Exclusive: Kyle Chandler eyed for dino-mite Fox drama

Kyle Chandler may be closing in on his first post-Friday Night Lights gig.

The actor has been made what one source describes as a “very lucrative offer” to headline Terra Nova, Fox’s big budget pilot from producer Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin.

Brannon Braga (Star Trek/24/FlashForward) has been brought in to serve as executive producer/showrunner on the project, which centers on a futuristic family that travels back to a time when dinosaurs roamed free. I’m told a 13-episode pickup is a foregone conclusion at this point.

Chandler, who has been fielding numerous TV offers, is currently shooting FNL‘s fifth and (likely) final season.

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  • walter17

    i’m first b*tches.

    sounds stupid. who wants to backwards? is this a another lame prequel?

    • walter17

      *to go backwards.

      • bob

        No. What would it be a prequel to?


        Sounds lame – he should join the cast of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, he could play the part of the Keeper.

      • David4

        Yes he should join another show that is most likely ending. That makes a lot of sense Growing Pains Fan!

      • Richard Cypher

        Kyle would make an AWESOME keeper. Legend of the Seeker rules. David4, you are just a douche bag, while growing pains sucked, you were wrong about the seeker. Maybe you work for the keeper, fear not! Kahlan, Zedd, and Kara will fight against the keeper and his minions

    • Mike

      Your post “sounds” stupid.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I agree that the post above was stupid. This is going to be fantastic. It’s Kyle freaking Chandler, you guys!!!!!!!! I literally don’t care what it’s about. I could watch Kyle Chandler do anything.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Plus, it’s Spielberg is signing on. Now, there are other directors I like better, but could you honestly see Spielberg putting his name on say, Flash Forward, or V? I don’t think so. But I could totally see Spielberg signing on for Lost, or Battlestar Galactica. Have some faith, people. Plus………… it’s Kyle freaking Chandler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill

      Should have got Robert Hewitt Wolfe instead of Braga.

  • Josh

    Meh. It sounds like a drama version of Land of the Lost.

    • JRose48

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Land of the Lost with a little bit of Phil of the Future. Don’t know if today’s audiences will embrace it, but I like the original Land of the Lost so hopefully it will be cool.

  • J

    This show sounds dumb. I hope he passes and gets a show on cable worthy of his talent.

    • anne

      I second this. Also, where is the dvd of Homefront?

      • Melinda65

        I’ve been told it’s not likely to ever come out on DVD because of the cost of getting the music rights. Really? 70+-year-old music is that expensive? Who knew? I would buy that DVD in a heartbeat if it ever came out.

      • Doc

        Homefront was one of the best shows ever in my opinion. Such a shame that it was not more popular and that it was not treated better by ABC at the time.

  • Alan of Montreal

    Actually, it sounds more like Valley of the Dinosaurs

  • laura

    Instead of doing this stupid show .. Fox should save FNL!!!

    • Dolphin

      I *wish* FOX would save FNLs for a Season 6!!!

      • AJ

        Seriously folks, do you think Fox would pick up a show with the ratings FNL gets? We should be thankful we got seasons 3-5. We all forget to just enjoy what we get. Instead we complain about what we want.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I love it, always will, but AJ is right. I have remarked time and time again about how thankful I am that someone at NBC is apparently a fan of the show.

  • Janie

    I love Kyle and wish him the best, namely 3-4 more seasons of FNL.

    • Kevin

      Yes! I’ve been in love with Kyle Chandler since Early Edition back in the 90s. I miss that show with the cat and the blind lady. I’ll watch anything he ends up on.

    • SH


  • Ariel

    Boring show idea.

  • Tal

    The Brits have been kicking dino ass for the last three years with the phenomenal Primeval (which is currently shooting its fourth season, to air next year.) BBC America and SyFy have been showing it on this side of the pond.

    So why is this show necessary?

    • Eli

      “phenomenal” LOL, they wish, it’s a funny little show, but nothing more.

    • MaryJane

      Actually, it sounds great to me. I’m a sci-fi lover and am open to a show like this, as long as it’s not like the ridiculously stupid “Land of the Lost”, either the TV or Movie version. “Primeval” is one of my favorites on BBC, and I’m anxiously awaiting its return, too. As a matter of fact, BBC is about the only network that comes up with original ideas these past few years, anyway, so it’s not surprising that FOX is copying at least the time travel part of it.

  • Robert

    Brannon Braga needs to die in a fire.

    • Mad Man

      Robert, the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution does not give you the right to wish harm on others.

      • Lawyered

        Actually, it does. It protects freedom of speech…not just polite speech or “nice” speech or speech you like. You have the right to be a jerk, and say things that clarify your level of jerkdom to the world. Just don’t expect to have many friends. And the First Amendment applies to speech, not wishes or wants. You are free to wish and want whatever you so desire. Again, there are situations where you might be better off not expressing those wishes. By the way, people who mistate the law, make me mad, man.

    • Mina

      AGREED! Everything Brannon Braga touches turns bad.

    • Wendy

      Sheeesh Robert, overreact much?

  • AustinActor

    Kyle and family now live here in Austin… so this is a huge decision as most of these ‘pilots’ go around 3 months or more. -Our prayers are with you, and see ya soon on the FNL set.

    • Dolphin

      Wow. That would be a huge decision.

      My prayers are with him, too.

      • E.

        Love Kyle Chandler and his work on FNL, but what exactly are we praying for here?

      • Dolphin

        Sending him good energy that he makes the right decision for his career and his family. (He’s got school age kids, moved to Austin, built a house, etc.)

        He was separated from his family for the first year of FNLs because its longevity was “iffy,” as are all shows today. This recession has also hit television and the way business is done.

        At least that’s where I’m coming from. It’s big decision. He’s a good guy, paid his dues, and deserves a good move. ;)

      • Dolphin

        Meant to say he was flying home most every weekend on S1 of FNLs before making decision to move his family to Austin. He didn’t complain, but it was reported as tough.

  • dryedmangoez

    Sounds very snobbish to say, but I think Kyle is so above this project?
    If NBC were smart, they’d keep him on the network. Him and Connie =D

    • AJ

      Kyle is above a Steven Spielberg project? You’re funny mango!

  • Alex

    You had me at ‘Kyle Chandler’ and ‘time travel’ and then promptly lost me at ‘Dinosaurs’.
    Hope it turns out to be better than it sounds, because Chandler deserves only the best.
    Is this some kind of US rewrite of Primeval, the British show? Primeval was great for the first 2 seasons, but then lost its way when the core cast left en masse.

    • Dolphin

      I share your concern. If he does it, it’s got to be the best. As you say, that’s what he deserves, and so do we fans.

  • aby

    Love Kyle Chandler. I have since Homefront and I second the poster earlier asking for it on DVD. The show does sound iffy. I love sci-fi but dinosaurs…. seriously?

  • Carl

    Brannon Braga is a hack. His stint on Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise are panned as some of the worst trek to ever hit the screen. You can also see his influence on 24 these past few seasons with the same tired storylines. Who keeps hiring him to make this drek? Chandler is a great actor and can do better.

    • Frank

      I could not agree with you more re Brannon Braga – I was actually interested in this concept until I read that he was involved. Braga continues to get work because he is a “name” in the industry. Sadly, most network executives I know simply seek “names” for their projects – never spending the extra time to evaluate whether the actual talent level matches or exceeds the person’s notoriety.

  • Emily N

    I’ve got to agree with everyone else and say the show description sounds lame, and I wouldn’t watch it.
    I hope Kyle finds another project that can better showcase his talent.

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