Conan O'Brien to shoot TBS talk show on Warner Bros. TV lot

Conan O’ Brien won’t be returning to his old Tonight Show sound stage to shoot his new talk show for TBS. Though his old custom-made stage on the Universal lot sits largely vacant since he stepped down as host in January,  it was announced today that O’Brien will perform his new TBS gig from Stage 15 on Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank, Calif. O’Brien’s hour-long, yet-to-be-titled show will air Mondays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. (ET/PT) starting in November, and will be followed by Lopez Tonight at midnight.

“I can’t wait to interview the cast of Jersey Shore on the same lot where they filmed Casablanca,” said O’Brien in a statement.
He’s currently touring the United States and Canada with his live show, “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.”

It wouldn’t have been that shocking for O’Brien and TBS to rent his old Tonight Show space from NBC Universal. Entertainment companies rent studio space to the competition all the time: The CBS-owned lot at the corner of Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, for example, is home to American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, two of the highest rated shows on TV. The lot also has enough space to accommodate (soon-to-be-canceled) The Wanda Sykes Show, Fox’s late-night talk show that airs on Saturdays, and CBS’ own The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Having O’Brien tape from the Burbank lot, however, keeps it all in the family since Warner Bros, like TBS and EW, are owned by Time Warner.

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  • LOL

    I’m with Coco!

    • yeah

      I am so tired of hearing about poor Coco. Who the freak cares? The man got 40 million dollars plus he now has another talk show. Yeah he is really doing so bad……You all have been duped!

      • erin

        Yet you care enough to read this and then add a comment…who’s been duped into thinking they don’t care?

      • Dave Keller

        Except, Mr. Yeah, He actually got $33.5 million. I also know, for a fact, that approximately $19 million of that was used to pay staff and others. Of the remaining amount, Mr. O’Brien is paying a combined 75 percent in taxes to the state of New York (because he is technically a resident of the state until mid-June of 2010), to the state of California (because he earned the money there) and to the feds for obvious reasons. So, he basically walked away with about $3.6 million. No, he’s not gonna starve anytime soon. But at least get the facts right.

      • no

        “Who the freak cares?” Nearly a million fans on Facebook & Twitter (presumably a lot of overlap). He sold out his comedy tour with little to no advertising (it took all of 2 tweets).

        He may have gotten $40 million, but his former employees who uprooted from NY and lost their jobs 7 months later 3000 miles away from their network connections didn’t.

        If you don’t care, here’s an idea: CLOSE YOUR WEB BROWSER… or just gouge out your ears and eyes. While you’re at it, chop off your hands so you don’t feel tempted to troll around on the internet anymore. Moron.

      • Diana

        I’m sorry, but you are just starting to hear about Conan. Bigger and better things for you, Conan O’Brien! We are waiting anxiously that you come back to TV!

      • Danno

        Everyone always brings up the money, but money has nothing to do with why people support Conan. He’s a wealthy guy. He admits this. Whenever he is speaking earnestly, he makes a point of saying he doesn’t believe anyone should feel sorry for him, and that he is very grateful for his career. That’s why people support him — he’s an honorable guy who was treated in a classless, dishonorable way by NBC and Leno. The Tonight Show job, for someone like Conan who grew up watching Carson build it into a legend, is priceless.

      • bryan young

        David Keller FTW

      • Bryan

        David Keller FTW!

      • Mike

        I think you have the idea of success ill defined. This man’s goal in life was to host The Tonight Show. Talk about setting your goals high and once he reached his life goal, something a few people can actually do, he got it taken away from him. We aren’t pulling for Conan to be a rich man, we are supporting him after his life goal was given to him and then taken away. If you don’t have sympathy for that, then I am afraid you have no feelings.

      • Steve

        It has nothing to do with money. He was screwed out of hosting a late night staple. I guess you havent listened to what he has said lately. So shut the hell up

      • Frank

        Sounds like someone has money jealousy issues. I like Conan…guess we should talk about the ridiculous amounts of money Jay Leno has

    • kingcrystal

      f**k cocoa and f**k jay and f**k dave and f**k craig and f**k carson and even f**k jon and who the f**k lopez and i don’t get tbs i cant afford cable

      • keith

        uh… ok. then shut your poor ass up.

      • yeah

        I get it, you are allowed an opinion as long as it IS AGREEING WITH WHAT YOU ALL SAY. How lame is that? What? No more freedom of speech? Stop with the attacking of others who DARE have an opinion different than yours! Idiots!

      • Shogun

        You can always watch the show on TBS’s website.

      • Sky

        Dude the differing opinions are the ones that started attacking. Lol. It’s not that you have to have the same opinion but if ours differs, and you attack us, then we’re gonna fire back a defense. For the record, Conan has made a point not to feel sorry for him cause financially he’s fine, but like someone said earlier it’s about a guy working his ass to get his dream job and getting it ripped a few months later. Frankly I didn’t like his Tonight Show as much as the end of it when he didn’t care and wasn’t being PG and the late night show. I’m excited for the change but also understanding in his disappointment of losing out on his dream job.

    • john Skrabonja

      Yeah I don’t really think anyone has even said they feel sorry for him. It’s not like he hid the fact that he got all that money. The people who care are his fans and only want to see him get a new show. Don’t hate the man because he’s funnier than you are.

  • Amber

    Awesome. I saw his show in Austin. It was absolutely hilarious. If he has that kind of comedy on TBS, he’s gonna do great.

  • MrC

    He “won’t be going returning…” Wow, neither going NOR returning. Like not passing GO and not collecting $200.

    • Paul

      Yeah, instead of collecting $200, he collected $30 mil. hahaha

  • Adrian

    i saw him last night in tulsa, the show was suuper hilarious, and i got a really good picture of him

  • fromtoronto

    can’t wait to see ya Coco!!!

  • Dawn

    Hahaha to Coco filming on the same lot as the Scottish Conan guy.

    • LiveFromDetroit

      And what’s wrong with Craig? He’s the only late night show I’ve been watching since Conan got Lenoed.

      • Some Guy

        I don’t think Dawn meant it as an insult. Like at all. It’s just a funny observation.

        Conan on the same lot as Scottish Conan guy.

      • chip whitley

        If you would have been watching Craig longer, you would know that he often refers to himself as “Scottish Conan”

    • Slim Chestershucks

      Craig tapes at CBS Studios in Los Angeles. Conan will be at Warner Brothers in Burbank.

  • Butters

    Go Coco!

  • Mar

    Cannot wait to see Conan at Michigan State Friday!

    • Jay T

      i was supposed to see that show.

  • krypto

    YAY CONAN at WB!! Now we have George Lopez, Ellen and NOW CONAN!!!
    Maybe Conan can guest on “CHUCK” or “Big Bang Theory”!

    • Ralph

      Heck yeah! He should be on both shows! All three shows are (will in the case of Coco) top notch!

  • leo

    he comes on the scene, a bad daddy machine, he’s coco
    jive turkeys beware cos he can kill with his hair, he’s coco
    don’t try to pass, he’ll kung fun your ass with a chop
    don’t look for him between two and three cos he’s in the beauty shop
    he’s coco, coco, coco.

    • ed brubaker


    • swaneejuggalo

      haha awesome

  • fancypants

    I wish Conan would come back to NYC. Why does he have to do the show from LA?

    • Diana

      He doesn’t want to uproot his family again.

  • Kelsy

    Craig films on the CBS lot in downtown Hollywood… Ellen films on the Warner Brothers Lot… I’ve seen them both. :)

  • RutRowd

    Why only Monday – Thursday?

    • Lynette Rice

      Theatrical movies still do great for TBS on Fridays!

  • Eric

    Still waiting to hear if Conan’s new show will air in Canada, as we are apparently not privileged enough to get TBS and instead receive the much lousier Peachtree TV.

    • Sarah

      Agreed! Maybe City TV or A Channel will pick it up?

  • Expat

    Conan won’t be going back to NYC because once you move out west to pleasant climes you never want to go back!

    • keith

      that’s ABSOLUTELY not true. i’ve known 5 people to move to LA from Boston, and ALL of them moved back becasue they hated it.

      • martin

        no, they hated you.
        I don’t know one person to move back. you all say you hate it here and will move back. please move back. we don’t want you here.

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