Kate Gosselin: Her kids can be filmed for TLC, labor officials say

A spokeswoman for TLC confirmed an online report that Pennsylvania labor officials approved TLC’s request to film Kate and Jon Gosselin’s eight kids for the upcoming Kate Plus 8 specials.  An official for the state Department of Labor and Industry said the right paperwork was submitted and “the proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for ‘Kate Plus 8.'”

The children are not expected to participate in Twist of Kate,  a new TLC series debuting this summer in which the mother of eight will travel the country to meet families with challenges at work or at home and attempt to “walk a mile in their shoes.” In contrast, the series of Kate Plus 8 specials will focus on the divorced mom’s complicated home life, hence the need for approval from state labor officials for the kids’ involvement.

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  • dreamchaser89

    I guess the reason why she is still “famous” is because she can relate to other women. You know the average american woman. What hollywood has been trying to do for years. So she’ll be here for a while.:-(

    • kross

      Just how can she relate to the average women? SHe lives in a million dollar home, is on every talk show that will have her, never sees her kids anymore and spends thousands of dollars on hair extensions!

      • Lyn

        Well, I think “average” is about more than financial status. It equates to being ordinary. She is not particularly talented, intelligent, accomplished, wise or focused in her ambition. She can’t even dance. She is, in short, sort of average.

      • Arcoren

        I couldn’t agree more. She is not just a working mom. If she was she would go back to being a nurse, working normal hours and being more involved in her kids lives. They made enough money on the last show to have college funds for all the kids, and give them a big fancy house to grow up in. What more do they need? Ummm maybe a mother that doesn’t leave them with a babysitter for weeks at a time. I am actually disappointed in TLC for giving her more air time, with all the public drama around the lives of those children. I will not watch any of the programs. I never liked her…she is controlling, and was always rude to her husband. He is not perfect, but never deserved the continuous Public humiliation she dealt out to him

      • Chris

        She relates cause shes not exactly a star, she is a working single mom, she might not be a secretary but she still works and has to manage her time with her kids and work. That makes her relatable to working women. People are negative like you cause youre jealous. get a life.

      • tuffi

        Do you even know how to read ?? She is going to meet average families and “attempt to walk a mile in their shoes”…. KEY word being ATTEMPT.

      • Arcoren

        If she wants to be famous, that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with being Famous. I just dislike the fact that she says she is just a working mom and she does these shows for her children. No she does them for herself, which is fine. Just be honest..say that you want a career in the industry, accept the fact that the paparazzi are following you because you want/are a celebrity of sorts, and quite saying you are just the everyday average mom. She is not an average mom. If she wanted an average life, she would not be pursuing a career in Television.

      • girlie

        who is in charge of ensuring some money is but aside for the children when they reach majority?

    • Donna

      “Average”? lolololol

      • www.ICStoopid.com

        LOL! Agreed

  • Alec

    I’m glad to see the family back on TV.

    • T

      why, no family of your own?

    • carole

      the disfunctional family is back – hurray – the family is going to really need counseling now – pay attention all you counselers – make note of your next patient

    • born yesterday

      Totally agree, it willbe nice to see all the 8 cute kids again.

    • @alec

      Why? Are you a TLC exec??

  • alec

    It will be good to see the kids again. Good luck Kate!

    • Bob

      The kids should lead private lives, and people shouldn’t be interested in them. Get lives.

      • TK

        Absolutely agree… You know the key to being a good parent? It’s not putting your kids on a national television show while you’re going through a messy divorce. Or better yet, go to work for a living and don’t exploit your kids for money in the first place.

      • Patricia

        I really don’t think these kids are “working” – you know, they’re not farming or working in a family restaurant, or in manufacturing (like they do in China). They’re just being filmed doing their ordinary, very BORING, activities. I do not believe, for one second, that they are being expolited. If they collectively get 15% of the cash for appearing – great! It’s not like the DID anything for it.

    • leilei

      GOod for you to see them, but not necessarily good for the kids–the 6 are too little to say if they really want to be on tv or not, and it was always obvious that twin-Maddie had a horrible time dealing with the cameras in her face. This smacks more of exploitation of the little ones than anything else. If she didn’t have sextuplets, no one would want to see Kate, so she has to include them.

    • Kay

      I agree w/ you alec. Looking forward to seeing Kate & the kids. Been a fan since day one. Still am.

  • Una

    Please, TLC, you are the learning channel for the love of all that’s holy. Take this woman off the air! She is nearly as bad as the psycho mothers on Toddlers and Tiaras. Where is the child labor laws for that craziness?? Just saying.

    • SuperStar

      So all the kids on the soaps, movies and primetime TV should be taken off too right???? Their home lives are just as screwed up….

      • gary

        The kids on soaps, movies, and prime time (non-reality) TV are actors playing roles. We’re not peering in at their home lives and following their every move.

    • KFed

      Well, they’re TLC and not The Learning Channel any more for a reason. Best learn elsewhere.

    • Muffy

      I cannot wait for her new show to tank, and it’s going to tank. Bye Bye, you no talent [bad word]

    • Patricia

      Child labor laws, in many states, provide for children working in their family businesses without compensation. This reality TV show looks just like a whacky family business to me.

  • Nix the Witch

    Oy vey – those kids are going to grow up into 8 little neurotics. Good luck Kate!! I hope that you get all the attention you desire!!

  • vicki

    EASY people–Don’t watch either show and TLC will hear you LOUD and CLEAR. If you tune in “just to see Kate be herself and to upset you,” then TLC and Kate WIN!

    • zacco

      It’s kind of like watching a train wreck–will TLC show the unvarnished truth when she blows up at the kids (since Jon is no longer around for her to slap and yell at) or will TLC/Kate sugarcoat everything? I am no longer a fan but if she freaks out and TLC lets the resulting mess be shown on tv, you know a lot of people are going to watch. Sadly, Kate doesn’t get that most people will probably watch to see her fail. SHe is only in it for the big bucks she now needs to pay the mortgage on her mansion, and the nannies, cooks, housekeepers, and so on. She’s never home long enough to do all that.

    • carole

      yeah – don’t think TLC – the loaded cash network will care – just put the crap out there and someone with the really sappy heart will watch

    • Allie

      i agree vicki

    • mom25kids

      I agree don’t watch her shows, even for curiosity reasons. I suggest taking it up a notch….look at who their advertisers are…..let THEM know you will boycott their products until they stop promoting this exploittaive drivel

  • mom

    I cant help but watch her mental illnesses fascinate me! Yeh I know that makes me as sick as she is. lol.

  • Kathy Frenzel

    Icant wait for her new shows 2 start. as for “her mentall illness” who doesnt have issues she is not perfect but she is real. what about John’s mentall status?

    • KFed

      Jon isn’t in the show any more, so what’s the point of talking about his mental illness? But you’re right, they’re both mentals. She is real – a real b***h who treated her husband like C**p and is nasty to her kids.

  • Carol

    The reason Kate has ALL those kids to support is because she didn’t choose to murder any of them by aborting a few. I wonder which ones of the 6 she should have aborted so she could support them on a nursing job? Also, I believe she expected that their father would help with the care and support instead of being unfaithful to the kids by having sexual affairs with their teachers and babysitters and any other RICH young females he could exploit. Who is the real exploiter here? Jon exploits anyone he can get to take care of him including Kate.

    • not every family with 8 children needs the mother to be a deranged fame whore in order to survive. just sayin’.

    • h6

      Uh….. wtf does abortion have to do with anything? Kate’s a psycho, that’s been clear since season 1. There are plenty of parents with multiples that aren’t parading them around TV to pay for them.

    • cynthia

      @Carol are you seriously that cruel to choose such harsh words like murder & abortion in the same breath?! I mean really judge the parents but to suggest such actions towards children, what are you a monster?!!


      Excuse me? Jon was content with two kids and didn’t want more… SHE is the one who DEMANDED — YES I SAID DEMANDED — and he gave in — to more IVF for at least ONE MORE CHILD… do not use Abortion or murder where she is concerned because she’s as bad as OCTOMOM… Period.

      • JENNY B

        poor kate shes been bitten by the celebrity bug and she havent a clue how much this is going to cost her chilren needs their mom
        and kate needs to be content on being a mom.

    • Penny

      Actually she has 6 because she wanted more children after the twins, even though Jon did not. She chose to do a procedure to get pregnant, knowing in advance that the results would definitely be a multiple birth. Every account from both parents, as well as her book, states that she was the one who wanted more children, not Jon.

      • Emmy

        If Jon didn’t want more, than he shouldn’t have agreed to the IVF. If it had turned out that she only had 1 more baby, he wouldn’t be gripping. Plus, how do you think it makes his kids feel when they hear this (and if they haven’t yet, they will some day hear his gripping)? I would think THAT is more harmful to the kids that taping their show. She may be mean and nuts, but he abandon his family, and to me that is way worse!

      • bill

        he hasn’t abandoned his family. they have a custody agreement with sechduled visitations. he pays $20,000 a month in child support. this is why this article says DIVORCED mom. not single mom which she keeps incorrectly calling herself.

    • Andrew

      “I wonder which ones of the 6 she should have aborted so she could support them on a nursing job” Actually, if she had stayed in her old home she wouldn’t need as much money. That place had 4 bedrooms with the opportunity for a 5th, 3 baths, unfinished rooms in the basement, a huge yard, and the kids were happy there. Kate was a stay-at-home mom there. They moved because Kate said over and over she wanted a big mansion like her ex-friend Beth Carson, whose husband is a millionaire. Kate grew up in a trailer park, and always wanted a mansion, whether she had kids or not.

    • KFed

      Does gripping mean something I don’t understand or do you mean griping?

      • www.ICStoopid.com

        You know where this belongs?

  • Lauren

    Honestly i’d watch anything those kids are on. When is TLC going to realize that it wasn’t Kate who was the star of that show….it was the kids! (especially Alexis aka Sassy) I could watch them for hours. I would watch the lamest primetime drivel just to see Aaden run around in those glasses.

    • Bob

      These children are not old enough to decide whether or not they want to be exposed to the world. Loving parents wait for children to be old enough to make their own educated choice.

      Watching other people’s children? Find something positive to do.

      • Lynn M

        With your thinking, then no one under 18 should be on TV. Instead of focusing on this one family, think of the implications of having no child able to be televised, whether it be Kate plus 8, a baby food commercial, or the Little League playoffs. Absurd!

      • Emmy

        You make no sense. Have you ever watch Disney or other kids channels- full of children on shows! Those shows are full of other people’s children.

      • bill

        maybe all kids shouldn’t be on TV. but THESE kids shouldn’t be on TV. because of the way their parents divorce has gone on in the media and how infamous they are now. its not good to expose their children to this kind of thing. they will definately be taunted in school by other children who know the specifics of their personal life.

      • LV

        Yes I’m very certain all the babies in huggies commercials and all the children in TV, movies etc. etc. all made informed decisions about whether or not they wanted to be exposed to the public – get real!

    • Maggie

      Agreed. The only reason I ever watched was to see those cute children. Jon and Kate were never the draw. The show could have done without them.

  • dessertgirl

    Why is it that 8/9 of the cast are only getting 15% of the money from the show? Why is it that one selfish, greedy, narcissistic mother will get to spend 85% of the income on the show FOR HERSELF?

    Before the six youngest ones are filmed, the PA Dept. of Labor should look into why the six were held back because K anticipated filming them this year but the plans were squashed by Jon forbidding the filming of the kids?

    The six will turn six in two weeks. They should be entering first grade with all the other children their age but either K held them back or they have been socially and educationally harmed by the filming which has caused them to be educationally behind their peers.

    Who wants to watch a show where none of the children ever laugh or smile and that they are always shown sad and argumentative?

    • Lynn M

      There are plenty of kids who enter kindergarten at age six. My son entered at age four (and they wanted to put him into first grade three weeks in)and most of those entering school with him were already six. In hind sight, I should have gone along with the promotion as the 1st grade class was intellectual and the kids in his kindergarten class were less so. He felt pressure because he was intelligent and it took longer for his physical attributes to catch up with the older kids. He eventually went to an Ivy League school.

      I spent several years working in kindergarten and I’ve decided that kindergarten is now the old first grade. There is no true kindergarten any more. You are expected to be reading in kindergarten these days. In my day, you were learning how to be in school and your alphabet.

      As for being educationally hindered by the filming, these kids have had the opportunity to be exposed to many museums, exporitoriums, etc. There is far more learning going on as a result of the show and these field trips.

      • SY

        Oh please. Field trips? That’s ridiculous. There is far more to educating young children than providing visual stimulation without context. Heck, considering their age, I doubt they’ve bothered to pay attention to what they’ve seen if there was no real interest and no worry of being asked to recall anything.

        It’s a shame how people defend this woman’s obvious exploitation of her children in pursuit of fame.

    • Trixie

      If you knew anything at all about education or preemies you would never push a six year old into first grade if they’re not ready. She is making a very good call by holding them back. It has nothing to do with the show, it probably has to do with the fact that they were born so early and might be a little slower than their classmates. The other reason might be that some of them aren’t fully ready for first grade and she want’s them together. We shouldn’t judge people when we don’t know the whole story

  • Eric

    You people who think this is interesting or support her exploitation of herself and her kids need help. This is why procreation should be something that is applied for, like a license, to prevent rutting from going on like what she has done. The species is going to survive, eight kids is absurd.

  • bethany

    The way DWTS treated Kate has insured that I will never watch it again. We can all have our say without being crude and rude. So glad kate is off that silly show.

  • bethany

    Happy for Kate she is back on TLC and her kids are too! btw have any of you ever taken 8 kids to work with you? Do you know where Kate could find a job that will let her do that? jeaousy is a sick thing. I am happy for KATE she can make a living because jon sure won’t. the payment he makes each month comes from an escrow account that will be gone before long, so don’t worry, she won’t have that. Sorry folks, she can’t stay at home with the kids. Who will support them?

    • Zach

      There’s a differecnce between making a living and grabbing for a lifestyle that is beyond your means. Their old house was fine for their family, but Kate had a craving for McMansions. She is working to pay for the luxuries, like 7,000$ hair extensions, big house, Asian nannies, lots of parents support more than 8 children on way less than Kate has. Don’t fool yourself, she’s working for that high-end lifestyle, not her kids.

    • Robbyrob


      I think Kate should have thought of WHO WOULD SUPPORT THEM when she made that life altering decision to have more. Kate & Jon already had two…if they were having financial problems with just 2 kids, maybe they should have not had the procedure. I used to have great respect for the braintrust at TLC but I’m seriously thinking what are they smoking with this lovefest with Kate. Also, leave it to the conservative maniacs to pray and yell over the unborn but once they are born, then the I’m not paying for ’em attitude exists. It’s too bad the kids are paying for Kates delusions of grandeur. Don’t get me wrong, Jon is definitely not a prize, but it looked like she was the boss of that family. I have absolutely NO sympathy for her whining. Kate & Jon should have thought of ALL the costs involved when deciding to have the fertility treatments. Talk about being irresponsible!!!!!!!

  • robinepowell

    I can’t wait to see the kids back on TV again. Maybe we’ll see a special on the sextuplets’ sixth birthday.

    Kate had said she wanted to take her little girls to American girl, just like she did for Cara’s and Maddy’s sixth birthday. Wonder what she’ll do for the boys? :)

    • Delia

      Have you ever been to American Girl in NYC? That place is wicked expensive! I was there 2 weeks ago with a friend who was shopping for her granddaughter, and the dolls and their outfits and accessories can easily cost you hundreds! Multiply that by 3 and Kate sure needs all that $$$ she got from DWTS. It would be nice for every little girl to have a blank check for American Girl–if Kate takes the little ones, TLC will probably pay for everything like they did the last time.

      • robinepowell

        Kate knows how expenisve American Girl is, she took her twin daughter there so they could each get a doll, with clothes and ate lunch there too.

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