Exclusive: Which '90210' hottie is gay?

90210-hunksImage Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW; Patrick Ecclesine/The CW; MAP/Splash NewsTake a good look at the photo to your left. One of the three studmuffins—okay, two studmuffins and one very handsome young man—will come tumbling out of the closet on 90210 this fall.

And this isn’t some sort of angst-fueled, bi-curious sweeps arc à la Adrianna’s season 2 flirtation with Rumer Willis. We will learn that the straight-acting character in question—let the record show that we’re referring to Matt Lanter’s recovering rebel Liam, Michael Steger’s smart and tenderhearted Navid, or Trevor Donovan’s tennis pro Teddy—is actually gay.

How can I be so sure? Well, for starters, one of the show’s producers is confirming it. “We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” says co-EP Jennie Urman, who says the coming-out plot is but one of several “great story lines” fans can look forward to in season 3.

But let’s face it: The gay plot’s the one everyone will be talking about. Feel free to get a jump on the discussion—and weigh in on the $90,210 question (is it Liam, Navid, or Teddy?)—in the comments section below!

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  • Juan

    OH for heaven’s sake let it be Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shannon

      noo i am hoping it is teddy! lol anyone but liam! ugh

      • Michael

        Something in Teddy’s past(his last school) and his womanizing ways set off the gaydar for me. I thought, originally, that he was going to be a gay character.

        Liam would make little sense. Navid, despite his lovelife, wouldn’t be out of the question, as he’s always struck me as a bit androgynous. I would put my money, however, on Teddy.

      • Teeneer

        How old is Ausello?? God, is there anyone older than 15 that uses the word “hottie”? And can we have, once in a while, pictures of actors who don’t fit the mold of what Hollywood considers a “hottie”? Where are the relateable guys, with beer guts, and love handles, and manly faces? I’m so sick of these asinine, bland, totally hairless girlyboys…

      • Jen E.

        I am 27 and I too, use the word “hottie”, e.g. – I can’t believe someone jealous of all these hotties could be complaining about Hollywood stereotypes…FOR MEN. Last time I checked, outside of soaps, TV always shows “relatable guys” paired with their supermodel-like wives and girlfriends.

      • Cheryl D

        Speaking of beer guts, I’m beginning to wonder about all of the 6-packs walking around lately. Let’s start figuring out who visited their local PS and had 6 abs implanted. Talk about a turnoff!!!!!

      • Joan

        I agree with Teener. I miss the days when the men that were considered hot actually looked like MEN: hairy, virile, scruffy-looking. All these girls-with-penises who pluck, shave, wax, stand, pose, and pout all day are such a turn off. I bet they spend more time in front of the mirror than most girls I know.

      • Kasey

        I also think that it is teddy because he seems a little wierd. also it cant be Liam because he has to get with Annie. Also Navid is to predictable. I will be suprised if it’s liam or Navid.

      • Allison

        I’m thinking Teddy. Way more possibilities. Womanizing, uber-masculine, Hollywood actor, pushy sports dad making life even more hellish. Silver falling apart, which will touch again on her bipolar disorder (a storyline that was glaringly ignored last season). I can kind of see it being Liam, too, but that would kill the Annie/Liam/Naomi triangle. Can’t see it being Navid — no one would be invested in that.

      • mark

        You people who say real men have hair need to get over yourself. “Real” women have hair too, but they shave it all off. Expecting a man to not want to do it too is simply sexist. What if a guy told a girl not to shave anymore? She probably wouldn’t do it. So seriously, back off.

      • Rashad

        I think it’s gonna be Teddy

      • Call me Bart

        I was always suspicious Liam was a closet case, especially season 2, so that would be a very very boring choice to make him gay, it would be the same character persona except he’s with guys now. So NO Navid???? spare us that PLEASE. Teddy the best choice, he’s pretty, muscular and popular and IMO the only male actor able to handle this difficult storyline.

      • AdamEve

        Liam would be too vanilla a choice. If they want it to be successful go with Teddy, maybe even Dixon. But as we know by the prop 8 vote – african americans do not care very much for the gays.

      • UltimateTV

        Navid (yawn) Liam probably but (yawn) Teddy is the one, only interesting one IMO

      • Michael

        Thank you Mark for saying that. All of these women talking about REAL men…what do you have to say for yourselves. You spend hours grooming, doing your hair and putting on makeup. You shave your pits and legs and via a little lipstick and eyeliner try to pass yourselves off as more attractive than you actually are. There’s nothing REAL about most women I see on the street. If you can’t walk out of the house with what nature gave you, don’t preach on an EW board about men doing the same. And if you don’t like all of these “girls with penises”, go to a biker bar.

      • Joan

        We will, and we’ll probably find real men there. Sorry, but girls pluck, wax,and primp. We are girls. One thing is for a man to shave his beard, take showers,a nd use deodorant, but when a man is plucking his eyebrows, using mostiurizers,and shaving every part of his body…no way. I don’t wanna be with a girl, or a little hairless baby. And I certainly don’t want to be with a man that doesn’t want to get his hands dirty because it will ruin his manicure…

      • John

        Mark and Michael you two are so seriously gay. Thanks, but the rest of us men in America don’t need you two standing up for a our right to wax, pluck, and surgically enhance by calling these women sexist.

      • Michael

        John…I am gay, but I’ve never plucked, waxed or taken more than 20 minutes to get ready for anything. I’m not actually standing up for you. A REAL man, whether he waxes or wanes wouldn’t make a comment like you did.

      • Joan

        What a shocker. Michael is actually gay. (Which is fine with me, by the way) But no, I don’t wanna date or sleep with a man who plucks, waxes, shaves his body, or whatnot. If wanted to be with someone like that, or date someone whose skin is soft as silk, I would date a girl. There’s nothing better than a virile, scruffy, ready-to-gets-his-hands-dirty M A N. Leave the waxing for women and gay men.

      • jennrae

        I’m a girl and I pluck, wax, and all that, and I wouldn’t do any of it if I were accepted as I am. It’s expected of women, and unless a man is extremely evolved, he won’t sleep with a woman twice unless she shaves. Having said that, a waxed man is still a real man, and I think it’s offensive and a little homophobic to imply otherwise. Anyway, it’s not either/or–there are men with hairless or very little hair on their chests naturally. Are they not real men? It’s like saying “real women have curves.” Well, no, real women come in all shapes, sizes, and kinds, as do men.

      • Callie

        I agree with Joan. Men who are naturally hairless are ok, but a man who goes out of his way to pluck, wax, shave etc anything below the neck is one pink scarf away from RickyMartinsville…

      • M

        Well said, jennrae. The point is that ALL women are different, and ALL men are different, and each person is an individual and can manicure or not manicure themselves the way she or he wants to. And furthermore, whether or not she or he does this does not in any way influence whether or not she or he is a “real” woman or a “real” man. Everyone can do with their body hair as they please!

      • Michaela

        Absolutely, Callie. I would not have the patience to be with one of these “modern” men (actually, the quotations should be on the MEN word) with their ridiculous standards of grooming. Shaving your beard? Cool. Taking daily showers? Great. Moisturizing? Manicure? Chest waxing? Gimme a break. That’s gay. Sorry.

      • theresa

        i agree!!!!!!!! teddy: urgh! navid: alright! liam: pwoah!!

    • Northeastcoast

      Although I adore Teddy and Silver this would do wonder for Trevor. He deserves it, he’s such a nice guy.

      • Yve

        If it’s not Teddy and it’s Liam or Navid I won’t watch anymore… 1. I don’t care about Teddy and 2. Why does EVERY show need to have a gay guy????????????????????? Do they all want to show how forward they are??? this is a show for girls so give us some hot guys we can dream of!!!!!!!

      • Jon

        Like Zac Efron?

      • ger

        Yve, the possibility of you landing any one of these 3 guys in non existent no matter what their sexuality is.

      • one thing

        why couldn’t yve hit it if she perchance actually met them? i know they wouldn’t turn me away if they had the chance.. justs bc we are commenting on a silly entertainment comment board doesn’t mean that we can’t be hot. or am i the only one? ;)
        personally i have no problem with them doing a gay storyline. but it seems stupid to do it out of nowhere when these characters have already supposedly been fleshed out. but 90210 has made many stupid choices trying to be dictated by plot than by logical character choices. most teen soaps do- it’s all about the OMG factor as opposed to making a good show. It’s how pretty but bland actors get cast and have careers and then we have to keep seeing them flame out for the next ten years (Marisa from OC i’m looking at you)

      • Michael

        One thing…do you actually know what “fleshing out” a character means? I agree that Liam would be out of the blue, but both Navid and Teddy have not clearly established themselves as straight. Both have given indication, despite their hetero relationships, that they aren’t necessarily straight. Teddy has a very shady past that they have yet to have “fleshed out” and his womanizing could clearly be over-compensation. Navid’s father works in the porn industry, yet when those hot women fawned all over him, he showed no interest whatsoever. This could mean that he doesn’t like porn whores or something else. To claim it would be out of the blue only indicates to me that you haven’t been paying much attention to the show.

      • Yve

        @ ger: they are actors… matt,teddy and navid do not exist… LOL i don’t want to bang them… I want to watch the show! I’m not against gays but I think they are so normal that a gay stoyline wouldn’t be interesting! And those three love girls so why don’t bring in a new charakter?

    • sly

      They could be fooling us all! Who says it can’t be Dixon? LOL..But if I had to decide..i would say Teddy

      • gina

        i really hope that they surprise us with Dixon being gay. He is very emotional to begin with, and its no wonder no girls on the show like him LOL

    • Alan

      Please, yes! Liam!!! That would be a dream come true (LITERALLY). And on another note, Teddy is about 35 years old. I thought they learned their lesson about too-old actors from the Ian Ziering experiment.

      • Jason

        The casting person who nabbed Trevor Donovan as a teenage “student” instead of the hot, young teacher (instead of Ryan Eggold…who??) should seriously consider a new line of work. This show was horribly miscast from the get-go. Only Matt Lanter, Sara Foster and Gillian Zinser have helped to rescue it.

      • JAson S,

        I so agree that Teddy is the most unbelievable teenager to ever be on television. And that’s saying a lot! The guy is so obviously in his tirties or very closely.

      • Michael

        Really people? Silver, Naomi, Navid and Adrianna all look to be in their mid-20s. Let’s not pretend that Teddy is the only character who looks to old to be in high school.

      • Tim

        Silver(Jessica Stroup)DOB: 10/23/1986

        Naomi(AnnaLynne McCord) DOB: 7/16/1987

        Navid(Michael Steger)DOB:(5/27/1980)

        Teddy (Trevor Donovan) DOB: 10/11/1978

    • lee

      its not liam he’s the main guy and love interest of both annie AND naomi
      i think its teddy
      cause they wouldn’t break up navid and ade they’re the naley of 90210
      i think teddy would be great cause of his whole playboy thing and his dad and career it’ll make a great storyline and silver helping him out i think it makes the most sense

      • kb

        Agree it is Teddy for sure.
        -Navid and Adriana are like Ross and Rachael, Luke and Lorelai. Plus she was gay for 5 minutes last season so that is out.
        -Liam is the Zach Morris of the gang. Too many girls out there have a crush on him. Two girls on the show will fight over him. Plus, if he was attracted to men, he wouldn’t have passed up the advances of Ivy. She is SUCH a dude.

    • gina

      Did anyone see the ending of ONE TREE HILL?!?! Lets disguss that? I think that quinn will live and clay will die. if quinn dies haley will be suicidal again… any comments?

      • elise

        im so over suicidal haley… but i really hope clay doesn’t die because hes so cute ! :)

      • molly

        ahhhh loved that ending, i hope none of them die!!! clay and quinn are so cute together

    • Bob

      The guy in the middle isn’t very goodlooking. He’s the one they will gay up.

    • Marc

      There is only one cute guy in those pictures: Liam. The others, meh!

    • Maggs

      let it be teddy !!!

    • CampCounsellor

      AMEN to that!

    • natasha

      if it’s Navid, then that is the lamest scoop ever. Let it be Teddy or Liam please.

  • whaaaat

    thsts crazy. i dont think it will be navid bc they already did that deal with adrianna … and liams got that whole annie storyline goin on. so my money is on teddy. but liam maybe

    • EA

      i agress

    • sara

      yes teddy is gay. not liam PLEASE! if teddy’s gay, poor silver :(

  • Josie

    Their all gay.

    • Paul

      They’re, not their…

      • ythu


    • kabak

      proper usage: they are

      • ythu

        sister idiot

      • Kylie

        Yeah, they’re idiots because they have good grammar. That makes sense.

    • Brian

      Yeah, here’s hoping they’re all gay *together.*

      • henry


      • severine

        thirded. it will be finally worth watching. teddy+liam+navid(maybeeee) in a shower=HOT.

    • Dominic

      Yeah, the real issue is which one isn’t gay…

  • Matt

    I think it’s Teddy.

    • Muneeb

      Liam and teddy will make a gud pair… lol

  • Summer

    I remember way back in season one, the producers were hinting that Navid was going to end up coming out of the closet…so my bets are really on him…though I kinda hope it’s actually Teddy.

    • Jessica

      Yeah, I heard that too. And I heard they might be doing that this season. But it makes no sense at all, hes obviously totally in love with Adrianna, and didn’t seem to be faking it…

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    they’re all gay. and you have to be gay to watch this show.

    • shannon

      well you’re gay to take the time to comment on something you could care less about. get a life … or go annoy people on another site.

      • Quantum Mechanics

        Well Shannon i can’t agree more with your comment. Though i don’t exactly watch this 90210. I know many males who watch it and who are not homosexual at the least. Thank you.

        @Entertainment2u-Twitter: Please go annoy someone or something else, or better yet, go find a girlfriend.

      • NoAngel

        Liam is the cutest one and I’d so watch him kiss another guy. Thud! As for @entertainment2u-Twitter, you’re opinion sucks. Ha-Ha. We’re all just having fun speculating. We don’t need your insults.

    • Jen E.

      Man, I guess I’ve been watching it wrong then. Bring on the ladies!

  • Ericka

    Please let it be Teddy. I will hate the writers for letting it be Navid or Liam. Liam needs to be with Annie and Navid needs to be with Adrianna

    • julie

      omg totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ut has 2 b teddy! and liams way to hot to b gay!!

      • mark

        have you ever met a gay guy? they’re way hotter than straight guys.

      • Jeremy

        Just cause Liam is hott doesn’t mean he can’t be gay! haha come on…

      • Alex

        Exactly, the hot guys are always gay…. Always! Take vindeasal, or Justin beiber he is bi….. The hot guys are always gay… And in this fact it is Leim…

      • Yve

        LOOOOOOOL Justin Bieber is NOT, i repeat, NOT HOT!!!!

      • L

        I’m pretty sure the actor that plays Liam is gay in real life actually…… There’s rumors, plus he kind of just has a vibe.

  • Caio

    If it’s Navid I’ll feel cheated. THere were rumors during season 1 he was gonna come out and the producers said that there was no way he was gay, and the relationship with Adrianna was real.

    My money would be on Teddy, though I feel like it’s gonna be Navid

  • Romain

    Liam it would be interesting… in a threesome… :)

  • Allie

    I sooo bet it’s teddy. It is not Liam for sure and Navid I doubt.

  • Luke

    In a perfect world it would be Liam, but I’m betting on Teddy (yawn)

    • Francesca

      Since Liam is gay in real life, it would be stupid to make his character gay, so I say Teddy for sure.

      • Nay

        He is not gay in real life.

      • Yve

        LOL who told you this Bullsh*t?????

  • Katie

    Teddy. Has to be Teddy.

  • ingmar

    Teddy , without questions. Liam is as straigh as what, just like Navid. Its like :

    1. teddy
    2. navid
    3. liam

    • its teddy! so obvious

      totally agree with ur line up and choice…its sooo obvious its teddy.
      If not it might be navid, def not liam…it wont make sense lol

      • mary ellen

        also agree with this sequence. Some of the nicest guys I know are gay, but still prefer that it be Teddy

  • Sam

    LIAM LIAM LIAM!!!! HOLY GODS, MATT LANTER PLAYING GAY? This is a dream come true.

  • Ambz

    Its got to be navid, 1 teddy is with silver and liam has the annie storyline besides i think navid would be great :D

    • sofija

      totally agree with you…it has to be navid…liam and teddy are way to hot…

      • Alan

        too hot to be gay? WTF does that mean?

      • Karen

        yeah…that makes no sense. there are way too many hot gay gays for you to say something like that.

      • lisa

        teddy isn’t to hot he’s fugly
        so let it be teddy

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