Blind Item: Hit show throws a (shocking) wedding!

In the mood for a blind item? Good, ’cause it’s a doozie! At the end of next season, a couple on a successful show we’re obsessed with will be getting hitched.

I know, I know — it doesn’t sound shocking. TV couples get married all the time.

But trust me when I say, um, it is a mind-blower. Why? Unfortunately, I can’t really say. If I did it would be too obvious about whom we are talking. However, I can offer you a few clues…

1. It’s a wedding I was pretty sure we would never see.

2. The bride and groom are heterosexual. (Hence, bride and groom.)

3. The network in question is either ABC, CBS, or Fox.

4. And there’s an important piece of this wedding that remains a mystery — even to me. (OK, that one may not be much of a clue. But it’s true!)

Mind you, it’s very early in the planning stages, so anything could happen. The story could be scrapped. On the other hand, all indications are that the nuptials have been approved by the higher-ups at the network.

So… for whom do the wedding bells toll? Guess away below!

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  • duh

    it’ obviously private practice – they got engaged in the finale!

    • Johnification

      Doesn’t exactly go with the whole “shocker” and “mind-blowing” part.

      • Mafz


      • mary q contrary

        or ‘successful show we’re obsessed with’

      • Emaline

        My guess is Ted and ??? from How I Met Your Mother…maybe it will be the wedding in flashforward, so we do not really know who the wife is, which would be a mystery.

      • S

        Ted & the mother. So the piece he doesn’t know yet could be who’s playing the mother?

      • ZoMg gLeE!

        “successful show we’re obsessed with” = either Lost or Glee. You do the math…

      • Yuval

        He said it won’t be on cbs (which means no wedding in himym)
        And flashforward is cancelled… there won’t be any season 2 unfortunately :\

      • BFD

        Yuval, go back and read # 3

      • @zomg gLEE

        LOST?????? really? where the hell have you been? Lost is OVER.

      • aitutaki

        PENNY and LEONARD!!!!!!!

    • who cares

      nope – peter & olivia

      • Mal

        DEF Peter & Olivia

      • nathali

        nope… Barney & Robin on HIMYM.

      • Rrroberttt

        Pete & Olivia are on the one network that Ausiello has specifically excluded. Guess again!

      • Chloe

        Yep- it fits, and maybe its alt-Olivia, that could be pretty shocking

      • BonBon

        uh…Peter & Olivia are on Fox which is definitely included.

      • Jersey Jeff

        @Rrroberttt – Peter and Olivia are on Fox, which was not excluded. Perhaps you should rethink your post.

      • pam beasley

        Robert — no, they’re on FOX. FOX was included.

      • Mandi

        again ‘successful show we’re obsessed with’

        That wouldn’t be Fringe.

      • Jessie

        While this does sound like a ‘mind-blower,’ it really sounds like too much of a mind blower. Doesn’t fit into the tone of the show at all, or who the two main characters are as individuals and in this point in their lives (and I don’t even mean, ya know, spoiler alert, that they are currently on different universes)

      • Sunny

        My first thought Peter and NOlivia.

      • Sarah

        Sorry, as much as I love this show, it’s not a “hit”.

      • AuntieD

        What show are Peter and Olivia on?

      • Sarah

        @AuntieD, They are on Fringe.

        I think the HIMYM theory may be good.

    • MovieMan

      My mom :)

    • Angela

      Bones & Booth!!!!!!!!!

      • Liz

        WE WISH!!!!!

      • Brianne

        That’s what I thought, too. That WOULD be a shocker.

      • Travis Crincoli

        It wouldnt be bones and booth. read the last hint, it says someone we wouldnt expect to happen. We all expect a marriage between booth and bones, but its a year or 2 off. Most likely a series finale story. Its obviously someone else on a diff show.

      • Sunny

        That would be AMAZING, SO AMAZING :)

      • JessLayne

        I agree! This really sounds like it could be Booth and Brennan from Bones! I really would like very much for it to be! I know there is a very slim possibility it could be them but a girl can dream…lol! And as every true Bones fan knows, “Nothing happens unless first a dream…”!

        Plus as Booth said, “Everything happens eventually…all that stuff you think never happens, happens. You just got to be ready for it.” i just love that!

      • Kelly

        I can dream….

      • Padamus Da Grim Nomed Black

        OH PLEASE!!!!! Please let it happen! I could die happy :D

      • omaroma

        I wish! That WOULD be a shocker…

      • Cynthia

        Now that WOULD be mind blowing, that was my first guess too. That would be an awesome event.

      • TV Gord

        That’s my guess, too.

      • Lulu

        OMG I WISH!!!!!!!!! That would be the most amazing thing EVER!!!

      • Katie

        They were might first thought.

      • Anne

        I really really REALLY hope so!

      • susan

        I would love that too. My first thought since it says shocker though was House and Cuddy.

      • CineCzarina

        Oh my sweet lord in Heaven, please let it be true!! Hart to Hart 2.0. Huzzah!

      • Gert

        OMG I hope so! A Booth & Brennan wedding would be AMAZING. They should get married at the museum/lab, haha!

      • workaholic888

        Oh please…please please please!!

        I’ll pray everyday…I swear!!

      • Sarah

        dunno…seems like too obvious a pick. But if one was engaged/married to someone else at the return next season…

      • Shara

        This is my guess too! I hoope it is. :)

      • Lisa

        I think Bones and Booth. Definitely a shocker with the way they leave us hanging all the time on their relationship.

        The time apart could have made them realize they really want to be together.


      • Becca

        oh what I would GIVE!

      • Chloe

        OHHHH! I WISH!! Nice to see all of us Bones fans sticking together.

        And yeah – maybe a dream first???

        I could care less on who it is on another show (well, maybe Huddy!).

      • d

        Booth and Bones were my first thought. But i am thinking we could only wish as well.

      • Abby

        Bones and Booth would make me pee my pants! it’s awesome to see all the fans get together to share the hope! no hating in the Bones community!(:

      • Bigref

        Bones would need to shed all resemblance to Kathy Reichs character for Temperance to find love with Booth. Booth and Cam are more likely, IMHO

      • Jackie

        That’s what I was thinking. No one ACTUALLY expects it, because the writers love to mess with our emotions.

        *and to Bigref- Bones is only very loosely based on the Kathy Reichs character. I think if the writers do their job this season, they could build it to where a marriage is plausible.

        Overall- probably wishful thinking. But it makes sense!

      • Mara

        YES that was exactly what i was thinking. i just got sooo excited when i saw your post!!!!

      • Sara

        I’m not hating or anything, but Booth and Bones is never going to happen. Ever. I had been a fan of the show since the beginning but the end of last season was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I won’t be watching any more. I can be a fangirl (or boy as the case may be) like the rest of you but I have finally come to terms with the reality of that relationship.It’s just never going to happen. You can have your hope and your prayers but don’t be too disappointed or angry when the show ends and they’re in just as crappy a place as they’ve ever been. They never promised anything different.

      • Susan

        That is what I was thinking. I can only hope!

      • Jill H.

        OH MY GOSH I WISH!!! We can dream right? The next season better end with at least something romantic after that longing look at the end of this season!

      • Kenny P

        There’s my guess too … Bones & Booth.

      • Katherine

        If its Bones and Booth then the marriage won’t be real, it will be part of a undercover op or something.

        I’m so disgusted with that show. The “love story” has been spun out so thin there’s no chemistry left (not compared to the chemistry that existed in seasons one, two, and three). Its become a carrot that Hart Hanson has taken to dangling in front of his viewers to keep them coming back every week and season.

      • diana

        It’s got to be B&B! Bones has dragged this out too long already! Come on Bones, make your fans happy!!

      • Kathy Bergeron

        Boy, not in this lifetime, but I would like to see this! You can only do some much titilation before it starts to get irritating.

      • DL

        First couple that occurred to me, as well.

      • EveatEden

        I definitely think this sounds like Bones and Booth because it would be totally unexpected.

    • Rachel

      I’m going to go with either Peter and Olivia or Booth and Bones. Either would be great, but B&B would be fantastic!

      • BILLIE

        i wish it to be bones and booth soooooo bad, it would be a shocker and i think unexpected too. But then alot would have to happen in that season for them to get married…… FINGERS CROSSED

      • Lindsey

        I think a shocker would be House & Cuddy.

      • Miranda

        I’m a huge fan of both shows and would love either of those couples to get married, but unless FOX will be doing a lot to take one of the two relationships to the next level, I don’t think a Peter and Olivia or Booth and Brennan will be happening in the near future.

    • BLT

      Private Practice wouldn’t be shocking….what about Tony & Ziva on NCIS? That would shock me.

      • Lucas

        Gibbs and the attorney would be more shocking than Tony and Ziva

      • anna

        Ya they were my first thought too. That would be cool though i love them together

      • Catherine

        OMG that would be shocking !
        But I would love it all the same(: I think if she hadn’t become an American citizen that would have been more likely though because maybe they would have gotten married so she wouldn’t have to leave the US.

      • JAM

        Abby and McGee?

      • Kim

        Abby & Gibbs .. now THERE’s a shocker.

      • jess

        tony and ziva was my second thought, after booth and bones…
        but booth and bones we all hope to happen, expect someday.
        tony and ziva have never explicitly acknowledged feelings/relationship with each other, thought has been slyly hinted at from time to time.
        Gibbs and Abby have a father-daughter relationship, so that’s just gross, people!

      • Gigi

        It’s going to be two characters on a tv show (just thought i would add my randomness to the rest) :)

      • susan

        Tony and ziva would destory the whole ncis

      • Maida

        I think that Tony and Ziva have a very strong chance…. they meet all the clues and it will be a shok after tony killed zivas boyfriend even if he was a bad guy!!!! and they have grat chemistry!
        wnd even if they get marry i think they would still have at each others throat becouse that’s the way that the realate

    • LDR

      The wedding is going to be in HOUSE, M.D. Mark my words

      • Lily

        maybe its wilson and his girlfriend. i love huddy but im a different kind of huddy. i dont want to see them get married or anything though. i want to see their struggle.

      • Linda

        Yes, a Huddy wedding, Jewish because Cuddy would want it that way, with Stephen Fry as the rabbi. And House would have to have counseling with the rabbi for several weeks (or episodes)before the ceremony. That would complete the entire series for me!

      • Sally

        Okay, and Huddy fangirls dare to call other fans delusional?! YOU ARE MORE DELUSIONAL THAN ANYTHING I’VE EVER SEEN ON THIS PLANET!

      • Mel

        c’mon it’s never gonna be on House EVER. The only 2 couples that COULD get married would be House/Cuddy and Wilson/Sam, but Wilson/Sam would be boring and House/Cuddy just got 2gether (which already was a big risk for the writers) and getting them married would neither be shocking nor a good idea. They’ve made House soften up already even start a relationship with the woman he loves. A marriage would just be the next step in that direction which they can’t continue, cuz then House wouldn’t be House anymore. Huddy has to struggle and not marry.

      • Mel

        oh and don’t get me wrong, I love Huddy being 2gether and all, but I love it because it’s incredibly complicated and a marriage would completely destroy that continuous roller coaster ride that is an essential element of the House/Cuddy relationship.

      • Cantare

        Until clue #2 (bride and groom are heterosexual), I was hoping it would be House and Wilson. :-)

      • James

        Let’s see:

        1. It’s a wedding I was pretty sure we would never see. – very, VERY YEP

        2. The bride and groom are heterosexual. (Hence, bride and groom.) – YEP

        3. The network in question is either ABC, CBS, or Fox. – FOX, so YEP

        Talk about risk of the decade, but then again, Chase and Cameron only lasted half a season as a married couple.

      • ed

        My sentiments exactly, my friend

      • Kathy B

        Not HOUSE and Cuddy–would ruin the chemistry…

      • Jet

        It has to be HOUSE. I agree!

      • Erin


    • elizabetta

      IT’s Dr. & Dr. HUDDies! Let the games begin.

      • Barb

        Huddy is the only couple I could think of that fully fits the whole shocker/hit show combo. I just don’t find any of the other proposals shocking.

        For example, Castle could marry Becket, which would be a risky move, and a surprise in mid-run, but not a shock. In fact, it could be a lot of fun. She’d still be working in situation where she is meeting a lot of beefsteak, and women would still be throwing themselves at the famous writer. No, not a shock. Almost sounds like a pilot for a show.

        Booth could marry Bones. This is the only other combo which MIGHT be called shocking, given Bone’s emotional disability.

        In any case, it’s almost certainly a Fox, show, since Fox delights in very socially misfit characters who are heroes. All females are very good looking, but male leads are usually not (at least not in my taste). Supporting males (like Booth) can be, but since Booth is supposed to be a direct great-grand of the man who shot Lincoln, and Fox is a NeoConfederate network, that works for them. Of course the network that supports Hannity and Palin would want to be supportive of the shooting of Lincoln. No surprise there!

      • Josh

        Awesome. You think “neocon” stands for “neoconfederate.” Now I can understand where the rest of your drivel comes from.

      • Barb

        No, Josh, you are a jerk. Neocons want to call themselves Neoconservatives, but they want to rip the nation to shreds, and cut up the constitution.

      • faith

        I totally thought castle and becket. It fits. My second thought was huddy, but if they did that people would stop watching house because house would soften up way too much. Spoiler all of u who thought b&b sorry no. And evry one who thinks house and wilson is totally gay. READ CLUE 2!!!!

    • Jones

      It’s totally Castle and Beckett- act as couple to solve case!

      • Paula

        That would be awesome! And hilarious.

      • Kari

        Yes!!!!! Castle and Beckett! That was my first thought when I read the post but didn’t seem like a lot of people thought it was them. I think a Castle-Beckett wedding actually would be very unexpected — and tons of fun!

      • Jill H.

        Oh man I didn’t even think of that!! That would be AWESOME!!! I’d love it if either Castle and Beckett or Booth and Bones got married (have to say i’m pulling more for Booth and Bones) but the chemistry is UNBELIEVABLE in both couples :) good call!

      • Jayce Gish

        Maybe for the finale for Season 4, but just too early for Season 3. Let’s let Castle & Beckett at least get back together, rediscover their chemistry, and try to secretly date; at the end of Season III they admit their relationship, and Season IV is the dealing with the press, the precinct, the ex-wives, Alexis, and finally a wedding. Just my time line, but I’m really rooting for them to tie the knot before retirement age (theirs, not mine).

      • Sara

        it’s too early for castle and beckett to get married, they haven’t even gone out really…

      • Kym

        First thought I had was Castle & Beckett. They fit ALL the categories, espcially the obsession!

    • BFD


    • Reggie D

      It’s HUDDY!!!!

    • gerritv

      No it’s got to be Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan on Bones. That would be totally shocking and will kill the series just like Maddie and Walter’s marriage on Moonlighting.

      • Holly C

        It may not. Bruce and Cybil hated each other behind the scenes, which I think made their chemistry unbelievable. That’s why moonlighting failed. But David and Emily get along great, so them having their happily ever after doesn’t have to be the end of Bones.

    • buddy

      Quinn and Puck on Glee.

  • Gerald


    • MackNZ

      I would say Huddy, but why the heck would they do that? It would be totally jumping the shark.

      • Cheery

        Not if the show is ending (which it may or may not be) after 7 seasons.

      • Gilda

        It could be bad, your right, but its possible the boss/wife and difficult employee/husband dynamic could be interesting IF they did it right with a good writer.

      • T.L.

        If it’s HOUSE, it *might* be Wilson and Sam. There’s NO WAY it’s Huddy. Don’t get me wrong, I like Huddy, but in this show–not gonna happen in a million years. I’d be willing to bet on it.

      • Cheery

        @T.L., that’s exactly what makes it seem likely. Aus himself said “it’s a wedding I was pretty sure we would never see.” He also prefaced it with “a couple on a successful show we’re obsessed with.” Ausiello is a HUGE Huddy shipper; what other couple are both Aus and readers fanatic about?

      • realist.

        No couple lasts on [H]ouse. Does any thinking person really think House/Cuddy are going to? Let alone make it to the altar? I’m not saying does anyone hope they will, I’m asking does anyone honestly believe they will make it? We all know what the endgame for House is. He’s going to end up alone. Predictable, but they’ve pretty much made that clear in little statements here and there throughout the series. People should enjoy it while it lasts. Not get their hopes up for pie in the sky, which is what marriage between House and Cuddy is.

      • Mandi

        They already jumped the shark

      • MindBlowingIsRight

        @Cheery From what I’ve gathered the [H]OUSE writers don’t plan that far in advance for their seasons. Not to mention, this blind item is so vague it could fit a lot of couples for a lot of reasons. I’ll concede that this is something that that never, ever would most people see coming. They’re on one of the three networks, on which there are a TON of shows, which he named. He also said it’s in the early planning stages and it could still be scrapped. Looking at all these facts alone, would make it not cross my mind again unless he came out later in the season saying something more concrete than this massively vague piece. Then there’s the fact that this is House & Cuddy we’re talking about. On this show with its views and its main character and the fact that the ONLY relationship that has made it this far in the show’s entire run has been between Taub and Rachel? But they’re going to put House, their main character, and Cuddy, their main female lead, into a marriage? The thought is laughable. Those facts, and more I could easily come up with, pretty much rules them out for me.

      • Cheery

        @MindBlowingIsRight, you had me at “lack of planning.” That’s a big point; House writers wouldn’t plan that far ahead to save their lives. However, with this previous season’s unxpected finale, they stated early on they knew they wanted to end on a brighter note since everything with House had gotten so dark. So, assuming they aren’t lying (big assumption), this could be a similar plot point on the horizon and they just know the direction they’re headed. Especially if season 7 is to be the show’s last, (though I’ve read conflicting info on that). Also, I don’t think because other couples on the show didn’t make it means House and Cuddy won’t. Afterall, DS and KJ are unabashed Huddy supporters and all their interviews reinforce the stance that House and Cuddy have been a long time coming and there’s something special to their relationship. If the show is actually ending I could see them going all the way. However, I agree, more information and details are needed to say definitively, but I don’t think a House wedding is impossible.

      • MindBlowingIsRight

        @Cheery Yeah, but they did it mid-season when they were planning the second half of the season. Not at the beginning of the season last year. So that doesn’t go against their modus operandi. I’ll give you the finale was totally unexpected. I read so many predictions everywhere online on where people thought they would go with the finale and not one person that I saw even came close. Not one. So I suppose they are capable of it. But there’s just way too many factors to ignore to think that it’s Huddy. And yes, DS and KJ do support Huddy. A lot of people seem to enjoy them, but in the end I think DS has this vision of House being alone. The show keeps mentioning it and has for some time-I think as early as season two. Wilson prophesied it again in season five’s ‘Locked In.’ This show hammers home time and again that House can never change and will always be miserable which means he’ll eventually probably relapse and if he does and actually pulls himself back up the next time, he’ll end up miserable and alone still.

        I think what they’re doing with Huddy is like a sci-fi show that does an alternate universe episode or something along those lines. It’s a nice, little entertaining foray, but they’ll end up going back to status quo after it plays out. I’m pretty good at predicting what’s gonna happen on this show. Not infallible, mind you and as I mentioned, no one-including myself, saw the end of the finale coming, but still I have a pretty high accuracy rate. And I just really only see House ending up alone and miserable. Rarely does this show surprise me anymore after this many years. I still like it a lot, but as time goes on it gets easier to predict things based on their pattern. I’m not saying this bleak future is especially palatable, or relishing the notion that they’ll end up in splitsville. I’m only trying to honestly predict what I see happening within this show’s history and modus operandi.

      • Cheery

        @MindBlowingIsRight, you make some very good points. And ultimately I don’t even really believe House and Cuddy will get married, but a lot of the pieces fit. Plus, the fact that it would be So. Shocking. I dunno, it just seems like it could happen, but I’m probably wrong. Also, while there is the running theme of House being alone and incapable of change, since the beginning of the series he HAS been changing and I have to think that is building towards something. If in the end House is still alone and miserable, then what was the point of it all? I think hope is the point of it all. Some speculate House will die or end up alone, but there’s a been very obvious alternate option. To cut off his leg. Going all the way back to season 1’s “Three Stories,” and it practically came full circle in this past finale when House admitted he should have amputated his leg. I think the show will end with him finally cutting it off, then being free from the burden and free to be happy.

      • MindBlowingIsRight

        @Cheery, you’re right a lot of the pieces fit. But then again, the blind item is like someone predicting the future or horoscopes or things like that, it’s deliberately vague so people can apply it to their particular desires. And so people come on here hoping that it’s their favorite couple. I completely agree on the shocking part. And that makes it intriguing for me, because it’d be something I’d never guess and be curious how they’d pull it off, etc. But me being intrigued, or other people wishing or hoping doesn’t have anything to do of course with it being really plausible for this show. He’s changed a bit, but only a bit and the things he’s ‘changed’ have been small things, or things that really only revealed him, not changed him, or things that I’m sure are impermanent, like him being off Vicodin for the moment. You mentioning ‘the point of it all’ reminds me of ‘Bridge On the River Kwai.’ ;) I think we’re watching a man’s life play out before us. Taking in the philosophy on this show that says that everything is meaningless, is another reason that goes against him ending up anything other than miserable and alone. It’s sort of existential and morose. As for House being happy, I remember Cuddy saying that, “House doesn’t do happy, pain or no pain,” in ‘The Softer Side.’ Like I said, I could come up with so many examples and quotes and actions on this show to back this up. Yeah, it’s a gloomy end, but totally fitting within the framework of this show.

      • chiller

        I highly doubt that very many people care what happens on House any more.

      • wtf?

        erm, okay, Chiller. Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion. *eyeroll*

      • Sally

        It already has jumped the shark with the beginning of the Huddy doom. But I hope for TPTB that they are not that stupid to let Huddy live for longer than 5 episodes.

      • jpns

        As usual, folks continue to toss the ‘jumping the shark’ reference without understanding it … there is nothing in the House/Cuddy relationship that comes close to what the term is suppose to mean or imply !

      • Zaphod

        I’m late to the discussion, I know, but if House turns into sunshine and rainbows suddenly after a few dates (or some serious shagging) with Cuddy, then yes, that could be jumping the shark. C’mon, he’s supposed to be a miserable bastard. Remember, he was always like that (even if he was less so before the infarction). I’m waiting to see how they handle this Huddy stuff before I condemn it altogether (although I really don’t like it).

    • Sarah

      My thoughts too.

    • Cris

      I don’t even watch the show, but from what I know of it … mostly off of Ausiello’s posts … House and Huddy were the first two I thought of as well.

  • Joe


    • TheObserver

      It’s either House, Glee or the Good Wife

      • znachki

        A real shocker would be if Will and Terri – the now ex – got married, again.

      • KS

        Booth and Bones?

  • Cheery


    Please, please, please be them! :D

  • zach lindan

    its house and cuddy

    • Jadyn

      It’s not going to happen. House is going to be alone and miserable and popping pills again if not by mid-season, then by the finale. If not popping pills, at least alone. Huddy is an arc. Nothing more.

      • icedmemories

        Huddy is NOT an arc.

        I’ve never seen a “6 years arc” in a show! LOL

  • Sis

    House and Cuddy. wedding in Vegas. LOL

    • Chloe

      A Vegas wedding for Huddy! Brilliant!!

    • Paula


      House and Cuddy getting married!!

      It’s my dream come true!!!!

  • Lovely Rita

    I’m crossing my fingers for Cristina and Owen *-*

    • R E

      That’s what I was going to guess!

    • Tiffany

      That was the first couple that poped into my brain. I LOVE them together!!!!

    • Jessica

      I was so thinking the same thing!

    • jules

      Ugh…please no. Worst couple ever. And, at least as of right now, the two of them getting married wouldn’t be a shocker.

      • martina


    • Jessie

      Well, Christina and Owen getting married and actually staying together would be a shock for this show, whose writers don’t really seem to believe in 30 somethings staying in committed relationships (except MerDer, but that was only after season and after season of angst and near-death experiences). However, since Christina and Owen are in love and are mature adults who’ve struggled through a lot and stayed together, it wouldn’t be a ‘mind-blowing’ step in their relationship for them to get married.

    • ernie

      I think it could be them. I never expected Cristina to want to marry after the Burke wedding nightmare, so it would be shocking. I can’t picture either her or Owen obsessed with getting married.

    • Another Emma

      As much as I would like to see a “they lived happily ever after” for them, I don’t find it likely that Cristina would marry Owen as things stand now. She is in love with him, but she’s no fool. We don’t know how the shooting affected his PTSD, but I don’t think it’ll have improved it. What he saw in the finale though is how tough Cristina is, and that he doesn’t need to protect her from telling her about his traumatic experiences in Iraq. Only when he is able to do that, I will believe that he’s really healing and Cristina will want to move in with him and eventually marry him.

      • Lee

        Hopefully, that will be C/O’s storyline this season. Who knows perhaps wedding bells will ring for the best couple on tv by May! On Grey’s, a real engagement that lasts more than a few hours(Alex/Izzie) followed through by some type of legal ceremony more than a post it would be mind blowing and a shocker. :)

        As long as C/O are together, a wedding is not really necessary. At least, let’s hope C/A and C/O get their own place!

      • Another Emma

        Absolutely! I don’t see a wedding as necessary either. I would be more than happy indeed if C/O decided to move in together by the end of S7. I think C/A will also have important decisions to take in the coming episodes, but since the couple in question must be hetherosexual (and I don’t honestly even know whether in the State of Washington it is possible for gay couples to get married), they cannot be the couple Ausiello has in mind.

      • monica

        i would love to see a wedding between mark and lexie but like a surprise thing

    • Romy

      It would be too good if it was Cristina and Owen. I LOVE Kevin McKidd

  • Amanda

    House and Cuddy?

  • Kat

    Someone on Glee, House, or Grey’s.

  • icedmemories

    If it’s HUDDY, I’ll die HAPPY! :)

    • Radosstt

      Second that! haha

      • Clara

        Fingers crossed for HUDDY !!!

    • Sally

      Go ahead die, but without the happy part, delusional fangirl. It’s called evolution then.

  • Marilou @ Mostly Healthy

    Is one of the 2 suposed to be DEAD???

  • Pedro

    Booth and Brennan? let that be true, pleease!!!

    • Andra

      That was my first guess too :D
      that would be awesome!

    • Cheery

      It’s not them; the show still has another season or two of jerking fans around left in it.

      • Edisto

        That was my first thought, too, but maybe that’s exactly why Hart Hanson would plan something like this, because no one would be expecting it.

        Though I feel your frustration.

      • Pure WIN

        This comment is nothing but pure awesomeness. That is why I stopped watching the show after that awful 100th episode.

      • JayBee

        That’s why it would be such a shock!

      • acp

        LOL. Yes.

      • AE

        @Pure WIN- That is what is building the show, the 100th was frustrating for sure but brilliantly done! We cant take to much more, but its coming.., it has too. Although I dont know about a wedding, that might be a jump for B&B

    • jessicab

      oh please, i would love to see them getting married! but, doesn’t sound too soon? i know most of us, bones fans, want them us a couple, but married?

      • belbelbel

        B&B wedding because Brennan got pregnant. The old spoillers were about this, so it could happend to justify a wedding. Remember, Ausiello said “there’s an important piece”, so coult be it.

      • Maggie

        Um, an entire season away, and if they were actually a couple through part of the season, we would believe it. See, the thing is, we need to see B&B in a committed relationship, whether married or not, because fans deserve it after all these years, and more importantly, since the teases at the end of the 4th season, they just have to have a baby together. The unexpected part would be that Brennan doesn’t believe in marriage (though she didn’t believe in love as anything more than chemical reactions, and Booth changed her mind…)

      • LM

        You know, I do remember reading some where that they were considering bringing up Brennan-wanting-a-baby plot line again…

      • AE

        Yea, thats the thing, Bones will never marry. I think Booth will accept that and they will make their own special Bones/Booth type of commitment.

      • Jane

        The only reasoning I could see them suddenly getting married is was if Brennan was pregnant and she rationalised getting marriend cause it made the legal side of things easier for her and Booth.

      • Sue1

        Bones was fully prepared to have a baby and raise it on her own before, and I don’t see that changing. I would love to see them as a couple for a while first, as that would throw off their ‘partnership’ dynamic in an interesting way. I agree with jessicab–too soon.

      • Edna

        If it is Booth and Bones then Bones would have to be pregnant even if by accident. Booth said he has to be involved. Maybe Bones agreed to get married because she wanted the baby and without tons of legal difficulty because od booth wanted to be involved. Plus when they actually have a serious conversation about love and marriage when they come up in the conversation they both get distracted some how. Plus they have been dropping hints throughout the entire series.

      • Jill H.

        i think they’d still have plenty to go on even if they were together. i don’t know what i think about them getting married right away, but i think they’d have plenty of story line still with them as a couple. B&B would have A LOT to work out in the transition and i think all of us Bones fans would love to see that:) i know i would at least!

      • Jill H.

        plus it’d be a HUGE step for Brennan to take and i’d love to see her do that for him:)

    • emily

      Please please please let it be them!

    • usadoc36

      That’s what I was thinking or should I say hoping.

    • Cate

      That was my first thought. Unexpected and complicated.

    • Luminosity

      B & B wedding would be a shock. An awesome shock, but a shock.

    • j


    • J

      I hope so!

    • CC

      that was my first thought, too, because it would definitely be shocking and mind-blowing. perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but i think it would be really interesting for the show.

    • Brian

      I was thinking that. Two years ago they signed everyone to a two year contract. As far as I know they have not talked about adding more years to the show. I could see it ending with a spur of the moment wedding as a way to end the show. I doubt this is the last season, but you never know with Fox.

      • PDiddily

        Bones has already been picked up for next season and 1 more. They gave it a two year pickup, this is not the last season.

      • Jillian

        @diddily The pick up for 2 more seasons happened at the end of season 4 for season 5 and 6. As far as I know, Bones has not been picked up for a 7th season.

    • taylor

      im thinking if it is them then its undercover or something

      • Edna

        Undercover would be interesting. They go undercover as married couples all the time.

  • Michelleeeee

    I find it highly unlikely…but I would be thrilled to hear that it’s Booth and Bones!

    • DJ

      Precisely why I believe it’s them!

      • hats8

        I don’t think bones and booth qualifies as a wedding we “never thought we’d see”

      • Sue1

        I agree, hats8, I think we all know a wedding was going to happen eventually.

    • Riley

      I love Bones just like the rest of you, so why do you want the show to end? If Bones and Brennen get married it will destroy what makes the show so great, the sexual tension, and the “will they or won’t they” question.

      • Liz

        Bones & Brennan are the same person….
        I don’t think she’s going to marry herself, lol……
        If you really loved the show, you’d know it’s Bones (and or Brennan) & Booth. Not Bones & Brennan….

      • Riley

        OMG! I can’t believe I made that mistake. It’s been a long week. And I do love the show. I watch it every night at 7pm on TNT, and have most of this past season on TiVo.

      • Geeze

        Liz, a little harsh? That’s an easy mistake to make.

      • Edna

        I agree but if it doesn’t happen this season then it has to end the next season because even the best of shows get dry if you stretch them out. I think they might be able to get another season out if they get married. They’d have to make marital problems and stuff like that though.

  • Dori

    For the love of God…let it be House & Cuddy!!!

  • Ursyoola


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