Scoop: Melina Kanakaredes exits 'CSI: NY'

melina-kanakaredes-sela-wardImage Credit: Eric Leibowitz/CBS; Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosAnother long-running CBS procedural has been rocked by a high-profile departure: Melina Kanakaredes is leaving CSI: NY. Sela Ward, meanwhile, is in talks to replace her.

“We hoped Melina would return to CSI: NY for another season, but we respect her decision to move on,” said CBS (network and studio) in a statement. “Her amazing talent and invaluable contribution to the success of the series are greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. She will forever remain a friend to the network and studio and we wish her the very best.”

In her own statement, Kanakaredes said, “I made some amazing and lifelong friendships during my six seasons on CSI: NY, and I will treasure them forever.”

CBS declined further comment, but a source tells me that Kanakaredes was approached with a new deal but she opted to move on. I’m told her last episode has already aired. Ward, meanwhile, is the odds-on favorite to fill the show’s leading-lady void.

This marks the fourth onscreen shake-up at a CBS drama in the past month. As previously reported, A.J. Cook, Liz Vassey, and Eddie Cibrian have been released from their roles on Criminal Minds, CSI, and CSI: Miami respectively (although Cook will return briefly this fall to give fans closure).

Thoughts? Will you still love NY (which moves to Fridays at 9 pm this fall) without Stella? Sound off below!

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  • Daisy

    Wow … I didn’t see this one coming … by miles.

    • Joyce Cox

      CSINY is not the same without”Stella”. I am a longtime fan of Gary Sinise but the show lost the Charisma when Knakaredis ( ? Sp”) left. May not watch the show as often.

    • Catbean

      Another victim of Charlie Sheen’s greed – and I like Two and a Half Men – but the expense of keeping him is really hurting all the other CBS shows. Ridiculous.

      • Norma Werts

        I agree, he makes too much. I wonder if paying him so much is the reason for CBS cutting two of the best and long running soaps (Guiding Light and As the World Turns).

      • Keith

        What does any of this have to do with Charlie Sheen? It’s not like they gave Charlie a raise and asked Jon Cryer to take a pay cut. Apples and Oranges.

      • NoChance

        That’s exactly what I was thinking Catbbean. A good chunk of the 1.8 million he’ll be making per episode had come somewhere within the CBS vault.
        Good for Melina for saying “no” to the paycut request.

      • Brett

        Different production companies. They’re not vying for the same “pieces of the pie.”

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      • sofia

        o charlie sheen é um bêbedo que prejudica tudo à sua volta. não sei como é que ainda ninguém teve vontade de o matar, mas provavelmente não dura muito mais tempo se continuar a conduzir depois de beber.

      • Geishacat

        Actually I think it’s greed on Forrest Whittaker’s part for the CM spin-off and just too many new shows period – half of which will be gone by Oct.

      • Jane

        CBS doesn’t have any more new shows than usual. In fact, they have fewer new shows than NBC or ABC.

      • Cheery

        @Geishacat you’ve got it partly correct. CBS is just run by a bunch of greedy SOBs. They don’t give a crap about quality or integrity. They will spin a show off into oblivion (JAG–>NCIS–>NCIS:LA, CSI–>CSI:Miami–>CSI:NY, CM–>CM:SB) just so they can sell ad time on another program, even if it’s garbage. CM is ruined and I’m not watching that abomination of a spinoff. Wonder how much revenue CBS will make after people stop watching their gutted shows.

      • DramainMotown

        Norma, they are probably paying David Hasselhoff on Young and the Restless too much to afford the other soaps. I think, to pay homage to ATWT, they should not take Sela Ward, but to get Ellen Dolan in the role. She played detective Margo Hughes for years on ATWT and it would keep the actress in NYC. Stupid CBS, only reason I watched ATWT is because characters from NBC’s stupid decision making cancellation of Another World came over for a while.

      • bootsycolumbia

        DramainMotown, that’s an excellent idea regarding Ellen Dolan. Nothing against Sela Ward, she’s a good actress and will probably do a good job, but Ellen Ward was great as Margo. I just can’t see CBS paying tribute to any of their soaps, though. Their stupid decision making got both those shows (GL and ATWT) canceled, so they’re probably just going to pretend they both never existed.

      • MB

        Has absolutely nothing to do with Charlie Sheen.

      • Shirley

        I feel the same way about Melina’s leaving as I did Wm. Peterson – It
        just won’t be the same!!!!!

      • nevaeh

        why did you stop

    • Gary Davis

      Too bad that a deal couldn’t be reached.We will miss her.We still plan watching though.

      • oderal

        there was a good deal come her way but she call it off.

    • Alex

      I really going to miss her. She’s the whole reason I watch the show. I can’t believe it!

      • Kyoki

        J’ai aime9 ce roman d’un bout e0 l’autre. Ce qui m’a particulie8rement ieetrpnlle9: l’apparente le9ge8rete9 de traitement d’un the8me tout sauf le9ger; une ‘petite’ histoire qui rejoint la grande Histoire (condition fe9minine); le contraste entre le caracte8re monolithique d’une situation d’enfermement et l’extreame varie9te9 des sensations e9prouve9es par la victime; une tre8s belle tension dramatique vers l’accomplissement du personnage dans souvenir.Bref, bravo Evelyne Wilwerth et merci Luce Wilquin!

  • Penny


  • CTB

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! :'((((((

    • Dan


  • yoda


  • Marisa Pascual

    I’ll miss her

  • Brian

    Hey, nothing like a little piece of good news on a Monday afternoon. Easily the most annoying character on that show. Nice addition by subtraction, CSI NY.

    • jana

      lol. Hate to speak ill of her because she seems like a decent person, but I agree with you.

      • Kelly

        Couldn’t agree more. She really wasn’t a good character.

      • thin

        It’s not speaking ill of her to say that her character wasn’t good. Considering her body of work, it’s much more likely that it was just poorly written and/or directed than that it was because of her acting.

      • Thata

        Jolies collection et phoots ! J’ai le meame proble8me de recyclage que toi ^^ par contre j’ai pas autant de lowboots, meame si je te bats sur les talons aiguilles Bises !

    • tvfan

      I agree, the character was always doing things that did not make sense. She did not add to the team.

    • maryb889

      I’m also liking the possible addition of Sela Ward. I’ll continue to watch CSI:NY (as long as Gary Sinise is on I’m there!)

      • Lorraine

        I liked Melina’s character. I don’t like the way they handled her departure. It’s as if she had never been there. No farewells or mention of her departure. Except for the note she sent Lindsey with a gift no one would have known that she left for another job.

      • Kvivik

        Agreed!!!!! He’s the only reason I tune in.

      • Betty

        Will watch because of Gary Sinise, but really dont care for Sela Ward. She became very tiresome on House.

      • gertrud kaehler

        Gary Sinise and Hill Harper make the show for me. I’ll be watching and hoping for some better scripting in season 7, and a lead female who doesn’t prance around in a wardrobe totally unsuitable to the detective badge. Not a gripe about Melina, but rather about Stella the fictional character.

      • Amber

        But they didn’t have time or the money for all the characters to be in episodes last season. Why bring in someone new? If they aren’t going to be chasing two seperate cases all the time, why do they need two bosses? Why not just let everyone have more time? Its not like any of the characters, save Sinise really spends that much time on screen. And I love them all. I will miss Melina, but I hope the show pulls off something great for a Friday.

      • katya

        I hear GARY SINISE IS LEAVING IN 2012….. so sad to c Stella gone, but will hope something good comes out of her leaving…. her character was a good reason y I keep watching CSI: NY, and just hope its a good reason for her leaving.

    • AGirl

      I absolutely agree. I stopped watching mid-season this year b/c of her horrific acting. Maybe I can try again now that there will be someone who better fills the lead female role.

    • julie

      yeah, my first thought was ‘oh, thank god.’

      • Fridge

        Me too. I might actually start watching this show again. I really could’t stand Stella.

      • julie

        i know, right? not sure why they felt the need to make that character so horribly annoying.

    • Gretchen

      Agreed. I was hoping that one season finale when Lindsay was preggers and someone shot up the cop bar that Stella would get hit and then they would name the baby after her. Would have been great. I can’t stand her and might actually watch the show again

    • kw

      I agree! I won’t miss her at all. (Same way I didn’t miss Vanessa Ferlito.) Wish they’d give A.J. Buckley (Adam Ross) more of a part.

    • meowser

      I kind of agree. I just don’t think she’s that interesting an actress…and after that trip-to-Greece insanity a couple of years ago, I no longer believe anything she does. As long as they hang on to Flack and Danny (and Adam!), I’m in.

    • sofia

      annoying is horatio caine and he is still on CSI Miami. Stella and Mac formed the best CSI leading pair, great team.

      • Granny

        I cannot….cannot…cannot stand another season of Horatio…he drives me nuts. I have an off button on my TV and a remote to change channels.

    • Suzanne

      I agree. She’s the most annoying character on that show. I hope Sela doesn’t start wearing tank tops while Gary wears a t-shirt and a dress shirt and a jacket. That is SO annoying.

      • sofia

        chatos e atrasados mentais são vocês todos a falar mal de quem não conhecem… vão todos pá m*rda

      • Gail

        I hope the network “guys” read these comments. I agree with everyone making a comment about the low-cut tank tops all of the female leads seem to wear in all of the investigative programs. Very unprofessional dress style. Emily Proctor (CSI-Miami) didn’t start out that way, but now is following the way of Stella and the rest. Lt. Caine wears black suit and shirt in Miami. Guess the male actors have different dress code.

    • Kate

      I love her she is amazing this is bad news!

    • dt

      I feel the same way!! She was the reason I never watched CSI:NY! Just something about her…

      • sofia

        tenho a certeza que és pior, seu retarded

  • Eve

    Damn, I wish today was April 1st…

    • lorraine

      So do I Eve, So do I. All hopes of ever seeing Mac and Stella just went down the drain

    • alison

      me too, i read the news i was like its April first right??

  • Kate

    Not liking this one bit. But if she’s ready to move on, then I must accept it.

    • Sue1

      I agree.


  • Robbie

    I’ve always liked her, but never watched CSI NY past the first couple of episodes.

    (They should have filmed it in NYC).

    I would love to see her on something different.

    • eliott256

      I think they film as much as they can there. I saw her filming a scene when I was on holiday in New York years back when the show had just started

    • Sir Loin of Beef

      I don’t watch it either. I don’t like the guy fake NY accents and Sinese always seemed out of his element on this show. I do like Sela Ward though. Might have to check her out in it.

  • ccs

    Oh god nooo, why?!
    I´m devastated, I love Melina/Stella.
    Are there any new projects in store for her? Please try to do an interview with Melina!

    • dj

      Between her leaving & the show being moved to Fri @ 9pm (which is death spot)I don’t see the show being on that much longer. Wish CBS would get rid of Sheen & spread the wealth to actors who appreciate their craft.

    • Carla

      I would love to see Melina do a brief guest starring role on “House.” She bears a strong resemblance to the beautiful and tartly talented Lisa Edelstein. Melina could play Cuddy’s sister for an episode or two.

  • Janey

    Aw, no! She was my favourite character on CSI: NY!

    • Lucy

      NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :( She and Mac were the best! Melina better guest appear on the show from time to time!

  • Bella

    I really liked her on the show, but will probably keep watching even without her. Gary Sinise is the main draw for me.

  • Kristen

    Well there goes my hope for an eventual Mac/Stella. Love Melina as an actress, and I’ll look for her in future projects.

    • Lady Pirate

      Ditto that. :(

    • Lucy

      I always hoped that Mac and Stella would get together. :(

    • sofia

      o mac e a stella nunca iam estar juntos, tal como o hotch e a prentiss não vão estar, ou o booth e a brennan, ou o tony e a ziva.
      é uma realidade completamente improvável, por mais que o fãs queiram

  • Annie

    Doesn’t bother me at all. Never been a Stella fan anyway and CSI New York lost me as a regular watcher when they brought Lindsay in and married her off to Danny and then a new girlfriend for Mac and turned the show into a soapie.

    • Blin

      Same here

      • sofia

        you have never seen a soap. american soaps are crap, if you want to see a real one go to brazil or portugal. they know how to make television that pleases everybody. don’t talk without knowledge

    • Lila

      that happened over four seasons. At what point did you stop watching? Just saying–they didn’t bring Lindsay in and marry her to Danny. There was a lot in between.

    • Rahul

      Ho la chance !!!! De9je0, tu me mets Tom Ford et Chanel dans la meame phrsae, je sautille de bonheur !!! Tes cadeaux : nicklel-sublimes-trop chouettes !Et puis ce petit mot d’italien pour finir : j’adore !!! C’est vrai que c’est drf4le et bien vu !

  • Cara

    I am completely surprised with this news on CSI New York. I hope that the rest of the cast remains. I will still watch CSI New York on Friday nights on CBS.

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