Exclusive: 'Smallville' boss 'very optimistic' Chloe will be back!

allison-mackImage Credit: Jack Rowland/The CWSmallvile fans worried about Allison Mack’s uncertain future on the show can collectively breathe a sigh of relief simma down now. And here’s why…

Executive producer Brian Peterson tells me he’s “very optimistic” the actress — who’s in the thick of contract talks as we speak — will be bringing Chloe back next fall for the show’s 10th season.

Asked whether it’s essentially a done deal (which is what I’m hearing), Peterson says, “We’ve learned the hard way not to say [it’s official] until everything is signed and dotted. So the best we can say is we’re really optimistic. And so is Allison.”

Translation: Chillax. She’s returning.

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  • Danny

    HELL YES! Smallville wouldn’t be the same without her!

    • Nicole

      Indeed! Allison’s Chloe Sullivan will be the legacy of Smallville!!

      • Stephanie

        I’m sorry, but with this I must disagree. While in previous seasons I’ve been a Chloe lover, I’m in the camp of “her character needs to move on”. The legacy of Smallville is and always will be the genesis of Clark Kent as Superman! That’s what this show is about people! And to keep Chloe on as a regular cast member at this point in CK’s story only serves to continually derail his development and distract from the main storyline! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Alison Mack and I think she’s a real gem…but unless the writers can find a more appropriate use for her character to sync with the Superman mythos then they need to let her move on IMO.

      • Lauren

        Absolutely! Just as Jimmy Olson was radio’s contribution; Allison Mack’s character Chloe Sullivan will be the legacy of Smallville. It’s an amazing honor for the show & everyone associated with it. Chloe is very much a young heroine to be proud of!!

      • Joe

        seems this is the story every year with chloe, contract negotiations etc and how she is “this close” to being back. She is so far over rated, and definitely should be not be the center point of every episode anymore, I’m so sick of her.

      • Lizzy

        So much word! The character of Chloe Sullivan a legacy Smallville should consider an honor to have contributed to the Superman mythos. Allison Mack’s talent and ALMiles brought to life an inspiring heroine to share Clark’s journey!

      • keith

        I love how Nxivim cult members post over and over, using the same phrases and mostly tear down the show and its producers and the other actors. Dear Leader needs Allison’s money now that he and his cult are under investigation.

      • Cara

        Keith you are an idiot.

    • Stephanie

      Haters can say what they please, but I honestly believe Allison Mack is the best actor on the show. Her character has had ups and downs, meaning- her character actually evolves!
      This is a show about young superman, but so far he’s been moronic and naive. It’s great watching an adult on the screen!

      • CaptDave

        Her character evolves? Seriously? The storylines that she has received these past two seasons prove unconditionally that she is free falling into villainy. Some people have a very warped definition of heroism.

      • Bkwurm1

        AM really is one of the most effective actors on Smallville. The show stops being Smallville if it’s just Clark. And speaking of decent into villainy, Clark seemed closer to that freefall this season than Chloe who keeps proving she is better at this hero thing than everyone else put together.

        That said am I happy she’s back? Honestly, I wanted my freedom but I’ll be watching this strain on the membrain as long as AM is on the screen.

      • Andrea

        umm whatever, if anything chloe has gone down the drain the last 2 seasons. She MUST go!
        She should have dies and not Jimmy. then we’d have a final season that would be epic with the classic trio and perry white. They really don’t know what to do with her anymore, so now she’s a big fat jerk to Clark. this is Smallville and it was made to be ABOUT CLARK not Chloeville. Please dear God at least give her less episodes!

        Not saying anything against Allison, she has done well in doing what the writers are making chloe into. But I think it’s her time to fly. Clark needs the last season to be all about him as it is his show and it should be about Clark’s journey becoming Superman.

      • Smallville Fanatic

        I’m am sick of all these Chloe haters! I’m willing to bet they are Lois fans who cannot stand that there is another female lead on this series. Why, because it takes away any screen time Lois would have with Clark!

        Lois does nothing to advance Clark’s destiny to become Superman. If anything, she holds him back by always having to save her from her stupidity.

        This show is about Clark and becoming a superhero. Not Clark discovering love. If I wanted that, I’d watch Lois and Clark with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher!

        Chloe RAWKS!

      • Raniere

        How much of Allison’s vocal fandom is composed entirely of NXIVM cult-members endlessly spaming? 60%? 70%?

      • Cara

        How I see Keith again with another screen name. I have no idea what he is talking about but I’m sure it’s an attempt to slander Allison Mack.

      • Kendra

        Allison Mack is the best actress on the show, but I really want her to leave now. The show is a bad joke.

      • Tinamarie

        Chloe is the heart and brains of the show. Chloe keeps Clark grounded. Like Clark she has seen the good, the bad, and the darkness. Chloe pushed Clark to grow as a person. Take for an example when he was sick. She pushed him to super blow. (Adult Superman- Uses that ability all the time) If Chloe dies it should be the last episode. Smallville is Pre-Flying Superman. So it’s okay to have her on the show. Chloe death should be honorable to the point it defines Clark to be the Superman he will mold into later in his life.
        The storyline is so messy with all these hidden plans. If they are finishing in Season 10 then they need to start clearing it up. So when it is simple human saves as what we all look forward too. As the League hinted – Maybe Chloe’s death is what made him into the hero they look as their example. So if there is an episode where she died it should be the last – So he can be motivated to Fly!
        I also think the show needs to get Olive back as Green Arrow again. So they can have him split from Clark and either takes Watchtower with him or replaces it if Chloe dies. Clark needs to get back in touch with his heart so he can have the values Superman has in the future.

      • Flashking

        ALison Mack …fans stop overrating her, gor god sake she is just a small screen actor…good enough people have left little shows like SV and are doing big things on the silver screen, she is a decent enough actress…i say get rid of her useless character..to hell with her

    • Chlarkfan

      When you can report Allison Mack will be in ALL the episodes and get good Screentime again, only THEN will I relax.

      • Kate

        Exactly my thought !!!

    • Muffy

      I love Chloe, but her time is up!

  • Kim

    great news! :D i love chloe.

  • Jaymii

    Yes! I seriously hope they don’t kill her off next season.

    • Mac

      I agree. They need to kill her off THIS season! :)

      I love Allison and have loved Chloe for most of the Smallville run, but I just can’t stand that character anymore. That’s my personal preference of course. It’s funny–last year at this time I was worried to death they were going to kill her off as she was going through a contract issue. This year I’m worried they WON’T kill her off! lol Maybe next year I will grow to appreciate Chloe again.

      • Jamie B.

        Ditto. :(

      • Comicvine


  • athena606


    • CaptDave

      That’s the best scenario to hope for at this point. It’s time for Allison to seek a job elsewhere so that her character can just be laid to rest. I’ve not seen another character anywhere that I love to hate more than Chloe. I’ve suffered with her for years, and I was hoping that she would finally get the death that she rightly deserves. I’m deeply disappointed that Chloe may be returning. That’s horrible.

      • notaclarkfan1

        Awww poor baby. Shall I call the waaaahmbulance?

        Here’s a thought: hate her so much? stop watching. :D

      • G

        Too bad the writers and producers don’t agree with you..haaaaaaaaa
        Chloe Sullivan is on Smallville to stay.
        Don’t you get tired of saying that she will die or leave?
        Honestly,Miss Mack is the leading lady.I am so sorry it isn’t your Lois.I guess the writers didn’t find it necessary to have her there at the very beginning..
        Lois isn’t the Star..Clois is a failure have you seen the ratings..
        Oh that is right..You thought the show was called CLois- Superman..I forgot the Show we watch is called Smallville..

      • kmk

        I don’t like her this season, but I’m not against her coming back because you know she will change. She changed a lot and became dark this season and so maybe next season she’ll become more likeable again like I remember from previous seasons

  • Jonny



  • Stacy

    Heck Yes!!!

  • iliana_1


    It’s not Smallvilel without her. Not to me.


  • JD

    Personally, I’d rather her be gone. She’s a drain on the show, story wise and budget wise. But that’s just my personal opinion.

  • Carrie

    I hope to see her in all 22!

    Thought Brian’s comments make me wonder how close (or far) they truly were/are to getting Michael back. Since s10 almost has to be THE END …they really need him too.

    BUT YAY, CHLOE WON’T DIE! Thank you Ausiello!!!

    • Chlarkfan

      Yeah, I heard they were trying to get Michael Rosenbaum back and the negotiations went bad. I think that is why Peterson isn’t saying anything firm and that is why UNTIL it is announced that AM is back for all 22 of S10 with decent screentime again, I do not see how these quotes are suppose to be any big deal. They’re not saying anything except they’re trying to make a deal. That is not big news.

    • Comicvine


  • Anne

    Cool, better be in all 22 episodes, I only watch for Chloe, Ollie and Tess. And the Chlollie and Chless is off the charts.

    • K

      she is in all 22 every season so far so she probably will

  • Fb

    Good news. But I hope if she is back it’s for all the episodes, and not the “diminished role” that some people have been talking about.

    • S

      YEP ALL 22 and lots of ST!!

    • Lucifer

      Yes! This would please me greatly.

  • K

    Yay :) I hope her character becomes the one we know and love again

  • Bobby


    • Stephanie

      English. Learn it.

      • notaclarkfan1

        This. Wow.

      • Jennifer

        LOL agreed!

      • Flashking

        and i suppose yrs is perfect WTF?…not every fan is an from an english country..u narcisist…any death to the character of chloe sullivan…she is destroying the beauty of the mythos…chlollie BS sucks death to both of them

  • Alex

    Yay! Glad to hear the good news.
    So then that means that either Tess or Zod is getting killed off. Hope it’s Zod.

    • Jennifer

      I hope it’s Zod as well! I think he should’ve stayed gone when he took over Lex & they thought he was gone!

      • Fran

        I hope it’s Zod AND Tess! Tired of the whole alien thing and was ALWAYS tired of Tess! If Chloe stays, hopefully Oliver (Green Arrow) will be “with” her.

  • SmallvilleFan


    • Stephanie

      What are with all the whiners writing in CAPS?

      I smell conspiracy! Haha.

      • Mac

        I’m pretty sure they are the same person.

      • Raniere

        Much like NXIVM cult members.

      • Mariko

        Raniere, are you going to now tell us Ricky Martin is gay? Everybody knows, nobody cares. Get a new strategy.

    • Bkwurm1

      The positive response to Chlollie probably has fueled interest by TPTB to keep her around. They like it when something on their show works. (Though they also keep grinding what doesn’t worked into the groung in the hopes it will work THIS time…good luck with that). But while AM has a great chemistry with JH (and CF and TW and ED–ok, everyone but AA) her character is IMO as important as Clark’s when it comes to defining that intangible that makes Smallville, Smallville. She grounds the series from completely abandoning it’s roots…even if frequently what plays out onscreen seems to shout they already have.

      • Jennifer

        I agreed wholeheartedly! Smallville NEEDS Chloe! It wouldn’t work without her!

      • Flashking

        BS to This…may death come upon her….

    • G

      so having Clois isn’t feeding the shippers?
      THe show isn’t abut Lois or Clois!
      The show is called Smallville..
      About Clark and Chloe..
      i know it isn’t what you wanted to hear..
      But go watch season one..
      THere is no lois..

      • Kathleen

        G, I own Season 1. Chloe was a supporting players in Season 1. Lana, Lex, Martha, Jonathan were all more important than she was. This show is not about Clark and Chloe. It’s about CLARK. Clark’s journey. His relationships, his life. Chloe has been a PART of that journey but she is not the star of the show. She has never been the star of the show. Clark and Lois isn’t feeding shippers—it’s remaining true to the Superman story. A story that Smallville set out to tell 9 years ago. Yes, the show is called “Smallville” but this show has always been a version of the Superman story. And Lois is a part of that story. Now, get over it.

      • mariex

        Hold on, this show is definatley about Clark and if not then Lois and Clark, not Chloe, she isn’t even in the mythos. Lois makes Clark a better hero when she’s around and a better person.
        I like AM but Chloe has been shady this year and it has been getting on my nerves latley but Sacrifice started making me like her again.

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