Scoop: DirecTV deal saves 'Damages' from cancellation!

damagesImage Credit: Craig Blankenhorne/FXThis just in: Patty Hewes will live to fight another day—and we have DirecTV to thank!

After months of negotiations, DirecTV has reached a deal with Sony Pictures Television to acquire Damages from FX. Under the terms of the pact, DirecTV’s 101 network will air two additional seasons of the drama—each consisting of 10 episodes—beginning in 2011.

Unlike DirecTV’s arrangement with NBC for Friday Night Lights, Damages will only air on DirecTV.

“We’re excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television as we breathe new life into this outstanding drama,” said Patty Ishimoto, general manager of The 101 Network and vice president of entertainment for DirecTV.  “It’s a win for our customers because only they will be able to see these new episodes and another great step forward for DirecTV as we continue to build our growing portfolio of exclusive, award winning programming.

Added FX president John Landgraf: “FX was very proud to have developed one of the best scripted series on television, but, in order to have a future, the show needed DIRECTV and we are thrilled they stepped in. Sony Pictures Television is a great production partner and we at FX Productions are excited for these next two seasons.”

DirecTV saves the day again!

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  • Erica

    great news for those with DTV, hopefully they’ll release them on DVD

    • Lucy

      will have to wait for DVD too

    • ythu

      I hope DirecTV gets True Blood next.

      • Andrew M

        HBO is canceling True Blood?

      • Nob

        True Blood? not likely as it’s a big hit for HBO… I tihnk they’ve already greenlit a 4th season already….

      • m

        maybe when the series is over they will pick it up – but since it is doing so well, i imagine it will be awhile. the 101 just started showing the wire, and has aired some other hbo shows, so it looks like they may have some sort of deal with them.

    • Megan

      If it’s on DirecTV, does that mean it will be “toned down” from the FX version? I feel like it may lose some of the edginess that makes it so great if Patty Hewes is having to use TV-14 language.

      • Matt

        I doubt it, they’re already showing Brotherhood, The Wire, and Deadwood uncut. Damages is pretty tame by those standards. Oh and in response to an above comment, they showed True Blood right before season 3 started.

  • Gabe

    There is a god!

    • jessie11

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  • Matt

    Great news!!! Fantastic show, very interested to see where they take it after this season’s finale!

  • Bobbi

    What good is that? Only on DirectTV? I love Damages but can’t and won’t change my whole system for one show. That’s ridiculous.

    • Laura

      Look up BitTorrent, Bobbi.

      • will

        right…because if we download it via torrent it won’t get canceled. I’ll be the first to say that I torrent, but Damages I actually watch live because I’m rooting for it… it’s like they’re trying to kill it!

      • SilentRage

        it’s like they’re trying to kill it? they just renewed it for two seasons doe doe, plus all I do is torrent(not a neilson family anyway and no dvr) so no complaints this way

      • Gael

        if you’re not a neilson family (and you would know if you were) it doesnt make any difference to the show how you get it.

    • Brian

      Hi, Bobbi. They’re going to be released on DVD and Blu-ray, so calm down.

    • Dream Out Loud

      it’s either DirecTV or cancelled. it’s ridiculous to think you’d be upset by this if you are a fan.

  • phantom


  • Michelle

    direct tv? Yeah well it mind as well be canceled for me.

    • Dave

      Not really. You can always watch the DVDs once they’re released. Better than nothing. I don’t think any fan of Damages should be complaining right now. This is basically a TV miracle.

      • ML

        I’m with you Dave. This is great news! I only watch the show on DVD anyway so I can certainly wait for the DVDs to come out.

  • Alex

    Great news! Damages is the best legal drama on TV… And if you guys want more details about this deal, go to Deadline.Com/Hollywood; I guess Hacksiello didn’t have time to copy the whole article from there today (he usually does that and calls it his “exclusive”… lame).

    • Wil

      Those are big accusations…

    • Jacob

      Yeah, no. You’re wrong. In the six years I’ve followed him, I’ve never seen Ausiello steal an exclusive, especially from that crone, Nikki Finke.

      • Andy Bluebear

        Yeah, he is many things. An @ss-kissing, full-of-himself douchey tool, for sure, but a thief? Not sure about that one.

  • Josie

    Awesome news!

  • phantom

    And I just got past the headline… TWO (!!!) ADDITIONAL SEASONS ? Another 20 episodes of Glenn Close’s divine portrayal of Patty AND the fantastic Rose Byrne ?
    All right now, give me a DirecTV adresss so I can send them a proper gift basket. They deserve it.

  • Moht

    Wow! Patty Hewes FTW!

  • Travis


  • ck

    Great news, but will have to wait for DVD

    • Hanna

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  • Nick B

    YES!!!! 2 more seasons of the best drama on TV! I had pretty much lost all hope. Thank you DirecTV! I’m so glad I switched to DirecTV last year! I’m ecstatic right now!

    • Siddhant

      I’m just glad that I won’t be in any risk of losing my chnnleas with my DISH Network employee subscription. I’ll still get all the college football I want and plus my Sons of Anarchy and one of my new favorite shows, An American Horror Story.

  • Lark3

    I thought this was great news until I read it will only be available on DirectTV. Since I don’t have that system and I have to wait until the DVD’s come out, I will drop my excitement to only “good” news.

  • Dave

    This is a TV miracle! Nobody should be complaining that it’s only going to be on DirecTV. You can still watch the DVDs later. It’s better than nothing. Every fan of Damages should be rejoicing right now, regardless of whether or not you subscribe to DirecTV.

    • Viv

      Right? It’s time to celebrate the triumphant return of the best show on tv, not moan about semantics.

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