'Legend of the Seeker' fans: Don't hold out hope

Despite a small but rabid fanbase that is actively trying to save the syndicated show,  Legend of the Seeker is still expected to sunset on May 22. A spokeswoman for ABC Studios would not comment, but a source close to the show that’s based on Terry Goodkind’s fantasy novels said repeats will continue to run through early November but the studio is not expected to produce a third season. Given the current state of costly yet low-rated genre shows (see V, FlashForward), it’s unlikely that Legend will find another production home.

The show from Hercules/Xena: Warrior Princess producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert made a splash at Comic-Con two years ago and had a strong first season, but a combination of factors hurt the drama: Many of the Tribune stations dropped the syndicated series from Saturday nights, and international sales all but disappeared. Overseas sales help to prop up high-concept series, which is why NBC’s low-rated Heroes is still on the air (at least, for now). 

Legend marked a comeback, of sorts, for the once vibrant first-run market. Syndicated dramas like Hercules and Xena used to be the bread and butter of independent TV stations, but then off-net runs of procedural dramas like CSI and Law & Order saturated the market so shows like Kung Fu: the Legend Continues, Darkman and Babylon 5 were no longer needed.

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  • Fido

    I’m off into my dark corner to have a little cry :(.

    • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

      This stinks, this show is so awesome. You really kind of cheer on these wonderful characters. Craig Horner and Bridget Regan had great chemistry together. What is the state of tv today – more reality garbage? What ever happened to taking risks on a quality show? This show should be picked up and given a set time slot and I guarantee you it will do well. If those in charge ran networks in earlier decades, hits like MASH and Cheers would not have made it far either. This just sucks…. I think I’m going to cry a little too.

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

        Of course, we need remakes of Hawaii 5-0 and Rockford Files because we all know creativity has run out in Hollywood…NO lets abandon shows that try to tell a new story. As for SyFy they never gave a reason why they passed, it would be different from the YET ANOTHER version of Stargate, I wonder how long they are going to milk that series.

      • Matt

        Woot! So happy this horrible show is STILL cancelled! Anyone who uses Zed’s name to post should know what a steaming pile this show was…WAS!!! /glee Go cry about your extremely subpar show being cancelled, I shall celebrate vehemently. I still wonder how it made it past the first few torturous episodes

      • Silent Rage

        I don’t care for the show at all, but Matt if you’re celebrating that this show is canceled you don’t have much going on in your life do you?

  • N

    I don’t understand…why would you tell anyone to give up hope ever?

    • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

      I agree, that is kind of cruel. I looked forward to this show every weekend. I watched the season 1 premiere again – I am in disbelief of how this could possibly be cancelled.

  • ReallyAlly

    You might want to check your sources. Members of the cast/crew of legend of the seeker have been tweeting that there has been no official announcement from ABC yet because there is a small chance the show can still be saved.

    • nowgold

      I completely agree.

    • angel_in_tears

      I love that you guys are commenting here too.
      I’ll pay attention to the cast and crew before these kinds of articles.

      • Why

        The cast and crew? Let’s think about this. BOTH Bridget Regan and Mike Sussman have said their goodbyes to the show on Twitter. Neither has made any mention of the fan campaign. Despite that fact, the fandom is clinging to anything Dayna, Bridget’s stunt double, says on Twitter — like it was gospel. If you read her tweets, she’s clearly never even met Mike. Delusion is believing a stunt double in New Zealand vs. the show’s executive producer in Los Angeles. Who do you really think is more in the know?

    • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

      No kidding. Way to get more fans for your articles.

      Even if it truly is canceled, we’re still making it known to the cast and crew how much we truly loved and appreciated everything they did.

      What is the purpose for telling people to give up hope?

      • Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander

        Agree, the cast and crew did a wonderful job filming in beautiful New Zealand producing movie quality work at times. I REALLY HOPE there is a season 3, but I have a feeling that Craig Horner and Bridget Regan will have great careers in front of them – after all Aussie men seem to be in demand and dominating Hollywood and Bridget is really pretty.

  • Emma

    You guys have obviously no idea what we’re capable of. What our fandom is capable of. Our love of this show will get us through anything. And if all else fails, then at least we TRIED and FOUGHT for what we BELIEVE IN. Just because one person says we can’t, well that’s YOUR OPINION. We believe we CAN. Don’t ever lose or give up hope. :)

    • Jacob


      oh man…

      • dood

        haha – you think browncoats were any less zealous? love.

    • Dakota


    • moe

      We CAN bring this back. remember Jericho? so many ppl were so upset that they had to go another half season (even if it was subpar). The point is we (the true fans) can get another season if we try hard enough

  • db

    We are TRYING REALLY HARD to save this amazing show. Please don’t work AGAINST us and tell people there is no hope when you don’t have all the facts.

    • celes

      I completely agree! This is my favorite show and as is evident here a lot of other people’s too. We the fans should not give up!

  • Ryan

    In my eyes, the ‘Save Our Seeker’ campaign isn’t just a push for a third season – it’s also a show of appreciation from the show’s fans. And who knows what may come of it. Is a third season of LOTS very unlikely? Yes. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the franchise. There could be a future miniseries (ala Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars). There could be a direct-to-video movie (ala Stargate: The Ark of Truth, etc.) I mean, who honestly thought a short-lived show like Firefly would get a feature-film wrap-up three years later? Anything’s possible.

    • Jacob

      Even MENTIONING Legend of the Seeker with the greatness that is Firefly in the same sentence is blasphemy.

      • Observer

        I’ll repeat: Legend of the Seeker is as good as Firefly. No blasphemy, just the truth. What r u, the Spanish Inquisition? Lol.

      • Penner

        I have to agree with Jacob here, as much as i like ‘Seeker’ and was pissed to see it canceled, it’s not even remotely close to the superbly awesome ‘Firefly’

      • morphine

        I don’t even know the show firefly, but I do know Legend of the Seeker. And I know it was good, if not better than most of the shows on TV currently. I also know that it was on way too late to have any type of a major following in my area, as I first saw it one very drunken night , and have been hooked ever since. :)

      • Lil Rebel

        Legend of the Seeker and Firefly are two different shows.. Really like them both alot. Seeker would be perfect for Syfy or maybe even USA (Home of the show Psych)…

    • thelake

      Thank you for this comment!

  • Zach

    hmm nice lady

  • chantal

    There is no way I am going to give up this is the first great show in a long time and first one that I am so passionate about to even fight for there is no way I’m giving up I’ll go all out in order to save this show

  • SaveOurSeeker

    Legend fans are very passionate – and have raised over $4000 towards the renewal cause in less than 24 hours – an amazing feat.

    Tribune dropped it because their co. is all but bankrupt, not by any fault of the shows’.

    I’m absolutely positive that with even SOME advertising (it currently gets nothing) this show would be successful on any cable channel with a convenient air-time.

  • JoL

    Until the final official curtain call is made on this amazing show, we the fans, will continue to fight to Save Our Seeker!!! As has already been mentioned it is also a show of appreciation from all the fans to all the cast & crew involved in this wonderful production.

    Please don’t work against us until all facts are known.

  • Meg

    WOW. This whole article is really rude and insulting to all the fan who are currently trying to save “Legend of the Seeker.” Articles like these only serve to confuse fans and cause some to drop out. So if you want us to fail before we even get going well done EW.

    But just know, this just fuels our fire. We are just getting started and have several really strong campaigns- and damn gurl did you just make us mad.

    • ReallyAlly


    • Matthew

      I have to saw that I agree. I don’t think there is any reason to tell the fans to give up hope, and it does seem really rude to the fans of the show. The fans wont give up ’til the final announcement, and according to some directly related to the show, theres a reason it has been official yet.

  • Megan

    Seeing things like these just makes us fight harder, just to prove you wrong.

  • Jackie C

    Are you in a Fandom? Have you ever been? Do you know what they/we can do! Do you know what we can do when we are mad?! Forget the Hulk! LOTS Fans make him look like Kermit!


  • Anonymous

    Working for the company that distributes the show in syndication (Disney * ABC Domestic Television), I can tell you that the show is officially canceled.

    • morphine

      Where do you work? In the Maintenance department? I would say that no exec producer or such would have time to comment on EW.com! You might as well say, “I work for the city landfill and the President of the United States said he was going to shut down our landfill.” What a piece of work you are…

  • Lee

    I know you were just reporting what you heard, but telling us that there is no hope is making our battle that much harder. Some people will read this and think that our efforts are futile and won’t try to help, or worse, they were helping us and think that they should now stop.

    We just learned the news 3-4 days ago, so A LOT of people still don’t know that it has been canceled. We are growing in number everyday and who knows, maybe something unexpected might happen that will totally change the game. I know that our situation seems very bleak, but if everyone were to stop fighting because there seems to be no more hope left, so many good things in the world would have never happened. We gotta take this one step at a time. We believe in ourselves and we’re on the move!

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