Major 'Ugly Betty' series finale spoiler: Does this mean what I THINK it means?

ugly-bettyImage Credit: WENN.comHere’s some (potentially) good news for Ugly Betty fans hoping for a Betty/Daniel happy ending: The show is shooting several pivotal scenes on location in London today with America Ferrera and Eric Mabius for the April 14 series finale. “They’re shooting in Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, amongst other places,” reveals a source. The British flag on Betty’s farewell banner was a rather big clue that her new career opportunity would take her across the pond, but that doesn’t explain what Daniel is doing there. Hmm

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  • Penelope

    i hope you mean she and daniel en up togetther… or did you mean she ends up in london?

    • Liz

      I think we should all take a second to talk about how fabulous Betty’s shoes are in this picture

      • RLH

        I agree 100% with you!! Those shoes are fabulous!

      • led

        Definitely loving the shoes, I had to take a second look.

      • Karen

        They ARE0 cute!!! She looks all around gorgeous in this pic! Daniel would be a fool not to want her!!!

      • Ronnie

        Loving Betty’s look! Wilhemina told her she doesn’t always get it wrong, and apparently she goes out with a bang!

      • Sheila

        You are not alone! Fabulous!!!

    • SirLizard

      I think that the implication is that after Betty leaves for London, Daniel goes after her.

    • michael

      I have a feeling that the Brit who she turned down at the interview is going to have been so impressed with her chutzpah(sp) that he’s going to give hire her to do something she loves.

      • JLI

        That was my instinct too.

      • SirLizard

        Well, the character, Lindsay Dunne, will indeed be in the last two episodes, so you are almost certainly correct.

  • I’m on team Daniel

    We have already seen a ton pf pics and yeah i think this is the moment all us Detty fans have been waiting for.He follows her to London.

  • Gabriela

    Please please let Daniel and Betty end up together!!!

    • erica o

      yes please let them end up together

    • kimmy

      yeah totally Daniel and betty should totally end up together !!!!

  • Joseph T

    please no!

    • Beany53

      I so agree.

    • erica o

      i think they should end up together i think it would be wonderful yall be crazy if you dont think so

  • Nico

    I don’t think they are going to put them together. I think its going to be up for the audience to decide whether or not they are or not. Unless in the next episode they transition into that territory, I don’t believe Betty and Daniel will end up together.

    • jmo

      I love Betty but come on! No “ugly” girl (no matter how beautiful on the inside she is) has the love life that Betty does. I still believe the best message the show should leave us with is an independant Betty. But the show isn’t real, it’s fabulously over the top. I concede with her being with either Henry or Daniel.

      • Blaaaaake!

        Um.. beauty is subjective. What you think is “ugly” others will thing is “beautiful” and vice versa. Your statement tells me that I’d find you a rather unattractive and shallow individual and the only thing you inspire in me is pitty. Stop loathing yourself and selling yourself short – the “ugly” girls that end up alone or with some other equally “ugly” man are those that doubt themselves and think that only the “pretty” ones get the good looking guys.

      • Zoe

        JMO, I totally agree. Yes, beauty is subjective. But with braces, glasses, and bad hair, Betty would NOT have had all these guys falling all over her for the past four seasons. The point of “Ugly Betty” as a show was to convey that no matter what Betty looked like outside, she had tons of intelligence, drive, and kindness inside. But the show tended to oddly circumvent that idea frequently by having all these occasional characters such as the fireman and the Gossip Girl writer guy be attracted to her WITHOUT really knowing her. Sorry, Blaaaake!–JMO has a point and what YOUR statement tells ME is that I would find YOU rather blind to how the world really works.

      • jmo

        OMG! Chill out Blake read CAREFULLY. How many people in your life went from dating a retail nerd to corporate worker bee to business owner to Billionaire’s son? Zero. It has nothing to do with looks so stop being so…you, and read more carefully before you spit hate. Geesh.

      • “I still believe the best message the show should leave us with is an independant Betty.”

        I agree 100%.

      • Autumn

        It’s a good message that Betty end up alone because she’s ugly??? I’m rolling on the floor right now with that one. Oh, and I think Betty is beautiful! I love how certain guys have fallen for Betty on the show and deservedly so! Oh, and not every guy on the planet is THAT shallow. Not every guy wants a skinny model. How’s that for a bit of realism? And as for realism anyway, seeing how this show is not really all that “real” to begin with…

      • Blaaaake!

        Um.. when did I “spit hate”? Because I voiced a completely different belief that not everyone is shallow? I certainly don’t mind women with curves. They usually end up being more fun anyway. The skinny “pretty” ones always have the most issues and are the hardest to please. Sharing my point of view is “spitting hate”? Why? Because you dont agree with it? And Zoe, what you wrote says a lot more about you and your insecurities… let me guess, you work really hard at trying to be appealing and attractive to guys yet you always only find jerks, right? Ever wonder why that is? (now THAT is spitting hate.. but not really, just a little dose of reality for Zoe)

      • jmo

        Blake attacks me and then attacks Zoe? What’s wrong with you? The whole premise of the comment is that no one goes from dating a guy like Walter to a rich man’s son. You talk about people’s insecurities, talk say I’m shallow for declaring a truth about how the show -gasp- isn’t realistically portraying an average girl’s love life. I think this is more about your hang ups than anything either I or Zoe said. Thank you Zoe for getting it.

    • JBW

      I have to say I disagree with a lot of what has been said here. I don’t agree that a “normal” girl cann’t go from dating a guy like Walter to a “billionaire’s son.” Matt isn’t exactly what I would call a “normal” billionaire’s son. Matt wasn’t the type of rich guy who flaunts his money and cares abut superficial things, which is why he and Betty were a good match.
      Also, isn’t a little stereotypical to say all thin pretty girls are hard to deal with, or that all “normal” girls can’t have a good love life and dates lots of guys.
      I’ve learned in my psychology classes that people are attracted to people who they feel are as attractive as they are. For instance, a girl who is pretty but has low self esteem and doesn’t see that she’s pretty may be attracted to somebody who is less attractive than she is. Or vice versa. Maybe Betty isn’t a “model”, but she has tons of confidence in herself, which is why men are attracted to her.
      Finally, men are more attracted ton confidence than anything else. Betty may not be one of the girls that will end up on the cover of Mode, but she believes in herself and that’s more attractive than anything else.

  • Deidre

    I’ve waiting and WAITING for some sort of Detty scene. She better end up with either Daniel, or at the very least Henry.
    I know, I know, Betty is a girl who can go it alone, but it wouldn’t HURT to have her in a budding healthy relationship.

    • Andrea

      Agreed!!!! Go Detty!!!!

      • chris

        I most definitely Agree I want Daniela and Betty together and I don’t give a sh*t what people say that they don’t belong that’s just how the storyline is supposed to be that’s why they called it ugly betty after the famous Betty la Fea of Colombia and all the other version have her ending with her boss in different ways obviously but they still end up together Plus it simply makes sense they have been through alot together they’ve helped each other and grown so it just makes sense for them to be together at the end :)

  • spike….you must have missed the part where it’s THE LAST EPISODE. So there would be NO “next episode.”

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I think Nico means the next episode that airs (this week) to set up a romance with Daniel by the final episode.

    • JayNYC

      Brush up on your reading comprehension, Spike. Nico means the NEXT episode, that is, the one airing Wednesday April 7th (assuming it’s not pre-empted, I trust my DVR to handle the details…)

      Nico means that if they don’t venture into the Daniel-Betty territory STAT, then it’ll just too unbelievably come out of nowhere on the finale.

      • Nico

        thats exactly what I meant! I mean it really would be out of left-field for them to get together at this point. As much as I have wanted it in the past, now I feel it would be too rushed.

  • Dominic

    I saw them filming today and from what I can tell people won’t be horrified, more pleasantly surprised

    • lindsey

      Oooh, explain. Did they look like they were a couple? Were they sharing a kiss of any kind? I’m dying for more details here. :D

      • erica o

        me too in need to know please let them end up together a kiss or somthing

  • Amandalynn

    What I think will happen is that Daniel will start to have feelings for Betty, she leaves, time passes (like a few years) and Daniel goes to get her back. I don’t think the whole episode will be in real time.

    • jess

      that’s a good scenerio

      • Snsetblaze

        One that makes sense.

      • sally

        for some reason, alexis’ new magazine just suddenly came to my mind. maybe after daniel lets betty go, he’ll decide to work in alexis’ magazine to be near betty. *sigh* one can only hope.

    • jmo

      Agreed. That would make the best scenerio. The Daniel (and the Betty) from ep 1 should be very different from the last ep to air. Adding more time before the finally would also clean up some other plot devices (like Willy’s Mode takeover…again).

    • Lorie

      Ooh, that’s a great scenerio.

    • seattle_girl

      Except for the fact in this photo she’s wearing the same coat as during Hilda’s b’ette party episode. So unless she’s wearing the same coat at some (distant?) point in the future, not too likely.

      • mai

        It’s not the same coat.

    • Rebekah

      Ah, I like that idea. I’m good with Betty ending up with Matt, Daniel, or as a successful and happy single gal. She doesn’t need a man, but if done correctly, it could be really nice for her to end up with either Matt or Daniel. I’m glad they tied up the loose ends with Daniel. As for Henry, I loved him while he was on the show, but his storyline needs to stay done. Or…perhaps they should leave it open-ended and hint at a Detty ending or something?

      • Rebekah

        Oops. I meant to say, “I’m glad they tied up the loose ends with Gio.” Sorry. I guess I had Daniel on my mind! ;-)

  • George

    Wow. That’s interesting that there still shooting scenes for the show so close to the finale. I would have thought they would have filmed everything by now. I guess they want to keep all details of the finale as secret as possible.

    • oxjr

      They had completed the bulk of the season, most shows do this so they can write a cliffhanger (meaning they film the cliff hanger and the first few episodes of next season) if they get renewed or finish a series correctly if they get canceled. When a show is painfully bad they just end at ten episodes (like BIONIC WOMAN)

  • Anna

    Psst… Union Jack, not “British Flag” ;)

    • Dominic

      Union jack is the flag pole it is the Union Flag, common misconception

      • Alana

        Omg I love it! I was thinking of that exact same quote! It’s only fitting that a British show would teach us what the British flag is called

    • Emily

      Rose: That’s the Union Flag. It’s the Union Jack only when it’s flown at sea.
      Eddie: Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. I… I do apologise.
      Rose: Well, don’t get it wrong again. There’s a good man, now get to it!
      The Doctor: Right then! Nice and comfy, at Her Majesty’s Leisure.
      [to Rose]
      The Doctor: Union Flag?
      Rose: Mum went out with a sailor.
      The Doctor: Oh, I bet she did.

      • Tanisha

        that’s my all time favourite scene from that series. On a side note please please let Betty end up with daniel or anyone BUT HENRY

    • KJ

      Actually, it is only to be called the Union Jack when flown at sea….

      • Sarah

        actually you can call it the union jack or the union flag-doctor who was wrong. Nothing limits what you can call it

  • jess

    woohoo please oh please!! let there be a happy Detty ending!!!

  • Rachel

    This is very exciting! I really want Daniel & Betty to end up together or at least have the show end with possibility it could happen. As long as she doesn’t end up with Henry though, it’ll be okay.

    • Ronnie

      I would totally be okay with the show ending with just a possibility that something happens.

      • Autumn

        Yes that would be fine with me too. I would love if he follows her to London, perhaps following a passion of his own.

  • Shannon

    I just don’t see Daniel & Betty as a couple (other than that sort of kiss which only happened because Daniel thought he was kissing Molly there has been nothing between them other than friendship) and I’m not that big of a Henry fan (after the way he treated her). I’d much rather Betty end up with someone new or with Matt.

  • Fussbucket

    Detty is much preferable to Benry. Please god…

    • S

      Please don’t put them together. They don’t work that way. They have a brother/sister bond; not a lover bond. Ick.

      • unison

        Betty is too deep for Daniel. He’s not her match.

      • deana

        apparently they don’t agree.

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