Kate Gosselin to star in TLC's new 'Twist of Kate'

With Kate Gosselin’s popularity (or is it notoriety?) giving Dancing With the Stars its best ratings ever, TLC announced that it will stay in the mom-of-eight business by launching Twist of Kate sometime this summer. The new series will follow Gosselin as she travels the country to meet families with challenges at work or at home and attempt to “walk a mile in their shoes,” according to a TLC statement. The show will also give Gosselin a chance to “roll up her sleeves and see what she can to do to help.”

Gosselin’s brood won’t necessarily be the focus – especially since TLC is debuting two other shows about couples who go home with large families, including the Carpio Family Project (about a New York City couple with 18-month sextuplets in addition to an 8-year-old son) and Quintuplet Surprise (about a young Texas couple who have a 6-year-old daughter and five newborns). Gosselin, however, will star in a series of Kate Plus 8 specials that will focus on her complicated home life.

Meanwhile, ABC must have let out a huge sigh of relief when it was Buzz Aldrin — not the low-scoring Gosselin — who got the boot on Monday from DWTS. Gosselin is definitely having an impact on the ratings for the uber-reality show, which finished the week of March 29 as the most-watched TV show for the first time ever. It outranked both weekly installments of American Idol and, in fact, was the first regular TV series in five years to draw more viewers than both editions of Idol.

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  • robert

    Twist of Kate – twisting America for more money and boo-hoo moments – here’s a twist – get a real job – maybe like being a hostess in a pizza restaurant…

    • Deb

      She’s a registered nurse. I doubt she would have to resort to becoming a hostess.

      • Tim Lade

        A Nurse? There is a Twist of Kate episode for you: Will Kate give the badly drugs the doctor has ordered to the dying patient or go get her hair done. Tune in next week to find out!

      • LuLu

        Yea – she claims she cannot make enough money being a nurse to support her kids. More like – why should she wipe butts when her ego loves being in front of the camera!

      • badboy10

        OH GOD- I would prefere her serving me pizza, than being my nurse, Then again the thought of ITALIAN-TEAR PIZZA IS NOT MY TASTE.

      • maggie25

        Not saying anything either way about whether she just loves the spotlight or not, but there is no way that as a nurse she would make enough money to support 8 children. Also, nurses do much more than wipe butts. Just defending the nurses (I’m not one, but still).

      • A

        Deb’s right! She’s a nurse. She used to work in the same hospital my sister worked at in Reading, PA while filming Jon and Kate before it got huge. My sister said that she had a nasty attitude back then too!

      • Circle

        I am so sick of hearing Kate has to do this to support the family. How was she planning on supporting the family BEFORE Jon & Kate Plus 8 show came along? When she decided to have all these kids they both had “regular” jobs, didn’t they? That’s how they can do it now too. They can sell the huge mansion and downsize to a more reasonable size house and both get jobs. Isn’t that what they were doing before the show came along?

      • kelly

        Circle: I totally agree with you. Kate doesn’t believe in downsizing or doing without. She feels entitled and is raising those children to expect everything to be handed to them. They’ve known no other way their entire lives. There is no value placed on working for a living in that family. They worship freebies and handouts (brand new and to Kates specifications of course!).

      • Curious

        So here’s my question. What were she & Jon planning on doing to support their 8 Franken-babies from the beginning? Did it not occur to either of these dolts that children are expensive? Rather than “walking a mile” in the shoes of REAL PEOPLE with REAL PROBLEMS why doesn’t she just focus on raising her lab experiments? Good god – there are states out there enacting laws so that gay people can’t be parents yet it’s perfectly fine for nut-jobs like Jon & Kate to go against God’s will and manufacture babies when he CLEARLY didn’t intend for her to be a mother. Truly sad.

      • kelly

        Frankenbabies!! So mean . . . but so funny.

      • Junebug

        oh puhleeze. She said nursing will not provide her with the lifestyle she has become accustojmed to. She will probably rather get hired at escorts r us. Even her own lawyer hinted at the whole going hollywood and this is why Jon is supposedly jealous. I am glad he got away from this woman.

      • hot chick

        Then how about she work as a nurse. BTW, you need to keep up your credits, etc. Something tells me she is not doing that. It is tough work totally abandoning your kids. I doubt she has time for anything else besides that and persuing fame.

      • Enoughalready

        Couldn’t agree more Circle! It’s complete nonsense! There are PLENTY of families out there with 8 children who have regular jobs and live in regular size homes and take care of their kids just fine.

      • brenda

        It doesn’t matter that she’s a nurse. Who in there right mind would want her treating them, when she can’t even treat her children right???

      • karyn

        Circle – could not agree more or said it better myself! I used to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. I have no intention of watching any show Kate is involved in.

    • J

      the best and most welcome “twist of kate” would be the one where she disappears off the pop culture landscape completely and we all forget the nightmare that was she and her dbag of a husband… now go raise your kids, loser!

      • SUE

        THANK YOU THANK YOU My choice is to never watch a show again with her in it!!!!

      • sara

        OMG Seriously!! Why will this insanity never end???! And what the &^%$# is wrong with TLC??

      • Josee

        What would all the hateful posters do if Kate were to disappear? oh yeah, they would go on hating someone else.

      • Ambient Lite

        Maybe she could “walk in the shoes” of a mom raising her kids, you know, see what that’s like?

    • jared4ever

      Why do you keep referring to her being the big ratings boost on Dancing With The Stars. I sure didn’t tune in to see her. There are other big names on the show this season as well. Quit giving her all the credit please.

      • jared4ever

        AND she was in the bottom 2 so all those people who supposedly tuned in to watch her apparently aren’t voting for her.

      • Allie

        well somebody’s voting for her which is why she’s still on the show

      • Bethie

        She wasn’t in the bottom two. Buzz and Jake were. If you don’t like her fine, but don’t lie to make yourself sound better.

      • mocoohay

        Wow, how BAD OFF would you and your family be to need help from KATE gosselin??????

      • AsticatsMom

        I agree with Jared4ever; Kate is definitely NOT the reason my husband & I watch DTWS, in fact we keep hoping she’ll get voted off SOON! Maybe people are just finding out what an entertaining show it is! Mostly we watch it for the Professional Dancers, not the celebrities!

      • U DOLTS

        Don’t you freaks get it? DWTS is so beyond rigged it’s redonkulous! They will keep Kate until at least the Final 4 if not longer because retarded people all over America will tune in to watch a train wreck (which is so disheartening, but whatever – I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my fellow citizens are just so stupid).

    • Nobody

      The world would be a better place if Kate Gosselin were no longer a part of it. And don’t even chime in with the “how can you say such a thing? Who will raise the children?”

      I’ll tell you who will raise the kids. That would be the same group of nannies who do the job now. Kate is not around to do anything with or for them, unless its to make a buck in a photo shoot. Why do you think Jon is suing her for custody? Because all she cares about is her fame and status. The children are interfering with her goals.

      Kate Gosselin can rot in hell for all I care.

      • Junebug

        Amen and hallellujah. She knew when her docs told her there were too many eggs. Jon was happy with the twins but kate saw$$$$$$$. Her delusional followers think this was all a coincidence. I think they also believe in the easter bunny.

      • Nohate

        Wow!! I truly hope this is the biggest problem in your life. I for one admire and respect Kate. You hide behind your computer screen and make truly vile comments while she has the courage to go on national tv and do something that she admits she is not great at. We have become such a hateful people – if you don’t like her don’t watch and get over yourself!

    • Erik

      She needs to stay home and raise her goddamn kids already.

      • Lucas

        profanity aside I have to agree that she’s losing the leg she has left trying to say she’s not an absentee mom like Jon claims when she’s off doing tv etc NOT at home. if she wants to do tv great, but it should be in a way where she’s at home when the kids get out of school and all that. She can’t claim she’s there for her kids when she’s not and they are with nannies and such. Money isn’t all there is to being a parent.

    • vanessa

      How could you expect her to get a regular job with the ex that is going broke and eight kids for her to support. If she is going to be in the public eye may as well make money from it

    • MiKu

      Maybe she could dance the Twist to celebrate? Or feed the children cheese twists? Or since she’ so sour, she could serve up a twist of lemon? Or twist the knife in the hopes and dreams of those small children?

    • Lori R

      A nurse can most certainly raise a big family on their salary. Managers typically make 80k+, while Directors are in the six figures. Kate doesn’t want to have to actually WORK to earn money. She wants to prance in front of a camera with her nastiness, and make millions the easy way. It’s working, obviously, because here we all are talking about this nasty woman again.

  • Julia


  • DFMR

    I do not beleive that it is Gosselin who is givng DWTS ratings-

    It is just that American Idol is boring this year, so there a many pepole who are tuning into DWTS during the first hour of America Idol-then switching over.

    I heard Gosselin say she brings in ratings-I can not possibly imagine it-It is because of her I won’t watch DWS until she is voted off.so…

    AND just how can she travel (or not)with her new show around the country with 8 kids and give her own kids quality time-

    I believe in working mothers-I was one- But, I limited my travel and jobs to the bare minimum to be able to spend quality time with my child until he got older-then and only then did my employment commitments get heavier.

    Plus Gosselin digging in and helping people-a strange concept

    And relative to a Kate Plus 8 show…they do have a father too-I think it is the wrong message to send to kids of split families.It is not all about the Mother-

    It is about the Mother and Father working together separately raising kids

    • robert

      TLC is and always will be about sending the wrong message – not only did they exploit Jon and Kate – now they are going after other big families – why – because there are a bunch of saps that watch this crak – yes, I too am not watching DWTS until the whiny B%%^h is off

      • bill

        if you ever watched the 7-up series of movies you would know that this kind of reality crap really messes up the kids.

      • quagmire

        TLC seems to have this obsession lately with large families and little people. Do we really need a show about tiny chocolate shop owners?

        If they could only find a family that had nonuplet little people, they would strike gold.

    • M

      I also will not watch until she’s voted out. I’m pretty sure we’re not the only ones… she is unbearable.

      • D

        I agree. Also, she isn’t the reason the ratings are up. Pam Anderson probably adds to it more than Kate could ever hope to!!!

      • badboy10

        I agree, she is stopping me from watching

      • ania wright


    • Lori

      How do we know that the higher ratings for DWTS are solely because of Kate’s presence? There are probably several reasons why DWTS is beating AI in the ratings. What about getting popular athletes like Evan Lysacek and Chad Ochocinco? My guess is that these are the top 2 in terms of votes. DWTS has had Olympians and NFL players before, but Evan is the only one that participated on the show about 1 month after his gold medal performance (Kristi Yamaguchi won her gold medal back in 1992). Also, all the other football players were RETIRED. Chad is still playing in the NFL, and is so popular that he had over 800,000 followers on Twitter BEFORE the show started. What about Erin Andrews, who is a popular ESPN reporter and has been in the news a lot lately? And as DMFR already said, many people are bored with AI this season. There aren’t too many contestants to root for besides maybe Crystal, Siobhan and Lee. I would not give Kate ALL the credit for the surge in DWTS ratings.

      • EWsMom

        LOL – you seriously think that Evan and Chad are ratings grabbers?
        And now you’re using the # of Twitter followers as a gauge of popularity?

        LMAO thanks for the laughs, Lori.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Maybe Lori’s using the number of Twitter followers is silly, but I think she has a point. I don’t watch DWTS, but I’d tune in to see Chad or Evan, and yes, it’s partly because they’re athletes at the peaks of their careers. I’d NEVER tune in to see Kate Gosselin. I couldn’t stand Jon&Kate when it was on, and I can’t stand hearing about either one of them now.

      • kross

        Actually, I was excited when I found out the Evan would be on DWTS and I vote from him. I do not watch it because Kate Gosselin is on there and if she were to get voted off it would make me very happy because it’s painful to watch her try to dance and fail miserably. Can the woman even smile?

    • Junebug

      agreed AI is most boring this year

  • Elena

    Oh, goody! It’s another show that rewards Kate for exploiting her young children. Now if only some network exec could give Jon his own show, so we could watch him ignoring his children, too! For all the money that Kate makes off of her notoriety, she can use it for the children’s therapy bills. I bet their kids would rather have their parents out of the spotlight than remain fodder for all the tabloids. :(

    • Me

      No one will give Jon a show. He has shown that he does not care about his contracts and is willing to badmouth and try to blackmail his employer, so who is going to risk hiring someone like that? Outside of TV, he doesn’t have a good employment track record either.

    • terry

      And this show kinda sounds like Wifeswap without swapping out the wife. Well and the fact that Wifeswap was a pretty good show.

    • Mollie

      There sure are a lot of jealous or narrow-minded people when it comes to Kate Gosselin. I recorded and watched “Dancing With The Stars” for the first time this year because she is on the show. She could go back to nursing, but what’s the difference folks? I’m sure she would probably be working 12 to 16 hour days. My sister is a registered nurse and I know she worked those hours when her kids were growing up and she had to. So what’s the deal? I don’t get the negativity and butchering of Kate. It think she is a good person who cares about her kids.

  • ARPL

    Kate, you are rapidly taking over the role of most hated reality TV star from Heidi Montag.

  • B

    Yay for Kate :) Everyone needs to stop being so negative and rude… if you dont like it dont comment and dont watch. Everyone is giving Kate such a hard time when actresses and singers work to provide for there children and nobody says nothin about that..

    • robert

      Hey B – you ever heard of “Freedom of Speech” – or in your case “spell checker”

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Ever hear of correct word usage or punctuation?

      • Naunchy

        …….and you “B” my dear, need to stop cutting English class………

    • Elizabeth

      Actresses and singers don’t usually force their children to be on a TV show either. Usually, they work to keep their children OUT of the spotlight.

    • bee

      Actresses and singers have talent.

    • NYJ

      She’s an entitled, pompous piece of trash. Yes, actresses and singers work; Kate does not.

    • V

      Strippers and hookers often work to support their children as well; and practically EVERYBODY judges them. And to be honest, I imagine they might be working much harder than Kate…

    • badboy10

      sorry, BUT when did A CAMERA, A CUE CARD, & TLC become enough to be a verified actress. She could not act her rear off a bad soap opra.

    • jules

      “if you dont like it dont comment and dont watch.”
      OH, OK, B. Thanks for that stunning advice.
      Problem is, not everyone enjoys seeing this beyatch every time we turn on the television or computer.
      This harpy and her douchebag ex husband need to go away FOREVER.

    • Really?

      Maybe Jon’s custody suit has merrit. If Kate has been traveling the country “helping” other mom’s,then maybe she has been an absentee Mom. This show starts airing in June which means she has been filming for a little while. TLC may have just helped Jon out!

    • sara

      you really need to find someone else to idolize. The woman is a self absorbed nut case.

    • Nobody

      A Big “Eff You” to Kate and anyone who supports that miserable hag of a woman. Look up the terrible “C” word in the dictionary and you will find an autobiography of Kate.

    • Joy

      Hey B does the B stand for bird brain(s)? If you don’t like what people say about your precious Kate don’t read the comments. FYI Actors and singers have talent hence their job title. Kate has neither of those abilities so what’s your point? The key word here is “work” for a living; Kate does NOT work she gets free handouts. Besides that how many actors ans singers do you know that have that many kids?

    • Deb

      Hey B, she is not an actress, just a wanna be I hope Jon takes those kids away from her because at least he did get the cameras to go bye bye. She has the nerve to talk about Jon having an affair what about her MARRIED bodyguard that is always with her. Bodyguard yeah right, boyfriend is more like it!!Kate Gosselin is a pathetic person who only cares about money, cameras, stardom, and her pitiful self. But it is hilarious to watch her make a complete full of herself on DWTS!!!!!!!

    • Muffy

      Actress and Singers don’t need their children to make money! Kids or no kids, they’re still going make money. Never put compare Kate Gosselin to true Entertainers, who don’t need their kids to make money!

  • sherry

    Good luck in everything you do Kate! You’re a great mom and responsibly working to provide for them…since you don’t get child support payments or alimony! Kudos to you Kate! Your fans that loves you.

    • chichi

      sherry—Yet another clueless Kate supporter, you people really annoy me…CHECK YOUR FACTS. $20,000 a month!

      • Me

        That is how much he is SUPPOSED to pay. I am sure now that he has filed suit, we’ll find out how much of that he has actually paid.

      • R

        If he hadn’t paid anything she would have spread it all over the tabloids to get sympathy.

      • Sue1

        Exactly, R. He has been ordered to pay child support and no doubt does or we would have heard about it. He must spend time with the kids, and wants more. This “Poor single-mom Kate” sob story of hers is tiresome. I raised 2 kids and worked full-time without nannies after my divorce, as have many other parents. Ah, but I’m not a “Star”.

    • mariem

      You sound like you’re writing in someone’s senior year yearbook. Grow up and get a vocabulary.

    • sara

      Kate is receiving a monthly check of $100,000 since their tv stopped last fall. And Jon is paying her $21,000 in child support every month. These facts are verified and announced on Nancy Grace’s show last night. Kate is a multi-millionaire.

      • Me

        Just out of curiosity, who verified the amounts and that they were paid? If it was Jon &/or his attorney, Jon and Heller lied about the “accounting” when Jon took the $ out of the joint account that he denied taking (that was against the arbitrator’s orders). It turned out that he took exactly what Kate had said. He had to pay some back right away and the rest was taken from his portion of the divorce settlement.

      • Me

        And he had also lied about how much $ they were getting, how much Kate had, etc, etc. He claimed to have proof but that turned out to be only a small portion of the story.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Well, if Nancy Grace said it, it has to be true!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    The new series will follow Gosselin as she travels the country to meet families with challenges….and where will her kids be?

    DWTS is fixed, you are all falling for it.

    • Terri

      Wait, I have a great idea! While Kate is traveling the nation, TLC can make another reality show for the nannies that she hired to watch her own kids. Maybe the title of this show will be “Life Without Kate” or something.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        You’re hired.

    • badboy10

      Rusty, I read that DWTS is fixed, i read that Max has pull as well ?

  • pat

    Two words: Media Whore. Give it a rest, Kate.

  • Bob

    Please, please TLC, make this woman go away and raise her kids out of camera range.Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up?

  • Bibi

    Poor Kate. Now those darn paparazzi will never leave her alone. Oh, the humanity!

  • Dawn

    Why not just leave her alone your all just jealous of her fame and money.And would not be bitchin g if it was you insted of her.

    • Kitty

      Oh please!! What did she do to get this fame and fortune?? She had kids! BIG DEAL! She is getting rich off having kids that she doesn’t pay attention to. No – I think most women would NOT want to be her. Most women have kids and don’t expect to get rich off of them.

      PS Dawn – Learn how to spell.

      • Josee

        I watched the DWTS episodes with Kate in them, this morning on youtube. I have never watched the show before. However I used to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 in the beginning. I honestly don’t see the bitchiness that you are all talking about. She is frustrated, and her attitude can be frustrating also but I don’t get all the hate. If you don’t like her, stop watching and posting that’s all!

    • bootsycolumbia

      First off, why don’t you learn correct spelling, sentence structure and typing before you post a comment. Second, jealous?!? Of Kate Gosselin? Thanks for the laugh.

    • Junebug

      why the eff people have to be jealous? either they are fat no life having no soul having stay on the internet to hate on Kate? LMAO. What the eff does she have that I might want? 8 snotty nosed kids who are neglected? no thanks. I can also make my own money by actually working. What a concept

  • Mike

    Oh please spare me… cripes, a lack of imagination obviously doesn’t hinder getting a job as a prgramming head, does it? We have to endure yet more BS from Kate-the-wonder-mom?? This will ensure that TLC has a permanent ban in my house, I’m going to remove it from the list of channels the cable box recognizes. *gag*

  • Woody

    Who cares. I can’t be bothered watching it.

  • Janey

    Uh, doesn’t she have eight kids that she should be taking care of?

    • jules

      AMEN, JANEY. Since reproducing seems to be her one talent, she should try to take care of her kids.
      Those children need a mother, not an attention-whore.

      • bootsycolumbia

        They need a father, too. I don’t see Jon stepping up to be Father of the Year. I’m sure his attempt to get sole custody is just a ploy to get his own reality show deal. I have no sympathy for either of them.

      • Junebug

        They need at least one parent. They have none. Not Jon and definitely not Kate

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