever lol the point is the traitor shock is still there damn dana she is hot and last but not least I though fredy prince jr was going to be the next jack hm.. maybe in future spin offs ? )

        No back to your weed libs and piss off


      • EmbracingLife49

        For someone who doesn’t like ’24’, you certainly know what’s been happening on it. You have no idea what type of turmoil this Country is in..and I hope we have a lot of Jack Bauers and Chloe’s looking after it. I love the show and am not pleased it is going off the air. I can’t wait for Season 8’s DVD to add it to my 1 through 7 collection! And I will be standing in line to see the movie when it comes out…and hope there will be more than one!! I am truly a ’24’ fan and all my Family and Friends are also!!! Kudos to all responsible for producing such an outstanding show!

      • Old Jack vs. New Jack

        I’ve watched all of the seasons of 24 and I must say, Jack was in full bloom in Season 3. Since Jack has gotten softer and softer. I mean honestly can you even image how Jack from season 1,2,or 3 would have handled the Dana Walsh? The Russian old dude? or Any of the Russians? I wish Renee wouldn’t have died, she at least was becoming a little Jackish. Oh well I guess my wish for some real Jack action will be disappointed yet again. Thanks for taking one of the best shows ever, and giving us the same old pair of socks, and telling us its new.

      • 24 fanatic

        Well first off comment on something you like. I love this show and am very sad to see it go. I will be looking forward to the movie.

      • ryan Bolduc

        All you peole who dont like the show any more are crazy. Jack Bauer is the man. think about it, the show probably made some of the people in the white house or higher up places really think about there staff and what if and what nots. The show probably made the country safer.

      • kabba dumbuya

        i have been watching for an area to comments for almost a year,thank god i got it today.pls i dont think u are doing justice to jack fans,i think there are people who just left without knowing anything about them,reine walker,tony almieder,now the russians are out for jack,president taylors faith and dont forget jack has done a lot for his country i want to se him honoured,like a hero and to crown it all in the last episode 24 jack is now the defence secretary and white house chief of staff so with his experience in field ops he take control of the entire security.so,writers pls prepare and start writing ur script now on to 24.24 is the best movie in the world,jack is the the best actor in the world.i am not a train writer but i can help with my own little idea to make 24 to what people are expecting.

      • A F

        whoa bro, chill the heck out. its a show, ppl watch it, they kept in on air since it was popular; don’t hate

    • Phachina Pharts

      No, not sweet. I will not sit in a movie theater for 24 hours. That’s ridiculous!

      • A F

        HELL I WOULD IF JACK BAUER WAS IN IT! for get you yo!

      • Jonny

        Are you stupid or are you dumb?

      • mishka

        A lot of people said the same thing about Sex in the City the movie; they ended up being the ridiculous ones.
        24 is a cult series but it ran its course. A movie would be the icing on the cake. I think every successful prime time tv series with an established fanbase should have its (real) big finale on the big screen. Therefore I have great expectations for Smallville and in the future Desperate Housewives, the CSI franchise and Glee (yay!). I expected “Friends: The Movie” for years but I guess that won’t happen :(

      • Ron

        Phachina, did you even the read the article. It says they are relieved that the movie doesn’t have to be in “real time” and the writers will just have the 24 day distilled to a 2 hour movie.

      • maggie25

        Johnny and Ron, I’m pretty sure Phachina is joking. I mean, maybe start by looking at what the name of the commenter is.

      • mc

        johnny, ron
        r u stupid or can’t u detect sarcasm? god bless the usa, morons imploding us.

      • Aynal Varts

        I totally get what Phachina is saying. She is just being silly.

      • Actually . . .

        I think Phachina Pharts is sarcastic. although considering the screen name you might be in the ball park.

      • fish


      • Alan of Montreal

        Maybe they can call it “2”, or have 11 sequels.

      • Courtney

        @mishka Like Gilmore Girls? We’ve been waiting years for our real finale!

      • Krishna

        Am totally on board for a 24 movie. Bring it on. It’s an incredible series and there have been great films made from TV shows: Mission Impossible 2 fr’instance.

      • tnsmoke

        Friends The Movie never got made because there were hold outs who didn’t want to make a movie. With 24 Kiefer and Chloe are the only ones who need to be on board. I personally wouldn’t go to the movie but would buy the dvd of it.

      • Inquiring Minds…

        So isn’t the show being in real-time what made it different and interesting? I mean, I agree you can’t do a 24hr movie, but why rip out the one unique thing about the show by showing us a 2 hr representation of a 24hr day? if you’re going to do that, jettison the 24hr day concept all together and just make a Jack B. Save-The-World adventure movie and be done with it…

      • Ken

        Actually, both dumb and stupid. Must be Sarah Palin in disguise!

      • karen

        maybe you won’t sit in a movie but for every one that is like you, there are 10 more like me that will go see a movie with Jack in it!

      • Billiam

        Inflection doesn’t transfer well when typed.

      • Jay

        Phachina PhartsFri 03/26/10 9:40 PM

        No, not sweet. I will not sit in a movie theater for 24 hours. That’s ridiculous!

        along with Alan of MontrealSat 03/27/10 2:06 AM

        Maybe they can call it “2″, or have 11 sequels!!!

        Best lines ever….!!!!

      • Jerry Meyers

        I am not much for politics, but I do enjoy a good debate and Macs is the only one who has made a point and defended it with any substance. You guys who are responding to him should try to back up what you say with something other than “your momma” or ” I know you are but what am I?” Kinda weak.

        Just an observation.

      • Ayeni Abigail

        the movie 24. Is for matured minds and not for babies.i guess that is why u dont like it.

      • shina

        try it, it very intereting…….

    • Lily

      So excited there’s going to be a movie. I LOVE this show. It’s the most nerve-racking TV hour in my week. Keifer is amazing and Cherry Jones rocks as the Prez. It is always intelligent, brilliantly written and a nail biter. Brava. I will miss it.

    • Ralph H.Malick

      having 27 years in intelligence experience, I enjoyed this shows more than any I can recall. I cannot understand the need for a cancellation when the viewing demand is continuing. It does not need continous Nukes etc but could
      work on other points of intrest..
      I truely am sorry to see a decent
      show be terminated for no reason
      other than change.

      • Sheila Johnson

        I think that “24” was one of the best TV Episodes ever. I always looked forward to seeing the episode every week, it kept me, my friends and family on our toes. I wish the producers would bring it back. I’m ver sure that fox 6 would get even higher rates from all the loyal viewers like myself. PLEASE PLEASE BRING “24” back!!!!!!!!!!!

      • GreenKnight

        hm.. Interesting so you are in the Intelligence business. Nice. I wonder are there icc chanel lines that are untraceable when talking on the phone and where could i get one of those lol : )

        So you can confirm area 51 does have aliens then? haha


    • Martha

      You have made Jack a hero, and today there are so few heros left in this land. Please let him have a heroic ending ALIVE

      • kabba dumbuya

        martha you are perfectly right,jack dont deserve death.this movie is completely security minded.any who think he is bored with 24 let him/her look for another movie of his choice.

    • kabba dumbuya

      i am serving as a secret service agent in my country so i have really learn a lot.there are lot of actors in ur industries but likes of jack is an extraordinary star,with 24 i have a lots of duress codes,bravo jack need to do more on 24.

      • Kate

        Jack is extraordinary star indeed.

    • shina

      the movie is not only intereted, it……..

  • Glenn

    A place that won’t include Dana Walsh, I pray.

    • kabba dumbuya

      obrian thanks very much for watching jack,oyu are great.otiz jack has lost loved ones,dana walsh just deserve to die.arlo,you are also great.people have died today so dont wanna lose people like u.

  • Corran

    Please, please if they are doing a film version I want to wrap up some loose ends: What ever happened to that arab kid from the end of the first season? What ever happened to Lynn from Season 2, who is played by the brilliant Michelle Forbes (bring her back –HINT HINT–). Also, Sherry Palmer’s death was off-screen. On purpose, I presume. Please bring back her and Mandi (Mia Kirschner). They rock! Also, NO AUDREY! Let Jack end up with Renee. Let Kim and her baby not be stalked by a cougar either. That is all.Oh and finally, write Chloe a part that is so great, she will be oscar nominated for it (tho I can settle for a golden globe nom).

    • Mary

      I want more closure with Tony too! I felt jipped after last season’s finale.

    • Kenn

      Let’s be honest, a 24 movie NEEDS David Palmer, Tony, and Michelle, the characters from the days when the show was deserving of high ratings. After those first ten minutes in season 5 everything changed

      • Jeremy

        @Kenn: I couldn’t agree more!

      • Jensen

        I agree. That’s when I stopped watched. I liked the Palmers.

      • EnvisionTodd

        I agree – David Palmer was the best president on the show.

      • Edward

        @Kenn….you are right. Season 4 was the peak..

      • kabba dumbuya

        chloe u did well,kim my sympathy for u mum,hope baby tere will wipe ur mum tears.its good to have director like bryan hastings who give options to his field commander.

    • Dube

      As a fan from episode 1, I agree that there are some loose ends that would probably need to be addressed. The big one that I fuzzily recall was from the clsoing of S1, of the shadowy group who I believe gave the order for the hot assassin to give (then) Senator David Palmer the poison glove handshake. I assume that this wasn’t the same group that Jack’s father and brother were a part of… Also, if memory serves, Jack’s father was supposedly killed in an explosion, but I don’t recall if they ever fould his body or not. I seem to recall that they didn’t. Perhaps that could be the “big bad” for the film… In any event, Thanks 24, for all those years of adrenaline…

    • RK

      Are you talking about Behrooz? Wrong season.

      • Person Who Talks

        Yeah, what ever happened to Behrooz?! They just totally left that hanging…and they need to bring Tony back!

    • Alan of Montreal

      maybe they can bring Teri back from the dead and turn it into a zombie flick! “24 Hours Later”

      • nick

        Best joke ever!!

      • cj

        lol, great!

    • Krishna

      Agree w/you Corran! You’re a fan like me. Also, whatever happened to Tony? Is he good or bad? He was hauled off last year but to where? Would love to know.

    • tnsmoke

      I am one of the few who never cared for Michelle. Love Tony and David Palmer. I would think that a final movie would have to have a lot of 24’s past in it to draw us long time fans into caring about seeing it. Hope it’s better then the Homicide: Life on the Street movie that ran on tv after the series ended.

    • pat24fan

      I loved Edgar the fat computer guy. I sat next to him on a flight from LA to Kansas City 3 years ago. He was pissed that they wrote him out of the series. I asked him why they made him die the way they did. He said he had no idea but he was mad.

    • GreenKnight

      I like chloe but she is a lib in real life lets not push the love thing. Perhaps her playing a conservative on tv would pay for her sins in this life lol

    • Aaron

      Sherry’s death was not off-screen either. Your memory is full of holes. Sounds like you’d have fun simply watching the show again before you see a 24 cinema.

  • Corran

    arab kid from end of the 4th season I mean?*

    • arwlin777

      If you buy the DVD of that season, one of the deleted seasons shows his fate.

    • Anthony

      The arab kid is Barooz Araz and according to imdb, he will be returning to 24 in a few weeks. Also returning in the final episodes are Morris, pres Logan, Alan Wilson, Teo Stoller, not to mention Michael Madsen and Gary Oldman.

      • Teresa

        why Barooz is returning? O_O LOL

      • Niix Starkyller

        YAY, Morris! If that’s true, then I will happily watch the rest of the season. His brand of supercilious sarcasm makes me feel like I’M in the show.

      • tnsmoke

        Michael Madsen and Gary Oldman are both awesome bad guys. Can’t wait to see what they have to do on 24. Either could chew up and spit out Cole.

    • Ajay C.

      You mean Berooz Araz… I’m good with names,,lol

      • GreenKnight

        hm.. I would imagine that Gary oldman and this michael madsen would be part of the secret people who have agendas behind the scenes. Remember what the character of John Boyd said and the people he was working for. Im sure it has to do with that.

  • arwlin777

    I remember hearing them say that the plan was always for Jack to die heroically in the series finale, but since they now want to make movies, I’m sure they won’t kill him.

    • Charlie

      They won’t kill off Jack Bauer! Ever! Trust me.

      • Silver

        Actually, i sort of expect a heroic death out of Jack too.

    • Sir Lord!

      If that were to happen; it would make the Tea Party goers look like a mini-gathering at your local bar!

  • Vivian

    I’m ready for the movie, if it won’t include Renee!! Not a big fan of her in season 8, please KILL her off!!!..And Audrey would be a GREAT ADDITION to the movie!!! But Tony is a must!!!!! ;D

    • K

      Audrey? zzzzzzzz

    • GreenKnight

      didn’t tony die I cant rember but tony reminds me of my x girlfriend lol how twisted and evil pretending to be good she was lol

  • Stop The Clock

    Sad to see it go but it was time. Thanks for 192 episodes of fun

    • Erik

      @Stop The Clock….You said it perfectly…..I hate to see it go, but after 8 seasons and the whole transition after the Palmers, it is time for “24” to end. But, it will go down as one of the top 5 shows of all time!

  • Srini

    In my opinion, they missed a huge opportunity for the season that ended with Jack going to the chinese prison camp – they could’ve made it a escape from prison season combining “Prison break” and Chuck Norris’ “Missing in Action” themes and some how linking it to US national security. That would’ve been exciting and would’ve expanded the audience base for the show.

    • donknottz

      Um that’s called the A-Team Fool!

  • graeme

    Should be interesting to see how they end the series and if they are able to bring anyone still alive back (mainly Audrey or Tony).

  • Hope

    Silent clock anyone? In my mind JB deserves it more then anyone if he does die….

    • Rob

      He won’t die.

  • Roberto

    Chloe has to be part of the film, She has grown into the most important charactor(other than Jack) in the series.

    • Garry

      I agree about Chloe. Love her! I doubt if I’d see the movie if she wasn’t a part of it.

    • Lyn

      Yes, but mainly because all of our other faves have been killed off!

  • big guy

    as the final seconds tick away on the finale and the screen goes dark, jack should shout out one last time, “we’re out of time dammit”!

    • AZ

      Pretty good!

    • KyLo

      Like McGruber? :)

  • John

    24 jumped the shark 4 seasons ago.

    • Rob

      In season 4? Hardly.

    • John Hopper

      24 jumps the shark every season and almost in each successive episode in each season

      • Charlie

        And we keep watching!!!!

      • Jay

        Anyone who uses the phrase “jumped the shark” should be strapped to a chair and forced to watch a “Facts of Life” marathon.

      • tim

        jay,i was going to say i hope he gets eaten by a shark,but i like your idea even better!that would be a mighty painful marathon!

  • Ajay C.


  • Leo Marvin

    As a loyal 24 fan for 7 seasons in which I never missed an episode, I’m disapointed in this season and turned the show off after the first 4 shows.

    • Ajay C.

      @ Leo..

      I can’t believe you did that man…this season is so good.

      • jrbrent

        I’m with all who always watched and enjoyed the series. Hoping they will continue again. Fox or whoever is responsable will bring it back.

    • fenderjazz

      This season started kinda weak, but the past three episodes have been pretty good.

      • wilie

        Am in kenya,kindly supply me with season 8.from wherever… this series has been super.i think all arsenal funs like it.

    • GreenKnight

      Leo then go sell out somewhere else traitor. If you are a loyal fan just watching this season to support the show would be your duty. Maybe they can’t make all seasons as good as whatever season was best but damn it man its Jack and hackers and guns and traitors who die what more do you want lol I mean i would love to see jacks daughter naked bending over but damn it we can’t always get everything we want lol

    • GreenKnight

      Leo then go sell out somewhere else traitor. If you are a loyal fan just watching this season to support the show would be your duty. Maybe they can’t make all seasons as good as whatever season was best but damn it man its Jack and hackers and guns and traitors who die what more do you want lol I mean i would love to see jacks daughter naked bending over but damn it we can’t always get everything we want lol

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