Charlie Sheen will return to 'Two and a Half Men'

charlie-sheenImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosLess than 48 hours before CBS presents its fall schedule to advertisers in New York, Charlie Sheen announced via his publicist that he will be back on the network’s hit comedy Two and a Half Men next season. “To put a fitting end on the two and one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I’m looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights.  I want to thank Les Moonves for his support.” 

Terms of Sheen’s new pact were not revealed, though Warner Bros. TV already has a deal in place to produce two more seasons of Men for CBS.

Last month, Sheen kicked off a whirlwind of speculation after reportedly telling friends that he hoped this season would be his last. His contract paying him roughly $800,000 per episode was set to expire April 9, the day Men shot its season ender. Sheen made note of the milestone by issuing a statement to People saying that if the taping of Men “is the end for me as Charlie Harper, so be it.” “Another journey has begun,” he continued. “I take from the experience 161 shows filled with a kaleidoscope of amazing experiences, memories, friendships and gratitude. I remain humbly inspired.”

At the time, Sheen’s publicist Stan Rosenfield said the actor was not attempting to wrangle more money out of  WBTV, but many execs inside the studio and at CBS thought otherwise. In fact, some reports said that WBTV, in fact, had an offer out to Sheen for two more years at around $1 million per episode.  No one was operating under the assumption that Sheen would leave. A spokeswoman for Warner Bros. TV declined to comment Monday. 

Meanwhile, Sheen’s legal woes aren’t over yet. A trial date has been set for July 21 after his lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf to charges of felony menacing, criminal mischief, and third degree assault, which stem from an alleged Christmas day argument with his wife, Brooke Mueller.

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  • Susan

    Wow – didn’t see that coming. Thought that show would be dead next year.

    • Hiro Protagonist

      People actually watch this crap?

      • Miss Talk

        20 millions of people actally do, Hiro. Not just 4 millions as for YOUR crappy show.

      • Douglas

        20 millions?? I think you mixed up 2.5 men with Friends. Actually 14 millions people watched the latest 2.5 men episode according to Nielsen Ratings.

      • KC

        Wow. More money for drugs, hookers, and to push women around with. Way to enable a person with major problems, CBS.

      • hill

        They watch Modern Family which is crappier by far.

      • nicesc

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        still single.It’s hard to get a girlfriend in my town ,most of them like my money
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        this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one who
        i’m looking for!!!

      • Bruce

        Modern Family = Crap???
        Wow, never thought I’d read a comment like that! So much for smart TV I guess!

      • Hill=Over The Hill

        Must be.

      • @KC

        Hey look on the bright side. This means more money for your mother. Now she can afford to give you more allowance thanks to Mr. Sheen. You tell him thank you next time he is over to pleasure your mom.

      • sandy

        It truly is an amazement that CBS keeps this low life jerk with a job… are they blind to what kind of person this guy is … If this show was the only thing to watch .. I would be listening to the radio … for sure ….

      • Jo Eming

        The fact that anyone at all tunes in is amazing to me. This show is nothing more than a dirty joke.

      • @Hill


      • martin

        they do…and, sorry your Heroes was canned.

    • Dustin

      @Susan-I’m really hoping your being sarcastic. Otherwise, you are very dumb

    • mae

      $800,000 x 161 = $128,800,000 – life certainly is good for Charlie Sheen. His contract is probably now $1,000,000 per epi. It’s disgusting when you think about it, teachers work their whole lives and never make what he makes in a week. We live in an upside down world.

      • Jon

        Hey mae, your math is wrong, he did not make $800,000 in all 161 episodes. Get your story straight!

  • Ben

    DAMN I was really hoping that it was going to end! DUMBEST SHOW EVER

    • Nathan

      No, that honor belongs to Heroes.

      • Barry

        No, that honor belongs to people like you who watch this drug addict’s show.

      • Nathan

        Speaking of drugs, you’d have to be on some pretty powerful stuff to enjoy Heroes.

      • I’m sure you could contact Charlie and score some primo stuff, dude.

      • KC

        Nathan has beefcake photos of Sheen on his wall.

      • @KC

        You would fantasize about beefcake photos.

    • hill

      No , Sanford and Son , Happy Days , Mork and Mindy ,Bewitched ,The Lucy Show ,Laverne and Shirley to name a few .Those were dumb……

      • Mike

        Men is crap just the same canned ham everyweek….follow the formula…I guess Sheen beat CBS like one of his wives…

  • Emma


    • Sally in Chicago

      Me too…shocked….$2Million to Sheen? I hope he’s donating at least of that to the starving people of California.

  • Mark S. King

    Sorry, but I worry Mr. Sheen has been lured by money at a time when his health, and perhaps his life, depend on focusing on his addiction and recovery process. There is a sad example of this: the wreckage strewn across Europe otherwise known as the Whitney Houston Tour.

    Mark S. King

    • Hannah

      A Charlie Sheen who is not banging hookers and doing blow is not a Charlie Sheen this world wants to see. Take your sobriety and use it on Andy Dick.

      • Dylan

        Oh shut up. If someone needs hookers and drugs to be interesting, then they’re boring as hell. Charlie Sheen is a greedy, violent, raging egomaniac on a painfully unfunny sitcom.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Blame the capitalists at CBS…nobody is worth $2Mil an episode…nobody.

  • TW

    Glad he’s coming back. Was worried that they would try to keep the 2 1/2 men going by having Alan come out of the closet and live as a gay man.

  • Grace W.

    Didn’t see this coming. Nope. Not at all.

  • Ajay C.

    Good job Charlie! Money is truly the key to happiness, no matter what knuckle heads say!

  • joesmom

    What a greedy schmuck. I WON’T be watching!

  • Sam

    If I were in charge of the TVerse, I would immediately cancel all laugh-track comedies. Sorry, How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory, you’re funny, but the laughing irks me to no end.

    • Chappel

      I agree. I love Big Bang Theory but find its canned laughter incredibly annoying and insulting.

      Producer to flunky: “And don’t forget to turn up the laugh track after every line so the morons will know when to laugh”.

      • Phil

        You’re the moron. They don’t use a laugh track so the audience will know when to laugh. You should be annoyed by your own ignorance!

  • m

    BIG surprise….

  • deeannek

    Charlie Sheen creeps me out. I wonder what happens if he goes to jail.

  • robinepowell

    Yay, Charlie’s back for at least another season of Two and A Half Men!! Break out the champagne. :D

    • And the coke :D

      • KYLE

        And the hookers!

      • robinepowell

        That was meant for us the fans. From reading the news, Charlie Sheen needs to spend a couple of months in rehab, again and stay away from women in general for a while (with the exception being family).

    • robinepowell

      I meant for us fans, not for Charlie Sheen to do anything like that.

  • Kim from Texas

    This season has seemed rather lame. I hope next year will be better. I miss having the “half” kid on the show. An innocent kid is much funnier than the a teen. The Cosby show had a similar issue in the middle of their run. How about Berta bringing her grandkid to work? Or maybe Charlie had an illegitimate son from one of his many one-night stands that has to come live with him.

    • Flaming Moe

      Yeah, they could call him cousin Oliver or something. Great idea. UGH

  • Yea Charlie Sheen

    I’m so glad that Charlie sheen will be back on the show., I know that there are more important things to think about., but after a full day., I like to see a show that makes me laugh., and this is one of them., and I like the combination of the cast.,

  • Chappel


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