'Vampire Diaries' scoop: Former 'Trauma' hottie Taylor Kinney cast as [spoiler alert]

kinneysImage Credit: Jason LaVeris/Filmmagic.comEx-Trauma EMT Taylor Kinney is joining the cast of Vampire Diaries in the recurring role of Mason Lockwood, younger brother of late Mayor Lockwood, sources confirm.

Described as Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) “cool” uncle, Mason is sexy and athletic (duh) and possesses an easygoing charm. Though he has more control than his nephew, he can “flip in an instant” if crossed.

Kinney will make his first appearance in Diaries’ second-season premiere on Sept. 9.


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  • JennaD

    Oh, wow. He is pretty.

    • Anna

      waaaay pretty! now let’s see if you can act

      • snowxo

        He wasn’t that great an actor on Trauma. His looks were his saving grace.

      • Scooptress

        Anna watches teenage vampire shows in search of good acting?

        Poor Anna. Bless her heart.

    • lorna

      lol scooptress. nina dobrev is terrible. ian and the girl who plays caroline are good. i dont like this guy.

      • sassy

        R u kidding! Nina dobrev is such a good actress she”s playing 2 characters in the same show! and she”s really prettty too!

  • Nina

    He’s cute!

    • Scooptress

      Nina speaks for all the sad sheep who watch this show.

      • Becca

        LMAO @ Scooptress you are so pressed!

      • mary q contrary

        Scooptress speaks for all the sad a**holes who make judgments about shows they’ve never seen before.

      • caspery

        there is a “web//site” named “B l a ck w h i t e C u p i d” for dating or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!! ;)

      • Musica1

        Vampire Diaries is a fun show and is actually very well acted. It’s way above any of the “realistic” dramas that people rave over.

    • Teeneer

      Are there any shows that feature normal-looking people, that don’t look like models? Not slamming this, but where are the relatable faces, the people with love handles, non-square jaws and with average looks?

      • dlovesa


      • Emily S

        Yep – “The Office”

      • queue55


      • Diana

        Taylor is definetly the average guy. He may not have “love handles” or whatever you consider to be average, but on the inside he’s totally approachable, funny, and humble. =)

  • JennaD

    Mmmm. How do you report spam comments?

    • Carrie

      Click the “e-mail us” link under Add Your Comment.

    • Scooptress

      By crying and logging it in your “worry journal”.

    • Scooptress

      Same place you report people when you see them parked illegally.

      NOWHERE, unless you are a pathetic lonely moron with nothing going on in her own life.

      • Katie

        Says the person who is commenting on a post they supposedly don’t care about OVER and OVER again. These fans are reacting to an addition to a show they happen to like, something that makes them neither lonely nor pathetic. Your comments, on the other hand… lay off them and find a better outlet for your aggression, please.

      • Amy

        Ha! So, pretty much the old pot and kettle story then?

      • Kiki

        Uh, what is wrong with you? Is it your time of the month? I mean, it doesn’t sound like you even watch this show.

      • Scooptress

        A time of the month reference?

        Thanks for helping set women’s rights back another decade.


        And an extremely unoriginal pig as well.
        Almost as unoriginal as the Nazi comment earlier.

      • deana

        Like, for instance, one who isn’t even smart enough to figure out how to reply to an EW comment? Which is not exactly rocket science …

      • Jones

        Say something intelligent that doesn’t put others down, Scooptress

      • Scooptress

        The fact that you think you are qualified to be a judge of intelligence is hilarious, “Jones”.
        Get off your high horse, you whiner.

      • Kayjee

        Perhaps you don’t realize, Scooptress, but there are people who enjoy pretty faces and the semi-mindless entertainment that television provides. The Vampire Diaries television show has only improved from the first episode until the end of the season, and we can only hope that it keeps getting better.
        You, however, appear to exist on this comment board only to drop into a negativity spiral of pointless comments.
        Please do the rest of us a big favor and find a different place to prove to the world just how miserable of a person you are. Then those of us who actually like the show, and have something meaningful to say, can go back to enjoying the new ‘pretty face’.

      • Scooptress


        You have made a polite and reasonably artculate appeal.

        I politely decline, in hopes that you will soon realize that not only does The Scooptress love “semi-mindless entertainment”, she is also several steps ahead of you in many other regards.

        Those who make inane comments in the first place must be prepared to the reaction to those comments.

        Only then, TOGETHER, can we build a better forum.

        We can enjoy escapism in entertainment without personally succombing to Reverse-Social-Darwinism can’t we?

        Debate is good! Shunning is archaic.

        Thank you Kayjee for your fanclub letter. You are a step futher along in your enlightenmight than most here.

      • Ali

        I’d first like to comment on your decision to refer to yourself as “The Scooptress,” because this was clearly the moment when your narcissism reached an entirely new level. You progressed from encouraging commentators to say something new about this posting to presenting yourself as a holier-than-thou warden, fueled by the notion that people who respond to you “yearn for your approval.” Having said that, it seems like with each post denouncing you, you respond by getting more and more bombastic, so I’ll try to keep this as civil as possible lest you turn into the Dorian Gray of internet forums (who knows what that would look like). I appreciate that buried somewhere in the venom you’ve thrown up all over this discussion there’s an argument for respecting language, so I’ll try to respond to your argument in kind. Surely you know that this is an Entertainment Weekly posting and not the Harvard Law Review right? I know you know that. If you want to debate Social Darwinism, take a history or philosophy class. I’m certain you will find legions of people willing to discuss that with you there. Further than that, the sole purpose of Ausiello’s post was to announce that the CW network had hired a new actor who was “sexy and athletic with an easy-going charm” (I bet you wet yourself because I used quotation marks). Sure, there was an abundance of people who made comments on his looks, and why shouldn’t they? Ausiello asked for our thoughts, and he did not specify what opinions he was interested in. Frankly, who are YOU to say what is a valid opinion and what is not, especially when the majority of this short article, you know, focused on his looks? (I retract this question if you are Ausiello writing under a pseudonym). Finally, if you so desperately want to see discussion in this column move beyond what you consider inane, why don’t you suggest some questions that interested parties can respond to? You want a healthy debate? Then be proactive rather than critical and judgmental. Or go to university and debate topics that you consider more worthy of your time. That is, if your brain hasn’t become trapped in an atavistic state from spending so much time on the internet trying to make people care about what you think (so much for being civil).
        Respectfully, Ali
        P.S. Every time you refer to yourself in the third person, you make an argument against Social Darwinism, but at the risk of being a hypocrite, I shall say no more.

      • dee

        Dude, you’re commenting on the same message board as the “pathetic lonely morons with nothing going on in their own lives.” In fact, you’re commenting more than they are, so let’s not pretend you have anything better to do either. lol

      • dee

        And I see that EW’s comments section isn’t attaching replies to the correct posts again. Come on, guys.

      • Scooptress

        Who are you talking to, Dee?

        Regardless of EW’s inability to run a basic message board and have replies lined up properly, your poor English only exascerbates the situation, Dee.

        When you put something in QUOTATION marks, it is supposed to denote a QUOTE.

        Who said that line that you are responding to?

        Who are you quoting?

        The only person in the entire thread that I called “lonely or pathetic” was the fool that keeps reporting comments rather than trying to respond to them.

        If what I’m saying has to be reported, it means I must be striking a nerve with many people.

        Why are people so ashamed of liking this show? Why are people so insecure about a few doubters?

        Reeks of sad group-think and underdeveloped psyches.

        (By the way, I don’t mean to lump all my fans on EW in with extreme whiners like Dee and TBFan.)

      • dee@Scooptress

        Scooptress, I was quoting from your post at 12:53AM, which you obviously know, since you admitted to calling someone, in your words, “pathetic” and “lonely,” so I’m not even sure why you asked who I was responding to. Unfortunately, the reply didn’t get attached to your post, but you’ve shown that you obviously knew that it was you I was quoting. Why act so confused? And my poor English? Not that it matters, since I’m not exactly writing my dissertation here, but what exactly was poor about it? I have no misspellings, and my sentence structure is fine. But since we’re nitpicking about grammar now, allow me to point out that you misspelled “exacerbates.” Look it up, you English pro.

      • Scooptress

        How sad. This dee is such a slave of mine that she has been reduced to tears.
        Hahahaha. She actually went back to check her spelling and grammar.
        A stranger on the internet is controlling her actions, telling her that she is controlling her actions, and YET will continue to control dee’s actions in the future.

        Thank you my loyal fans. The Scopptress always keeps them coming back for more.

        People like dee YEARN for approval from the Scooptress.

        Because I tell it like it is, I am the only trustworthy source amongst you white-liars and hypocrites.



        Beat it, dee. You are EW irrelevant.

      • Megan

        You really have no standing to mock Dee’s alleged use of poor English [and I assume you mean poor grammar, because “poor English” is clearly not the correct term for what you intended] when you end sentences with prepositions.

  • MMS


  • Yel

    Love him.

  • Jeannette

    He’s cute but I really am over the need for every vamp story anymore to also have werewolves…it’s becoming really cliched

    • deana

      Well, LJ Smith got there first, so Vampire Diaries is off the hook.

      • k

        except for the fact that i don’t remember werewolves in the books.

      • Cindy

        @k Tyler attacked Elena in the first book in the cemetery, b/c of the moon he had super human powers (which was later further described as his family having werewolves in it)

      • Zoe

        As I recall, Tyler as a wolf was mainly a part of the fourth book, “Dark Reunion.”

    • Scooptress

      Your random thoughts on the vampire trends in pop culture should be shared with your fish, NOT with us in this thread.


    • megan

      Except there are werewolves in the book. I read em years ago & I remember that. The entire first season I was waiting for Tyler & his werewolf to come out lol

  • Michelle

    Wow!! he is hott and excellent for the role

  • Georgia Peach

    Okay, I’ll bite…. he looks good, actually he looks very GOOD!

  • AshNW

    Yeah he’ll work!!! HOT!

    • Rita

      Ash indeed HOT he is..

      • Scooptress

        What on God’s green earth would prompt you to randomly reply to Ash when all Ash did was parrot the same trite nonsense that 7 others did before her.

        And then your donation to the thread was even less that useless.

      • avenger

        @scooptress–dude, what are you the messageboard police? Get over yourself you Nazi

  • Jen E.

    Damn. He’ll do indeed.

  • paul fan *sexy*

    hmm i guess he will do pretty sexy(:

  • fuzzydunlop

    Im going to watch vampire diaries tis season.

  • jacoblover

    HUBBA HUBBA!! Dayum this man is fine!! Give a raise to whomever cast this fine male speciman!! Cant wait for the new season.. and given the beard and the fact that he’s the mayor’s bro tells me he’s in the same breed as should I say jacob black

    • JAMES

      OMG what could you possibly be intimating?!!?

  • asherlev


    Unless he’s doing something “revolutionary” like making out with Damon or sticking it to Katherine (literally, with a stake), I’m not interested.

    • Yve

      urgh… who wants to see damon making out with a guy…??? disgusting… he is only for the girls :D

      • oklascout

        Actually, that’s kind of a hot idea! My whole body liquifys as soon as Damon enters a scene, so I don’t care what he’s kissing. The guy oozes sex appeal as he can wither a woman with just one look. Ahhh.

      • asherlev

        Homophobic much? Unless you don’t want to see Damon making out with a guy because you’re really committed to Damon/Elena or some other pairing, I suggest you don’t throw around words like “disgusting” , thank you very much.

  • Michelle

    Never saw Trauma, but by the looks of him he’ll do. More eyecandy for us! :)

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