Scoop: 'CSI: Miami' cuts Eddie Cibrian

csi-miamiAnother long-running CBS procedural is downsizing: Sources confirm that CSI: Miami has released Eddie Cibrian (Cardoza) from his contract.

A CBS rep declined to comment, but a source close to the show confirms that Cibrian’s contract option has not been picked up. The actor joined Miami last season — in large part to fill the void left by original cast member Adam Rodriguez (Delko). But with Rodriguez returning full-time this fall, producers decided to put the focus back on the original, core team.

The news comes just one day after CBS’ Criminal Minds announced the departure of series regular A.J. Cook.

Reaction? Will you miss Cibrian? Or are you of the opinion that his character never quite jelled with the team? Sound off below!

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  • Krystal

    Well isn’t Adam Rodriguez supposed to be coming back full time next season? Too many people, someone had to go. I’m just glad it wasn’t Omar Miller.

    • Mindy

      If they are going back to the original , Walter is gonna go

      • Liz

        Consider the ending to the season finale, that is still a possibility that is very plausible.

    • wakeforce

      Fine as he is Eddie still doesn’t hold a candle to Adam and those lips! Sorry, LeAnn.

      • Tammie

        Wakeforce — my sentiments EXACTLY!! I’ve always said he wasn’t nearly as hot as Eric is! Noone could feel Eric’s shoes! When I read that one of the characters wasn’t coming back, Jesse was one of the 2 I was hoping it was.

    • Amy

      I say good riddance to Eddie Cibrian! Watching him try to act as Jesse was about as interesting as watching paint dry (yawn). Jesse seemed to have ONE facial expression, no matter what emotion a particular scene called for. And Eddie totally lacked Adam Rodriguez’s natural charisma and rapport with the rest of the cast. Glad to see that the focus will be back on the core cast-members next season. As for those people saying that Horatio should go, that just makes no sense! I’m not a huge David Caruso/Horatio fan or anything, but he’s obviously the epicentre of the show, and without him, there’d be no CSI Miami. So if you want the whole show cancelled, then fine, get rid of Horatio. But if, like me, you want the show to go on, then Horatio’s part of the package deal.

      • peaches

        Amy, I could not have said it better myself. Your part about HOratio, that is. What’s up with some people. They want CSI Miami but don’t want Horatio? That’s like saying I want a burger without the bun. As for Eddie, I can’t criticise his acting as I don’t think I’m in a position to, but I can say that I feel people didn’t take to him because of his dealings with his marital affairs. I got turned off of him, and I’m sure others have too. The network must have realised that and used downsizing as an excuse. I do like Adam and I’m glad he’s back. Wish they could have brought back Speidle if they’re going for original. haha. But this is not Ghost Whisperer. You can’t bring him back from the dead!

      • renee

        sorry i disagree. loved cibrian and wish they were keeping him. it’s not like the show has a hunk beyond delko!!

      • kuhyen

        why not get rid of Wolfe instead of Cibrian….

      • Marcus

        Horatio leaving would definately hurt the show. Look at CSI:Las Vegas. Laurence Fishburne is okay but the void in the show is obvious.

    • Vicki

      Amen to that. Please keep Walter. CSI: Miami is ridiculous anyway; might as well keep the one “regular guy” type (a la Hurley) around. He’s charming. Honestly, I always forgot Cibrian was even on it until I saw him on screen (although I don’t dislike him. It’s just a poor fit) As far as I’m concerned, they can also lose Natalia & Wolfe. Ugh. (& while I’m complaining about CSI:M, Emily Proctor needs to stay away from the Botox. For the love of all that is holy: STOP girl. You don’t need it and it makes you look silly.)

      • Fred

        Totally agree about the botox with Emily Proctor. I can’t even watch her, it’s so distracting and really makes her look odd.

      • bklynny

        Natalia and Ryan should stay. Anybody should leave is that NO acting fluff Calleigh.

      • my ass

        sounds like someone is a little jealous!!!

      • Vicki

        Not jealous. She’s my girl crush. :p Her face just does not take “enhancement” well & she’s prettier without it. It’s almost as bad as Kim Delaney’s frozen upper lip on Army Wives. Almost.

      • Jason

        I hate walter – he totally does not fit with the cast at all whatsoever. He just wanders around following the rest of the cast doing absolutely nothing with his big dopey ears and deer-in-the-headlights look.

    • MaryJane

      I suspected that Cibrian would have to go when it was clear that Rodriguez is back. I like Cibrian, but I didn’t think he fit well in the show, and honestly, they weren’t doing much with him after the first few episodes. The show already seems to have cut back on some of the other regulars anyway, and keeping a newcomer like Cibrian would have been a waste of time. On the other hand, I a sooooo glad that Delko is back, I almost stopped watching last year when I found out he wasn’t going to be on, but all seemed to have been worked out, and I’m happy he’s staying.

      • shannen

        I guess the show just didn’t put that much stress on cibrian’s character because they thought about his personal marital affairs that people take badly, and the possibilities of reconsidering to get adam back on the show… giving jesse’s character as much focus as that of delko’s as early as the first season he got added would just make it harder for them to decide whether to keep him or not… obviously he was intended to replace delko on the show, the producers just scared it might not work because they got the right guy at the wrong time …just saying

  • Alex

    As much as I love Eddie Cibrian, his character on CSI: Miami sucked.

    • Lucy

      it really doesn’t matter…this show is now doomed as it will be on Friday nights.

      • Garrett

        Actually, it’s going to be on Sunday nights opposite “Brothers & Sisters”

      • MARIA

        CSI: New York is moving to Friday nights. CSI: Miami was moved to Sunday nights. IMO, Miami’s spot is worse.

      • jules

        Agreed that Miami’s spot is worse. It’ll end up suffering the same fate as Cold Case did because of football season. Too bad.

      • MarkyMarc

        I have watched CSI Miami since the debut, but if it is moving to Sunday nights it will get the same treatment from me as Cold Case did. I stopped watching when they would run over 30 minutes late from Amazing Race.
        Can’t DVR something like that reliably.

    • Tego Livi

      Eddie’s character on CSI:Miami has just sort of been filling a space. He hasn’t shown any distinctive characteristics or developed much personal story. It’s probably better for him and the show that he’s cut loose early.

    • tvfan

      He seemed bored by the show/character, I say we won’t miss him.

    • Discriminating

      You’ve got that right! He just does not fit in. Can’t really say why but he sticks out like a sore thumb. Used to like him in “Invasion” but his character on CSI Miami was an epic failure.

  • Tara

    maybe it has to do with all the backlash from his affair. A lot of people might have tuned out because of that. But maybe not…

    • max

      I don’t think that’s the reason.

      • Kiki

        That’s why I stopped watching and I was hoping they would get rid of him.

    • Brenda Barrett

      The affair may not have been CBS’s reason, but I can’t help but think that karma is a factor. And LeAnn Rimes is such a skank.

      • april-ann

        Yes, THIS so much. Also, it may not have been CBS’ reason, but I am sure it didn’t help. And a skank she sure is.

      • Kris

        I like your name Brenda Barrett (guilty of being a GH fan) but I don’t really think anyone of them are winners in that situation. Including his psychotic bitch of an ex-wife.

      • EMF

        I agree. Karma sucks.

      • Two47shades

        True that. Stopped watching the show because he was on it. A true piece of *@*$!!

      • Kelly

        Hahahaha – I totally agree!
        Love ur screen name – you know she’s coming back to GH in August

      • G-Mom

        I totally agree about Leann, but whatever the male version of skank is, Eddie is it!!! Guess she’ll be supporting him now; however, you couldn’t GIVE me an album of hers!

    • Jenny

      Cutting him doesn’t have anything to do with LR – and everything to do with Adam Rodriguez’s return. So much for him saying no one would be fired because he graveled and begged them to take him back. I can’t stomach one more season of watching Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez try to fake chemistry that doesn’t exist and act like teenagers on a hormone surge. They look like neither one has ever been in a serious relationship. It’s an awkward, feeble attempt at sex. Boring and laughable. CSI Miami is off my watch list next season. Sure hope Rodriguez sleep well knowing people were fired because of him and his selfishness. Jerk!

      • mishi

        Wahhhhh!!!! I don’t want him to go.. He’s one of my favs…

      • SLDB

        I can’t stand Rodriguez and Proctor as a couple. Their characters are just two different people.

      • Tracy

        Well said Jenny! I completely agree. I won’t watch anymore.

      • yoda

        Totally agree! As soon as I heard Rodriguez was returning, I knew my watching days were over.

      • Carl

        Adam Rodriguez wanted out last season. He should stay out. His Relationship with Emily’s character doesn’t even look like a relationship. Eddie could have used another season to get his mojo going. Sometimes it takes awhile for a character in a series to catch on. Another problem for CSI Miami is the move. I wasn’t too fond of it at its start, now I am catching on. It still doesn’t have that dysfunctional family feeling amongst the characters in the series. Don’t take Eddie away.

      • Maria

        R U on the CBS payroll?? U have no clue what UR talking about. Fact is, U just don’t like Adam. That’s UR right, but pls don’t come posting on here like UR some ‘insider’ when UR not. U have no idea what went/goes on behind closed doors at CBS. Why don’t U just leave that to the experts?

      • bklynny

        I can’t stand Calleigh. She’s a waste of airtime. I wish for her death or to be transferred. Her and Eric suck and they brought the show down.

      • mayra

        how is she a waist of airtime????huh??

      • Steph

        “they brought the show down”??? FYI Adam and Emily were there since the beginning, that means they helped make the show successful. So please, if you don’t like them, stop watching. I love them, and I love that CSI Miami is focussing more on the original cast, that’s gonna bring back enough viewers who stopped watching last year (when it wasn’t the real CSI Miami anymore).

        And btw, what did they ever do to you people that you have to beat them up like that? I don’t like Cardoza and I can’t stand Ryan, but you still won’t see me insult Eddie Ciprian or Jonathan Togo anywhere. Grow up!

      • Discriminating

        I have never liked Proctor on the show. She is an excellent actress but this role does not suit her. Loved her in The West Wing but can’t stand her character on CSI. Would like to see her replaced with Angie Harmon.

      • anonime

        Adult people in the real world act as teenagers. An example of that is Eddie Cibrian who let his teenage hormones get the bet of him. And Adam is much better actor than Eddie C.

    • Kim R

      Funny you should mention that. While I don’t think he jelled with the team, his personal life choices really made me not like him anyway. I just couldn’t warm up. I really liked him on Third Watch but the affair became public just at the wrong time for him.

  • Bethany

    Stick with originals, but I hope he finds another spot somewhere else soon–he’s a good actor, but he needs a better character and show.

  • Claire

    I bet he would still have a job if he had kept it in his pants.

    • Dawn

      If the affair played a part in his firing, I think it had more to do with the fact that he along with LeAnn have kept a high profile since they were busted than the actual act of the affair. Any other person in Hollywood would have probably kept a low profile after breaking up two marriages but not Eddie and LeAnn. It’s been photo opts galore.

  • Samuel Spencer

    Yeah, that was pretty inevitable. Remember corin nemec on sg1? Thought not.

    • George

      He played Kelownan Jonas Quinn who was temporarily part of SG-1 while Dr. Daniel Jackson ascended to a higher plane of existence.

      • kylla

        George, I declare my love for you. Please marry me ;)

    • Cindy

      Loved Corin Nemec as Daniels replacement.

      • RNB

        I also loved Corin Nemic as Michael Shanks replacement. It was Ben Browder That could not take Richard Dean Anderson’s place. When RDA left that is when I stopped watching.

  • Deven

    It always seemed he’d walked onto the wrong set.

    • Betsy

      Deven – EXACTLY. i was still looking for him in turnout gear from Third Watch.

  • Holly

    Oh well, he really didn’t bring that much to the table to play with. Just a real shame that the original CSI can’t lose the newby and bring back the core team

    • Liz

      He brought his good looks. He’s much better looking that A. Rod is.

      • Vanessa

        I beg to differ! Adam Rodriguez is MUCH better looking, far hotter, than Cibrian. Adam is muy caliente… but Cibrian, he’s just another good looking guy, nothing special.

      • HA. nope.

      • Jenny

        I agree. Cibrian is so much better looking and so much hotter than Rodriguez there is no comparison. Rodriguez is one of my least favorite actors on the show (if you can call what he does acting). It’s really sad that a good actor lost his job because everyone BUT CBS figured out Rodriguez is worthless and didn’t want him. So he had to come begging CBS to take him back.

      • tomm

        Eddie is hott stuff, but a jerk for cheating with leAnn.

      • Peeps

        Nope. Adam is far better looking, and besides his character brings more to the story. Eddie just doesnt fit

    • jared4ever

      UGH Adam Rodriguez is my least fave character on the show. He’s such a cheesy actor. And his looks totally bug me. He’s always trying to look so cool and sexy.

      • Mitsand

        That because he is cool and sexy!

      • jared4ever

        If he really were cool and sexy he wouldn’t need to try so hard. That’s actually the opposite of cool and sexy.

      • huskygrl

        I used to like CSI Miami BEFORE it became the Adam Rodriguez Show. Yuck! Delco has always been my least fav character and now he’s the hero of every ep – gag! Let him die off and keep Ciabran! I want to see more of Wolf!

      • Kelli Jo

        Yeah, I’ve gotten tired of the show being all about Delko, or Eric and Calleigh, too. The writers on that show have no imagination or eye for talent. They give the major story and focus to the two worst actors on the show. I used to really like this show, but now I’m hoping it goes down in flames next season. If they were smart they’d focus on the other, more talented actors. Like Togo and La Rue.

      • Lucas

        Yeah but Rodriquez is no where near as bad as Caruso and his sunglasses

      • @Kelli Jo

        I don’t really care about Eva LaRue’s character, but every episode could be about Jonathan Togo and I would actually watch more often.

      • bklynny

        @Kelli Jo, I agree on JT and EL.

        Calleigh is just a piece of fluff.
        She can’t act to save her life.

      • Mayra Cansigno

        She can’t act??….Hey!!! are you an actress or an actor?…..i didn’t think so so, how are you to judge on people who are really real actresses and actors when they are the ones who are actually on a tv show….i dont see your ass on a tv show so stop saying she cant act!!!

      • bklynny

        Shut the hell up beyotch. Your pathetic Emily obsession is not going to keep me from saying what is about her. Everybody does not the worship the ground of the no acting fluff bunny. Deal with it, and shut your face.

  • Corinne

    This is surprising information.

  • Brooke

    Poor Jimmy can’t seem to keep a job.

  • Jenn

    I liked Cibrian. I think his and Omar’s character had some good buddy chemistry going. I do think tho that the character itself kinda petered out towards the end of the season…so he probably won’t be to missed. I wish the writers had done more with him tho. The potential was there. I am going to miss AJ Cook on CM. She is good!

    • Bernice

      I love Cordoza and I love Eddie Cibrian. He’s a good actor. He’ll land on his feet.

    • fran

      I agree with u…….I like Cibrian and omar…they should have more air time. I really dont like Larue..what I really hate about the show is all the lights flashing off and on through out a scene, and playing loud music when someone is talking….yes (also i will miss A>J>Cook on cm) personally keep cibrian and omar, wolfe. To me LaRue does nothing for the show.

  • glory


    • A.

      Care to elaborate on why? I don’t much care for her character, but I’m curious as to your reasoning.

    • Steppy

      I agree, she’s just plain irritating. Almost as irritating as Caruso. Eddie was the only reason I tuned in once in a while.

      • Mayra Cansigno

        yeah but he tried to hug all the screen time…now that’s why he is gone

    • Andrew

      Now how exactly is the getting rid of Eva Larue going to help? Larue brings an ora of intelligence and a sexy body. This is still Miami and she could even take a load of that Cailley Ducane Twit.

      • Kelli Jo

        Hear! Hear! I’ve been wanting to see Calleigh killed off for the last 2 seasons. She, like Delko, is played out. Tired and boring. Both of them. And yet that is where they focus the show. No wonder it’s dying in the ratings.

      • Kelli Jo

        Only Procter fans think that without her the show won’t make it. Both she and her character and ridiculous and dragging the show down. This stupid freaking romance was her demand. She’s a selfish diva who doesn’t care that her demands are killing the show and stealing time from the much better actors on the show. Calleigh needs to DIE if the show has a chance at surviving. And she can take Eric with her! They both SUCK!

      • Mayra Cansigno

        So you’re saying that without Emily the show will still go on…hahaha you’re funny -_-jk…. You seem to be complaining about every except for Eddie….what do you even like about the show…..and if you don’t like it then why the hell are you watching it?..!!!

    • MX

      More like get rid of Emily Procter yeah. She is by far the most irritating character on TV and the worst. Get rid of Adam too, what is this some soap opera for these 2 huge egos.

      • Mayra

        You’re on crack too….Emily is an Amazing Actress!…WTH is wrong with you….go check you the real website before and get you facts right before you star saying this ….come on dude

      • Mayra

        Are you on somethig -_-….Emily is an Amazing Actress!…WTH is wrong with you….go check you the real website before and get you facts right before you star saying this ….come on dude

      • Kelli Jo

        Actually check any reliable poll (and not the polls that Procters drones stay up all night stuffing) and Horatio is waaay ahead of Calleigh as the more popular character. Love him or not, a lot of people watch because of him. And Procter is NOT and “Amazing actress.” She one of the worst I’ve seen. She SUCKS! La Rue has her beat in looks and talent and if they were smart they would kick Procter’s sorry ass to the curb and let La Rue be lead.

      • bklynny

        Emily can’t act for S**T!
        Give it up.

      • Mayra Cansigno

        Like i said on my other post …who are you to judge on who can act and who can’t…’re not an actor or an actress and i definitely don’t see you on a tv show …so you can shut up now ans stop saying who can act and who cant!!!!!!!

      • bklynny

        I can say whatever I want jackass.
        You can go to hell. Loser.

    • Noamy

      Finally someone who agree with me

      • anonime

        Yes Horatio is ahead d of her. But Emily character is not far behind. The polls are reliable. You just do not like that is all.

    • Peeps

      No. She is brilliant and fits perfectly into the team. Get rid of Omar.

  • NoChance

    Bye bye, “CSI: Miami”. Moving nights was OK, cutting a new cast member to make way for the tired old stuff is not. I’m done.

  • Charlie

    I wonder if this means that his character bites the dust from that epidemic that struck the CSI’s in the finale.

    • JC

      That would be interesting

  • DB

    poor Eddie Cibrian, always got upstaged by Adam Rodriguez. on Ugly Betty, he had a short and steamy adultery affair with Hilda Suarez, then got dumped. Hilda later rekindled and married her high school flame played by…Adam Rodriguez.

    • Nannie

      Wow! you are right! i forgot about that! LOL!

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