Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Chuck,' '24,' 'Supernatural,' 'Private Practice,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC; Greg Gayne/NBC; Carin Baer/Fox; Chris Haston/FoxGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Any more clues on who dies on Private Practice? —Katie
Well, Addison was already a long shot, but considering what happens to her in the finale, I can’t imagine Shonda Rhimes would be so cruel as to kill her. [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] “You’ve watched her get really beat up all season,” says the boss lady, so “I wanted to sort of see her have a chance at really being happy…to finally sort of get the guy and find some peace.” (No word if the guy she gets is named Pete or Sam.)

Question: Do you know anything about House‘s season finale? —Eva
I know it will raise some big questions about a certain character’s future on the show.

Question: Please give me some The Good Wife scoop! —Hayley
Look for Alicia to make a pact with the devil — a.k.a. Eli — in order to save her job in the May 11 episode.

Question: Shonda Rhimes said she was done playing with the on-again/off-again relationship between Meredith and Derek on Grey’s Anatomy, but all this game-changing finale talk has me worried she’s going to pull them apart. What can you tell me? —Constance
I can tell you to relax. Better yet, Rhimes can tell you herself: “[Der-Mer] are pretty solid going into the finale,” she insists. “For once, Meredith is the mother hen in the group, as opposed to being the one who’s messed up.”

Question: Scoop on Owen/Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy? Is Teddy out of the picture for good? —Barrie
Teddy may be the least of their problems. Word is someone else is going to complicate their already-troubled romance, and the identity of that person is…revealed in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now!

Question: Can we expect any Twin Towers-type surprises when Walter & Co. head back “over there” in Fringe‘s two-part finale? —Joel
Yes, but exec producer Jeff Pinkner tells me the jolts will be “more personal in nature” for the team. Adds fellow EP J.H. Wyman: “The Alt Universe is different from our own world in ways that are both delightful and disturbing.”

Question: I know a lot of people write off Cougar Town because of the title, but it’s gone from good to great. I love seeing flashes of early Scrubs brilliance! Any scoop on the last few episodes this season? —Pat
I agree wholeheartedly about your good-to-great assessment. In fact, ABC’s Modern FamilyCougar Town hour is thisclose to overtaking NBC’s Office30 Rock juggernaut as my fave comedy block on TV. On the C-Town scoop front, something big is happening in May sweeps. And that something involves [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] the words Jules, Grayson, and fornication.

Question: Alyson Hannigan tweeted that she just recorded a role for The Simpsons. Got deets? Is this How I Met Your Mother-related? —Jenny
Nope. When Lisa’s substitute music teacher becomes the latest object of Skinner’s affection, the prince sets up Bart as a distraction for her zany daughter — Hannigan. The episode — titled “Flaming Moe” because the A-plot involves the barkeep and Smithers turning the local pub into a gay bar for non-hunks — will air in January 2011.

Question: What are the odds Will and Terri will get back together on Glee? I know she’s been a psycho to Will, but I kind of like them together. —Kristin
You’re not gonna like it, but I have a definitive answer for you. “No, no, no!” series creator Ryan Murphy blusters. “They have a horrible divorce that starts [later this season]. They are making each other miserable.” Adds Matthew Morrison: “[Will] is fully realizing the extent of the negativity and the toxicity of that marriage. He realizes that he was married to a crazy person.” On the other hand, how’s this for a crazy counterpoint? Jessalyn Gilsig, who plays the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Schuester says, “I do think she and Will will reunite at some point. It’s unfinished [so] I think they will have another chapter at some point.” Besides, she continues, “Terri is actually growing and learning from her mistakes.”

Question: I would ask if you knew whether Jorja Fox was going to re-sign with CSI, but the chances of getting an answer are slim to none, right? —ALS
Slim to none…yes and no. I have an answer for you, but it’s sorta nebulous. “Jorja and I haven’t sat down and talked about next season,” EP Carol Mendelsohn tells me. “But [she’s] definitely in the finale, and since the finale is a ‘to be continued,’ I would say it’s a pretty good bet that Jorja will be back for at least some or all of next season. It’s been great having her with us this season.”

Question: A rumor has been circulating about the CSI season finale regarding Catherine Willows’ fate. Any scoop on that? —Ann
There will be blood, and according to Carol Mendelsohn, it will belong to “more than one CSI.”

Question: I’m sad. Not only have we gone weeks without a new episode of Desperate Housewives, but you haven’t given us any spoilers lately, either! —Matthew
You think you’ve got it rough? Wait until you see what poor Lynette has to endure in the season finale. Hint: It’ll make Violet’s C-section from hell on Private Practice look like a [insert the word for white-trash teens who give birth in the bathroom at the prom and still make the last dance].

Question: Now that Agents Walker and Bartowski are together on Chuck, what’s next for our favorite couple? —Charles
A new obstacle! “Chuck has a secret he’s keeping from Sarah,” teases exec producer Josh Schwartz. “A secret that could cost Chuck what Sarah loves most about him — his mind.” Um, yikers!

Question: Two weeks in a row without any Chuck spoilers? What’s the matter, sad that Shaw is finally gone? I’m not! What’s next for Team Bartowski? —Marie
That Shaw crack may come back to haunt you, since I have it on very good authority that someone from Chuck’s past will return in the finale to do him great harm. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: I’m really enjoying Miami Medical, especially the hottie Mike Vogel. Any scoop? —Tiffany
The Alpha Team will stumble on a major piece in the puzzle that is Dr. Proctor’s mysterious past when a newspaper article surfaces.

Question: Supernatural‘s 100th episode is this week! To celebrate, how about a May-sweeps scoop? —Tim
Exec producer Sera Gamble tells me that Dean’s looming “face-off with Death is hands down one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show.”

Question: Any chance Meg (Rachel Miner) will be returning to Supernatural before the end of the season? —Jessica

Question: You’re going to drag out this pregnancy Blind Item until sweeps, aren’t you? —David
Looks that way.

Question: I’m already sick of Katherine Howard on The Tudors. When are we going to see Joely Richardson’s queen? —Sam
Queen Cath doesn’t show up until sometime after episode 5, when Katherine Howard…well, you know. And if you don’t, Google it crack open a freakin’ history book!

Question: Didn’t I see you at a cabaret show in NY last Thursday? I pegged you as more the mosh-pit type. —Ben
You crowd-surf at one Cyndi Lauper concert and suddenly you’re pigeonholed. Yes, that was me at the wickedly funny Joshua Warr‘s cabaret show, Sing No Evil. Wait a second…were you the dude seated near the bar who was staring at me all night? Stupid freak show, you should’ve said hello!

Question: I’m confused. Sheldon Cooper has no interest in sex, but he’s getting a girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory. Don’t the two go hand in hand? —Annie C
I was a little confused about that myself, so I asked Jim Parsons about the nature of Sheldon’s relationship with upcoming guest star Mayim Bialik. “If  Sheldon has feelings for Mayim’s character, I don’t think he knows it yet,” he tells me. “As the actor playing Sheldon, I guarantee that I was left uncertain.”

We now interrupt this week’s Ask Ausiello to bring you this impromptu Q&A with honorary Aushole Kristen Bell, conducted by my colleague, Keith Staskiewicz…

Aside from Party Down, any other TV shows you’d like to guest on?
Damages. As the next Mrs. Arthur Frobisher.
I’m required by law to ask: Any news on the Veronica Mars movie?
I wish there was. Warner Bros., care to take this one?
This question comes from an interested third party: Is there any message you’d like to give to Michael Ausiello?
No, but I’d like to give the public a message: Ausiello is a fabulous kisser.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Ask Ausiello…

Question: Do you have any new Bones finale scoop? —Katie
Exec producer Stephen Nathan describes the episode as “the next logical emotional step after what happened in the 100th.” Adds series creator Hart Hanson, “And it’s really, really good.”

Question: Next time you see Emily Deschanel, tell her she was awesome in the final scene of last week’s Bones. —Chris
Perfect timing. We’re actually going Rollerblading later this week, so I’ll be sure to give her the message. Speaking of The Scene, Deschanel confesses it was a challenge to pull off. “But it was an important scene, so we had to nail it,” she adds. “It is pretty rare that we see [Brennan] cry. The season finale of the first season was a pretty upsetting moment. I don’t have to get that emotional very often. She holds everything in, but sometimes the emotions overwhelm her and the dam breaks. I think if some people had their way I’d be crying in every episode, but that’s not who the character is at all. It is not that she doesn’t have feelings. She just holds them in most of the time.”

Question: I’m a huge Bones fan and I was wondering if there was any scoop you could give me about Angela’s relationship with Hodgins? —Lily
Would you settle for scoop about her relationship with her father instead? ‘Cause that’s all I’ve got. “My dad, played by Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, comes back on the show in a really killer way,” reveals Angela’s portrayer, Michaela Conlin. “I should clarify that. It’s not in a Bones killer way, but killer as in cool-ass. He has a really great episode.”

Question: More White Collar season 2 scoop, please! —Josh
Season 2 will turn “Willie Garson into an action star,” declares exec producer Jeff Eastin. “There’s an episode where Mozzie has a girlfriend in peril.” Eastin adds that we’ll make “a few discoveries” about Garson’s sidekick character, including “why he’s called Mozzie, which isn’t his real name.”

Question: Any Rescue Me scoop? Will season 7 really be its last? —Brandi S.
FX prez John Landgraf tells me that an official decision will be made “in the next couple of months… It’s more of a creative [decision] than anything else. There’s a decent chance that the episodes we’re producing will be the final ones. We want the show, like The Shield, to have a full, complete arc.” Oh, The Shield. How I miss thee. I hope Claudette’s doing okay.

Question: I just watched seasons 1 and 2 of Sons of Anarchy in two days! Can I get some scoop on season 3? Can’t believe I didn’t watch this show earlier! —Lucas
A little birdie with loose lips tells me that the show is currently talking to Titus Welliver about reprising his role as Irish gunrunner Jimmy O for a handful of episodes.

Question: Any word on season 2 of Parenthood? —Valentina
This week’s episode held up well against Glee, so I’m leaving it as “a safe bet” on my Bubble Show Scorecard. EP Jason Katims, meanwhile, tells me the season finale won’t really work as a series finale, since “there will be one or two questions that are hanging in the balance.” (Note to NBC: If you cancel this show, I release the pictures!)

Question: I’m sad. You haven’t given us any NCIS scoop in ages! Got anything new for me? —Catherine
Remember Tony and Ziva’s big Parisian adventure earlier this season? Well, the show is producing a sequel to air later this season, only this time the stars are Abby and McGee and the setting is Mexico.

Question: Now that Renee has been killed off on 24, is there a chance of Audrey returning for the 24 movie? —Patty
Yes, there’s a chance. “Any character who is still alive has been discussed and is being considered,” says exec producer Howard Gordon. “But I’m not ready to disclose any names because it could change.”

Question: Any chance Kim will return for the big 24 finale? —Charlie
No. According to Howard Gordon, “Once upon a time she was [going to be in the finale], but we went in a different direction. The story took on a darker hue that didn’t include her.”

Question: I seriously need spoilers for Law & Order: SVU. —Rose
“Something bad happens to one of our main characters in the finale,” reveals exec producer Neal Baer. “The [finale] is a huge episode. Also, one of our characters saves another character and is a big hero.”

Question: I just started following you on Twitter. In return, can I get NCIS: LA scoop? —Joshua
I’m sorry, but my Twitter-4-Scoop promotion expired yesterday at sundown. I guess I can make an exception just this once. A member of the LA team will turn in his/her resignation before the end of the season.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell, Sandra Gonzalez, Vlada Gelman, and Keith Staskiewicz)

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  • Megan

    After last night’s Glee, I’m totally on TEAM FINN/RACHEL! Any scoop on them? :)

  • j

    NO GOSSIP GIRL. Again. Ugh.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      No Gossip Girl, Lost (Uh, hello, Mike, last stop on the Lost spoiler express!), very little Grey’s anatomy, no Vampire Diaries, no early True Blood news? Totally not my week. Oh, well, I still sweat your nuts, Mike, and I’ll be back at the same time, next week. But seriously, throw me a freaking Sideways bone or something, okay? For old time’s sake?

      • Shelby

        All those shows dominate AA every other week. Get over it.

      • ally

        i am sooo sick of hearing about lost

      • Daniel

        Relax Ally, Lost is almost over. For me sad. For you YAY.

      • Flaming Moe

        For those of you who don’t like lost, keep enjoying your chuck, you deserve each other

      • Alex

        Dear flaming moe:

        I am a huge lost fan, it is my favorite show, and i plan to have a finale party, during which i will be sobbing due to the fact that one (if not the) best shows on television is over.

        but i also love chuck, and i would really appreciate it if you dont dis it. i have a feeling you havent even seen it. Im not going to say its alot like lost, and that im sure you would love it. i personally love it as well as lost. and so please, dont diss chuck.

    • DorianB

      Gossip Girl? Seriously?

      • Keith

        “Gossip Girl” is soo over that even Gossip Girl herself doesn’t care about the Upper East Siders anymore!

      • lorna

        i know, never been a fan of lost, cannot wait til it ends.

      • RyRyNYC

        LOL @ Keith. Very true… Leighton needs to jump ship onto something better.

      • voluptuousdate

        i hope serena doesn’t die

    • blurgh

      “Gossip Girl” is still on the air?

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Whoohoo First! Love the NCIS scoop, ready for McAbby!

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Well I was first when I clicked submit!

    • Melody

      I cheered when I read about that. It’s going to FABULOUS!!

    • redreh

      I know!! I’ve been suspecting that pregnancy thing was going to be Abby anyway, but I never thought McGhee would ever, ever be the dad.

      But now we have reasonable doubt–he could be!
      (Assuming that it is abby who’s preggars.)

      Either way: McAbby is yay!

      • badprobiemcgee

        Oh I’m hoping he was completely serious with that scoop. I would love for McAbby to get together. I had thought that I had read somewhere that they would. *Fingers crossed* I would love for Abby to be pregnant!!

    • Jenn

      I just hope the episode is better than Jet Lag. That was, hands down, the worst episode of NCIS I’ve ever seen (even excluding the Tiva stuff). It beat even the Frog storyline for bad.

      • NoChance

        I’m with you Jen. ‘Jet Lag’ was the worst episode of the series – especially because of all the Tiva stuff. I barely made it through watching it the 1st time and will not watch it on DVD when I buy Season 7.
        I seriously doubt that Abby will be the one to find out that she’s pregnant. I do like McGee and Abby together – he’s an agent and she’s not so that’s a real plus for me.

    • MeAndTimmyMcGee

      Finally, an NCIS scoop that I can get excited about, love me some McAbby! I’m so glad to see that we’re going to get to see something other than Tiva this season, yay!

  • Keir

    “I know it will raise some big questions about a certain character’s future on the show.”

    Please be Thirteen. Please be Thirteen. Please be Thirteen!

    • Kate

      Very sorry. This is likely to be Lisa Edelstein, actually.

      • nitemar

        Im a Huddy and always will, but I also love Lisa and Id be happy if she would leave after they did to her character this season, she deserves better.

      • Cheery

        Regardless of whatever shenanigans the show pulls in the finale, there is no way in hell Lisa is leaving House.

        Everybody knows House fans are the craziest bunch–puppies will be kicked and kittens will be drowned if Cuddy leaves before “Huddy” happens.

      • moni

        Lucas I say!

      • Sandra

        Can’t say I’d be sorry to see her leave, her character went downhill in the last two seasons anyway.

      • HopeURwrong

        I hope not. I miss Cuddy this season I want her back.

      • amelie

        I hope it is Cuddy, The end of this ridiculus Huddycrap.
        And a new boss for House could be so much more fun by adding some new refreshing dynamic.

      • talkingtv

        OOOH or cuddy leaves and cameron’s his new boss. THAT’D be interesting. Acutally, no i want cameron on teh team with Thirteen too. Two women on the team needs to happen – imagine the bitchfights.

      • Ange

        talkingtv, Cuddy leaving and Cameron taking her place would certainly shake up the House universe. So therefore it’s never going to happen. The show is completely predictable now.

      • Keir

        moni, yeah I want Lucas gone too. I’d thought/hoped that was a foregone conclusion though.

        I’ve not liked Cuddy at all this season, but I don’t want her to leave.

      • MeAndTimmyMcGee

        I hope it is Cuddy. The show needs some serious refreshing and if Cameron should return to take her place as House’s boss, I would be thrilled. I would also enjoy seeing Chase’s reaction to that one, muhuhahaha. :P

      • andreeC

        No way it will be Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy that leaves the show unless the writers WANT the show to be canceled. Lisa E is the reason I watch the show as House has become a real dull guy with the twisted issues of refusing to be happy. C’mon! The dude needs to get a real life and Lisa Cuddy/Edelstein is the best part of the show despite the baggage in the form of a dull boyfriend. Loved 5 to 9 and seeing the ole Cuddy back in action!

      • Sede

        Lisa Edelstein is promoting the show in Europe. She is not leaving at all. I´d say Olivia Wilde.

      • Beth

        It is Cuddy, but MA is being overdramatic. LE is not leaving the show and Lucas is back next season.

      • andreeC

        Aussie’s hint probably about Lucas. “A certain character’s future on the show” is not the same thing as a “major character’s” future on the show. A Lucas proposal means he may be sticking around. Of course if Cuddy says no, he’s a goner! Heee-hawwww!

    • Lala

      Will it really be another female character? They’d only be down to one!

      • e

        Sam Carr (the Wilson ex-wife character) is joining the medical staff to replace 13, so no they won’t be down to one.

      • talkingtv

        It really pisses me off that they’re having Wilson’s ex-wife join the staff, but they can’t find a way to fit Cameron into the show. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE! Get RID of Thirteen, get rid of Huddy, Lucas, and all this sentimental bullcrap, bring back Cameron – and oh yeah, bring back the witty and subtle writers from season 1!

      • Lala

        She’s joining the staff? I thought she was just going to date Wilson for a few episodes. Has Watros signed on as a regular next season? Is 13 leaving? Where did you read all of this?

    • Alex

      It’s Thirteen, it’s been already confirmed by Olivia Wilde. Of course, it’s just a tease because as much as we want her gone she’ll be back next season :(

      • MikeC

        Of course it’s Thirteen. If she died, was cremated, and had her ashes scattered in all seven continents and four oceans, she would still be back next season. She’s been fired three or four times and always comes back, so the writers could probably kill her off three or four times before it finally “takes.” After all, look how many times House has “died.” Dying means nothing on THIS show!

      • e

        Be nice if they then fired Cuddy – yet another death on her watch. She worries about towels & not the big stuff like House getting 13 blown up & Chase murdering patients.

      • Pat

        The characters we really want gone, Thirteen and Foreman, will never leave.

      • carla

        I think its Thirteen for sure. Olivia Wilde is eager to pursue a burgeoning film career and this would be an ideal time for her to split from “House.” If Thirteen dies, then Wilson’s new girlfriend Sam can take her place as a female PPTH staff member next season. No way on this green earth will Cuddy leave as she is central not only to the story and to House’s continued professional and personal development, but to the success of the show with the audience. I think Thirteen goes and everyone else, including the sad sack Lucas, stays for now.

      • Rachel

        I don’t see why Cuddy is central to the story and de success of the show with the audience, she wasn’t in the season 6 premiere and it got huge ratings. She’s barely been used this season.

        As for Thirteen, FOX and Shore will never let her go, since Jennifer Morrison was written out the show, they need a pretty young female character to appease the 18-34 male demo, and even if you don’t want to hear this, Lisa Edelstein doesn’t qualify.

    • m.

      It could be Chase, considering what happened in Monday… Plus i think his contract is up (One would think that he has also 6 year contract like J Morrison).

      • Becca

        what about Foreman? He’s gone very quiet and he always said he wants to be his own boss. Or Taub, his missus goes extra nuts and says he either moves away with her or stay with House or something.

      • Tego Livi

        Chase and Foreman can quit and move to Belize where they open a clinic and spend all their free time in Speedos on the beach.

      • e

        Its unlikely to be Chase – JS signed a contract extension through s8 recently.

    • e

      Its 13 – she’s the woman in the explosion in the finale who hopefully will end up dead. Though unfortunately she’s kind of like a cockroach, never really bites the dust.

    • Tamara

      I think what Mr. Ausiello Means with by “character’s future on the show” it’s not a dissapearence or a kill-off, I strongly beleive Franka Potente will be on the last episodes to mess the Huddy stuff, and probably we will hear of her on the next season (I hope the marriage proposal will be from Lucas to Cuddy and not from House to Franka…)

  • Mary

    Thanks for the Chuck scoop! You’re so awesome! :-D

    • Dustin

      I doubt it’ll be Shaw who comes back, that would be too easy. I’m goin to say Bryce or Jill.

      • bdoll

        i think it will be jill.

    • darckash

      They killed off Shaw, but they’ve shown clips of Chuck’s dad (Scott Bakula), so I’m guessing his return brings some not-so-great season-ender type stuff.

    • Jill

      I absolutely think it is Shaw. The fact that everyone thinks Shaw is dead would be why everyone thinks CHuck lost it after his first shooting. They think he is seeing things and cracking up from the stress when spots Shaw as in the preview.

      • Hannah

        Its Probably his mom that left !

      • Maris

        Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was his mom who returns? It would be a hat-tip to “Alias”, when Sydney’s mom returns and messes up her life, and every “Chuck” fan knows the shows writers loved “Alias.” You’ve got to wonder what kind of a mom Chuck & Ellie had…

  • Lisa

    I love Owen and Cristina! I hope the new trouble has something to do with the new cardio god – Scott Cohen! Now that would be interesting, as long as Owen and Cristina make it through the complications!

  • Susan

    Abby and McGee in Mexico?!?! Please let this be a blind item pregnancy clue!

    • Holly

      Already reveiled that the blind item is a medical drama. My guess, House.

      • Karah

        that was for the death blind item, not the pregnancy one

  • Jenny

    Yeah, Gossip Girl sucks J! Anyway, good Desperate Housewives scoop!

  • Kristin

    We need more White Collar spoilers!!!

    • m.

      We need new episodes ASAP!

  • Janice

    As for Sheldon possibly having a sudden interest in females, I totally buy it. Trust me people, I work with physicists and mathematicians. The show is funny because it is so close to the truth.
    I have a friend very much like Sheldon. One day, out of the blue, he decided it was time for him to get married (like it was something he had forgotten to do).

    • Johnification

      It’s true. It would be natural for Sheldon to suddenly have an interest, ESPECIALLY if he begins forming a relationship without even realizing it! Instinct and biology take over! So perfect for the show!

    • Bri

      I tend to agree. I’ve seen it said before though that Sheldon is “asexual”, therefore, it’s no different than if he were gay — fundamental and unchangeable. But all the show has ever said is that he deliberately chooses to remain physically and emotionally uninvolved with anyone. And I’m pretty sure they’ve made clear that he does have a sex drive of some sort given the events of the pilot episode. So why can’t he change his mind about having a girlfriend, or sex, or romance? And in the case of this particular spoiler, maybe it happens sort of against his will.

      Anyway, sorry to go on so long about this, I find this whole arena of psychology really interesting!

  • Karen

    Ughhhh, what else are they going to throw at Cristina and Owen! Seriously! How much angst can one couple have in one season? Oh yeah this is Grey’s. Anything would be better than the retarded triangle business, hopefully they drop that quickly. But I would love to see a jealous Owen! Cristina and Owen forever!

  • ash

    no gossip girl or 90210 :'(

    • Amanda

      Is 90210 still on the air?!

  • Ana

    I’m guessing MerDer are going to stay in the back for the ‘game changer’ on GA. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing…

  • kristina

    Is it true about cristina and mark sloan on greys?

  • Sue

    SWEET! Someone else can screw with Owen and Cristina. I hope that disgusting relationship comes to an end soon. It’s gross how people can even begin to root for a man who abuses the crap out of a woman and then say it’s okay by calling it PTSD.

    • Alyssa

      He has never said it’s okay. He knows he has problems. It’s not like the flu or something. PTSD is a psychological disorder.

    • Cory

      PTSD is a real and very serious psychological disorder. I’m one of the first to shout “burn him alive” to any man who hits a woman, but Owen’s situation is different. If you notice, he hasn’t physically hurt her since. A physically abusive man can’t hold out for that long. Trust me, I’ve been around enough of that crap to know, even in fiction. By the way, Ausiello baby… WHO’S FRACKIN PREGNANT?!

    • Tarc

      What a pompous, ignorant comment.

    • Jill

      I’m in favour of anything that gets Teddy away from Owen. She ruined a good PTSD storyline.

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