'Grey's Anatomy' exclusive: Jesse Williams gets full-time upgrade

jesse-williamsImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCMcPrettyEyes is looking at a long-term future at Seattle Grace.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Grey’s Anatomy has officially upgraded Jesse Williams to a full-time series regular. His promotion kicks in this fall with the start of season 7.

Williams, who joined Grey’s last October as part of the polarizing Mercy West merger plot, was quickly pegged as the Invader Most Likely to See Another Season. Those hypnotic baby blues certainly didn’t hurt.

In my exclusive Q&A with Shonda Rhimes last month, the Grey’s boss all but confirmed that Williams — as well as fellow rookie Sarah Drew — would be back next fall. “April and Jackson have really been folded into the group,” she told me. “It’ll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them [stick around].”

I’m told Drew’s deal for next season is still being worked on, so stay tuned.

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  • Zach

    Yess! So hot and such a good actor!! A great add to the show!

    • LOL

      This crap is still on the air?

      • Beatrice

        If it’s ‘crap’ why bother reading about an actor on the show????
        Find another way to amuse yourself then.

      • Mike

        You’re still being annoying?

      • Kervin

        If “Grey’s Anatomy” is crap for you, then my guess is you spend your weekends watching replays of some 70s movies as you would probably be out of options to watch ANYTHING on TV these days.

      • Jersey Jeff

        Please don’t feed the Troll, it only keeps him coming back for more.

    • diane

      Good actor? He hasn’t done anything that shows range so I don’t know where you could even say that. He’s another Eric Dane who also got hired for his looks and not because any acting talent. And when you put these actors up against the talented cast that Grey’s has, their week acting skills becomes even more visible.

      • Gwen

        They only have acting skills for seven days?? (“week” – “weak”)

      • Bree

        Eric may not have been hired for his talent but he has more then proved he’s a talented actor. He’s been great this season. Jesse hasn’t been given much material this season so how do we know he’s a bad actor?

      • Marti

        Actually, I thought he has shown his acting chops on a couple of occasions. When he got the story line regarding his family (was it his grandfather?) I thought he handled it well. And then – the true test for actors playing surgeons – is whether they can let us know what they’re thinking when half of their face is covered by a surgical mask. And at that I think he excels. Shows that his eyes are more than a nice color – they’re very expressive. Anyway, that’s my take on it.

      • Kervin

        I never gave much thought for any of the Mercy West folks – well, except for Reed, since I just wanted her off the show (glad that happened!). I never gave much thought to Jackson either until the final episode of Season 6 where he helps Christina and tricks that shooter. The only thing that came into my mind when Christina said “Remind me to thank you.” was – “He did it. He’s a part of the Seattle Grace family now.”

        I’m glad to see him returning for the next season.

      • lorna

        Diane, Eric is a good actor. Shut up. He cried in s6 and s3 you could see his hurt smile when Meredith turned him down for Derek.

      • Tom

        I agree,he’s not there for his acting chops that’s for sure.He was outperformed by everyone even Charlie in the finale.

      • bumblern

        At least learn to spell correctly and use proper grammar when dogging someone.

        “And when you put these actors up against the talented cast that Grey’s has, their *week* acting skills becomes even more visible.”

    • GG

      YES on Jackson! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! on April.

    • lorna

      I love Jackson but PLEASE no APRIL. Teddy is bad enough.

  • KK

    He’ll be Cristina’s squeeze by the end of next season, no question.

    • Juliana

      I hope so!!!

    • Karen

      That would be awesome!!!

      • graeme

        Maybe he’ll be Teddy’s…

    • Candide

      I’d love to see Jackson (McBabyBlues) and Cristina get it on next season! Owen and the back and forth is making me dizzy. I think he and Teddy are gonna end up together anyway.

    • Michele

      As much as I like Owen, I think Sandra Yang has some HOT chemistry with this guy on screen!

  • EP

    Love him!!! He is cute and out of all the new people he’s my fave!! Thanks, Shonda and Ausiello for the news!!

  • Kristina

    Damn, he is soooooooooo fine!

  • jessicab

    I’m so excitaded about this! I thought he was incredible in the season finale. Avery is the only I truly like from the mercy westers,and in the season finale he was adorable, how he was worried for Yang, how he believed in her, it was really cute. Plus, i’m so over Owen and Yang.

  • alisa

    i admit not watching greys after their christmas hiatus and then was drawn back in for their (amazing) finale, but from what i did see, they should have nixed April and kept Reed. She was interesting and snotty and should be the one sleeping with Alex right now.

    Anyways, im pleased that whatshisface Jesse Williams is staying. Other than Reed, he was the only Mercy Wester i could stand.

    • Melissa

      Completely agree. So done with April’s doe-eyed staring at Derek.

    • bootsycolumbia

      I thought the same thing when I was watching the finale.

    • Alia

      Agree. I love Sarah Drew, but April is sort of pathetic in a really off-putting way. I wish they’d kept Reed instead. She’d have made a good love interest for Alex, and they Lexie could go back to Mark.

  • Kels

    Whoot! Now it’s time to give us Cravery. (Cristina + Avery.)

    • Holly G

      I so agree, that would be one HOT couple. I’m so over Owen & Christina. He can go chase Teddy for all I care. :)

      • Nikki

        I’m so in love with Cristina/Jackson,

        they will be the reason i tune in next season :-)

      • Aisha

        Cristina/Jackson is the one couple I wanna see happen next season. Please Shonda!

  • holly

    i love him! all shallowness aside, he really is a decent actor that could work well with the rest of the group.

    and he and Lexie have that chemistry there in those few episodes where they’ve interacted. NEW COUPLE, NOW.

    • Erica

      LEXIE AND AVERY = awesome

      • Beth

        Sorry, but doubt there will ever be a Lexie and Avery or Yang and Avery, because Avery will turn out to be Ellis Gray’s and Chief Richard’s illegitimate son.

  • Mary


  • Itaintrite

    I think he was pretty safe when they revealed his grandfather is the famous what’s-his-name.

  • laura

    but guys, he’s too hot for cristina.

    • anna

      cristina chews up and spits out cute boys like avery. he is definitely cute, though.

    • iwantcj

      No one is too hot for Cristina Yang.

      Bring on Cristina/Jackson!

  • Amanda

    Awesome! Love him and I was surprised at how much i enjoyed his character and his dynamic with Mer and even Cris in the finale. Now get rid of a couple other characters *cough* TEDDY*cough* to lower this cast bloat and call it a day!

    • Kristen

      I agree! Get rid of Teddy! She’s just annoying.
      Dr. Avery is so good looking, all he has to do to make me happy is show up on my screen!

    • Alia

      Yep. Teddy needs to go.

  • Monique J

    Awesome! I was very hopeful..Love him..I shall call him McCutie!

    • Alia

      He is and always shall be The HotNess Monster.

      • alantieel

        The Hotness Monster! I forgot that was him.

  • Fran

    I agree he comes back! But not April.. April should leave the tv show, it was her fault Derek got shooted. Besides, she never acts like a real doctor. And Izzie should come back too!! We miss her!

  • Pauly

    I’m still on season 2, what did I miss?

    • Izzy

      Not much. I got cancer, but recovered. George is dead. Otherwise, same old same old.

      • m


      • dave

        thank you izzy! that was brilliant

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