'Bones' exclusive: Meet Booth's new [spoiler alert]!

bones-david-winnickImage Credit: Ron Eisenberg/Fox; Inset: Jesse Grant/WireImage.comIt looks like Booth found time to mix a little pleasure with his business during his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Bones has tapped Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick (CSI, House, Criminal Minds) to play the sure-to-be-controversial role of Ashley, a war correspondent with whom Booth, ahem, bonded with during his year overseas. Without giving too much away, Ashley ends up following Booth back to D.C. where things get, well, complicated.

Winnick is scheduled to appear in roughly five episodes, beginning with the Sept. 23 season premiere.

Thoughts? Waiting to watch the actual episodes before rushing to judgment? Do you think Emily Deschanel could take Winnick in a cage match? Got questions for EP Hart Hanson and/or David Boreanaz when I see them at Comic-Con? Hit the comments!

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  • ythu

    Is this the girl he’s been hitting on?

    • ythu

      . . . and True Blood is the best show on TV

      • Brett

        …on Sundays on HBO. At 9:00 p.m.

  • Liz

    tear! what do they keep toying with us?! booth and bones need to be together and i think we’ve done the dating someone else with rena sofer already. come on!

    • jayme

      you mean for that whole one episode rena sofer was in? I hate the idea of this storyline, but lets be honest Booth hasn’t gotten any in a loooong time, let the guy have a little human connection, and then she can realize that she will never measure up to his beloved Bones and she’ll leave.

      • JB

        I don’t know.. this girl is SMOKIN’ HOT. Rena Sofer has some resemblance to Emily D.. so fans could pass off the attraction as a replacement. This one looks ZERO like ED AND it doesn’t sound like they are making her a smarty pants scientist.

        hmmm.. B/B shippers may have some heartache ahead.

      • Denae

        I have to say I agree with Jayme-It will add a little spice to the show anyway!

      • Ashley Nunya

        Oh my god! A rational Bones fan?? I heard there were rumors of others but until this day…

        Dramatics aside, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s just a storyline, a plot device. Everyone knows that in the end they’ll be together. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It’ll be bumpy, but isn’t the possibility of a jealous Bones worth it?

      • RAGGEDT

        Besides, everyone knows that that hussy Rena Sofer was cheating on Booth with Jethro Gibbs (or cheating on Gibbs with Booth)! Girl gets around!

    • No Schmuck for Me

      Booth laid it out for Bones and she in turn made it clear she was incapable of the kind of relationship he needs – despite the way she feels. Personally, I rather he not be the schmuck that spent a year pining for something he can’t have. In the interest of character development, let the man explore other options.

      • Jenks

        I totally agree. They set up the show for just this development. Booth would appear totally Bones-whipped if he didn’t get on with his life.

      • Valerie

        all us girls want to see bones and booth come back with strong feeling for each other…but we expected this. can’t wait to see if bones comes back with anyone.

      • Cat

        Great comment, Booth does look like a schmuck pining for someone who doesn’t have a clue about real relationships. I say let them both move on and just be frinds/partners

      • Steph

        AGREE! It gets old with the same old cat and mouse. I liked that they had Booth confront the situation, realistically it’s natural he should try to move on.

      • Carm

        I agree. If Bones is ever ready and he is free, they can get together then. Of course, he can always be free when she is ready since it is TV.

      • Amy Leigh

        I agree. I’m excited that Booth has been able to move on enough to have a relationship. I was tired of the relationship limbo B/B were in.

      • rehabber

        I think this is great, the story line was getting very old with Bones playing so stupid about love. That was cute for a couple of years, but come on, she can not be that clueless. It is time for her to WAKE UP.

    • Yvette Pounds

      I agree that Booth and Brennan should be together. There was an episode where they both decided not to get involved right? But my vote is for the 2 of them. They are so cute together and Booth always gets what Brennan is talking about. That’s love :)

  • Rafaela Kioteogloy

    Will this new girl in Booth’s Life make Brennan so jeaulous that she finally admits her feelings for Booth??

    • Bruce_F

      One would hope so but I hope Katheryn Winnick stays around for a while. To this day, her episode of House is by far my favorite case-of-the-week episode.

      Also, to answer Ausiello’s question, Winnick would kick Deschanel’s ass. She’s a 3rd degree black belt and a licensed bodyguard.

      • Amy

        I agree so much Bruce. I hope they keep her around longer, as well. I will always remember her in that House episode. She was fantastic! Yep, 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 2nd degree black belt in karate!

    • MaryJane

      I agree, I think is probably actually a good development because it will give Bones a chance to get jealous, and to see what she’s missing. It always helps to let the other side know that they aren’t the only fish in the sea, this could actually make it more likely to get Bones & Booth together, but not too soon. Although I do want them together, doing that too quickly can lead to the downfall of the show. Always remember “Moonlighting”.

      • Zoey

        It’s heading into it’s, what, 6th season? It’s already been too long. And screw the Moonlighting curse. If you’re a good writer, you can pull it off.

      • Jessie

        Seriously? If you’re a big enough tv fan to read and comment on this blog, then you should know that the Moonlighting curse has almost nothing to do with getting a couple with UST together and everything to do with behind the scene dynamics, which is definitely not a problem with the cast and crew of Bones. Plus, the Bones producers have said multiple times they don’t believe in the “curse.”

  • Christine

    Question for interview at Comic Con:
    How much will we see Bones and Booth’s relationship develop in the first half of the new season? Will all of the progress made during last season be set on the back burner? I hope not.

    • lol

      LOL you’re still thinking their “relationship” will develop? What relationship? They are partners in crime and best friends.

  • Mercedes

    “True” fans always pre-judge an episode by its spoilers.

  • Nellie

    At least she’s blonde. Looks like his usual type and not like Brenn, that makes things easier. And 5 eps we can survive, I think.

  • Michelle

    Bones and Booth are so tired. At this point do not care whether they end up together. Though there’s zero doubt that they will.

    • Stormy

      At least this new woman appears to have some human warmth. Better her than block of ice, sci-fi Bones.

    • Coyote

      I assume you don’t still watch the show. Makes me wonder why you’d bother to read about it.

      • Stormy

        Like the show, love Angela and Hodgens, just can’t stand ED.

  • alex

    Do not want.

  • Keira

    She is much more beautiful than ED.

    • Arr

      Shame on you.

    • Sarah M

      Are you serious? LMAO Please!

    • Denae

      Comic Con: I absolutely love B/B’s under cover episodes (the fight club and circus ones). Brennens playful side really comes out which is typically rare in the show. Will there be any in season 6? Also if (hopefully) they eventually do get together, I think it would be fun if they tried theyre best to hide it from the squints. without much sucess of course!

    • lol

      Look at all the hate you’re getting. God forbid we think anyone is more gorgeous than ED. I’m with you, Keira. She’s hotter and more gorgeous than ED. This is real competition for Brennan.

      • cao

        lol? are u funny? you think she’s hotter.. maybe because this blondie looks like a hooker! You are jealous b*tch!!

      • Stormy

        Emily D. seems like she’d be a real pain in real life. Love her sister, hate her.

    • cao

      for real b*tch? Brennan/EMILY is STUNNING!!

    • Dylan

      Who cares about who’s prettier than who? There’s always someone who’s prettier or more handsome, that doesn’t mean they’re right for you…that’s ridiculous.

    • Marcos

      I’m with you Keira. I’ve never really thought Emily was all that attractive to begin with.

  • Avoidinglaundry

    Well that was predictable. My other prediction is that Brennan will be pregnant. I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling I’m not.

  • Becca

    If we have to endure this…. (I guess we have no choice…as Hart often reminds us). Will we at least get a little ( a lot I hope) jealousy from Bones this time… as she hid her jealousy for Catherine just a little too much….? It would be nice to see her realize what she walked away from….

    • lol

      Why does everything think Brennan will get jealous? Why does anyone want that? It’s so OOC! Brennan doesn’t DO jealous. You’re not going to see that. She wasn’t really that jealous of Catherine at all. You’re seeing what you want to see. But, it wasn’t really there.

      • Lily

        Now you know everything about Brennan! I’m sick of your stupidity!

        OOC? People can change idiot!! Maybe you can’t! You’re as funny as your name “lol”!

  • also do not want

    Well, at least I know how many episodes I WON’T be watching this season then.

    • acp

      Yep, I won’t be watching those either.

    • really?

      Seems a little silly to determine you won’t watch the episodes based on the information given. There are more things to enjoy about the episodes than the will they/won’t they of Booth and Bones. It’s just TV, let it go and give it a chance.

      • Nicole

        Don’t bother trying to convince – there are people who are so into a relationship on a show that they will literally threaten to abandon the show if the relationship doesn’t go the way they want. Just ask the Chuck writers/producers. It makes me think of something my mom used to say: “if they’re so willing to end your friendship over something so stupid, they were never really your friends anyway”. The maturity level of me and my friends in elementary school probably sums up the maturity level of the uber-shippers.

      • also do not want

        How rude and patronising. Actually, you know nothing about me and my level of involvement in the show. I find it offensive that you obviously consider yourself to be the superior fan.
        I do not need to watch angst in my life, I watch as an escape. And it’s not just the significant other storyline that has me tuning out, it was the whole arc from the 100th episode on. Bones really has disappointed me weekly from then on. I needed a reason to tune back in. This is not it.

      • Bruce_F

        Nicole, I here by dub thee “Queen of the Day.” Thanks for saying what desperately needed to be said.

      • lol

        ALSO DO NOT WANT…you really need to get a life. You’re sad.

      • lol

        REALLY? I agree with Nicole and Bruce.

      • Alana

        Haha laughing at that, but they’re right. You’re obviously stupid if you’re going to stop watching because the show isn’t going the way you like it. Face it. It’s life. Life never goes as planned. But you’re missing out if you actually think anyones gonna give a damn if you stop watching theres another 8-10 million people out there who seem to actually care about the show as a whole and not just Booth and Brennan

      • sgvt04

        Actually, that is exactly the reason that TV guides were created back in the day before TV guides. To determine if it would be worth your time to watch a show based on the information you had been given. If someone has been bored or disappointed in a shows storyline, so be it. They have a right to not like it and that is the exact right reason to stop watching it and that is why shows go off the air every single day. House has been ANNOYING with all this love story stuff, Chuck on the other hand is all about Chuck and Sara. Lost’s 3rd season with the love triangles in every direction…we can all agree that sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn’t. Some people like it. some people don’t, and they have all the right to stop watching.

  • Tina

    Had enough of the 3rd party deal. This better bring Booth and Bones closer. Like where they were last midseason!

  • Summer

    This photo of Winnick looks like Ali Larter’s body with Taylor Swift’s hair. Kind of funny!

  • Michel

    She’s blonde. Of course, Booth. Jeeze… X^}

    It can’t be that BAD. But here’s an idea! What if Brennan became ‘the other women’?

    • Becca

      Remember, Booth doesn’t cheat. Only David does.

      • j

        This, LOL.

      • daniela

        OMG tht is soooo hilarious and true!!! i like totally cracked up at this comment LOL

      • Anna


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