'Deadliest Catch' pays tribute to Capt. Phil Harris

phil-harris-deadliest-catchImage Credit: Blair Bunting/Getty ImagesThe Discovery Channel announced today that it will air a series of specials that’ll pay tribute to Captain Phil Harris, the beloved star of Deadliest Catch who died Feb. 9 after suffering a stroke while off-loading his crab fishing vessel Cornelia Marie in Alaska. The show will begin addressing the captain’s death on June 22 while the July 13 episode “After the Catch” will include a tribute to Harris. Additionally, Deadliest Catch: Captain Phil Harris Remembered will bow July 20 and feature one-on-one interviews with fellow captains and Phil’s sons, Josh and Jake.

“Captain Phil was a father, fisherman, funny man and, most importantly for fans worldwide, a friend.  We celebrate his life and all those he has touched through Deadliest Catch,” said Clark Bunting, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel and Science Channel, in a statement.  “I wish this would never have been a storyline of the series, but I am proud of the heart and emotion we have worked so hard to put into these very special episodes as a tribute to Phil.”

For the last 10 weeks, Deadliest Catch has been the No. 1 program in all of cable on Tuesday nights among persons (an average 3.7 million) and men 25-54 (1.4 million).  It’s up double digits over last season and has won every Tuesday since returning to the schedule on April 13.

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  • Laurie

    It was hard to watch the show last night when he started feeling ill and said he couldnt focus. I was afraid they were going to show the stroke.

    • Diane Traczyk

      I agree with Laurie. It was sad to see him like that. He seemed like such a good guy someone I would have like to have known.

    • chuck

      I agree, Laurie.
      However, he lived a good life doing what he loved, especially being able to spend time w/ his sons and not rotting away at some boring desk job for 18 hours a day.
      Also, I pray Jacob overcomes his demons.

      • Lisa crosby

        Chuck, I prob. can’t find this site again to get an answer! But u cld email me soxgal66@yahoo if u want, Im wondering what you meant about Jake-is he an alcoholic?

    • tami swan

      the show will never be the same…

    • juan lopez

      Especially when his younger son jake told him he was an addict.
      VERY SAD :(

    • zorbee

      I know the feeling of someone dying of a stroke. My dad was a victim. I skipped this episode because it will just remind me of my loss.
      Condolences to the family and to everyone: stay healthy.

  • Melissa

    It was incredibly hard to watch last night. Especially when you could hear in his voice that he was on the verge of tears when he confronted Jake. Obviously we know what’s coming, but that certainly doesn’t make it any easier to watch. RIP Phil. May the crab farts be plentiful, wherever you are.

  • christina

    R.I.P Phil. You really touched our home through the series. A series that opened our eyes to how grateful we are and to not take life for granted.

  • David

    Watching the show last night knowing whats coming was indeed tough. But what really pissed me off is that they aired the “After the Catch” episode which was clearily recorded after Phil’s death before it played out on the show. Any new comer to the show would be lost, and myself as an every week viewer wasnt happy to see it done that way.

    • James

      Only if you are living under a rock would you not know Phil passed away.

      • Susan

        I would gladly stay under a rock or a boulder if I never had to watch this show!

      • laura

        I was so upset after watching last nights episode that I had bad dreams. I knew what was happening to Phil when the camera started blurring and the sound started to distort. I thk they were trying to show us what he was seeing and hearing at the time. How he felt if you will. I believe this was truely the onset of his stroke. To be watching this and know that was happening and then find out his son was stealing his medication just ripped my heart out. I cried the whole time I was watching “after the catch”. I will try to keep watching, but emotionally I know this will be hard.

        Sig, please give your crew some time to recoup. Don’t keep making promises you won’t keep.

        R.I.P. Capt. Phil Harris…..I’m gonna hav a Duck Fart just for you……….

      • susie

        OK Susan you can go ahead and crawl back under your rock!

  • Amy

    So sad, im in shock here, I’m so sorry to his boys, he was a great man & loved to watch the passion he had to fish & crab! We will miss you Captin Phil..RIP!! & FISH ON!!!!

  • Rashell Simenson

    All i can say is that i feel for those to boys and i hope they take on there fathers legacy and go on. I hope Jake can get over his addiction promblems and i feel for him when he told his father on what was going on with him before phills death. I saw that episode last night and i cried for about an hour. Over the years of watching the show, this is the only reality show that most people can actually feel close to the people on the cab boats because its not fake its not acting it is real. After what has happened its like you feel you have lost a friend. SO Phil we miss you and you where a great guy and your boys are lucky to have such a great father. Jake and Josh your great guys i hope everything goes well and i hope you guys are ok.

  • undertaker


  • jeff

    yes, its a shame, but he smoked like there is not tomorrow….he knew his time was short..he even stated it on the show…..he should have been more careful and maybe he would still be around for his two young sons…..

    • chuck

      Jeff, I agree 100% that he didn’t take good care of himself. However, lifestyle, habits, and addictions are hard chains to break, even when we know they’re killing us. I hope his sons see what happened to him and realize they’re genetically pre-disposed to similar behavior and a similar fate if they aren’t careful.

    • dman

      The lifestyle didn’t help, but don’t forget that when Phil got the first blood clot, he said that his mother had a problem with blood clots and had recently passed away because of one. So genetics is indeed a big part of the story.

  • Scott McHugh

    Phil R.I.P. buddy, u were def. my favorite capt. on the show and it will not be quite the same with out you. Just have a blast on the fishing grounds in the sky, no more worry’s.

  • nita

    I have often wanted to go out with the men. I would have only put my life in his hands and that of his boat. May he rest in peace. Say hello to my sister, she loved your show.

  • sara

    I have been wondering when they were gonna do a tribute to Phil, it was so sad last night knowing that he was going to die soon and then to find out Jake was a drug addict..I hope and pray that in the time he had before he passed he and Jake were at peace with each other. As for Jake I hope that he gets it together because his brother and him need to make their dad proud and continue to crab with the Cornelia Marie… RIP Phil you are and will be missed..much love here in Washington DC!!

  • jennifer

    I really enjoyed watching him on the show . He was a great dad , friend and a very loving man to everyone he was around , even on yhe other boats . He treated the other crews just like family as well . He will be missed . R.I.P.

  • Lisa Astringer

    I agree with the other veiwer last night was tought for me to watch as well especally when he was not feeling well and may have been have a stroke right in front of us it upset me then the part with his son Jake and the pill’s just pushed me over the edge my heart was broke for the family and as a parent my GOD i wish the familey well and i hope Jake gets the help he needs stay strong ….=-(



  • john hogan

    well it really hurt me last nite hearing about capt. phil. i have worked on boats in the past and wish i could have had capt. phil as my capt. he will be missed. also jake u can fight ur demons. i know i fought mine and won been clean 25yrs. god bless the harris family

    • SG

      Last night’s episode was SO SAD we thought Phil was about to pass out and then to find out your son is addicted to the pain pills it just left us speechless and sad. Especially knowing the outcome with Phil. We pray for Phil and his sons. Jake we will pray for you to overcome your addiction. May God Bless you all. RIP Phil. I am sure the tribute will be very emotional and special.

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