'Glee' returns and attracts big audience

jane-lynchImage Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxAll the hype surrounding the return of Glee had a big impact on the show’s ratings: the Fox dramedy earned an impressive 5.7 rating/15 share among adults 18-49 last night and attracted 13.6 million viewers, according to preliminary returns. Though the musical series didn’t air in its regular time period — it actually ran from 9:28 to 10:30 p.m. — the show’s 18-49 demos were up 46 percent over its previous series high on May 19, when the Ryan Murphy-created show debuted after American Idol. (It also gained an additional 4 million viewers during the same period). Glee also built upon its Idol lead-in last night among adults 18-34 (a 5.8 versus a 5.6).

“Everybody thought Fox was crazy to have the Sectionals in December and then pull it off the air for four months,” says Murphy, who spoke to EW exclusively. “They got a lot of criticism for it, but (the ratings) prove that it was a great plan. It really worked. In those four months we won the Golden Globe and a Peabody, and with the Oprah/White House effect, it became a perfect storm to get people really excited about the show.”

American Idol was still the dominant force on Tuesday; it finished with a 7.2/20 among 18-49 and easily won the night in the key demographic. Fox certainly benefited from the lack of originals on CBS’s sturdy schedule of NCIS, NCIS:LA and The Good Wife — all of which were in repeats last night. Still, Glee made big gains in the timeslot versus the same time last year when Fringe aired. Fox was up 43 percent from 9 to 10 p.m., thanks to all the fans who were eager to see Sue Sylvester and Co. again.

Even Murphy started to question whether the show was getting too much attention in the weeks leading up to the premiere. “I was like, enough,” he told EW. “You should see all the stuff I turn down and the cast turns down. We really try not to over-expose it but at a certain point it takes on a life of its own and there’s nothing you can do.” – With additional reporting from Michael Ausiello


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  • Jeff

    You guys gotta do something about these a-hole spammers. It’s out of control on EW lately…

    • cl

      I agree, I am getting tired of it.

      • Luis Silva

        Who cares! Blah blah blah…
        Yeap, they seem to be popping up EVERYWHERE!!

    • WhitneyD

      i am tired of it too, but lucky I have found a wonderful Russian man to love me!

      In all seriousness, EW, you have to do something about it!

      • Liva


      • TJ

        Good One!

    • nat

      At the very least, have a “report comment” function. Even my local newspaper has that in its comments section…if it can, EW surely can implement something like that.

  • Michelle

    I’m glad someone else mentioned that! They are on every comment section and it’s annoying!!!

    • James

      This is beyond annoying!

  • quincy

    whoa. thats CRAZY good

  • TorontoTom

    SPAM SUCKS! Get these idiots outta here – they are in every comments section on EW. ENOUGH!

    • Susan

      I completely agree, TorontoTom & Co. — please go away annoyingn Spam.

  • bigworm

    Gleeks unite!

  • crispy

    Glee has more 18-34 year-old adults watching than Idol? LOL. I think that pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with American Idol. And if you are an adult watching it, you might wanna keep that to yourself.

    • melissa

      100% agree Crispy. Everything is wrong with American Idol this season. I stopped watching.

  • Sara

    I agree spam sucks.. but it’s much better than having to type in little words and forced to enter your email every time. Is there a compromise, EW? Can you find a website moderator to go through the recent posts and delete the spam comments? Can’t be that hard.

    • David

      It’d be small price to pay Sara.

    • Michael Scott

      That’s What She Said!

  • Caitie F

    If it wasn’t up against Lost, it would have done even better. I know a LOT of people (including me) watched Lost and taped Glee.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      I watched “V” and Glee at the same time.

      • Gleeker

        Are you saying you’re a Gveek? ;)

      • SB

        Are you saying you’re a Douche? ;)

    • allie

      Yeah, I was definitely in that boat too…

    • NANsee

      I guess the networks thought that the target market for Lost and Glee would be differentiated enough that it wouldn’t make a difference. At least both shows are doing well!

    • ambee

      Agreed. My two favorite shows up against each other meant Glee Lost out. But they’ll be gaining us in a couple of months!

    • mscisluv

      Yup, my regular Lost viewing party of 8 all watches Glee as well. We watched Lost live and the Glee later.

  • Chels725

    Heather Morris and Jane Lynch were the reasons to watch Glee last night aside from the musical numbers. The plot in this show is just a hot mess but those 2 ladies cracked me up. The writers really do need to work on the actual story part though.

    • Kayla

      I completely agree! For example, when they are singing in the library and then out of nowhere a violin groups joins in….I was embarassed to be watching the show! Not to mention how corny Corey looked trying to play basketball and sing with his ackward dancing. LOL thats ok though I still like the show very much if for nothing else besides the mash-ups and Jane Lynch :)

      • Melissa

        They were in a music store!! I don’t understand how people don’t get that.

      • Brett

        If you can’t extend your disbelief a bit, you aren’t going to like the show. They deal with some real life issues on this show and they’re creating characters with some depth, but I’m not especially concerned with the plot holes and the somewhat occasionally bizarre musical numbers. The show has charm, a whole lot of funny and is a musical geek’s dream come true. We’re going to be having this conversation for as long as Glee is on the air. The story while decent on the whole is not what makes this show work.

      • MC

        @Melissa. It’s still a random group of people all knowing the same song and flocking to instruments, and knowing exactly what to do.

      • engorged with venom and triumph

        I think it was intended to be a bit more cheeky than you are taking it….

      • @Brett

        Brett, did you actually write “a whole lot of funny”? It embarrassed me to read that.

      • Brett


        It nauseated me to read yours.

      • TexasGLEE

        @Kayla…the fact that the violins were there is the show poking fun at itself and making an already corny situation of Rachel and Jesse St. James singing Lionel Richie’s Hello in a music store even more corny. That is what makes it so funny. If that embarrasses you, then Glee is probably not a show for you.

  • Mitzie

    No Fox is still crazy pulling them off the air for that long. They’re just lucky that all of the publicity worked and they have a great show. Except for a summer break they better not make us wait this long again!

    • Brett

      Season 2 will be longer, so the hiatus won’t be as necessary. Plus, you can only rerun the pilot so many times. They’ll have an entire season of reruns next year. I don’t think that we’ll see the same type of break next year. There will be an extended one, I heard, but not as long.

      • Hannah

        I don’t think it’ll be that much longer; just one or two more episodes. This season will have 22 which is a normal number of episode per season for most shows and a rarity for most first-year shows. But, I do agree that there won’t be as extended of a break next year. It got all screwed up with the whole So You Think You Can Dance/ American Idol difference. SYTYCD (which is which is was paired with on Wednesdays in the Fall) was rarely over one hour when Glee came on. AI is ALWAYS 2 hours (which bugs me too death), so Fox thought that it wouldn’t attract many viewers if it were to be at a 10pm slot instead of its normal 9pm slot. So, that is why I believe it was such an extended break.

  • Sally

    Yes, EW has to something about all the spam. Where do we complain too? They don’t read the threads – obviously.

  • Shadow Step

    You don’t think ew actually reads these comments do you? They don’t know that morons are spamming them.

  • TEm

    This is why the networks are so effed up. It was NOT a good ratings plan. If it were any other show, it would have tanked. The ratings were great because it’s a great show and people love great shows. Fox, get a clue and stop playing games. The AI train is going to fade soon and you’ll have to do some real programming. Don’t play with your viewers. We have too many other places to go.

  • MissVampireDiaries

    What does this have to do with anything?

  • Matthew Thomas

    This episode quickly made me realize the problems i had with the show’s first 13 episodes. The drama moved along way too quick for us to give a damn, the musical numbers as usual were way overproduced (I don’t mind a lot of choregraphed dancing but i wanna actually listen to a Glee club song not a pop record suddenly blaring out of my tv screen replete with autotune). And Cory Monteith is the blandest actor possible and a terrible singer to top it off. When i saw Jonathan Groff with Lea Michele i realized, that was the kind of genuine chemistry i wanted to see.
    At its best Glee can be an extremely funny, uplifting and immensely enjoyable hour of television. At its worst it can be a uneven mesh of silly plot developments, corny scenes and unnecessary songs.

    • Cricket Girl

      Finn is supposed to be bland – it’s the foil to Rachel’s so over the top she’s in the next county character. I’m not sure blaming Cory Monteith is the right way to go. Complaining about the the overproduced numbers however… The thing about the Groff/Michele number was that it was just them, no bouncing hair, no bouncing other bits, no trying to make ‘Artie’ fit into a dance routine. It would be nice if Lea Michele could sing a whole song without giving herself premature crow’s feet, but let’s work on the general tone-down-the-bouncing-in-every-frickin’-song first.

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