'Glee' video: Watch Sue's 'Vogue' homage here!

jane-lynchImage Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxIn case you missed it when it aired on Fox tonight, here’s Glee‘s shot-for-shot remake of Madonna’s “Vogue” video starring the one and only Sue Sylvester!


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  • AngelaYorio

    i cant see it!

    • Rush

      What if you’re an older man who likes older women like Sue Sylvester?

  • Sal

    I can’t get Hulu, Ausiello! No fair! :(

  • KC

    Agree with the not fair, Ausiello.
    Hulu is not nice to non-americans.

    • CMF


    • hmmm

      It’s not his fault, FOX chose to put the video on Hulu

  • Dryden

    Not watching this until the episode airs.

    • Bibi

      How can a video everyone knows hurt the episode? You don’t know the context. It’s wonderful. Give this show a bunch of awards.

  • Ella


  • Caio

    I LOVED tonight’s episode ( Who cannot love an episode with this AWESOME Spring Awakening reunion, Jonathan Groff AND Idina Menzel? +, the humor was great! ), but the best part was by far the Vogue sneak peak! I’m SO excitged for next week!

    • rene

      oh so disagree.
      i was so looking forward to that video but it just creeped me out. this old wrinkled woman with this young young looking guys trying to vogue. i couldn’t even enjoy it as camp.

  • commentor


    • caydee

      amazing!!!! i love this show. it was a long long 4 months. and was that nathan from sytycd? i think it was. another great reason to love it!

      • Scooter

        Yes, that was Nathan!

      • wtssm

        Thank you! I was wondering where I knew that guy from! NATHAN!

      • Jessica

        Thanks for that tidbit. My husband and I just kept looking at each other going, “Where’d that guy come from? Has he been there all along?” We finally just dubbed him “Dance Movin’ Guy B” and dropped it. Good to know we weren’t crazy though and it was a cameo. :)

  • BTH

    HOLY S–T! That was unfreak’n believable. Absolutely love it and can’t wait for next week!!!

  • J

    I’m thoroughly confused. Does this mean that the video will not be shown during next week’s episode since it was shown tonight?

    • Jessica

      I’m guessing that they couldn’t show the whole thing during the hour, but you’ll see part of it. This was just a chance to see the whole thing.

  • GoodWitchPA


  • allie

    Rita, Katherine, Lauren too…. Will Schuester I hate you!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

    • Ceballos

      Yeah, I actually wish they would’ve played around a bit more with the lyrics other than the “Will Schuester I hate YOU” part.

      That “rap” where Madonna talks about Hollywood legends would’ve been the perfect place to make it specific to “Glee.”

      • Caitlin

        She also said “Sue Sylvester dance on air” during that part.

      • Rashad

        Sue Sylvester is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! This music video was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS….she has definitely become the best TV villain ever. Glee is THE BEST!!!

      • Ceballos


        Thanks for that, I hadn’t caught that. I still say the ENTIRE rap should’ve been “Glee”-centric. As amazingly-detailed as it is, for me it got a bit old watching an exact recreation of the original video after a while.

      • Tina

        I agree with Ceballos – what was the point of a recreation of Madonna’s video? What does that have to do with Sue Sylvester?

      • kt

        I read it was supposed to be a dream sequence of Sue’s secret desire to want a make-over or something like that….idk. I guess we’ll find out next week. There has to be a point or they wouldn’t have done it.

  • Kristi

    I just have this to say about tonight’s episode…S C R E W YOU, GLEE!!! You have Idina Menzel in your show and YOU DON’T HAVE HER SING?!! It’s Enchanted all over again! There are no words to describe how wrong this is!!! I want an Idina solo and I want it now! And when you’re done with that, I want an Idina and Lea duet!! Get on it, people!! (Can you tell I’m upset? Hee hee) Love Sue Sylvester in all her twisted forms.

    • Belle

      I agree BUT…the main reason why Idina accepted the part in Enchanted because it was the very first role singing was not required. She wanted to prove she could act and not just sing. But yes, GLEE of all shows should have had her SING!!

    • Alex

      Looks like she’s going to reappear more this season, I’m sure they’ll have her sing at some point.

      • Jessica

        A voice of reason…thank you. She’s definitely going to be around at least through the end of the season for regionals. There will be plenty of opportunities. Last night was just about introducing the character, and it would have gone from Glee to Disney if they’d just had her introducing herself through song.

  • Shannon

    lol love these add-ins “Sue Sylvester dance on air” & “Will Schuester I hate you” haha! Glee was fantastic tonight. The Madonna episode next week though will be…..wait for it….EPIC! :)

  • Robert

    Amazing! The show keeps getting better and better. What a pleasure seeing Jane Lynch get such a character like Sue. Lynch is such a great comedienne–now people know she can sing too!

    • lkj

      that was jane lynch’s singing voice?

      • Rush

        On auto-tune.

    • Jessica

      Those of us who have watched A Mighty Wind (repeatedly) already knew she could sing. :)

      • elsie

        You got that right, Jessica. I believe now I’m going to have to watch that again :-)

  • Nick

    Dear Jane:

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