'House' scoop: Amber Tamblyn scrubs in!

amber-tamblynImage Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesAs I teased previously, with Olivia Wilde off House for a while shooting Cowboys & Aliens, the Fox hit will be temporarily adding a new female doc to the roster at Princeton Plainsboro. And now I can tell you who she is: Amber Tamblyn!

The erstwhile Joan of Arcadia, I’m told, will appear in multiple episodes as a whip-smart med student House (Hugh Laurie) recruits for his diagnostic team — despite the fact that she isn’t yet 100 percent qualified to treat patients. And, of course, what I didn’t have to be told was that the youngster will have to find a way to adjust to her new mentor’s unique bedside manner.

So what do you think? I’m pretty much sold on this casting. Although I do kinda wish the Emmy nominee was coming on board for more than a few episodes…

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  • swtndl81

    Loved her as Emily on General Hospital!!! I think she’ll be great!!

    • Lorrie

      They never should have recast Emily. It just wasn’t the same. It’s so funny that I’ve been watching Tamblyn in various TV shows/movies since she was 11 years old.

      • Kim

        I have to agree 100% with you Lorrie!

      • dally


    • Jenny

      oooh I also agree! I have loved Amber forever growing up watching her on GH…and House is my favorite primetime drama! Doesn’t get any better than this:)

    • Cheery

      Really wish they had cast someone else. She’s one of those actors that just screams to me “Look! I’m an actress!” I can never forget she’s an actor and believe the character.

  • KriZia

    Sold. I love Amber Tamblyn.

    • Wickeddoll

      I think she’d be a great humanizing presence, to counter his (unrealistically) hostile manner.

      • Ted Danson

        Unrealistic? I work with guys like him on a daily basis.

        Furthermore have you not seen the new season? He’s a nice guy. The nicest of guys.

      • Wickeddoll

        Ted, no doctor could treat his patients that way for long – no matter *how* good he is. I’ve been abused by nasty docs, (I’m a nurse) but if they acted that way with *patients*, they, their facility, and anyone connected to them would be sued to the stone age. The Process of how he solves medical mysteries is bull too, but I don’t mind suspending disbelief there.

      • Dorkophile

        Sorry Wicked but Ted is correct. I am an adminstrator at a hospital and can say that these kinds of brilliant but coarse doctors DO exist and we have to tolerate them because they bring us patients and business with their talent, not their bedside manner. Staff complains about these nasty docs, but patients very rarely do.

      • VisualFiction

        Does it scare anyone else that a hospital administrator has the scree name “Dork o phile?”

      • Margie

        It bothers me more that he has time to peruse the internet and comment here on a Thursday morning!

      • Flutelover

        Really people? Administrators aren’t allowed time off too? Get over yourselves. You don’t know the story of their life so leave them alone

      • Lisa

        I agree with Ted. House appears rather jaded, which based on my own firsthand observation is a rather common thing among medical and mental health professionals. And the way House solves mysteries is believable despite the fact he does not do it in a necessarily methodological manner that perhaps most people do.

  • Sudsy

    First. Yeah pretty happy about this. Med students are always fun. No doubt she is gonna end up in bed with Chase

    • Amanda

      That was my thought as well when reading this … may end up being a love interest for him.

    • Jennifer

      To bad i cant have him haha

    • Erin

      I don’t know if I want her to hook-up with Chase or not.. since she’s temporary, I guess that could be entertaining. A fling to get him over Cameron.

      • allie

        She’s fine, but she’s a baby. How about more adult females on this show? I’ll watch it no matter what, but sheesh…

      • brody

        not sure what qualifies one as an adult in your book, allie, but amber tamblyn is 27.

      • jennrae

        Still, two women on the show and how many men? Five? And the women always fall for House. How about some smart women who not only don’t put up with his bullshiz, but also have no interest in sleeping with him? No, Thirteen didn’t want to screw him, but they justified that by making her bisexual.

      • jana

        As long as Jesse Spencer is in several scenes in every show, I’ll be happy. Just wish he would let his hair grow out again. Luv Dr. Chase!

    • deny

      no doubt

    • whatevs

      She’s definitely not pretty enough for Chase. Maybe Foreman.

      • Lilstarrgazr

        Well, Foreman did end up with Thirteen, and like the character or not, Olivia Wilde is extremely pretty.

    • Tracy Murray

      I am sure she won’t end up in bed with Chase , at least , not that quickly , if she does , however , I hope it is a manipulation thing where Amber ‘s character uses the surgeon to gain favor with him or the hospital against House , or concerning the type of person Chase is , he could manipulate her like with his former wife , but unlike Cameron , the young doctor could quickly see his true motives .

    • Captain Sweatpants

      She’s very bangable, so that’s a good possibility.

    • Lily

      idk about chase having sex with her because remeber that scene with cameron after he signed the divorce papers? there is clearly something still there. wouldnt it be fun if she had sex with foreman?

  • Jon

    errr… they should bring Cameron back!

    • Vivi


    • Sally

      God no. I had enough of her.

      • Stacie

        Doesn’t anymore remember that Cameron came back this past season and slept with Chase? Is there possibly going to be a child from that one interlude?

      • thumbs down

        When JMo left one of the blessings of it was that there weren’t as many Hameron fans bashing everything everywhere. There are still some who troll Ausiello but not half as many and for that alone, sad to say, I’m glad she’s only guest-starring now. Her fans really turned me off of her.

    • jacko

      she ended up too whiney…and i really liked her.

    • let it go.

    • Lonnie

      She was better before she died her hair !!!

      • Erika

        I completely agree. She was so much better before she dyed her hair. Her likability went down severely after that.

      • Dking

        I agree she looks alot better as a brunette, don’t care to much for the blonde hair. Olivia brought a different attitude to the show which I like plus her eyes WOW

      • Melanie

        Dking Yeah 13 certainly brought something else to the show.. as in a uncontrollable urge to make me vomit!!! Thank God 13 is gone for at least a few episodes!I likes Cam too, not as much in the past few seasons, but I love her campared to 13.

        I like Amber Tamblyn so I have some hope.

      • Valerie

        The actresses natural hair color is blonde. I don’t know why she dyed it brunette in real life – though I think it was for the character – but the Cameron did it to be taken more seriously. It was in one of her last series regular episodes and there are several TV/movies of her as a blonde before House.

    • Bel

      Oh my god, enough already! I hope Cameron just dies. Not because I dislike the character or the actor, but because then we’d have a chance of not having to hear about her any more. Except then you’d be all, “Oh, please let her come back as a ghost!”

      • Mike

        Bill Murray made that joke about Peter Venkmann — and look where it got him.

    • Kit


    • Jana Shea

      I agree! I miss Cameron!

    • Maureen

      Me too, I would rather Chase have left. I never liked them as a couple. I find Chase irritating.

      • Angie

        Yes. Chase is irritating, what with his stupidly beautiful blond hair and his ridiculously pretty man face. So so irritating. ;)

      • Shauna

        I don’t like Chase either. I don’t care how pretty he is that doesn’t stop him from annoying me.

    • Ellen

      Cameron has bored me. Forever. Glad she’s gone and love this new castings news.

    • sherrie

      I liked Cameron and would love to see her come back.

    • Person Who Talks

      Ummmm, am I the only one here who actually really liked the Chase/Cameron relationship and want them to ride happily into the sunset together?

      • jana

        I loved the Chase/Cameron relationship! Loved the scene in which he tells her he always felt like a visitor in her house & ended by saying, “I can’t keep chasing you forever.” in his Aussie
        accent. Beautiful. That was a long time ago when his hair was still long. They reran that one a while back.

    • Sophie

      I agree the team sucks right now. How could they keep Taub but not Cameron. Hopefully this med student can save the team from its suckfeast

  • evevenn

    She looks like a mix between Jennifer Morisson and Olivia Wilde, yawn..
    Don’t know the actress but would have loved to see something ‘different’

    • Ellen

      She’s nothing like Cameron or 13. Yay.

    • Cheery

      She looks like the older, unattractive sister of Aimee Teegarden.

    • A Stupid Anon

      She doesn’t look anything like Olivia Wilde at all. She does look at bit like Jennifer Morisson though. And Olivia’s character, 13 will always have a spot in my heart. :] I just hope Amber doesn’t make me hate this show, because I LOVE this show.

  • steve

    Amber will do a great job on HOUSE, and I, too, wish that she would be asked on as a regular. I can just see her interaction with House- I stopped watching a while last year, so now I am going to be back on board.

    • Christie

      If she works well in the show you know they will sign her on to be a regular. This is just how they check out new people.

      • Cheery

        I REALLY hope she doesn’t become a regular. As it is she’ll probably be stuffed down our throats for several episodes. House can’t introduce a new girl without having the show revolve around her for a while. If she would just stay in the periphery maybe I could stand it.

    • Leslie

      I like her a lot, but I don’t see her and House getting along. Hope she stands up to him. NO sleeping with Chase – ick.

  • Jon

    Ugh. Hope the operative word is Temporary. Cannot stand Amber Tamblyn.

    • Cheery



    • jennrae

      Agreed. She always gave off an entitled vibe to me. She may be lovely, but I just don’t like her.

  • Muireann

    She’ll do I suppose!

  • djesus

    LOL she looks like Cameron! she’s so young. Olivia come back please!

    • dusanissimus

      she’s actually 10 months older than olivia wilde…how about that….

      • djesus

        a baby face, not really interesting.
        Sela Ward, Anne Dudek, yeah they were great…

      • Mellissa

        She looks just like her dad, and he has the same baby face.

      • Charged Fan

        Really…she’s older than Olivia Wilde? This girl looks like she’s about 14 to me?! I don’t know anything about her (have never seen her in anything to my knowledge), but I’m with others in hoping Olivia will be back soon. Although that being said, I’m also very glad she’s getting the opportunity to shoot the film she is (Cowboys and Aliens) as I’m really looking forward to that–I’ll just very much miss my weekly fix of her on House while she’s gone.

    • Nate

      Olivia will be back. She is doing a movie

    • Clara

      SELA WARD = UGH ! YUK !

      • wasabi

        I’m sorry, but your math skills could use some work. SELA WARD = WOOHOO!

      • Émiliee

        Anyway … Sela Ward Already plays Stacy and she’s not a Doctor …

      • Leslie

        I would love to see Sela Ward back. Whole different perspective on her ex when she is on.

      • Toni

        Sela Ward is going to be on CSI NY

      • b

        Are you kidding me?

        Sela Ward = AMAZING, BRING HER BACK!

        House will never love Cuddy the way he loved/loves Stacy.

      • Tracy Murray

        How dare you ! I loved Sela .

      • jennrae

        I love Sela Ward, too, but the last time I saw her in something (embarrassingly, it was The Stepfather, so that probably ruins my credibility), she had really messed up her face.

  • glassyo

    I absolutely love Amber Tamblyn and I’m pretty ashamed at how excited I got at this news!!

  • Jon

    OH wow, I like her.. BUT I HOPE SHE ISN’T A SORT OF REPLACEMENT FOR JENMORRISON’S CHARACTER.. I mean, like this new doctor being alot like Cameron and stuff.. I want Cameron back :/ Plus, she kinda looks like Morrison in the early seasons.

  • Missy

    I want Cameron back
    I don’t care about her

    • Joboots

      In need of TV rehab,eh Miss???

    • cru

      Cameron was alright. Sometimes very annoying and self-righteous. But typically alright. I was surprised when they actually took her off the show. But I hadn’t missed her because of her screentime, and after she left, I still really didn’t miss her. I think her character had sort of run its course on being interesting. It’s like they were striving to find ways to throw her in every once in awhile. So I think they made the right choice, even though they got some pretty bad backlash from it.

  • P

    JENNIFER MORRISON!!! Come on House producers…you needed a female replacement and you didnt bring her back?? How long do fans have to complain before you hear us?!

    • Sid

      Remember – Jennifer Morrison went on to become Captain Jim Kirk’s mother. Tough act to follow.

      • Erin

        Captain Kirk’s mother? Umm this is Joan of Arcadia. I think she’ll do just fine.

    • Sun

      Only the same fans over and over complaining about Jennifer Morrison not coming back to House. it’s really time to let it go. Today I saw a Tweet begging for someone to hire Jennifer Morrison. That’s pretty pathetic.

  • Sami

    What happened to that show “Quints” she was supposed to be on with Anna Chlumsky this fall?

    • Joboots

      That wasn’t picked up,I’ve heard!

  • Moochoo

    Let’s hope she is doesn’t have a crush on House

    • Nate

      I don’t think the writers will do that. I thought they were doing Huddy this season. Anyway, I’d like it if she wasn’t romantically interested in any of our regulars

      • Leslie

        I’m with Nate on this one.

      • Bel

        Yeah, Nate’s right. Actually, I think it would be nice if she developed some kind of relationship with Cuddy. Cuddy could help her cope and anything that gives LE more screen time is fine by me.

      • Gilda

        I agree that she shouldn’t have a crush on House because that would just be overkill after Cameron, and I want them to follow through with this Huddy thing they started. However, IF done right she could possible serve as a spot of sunshine in Chase’s lonely life.

    • laylagalise


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