Comic-Con video: 'True Blood' boss drops major season finale clue!

cc10-true-bloodIf you don’t want to know how True Blood‘s third season ends do not watch the following video interview with exec producer Alan Ball and stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. You’ve been warned!

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  • Mayra

    She looks gorgeous!

    • aleksa

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • JJ

      Yes, her gap teeth are gorgeous.

      • Brian

        Don’t confuse your particular dislike of a gap between someone’s front teeth for overall ugliness. Anna’s hot. Like the Wife of Bath.

      • Liz Lemon

        Her gap teeth are perfect. I love Anna. However, my favorite new character is definitely Franklin Mott, especially after seeing episode 5. He wasn’t nearly as interesting/hilarious in the books.

      • Carla

        I agree with Liz Lemon, the gap between Anna’s front teeth is adorable, and makes her even prettier.

      • m.

        I hate the actors with fake teeth. Sometimes they are extra white and it looks extremly stupid (for example if the actor is playing homeless or someone who lived 100 years ago …).
        Anna is lovely!

    • Rashad

      Anna Paquin is SO HOT!!! I love her :)

  • Edward McArdle

    Alan Ball could be Ricky Gervais’ twin!

    • jess

      I thought the same thing!

  • Bryan

    Great interview but it wasn’t very ‘spoilery’.

  • Trazey

    mmmmm Alcide lol

  • Roberta

    Micheal, you are so awesome! Thank you for all you do! I feel so informed.

  • lory

    screw alan ball everybody hates you now !! all the fans wants eric & sookie why you can’t just stick ti the damn books !!! no one wants bill but you Favors him over eric and that’s so sad !! keep going like that alan and you will loose your fans cause basically the majority are Eric fans !!!

    • Crystal

      Nah. I want Sookie with Sam.

      • Katie

        I agree with Crystal. I definitely want to see Eric and Sookie have a temporary romantic arc, because they have great chemistry and I do enjoy them together. But ultimately, I want Sookie to end up with Sam.

      • JKBopinion

        I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one! I’ve been a fan of the books since book 2 came out & I love the series, too. I’d love for Sookie to ultimately end up with Sam in both. Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy the journey.

      • lilian

        I thought I was the only one! I mean, Eric and Sookie have crazy chemistry, but I was definitely rooting for Sam during season 1

      • Brett

        No, Sookie should end up with Andy Bellefleur!

      • Lynne

        Me too.

      • Anneka

        Ditto. Sam is totally the man!

    • Kristin

      Completely agreed!!!

    • Tarc

      Actually, a few nutjobs might hate Ball, but no one really pays any attention to them. And if you’ve actually read the books, the main plotline certainly does follow the book plot quite well.

      • Kathy

        Not this season. What book have you read? The only things similar are Bill being held captive, at Russel’s and Sookie looking for him & staying w/Alcide. This little Eric revenge plot has screwed with the whole storyline. Eric was a good and noble man when he was alive, not a childish womanizer and his family wasn’t slaughtered by Russel or weres. Nothing further this season will be even close to the book. So many of the scenes from the book I wanted to see come to life. I especially wanted to see the friendship grow between Sookie and Eric (not love, or sex, friendship). And I would have liked to see him save her for once. No chance of that now.

      • Salander

        Actually, Kath, the series is following the books in all the ways that matter. And in any case, all the changes have been improvements on the books.

      • Kathy

        Not IMO and not in a lot of other’s opinions as well.

    • Daniel

      OMG if you want it to be like the books, read the books again. I’m a big fan of the books, I don’t want page to page recreation. Cheers to Alan. I don’t hate you. Lory does not speak for me.

      • luvmichaeljohns

        I agree, I am a fan of the books but I always hated the split of Bill and Sookie. It just didn’t seem right.

      • mojojo

        I agree completely! I’ve always loved those two together. The books now just make me sad to read them.

      • Zoe

        Absolutely agreed! I hated Harris splitting up Bill and Sookie as well (even if I think the Eric/Sookie thing is fun too). It always seemed to me that Harris got bored with Bill and Sookie. And don’t even get me started on Quinn.

      • Emma

        Charlaine did a great job, but Alan put it in another arena. He did an amazing work with the show, and I completely agree that, in the show (and for me in the books as well!), Bill & Sookie belong together.

      • redreh

        Zoe, its funny you say that, because Quinn’s entrance is one of the reasons I put my book reading on hold. I was like, what? What is THIS guy? DO NOT WANT.

        I’m a Bill/Sookie girl in the show and an Eric/Sookie girl in the books. It is possible to be both because the beasts are so separate at this point. If they do E/S in the show, I’m all for that too, but my personal end-game for TrueBlood is Bill/Sookie.

      • alyce

        TY for saying this!!!! so exhausting to see people constantly complaining how they are are so different. AB to CH have all said * enjoy these as two different entertainment vehicles* If they don’e like what is being done with the show, dont freeking watch! I have read the books and am in love with the show. People need to get over it!

      • sandy

        i really did not like quinn… hope he won’t show up on TV…

      • Steph

        Big fan of the books, and I actually liked Quinn. I imagined him looking like The Rock/Dwayne Johnson for some reason. At that point in the books though, there were so many new characters and side plots it was mind splitting. The tv series has a lot of options and a lot to work with. I don’t mind that she’s sticking wtih Bill longer, I think the spirit of the books is still there.

        From the coverage I saw of Comic Con on G4 where the actors who play Alcide and Pam were interviewed, they hinted at the Eric story arc for next season.

    • M

      I’m a huge Eric fan, but I am completely against Sookie and Eric together. Eric needs a much more interesting, less annoying girl. I don’t buy Sookie and Eric at all, I already see much more chemistry with her and Alcide.

    • Salander

      hahahahaha Lory !!! you just writes like this real people dont thats so sad !!! i bet eric & sookie never get together cuz after all theres only 2 and a half seasons aired so far and sookie & eric still arent together !! so obviously it will never happen now !!! fans wants sookie & eric already i hate you alan ball damn your eyes !! all the fans really wants exclamation points !!!

    • Liz Lemon

      Eric and Sookie are not together at this point in the books. They don’t really hook up until book 4.

      • sandy

        yeah… and then again in book 9…

    • mojojo

      I wanna see her w Bill!

      • sandy

        she is with bill now for 2 1/2 seasons… whats your point? :P

    • Gem

      Considering alot happens after book three which involves eric and sookie, he IS sticking too the books. Season 1is book, season 2 book 2, and oh, i think season three might just be book 4

    • MKR

      Hmmm…if all these people are so upset that Sookie isn’t with Eric then why are the ratings going through the roof? I’ll tell you why. 80% or more of the people watching aren’t in it for any ‘romance’ and they don’t care who Sookie gets naked with.

      • Molly

        You’re right, I guess. People now watch the show for the bad soft porn. It’s a pity that Allan ball had dropped the ball when it comes to quality writing.

    • Liz

      Wow, can you keep it cool! First of all: everyone LOVES Alan Ball. He’s brilliant. And try to understand this: Charlaine & Alan said again & again that the books & the show are two different things! Two versions of a story! You don’t like it? DON’T WATCH!
      In the show, Bill & Sookie are soulmates. Doesn’t mean the Eric & Sookie thing won’t happen (or even her with Alcide, or Quinn), but eventually, Bill is Sookie’s true love.

      • sandy

        soulmates????? i don’t see that! All I think is Alan Ball only favours Bill & Sookie because Anna and Stephen are together… that’s unfair!

    • Emma

      Oh Gos, please! We all love Alan’s work! And in his version, Bill & Sookie are soulmates.

    • HJ

      Ummmm, what books are you reading?

    • alyce

      ohhh sweet niblets. you really don’t read any of the PR items regarding that…. DONT watch the show if you DONT LIKE IT and only want a straight page to film adaptation.. otherwise.. GET OVER IT!

    • Kristin

      I love Bill and Sookie. Bill’s character is different on the show than in the books and the show itself is much better than the books. So please don’t question Alan Ball’s talent and creativity.

    • sheila

      I love Bill and Sookie together and I have read all the books.

    • Sharon Jagger

      Sorry, but not everyone hates Alan Ball. I think he has adapted the books really well and is building up the drama for the end of the series. It is obvious that the relationship between Bill and Sookie is probably heading towards the end, there are clear warnings from Claudine and Eric not to trust Bill. However,even in the books, Eric does not end up with Sookie until book 4. Alan Ball has said he will stay true to the books and I believe him. Just be patient and I am sure you will get what you are waiting for.

  • Amelia

    If there’s no chance of Eric and Sookie being together, I have no interest in watching the show further. I fear what mess will be made next season. I see no point in watching something that upsets me. God bless Charlaine for chiming in that the books will continue to go in a different direction. I’m reading Club Dead again now (4th time) it’s SO much better than the show. I’m so disappointed.

    • JD

      My thoughts exactly. So upsetting this bit of news is.

      Stephen Moyer’s Bill is as dull as a plank. Alex Skarsgaard’s Eric has more spice.

    • Tarc

      Ball has said that Erik and Sookie will eventually get together as in the novels. Of course, this is not a permanent thing…

      • fritanga

        You mean, not permanent in Ball’s TB universe, which is markedly different from Harris’s. His constant palaver about Bill and Sookie’s “Twu Wuv” runs completely counter to Harris’s story, and frankly is the most boring part about True Blood. I’m not a TV Eric/Sookie fan because TV!Sookie is incredibly annoying and only vaguely like the book character, so she can hook up with anyone as far as I’m concerned. I just want Ball to stop painting Eric as “the bad guy” and finally give him a romance worthy of Alexander Skarsgard’s portrayal. If not, this season will be the last I watch, and I don’t think I’ll be alone.

      • Fritata

        Fritanga, fritonga, topenga, toponga, let’s call the whole thing off!

      • MKR

        Eric and Sookie are not going to stay together in the books, either. Mark my words. It will be over in the next book. Sookie will end up with Sam or Quinn, not with a vampire.

      • Kathy

        And that’s fine with me because I know whatever happens will make sense in Charlaine’s world. My beef isn’t that Eric and Sookie aren’t together right now. It’s that he’s not following the major arc of the books. Sookie isn’t really with Eric for a long while. That’s not my beef. But neither is she this screechy “Ohhhh Beeeeehhhhllll” creature. We’ve lost the mysteries of the books, we’ve lost the personality of the characters. If anything BALL is making this more of a romance than the books. Sookie’s way too practical to be falling over a man in ANY of the books.

      • AsphaltTears

        What people just seem to not get is the novels are a totally a different medium. The show is inspired by the novels. You don’t know where the show will go but many love the Sookie/Bill dynamic. Don’t compare the two stories. I love the show and have never read the books so I don’t sit and try to compare the two. Many times novels are too detailed and certain parts won’t work in movies or films. Many times they have to delete a character or pump them up…get real. This is a tv series that is based loosely on the books. She is lucky to have such a large fan base world wide watching this show and she will sell a lot of books regardless of whether the storyline is slightly or even a lot different. I have the books in ebooks but haven’t read them yet. I suspect I will love them both. The parts the actors play are from a script and not reflective of their own choices. I don’t see bill portrayed as always the good guy. I think he was trying to be a better person for Sookie. Eric is the sexy, dangerous character and I like the way they are portraying him because they are showing his soft side in unexpected moments. He really makes the show.

      • becca

        those who have read the book know that Sookie and Eric are together in book 10 however CH is not done writing the series and she has been hinting for a while now about Eric and Sookie’s relationship coming to and end. I might also add that she also hints about Sookie reuniting w/ Bill in the books. Seriously read an interveiw or two of hers and its very clear that Eric was never written to be prince charming ( nor was Bill) in all fairness.CH has stated many times she doesn’t know why so many like Eric so much considering his character (and that is a quote from her)and I think AB is doing a fab job the tv show and books aren’t supposed to be the same.

    • Daniel

      Ok. See ya later. Us other book lovers who actually want the show to unfold its own way will still be here when you are still watching because you just can’t stop watching and you just enjoy bitching on the forums.

    • alyce

      stick to the books… and stay out of the show… that way that is one less obnoxious post to read.

    • Mami

      I agree with Kathy. I do understand and appreciate that the show is different from the books; however, it is very obvious that Alan Ball is favouring Sookie and Bill together. He has changed major things in the storyline and I don’t like it. Eric was the one who saved Sookie by giving his blood in the book, but Alan yet again gave the spotlight to Bill. Sookie’s character is mega stupid in the show and annoying as well. I think I will stop watching the shows. It is very disappointing.

    • Mami

      I fully agree with u

  • Kathy

    I agree with Amelia. If there’s no chance for Eric and Sookie. If Eric is going to be portrayed as a barbarian getting his revenge, then I’m not sure I want to watch the show either. Alan Ball took a beloved character and ruined him. I used to like Bill, but by shoving how GOOD Bill is despite what he does, in my face continually, Alan has made me loathe him as a character. And made me like Stephen a little less and I was a big fan of his before he was on this show.

    • Tarc

      Bill, in the novels, isn’t terribly likable. Erik isn’t very suitable for Sookie either. Perhaps that’s why Bill and Erik are only two in a line of boyfriends…

      • MCS

        Is Bill even likable in the show? I could have sworn I have watched every episode, maybe I missed some where Bill is actually cool.

      • fritanga

        The “line of boyfriends” has so far ended with Eric in the books. I don’t know what Harris has planned for the rest of the series (I doubt you do either) but up until this point Eric has been the only boyfriend I’ve thought worthy of Book!Sookie.

      • Nila

        Bill is extremely likable in the show. I especially liked that his driving motive was keeping Sookie safe. He seems to be the only guy who is capable of being completely selfless where she’s concerned. Personally, I like Eric/Sookie in the books and Bill/Sookie on the show. Gasp, it is possible!

  • sherika

    you guys are a bunch of whiners!!!!!!!!!!

    • mary q contrary

      what she said. There are books, and then there is a tv show. Two separate things, with two separate directions. This show is NOT made for fans of the books. It’s made for anyone who happens to enjoy it. I am so sick and tired of die hard fans of the books that can’t accept deviations from their precious material. Get over it, people. That’s show business.

      • fritanga

        Yeah – it makes no difference that the books are Shakespeare in comparison to the increasingly overwrought, gratuitous, stereotypical, over-the-top crap that Ball is now producing.

      • Appius Luvius Ocella

        Did you just compare Charlaine Harris’s prose to Shakespeare? I’ve read every Sookie Stackhouse novel and always enjoy them for what they are: pulpy paperback horror/romance novels. They’re a lot of fun at best (Dead After Dark, Dead to the World, Altogether Dead, From Dead to Worse), and almost maddeningly ridiculous at worst (Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead, Dead in the Family). The first-person narration from Sookie’s point of view limits the book series’ potential. The pacing is often frustratingly stilted, and a lot of the plot developments seem more convenient than they do organic. I still have fun reading them, but come on: Shakespeare? Alan Ball’s knocked it out of the park with this adaptation, and I’m willing to bet Charlaine Harris would agree.

      • MKR

        If you don’t like the show…here’s an idea….DON’T WATCH and stop complaining to the rest of us.

      • KS

        Yes, I don’t know what’s up with these book readers – just please stick to reading the books. The rest of us who think that the books are crappy are very happy with the show.

      • trubie4life

        ALL the book readers should know that you make up only 5% of the viewers of true blood. Stop watching if you hate the show so much…its not a documentary of the damn book. Alan Ball gave the book relevance and upped it 100 times over. We wont miss you if you leave…I’m a big Bill/Sookie fan BTW…I think Stephen Moyer is seductively sexy…Scarsgard is mean and cold looking but I could see Bill hypnotising me.

  • Kelly

    I think Mr. Ball is just trying to keep all of us avid Charlaine Harris fans on our toes…keep us guessing by not following the books like we expect.

    • Emily

      I agree! I have read all the books, and I LIKE not knowing what is going to happen next on the show. I think it would be pretty boring for the fans of the books if it completely followed the entire series and never surprised us.

  • Cathy

    I’ll probably still watch the show, I still love it! But I also want Eric and Sookie!!!! I’m sooooooo hoping (and if your reading this Alan Ball…….please please please please!!!!!!!!) that they go with the amnesia Eric story line! I think that will definitely give the viewers who haven’t read the books a chance to see Eric in a different light!!!!! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed! I do like how this season has gone so far with Bill’s character. It so explains why he left her which the books didn’t. I do like the take on that. They are making Bill out to be quite the hero. I hope Eric steps up in the episodes to come! I want to see him get his revenge!!! Go Eric!!!!!!!

    • Steph

      i commented on this earlier in the page, but on the G4 coverage @ Comic Con the actor who plays Alcide talked about an amnesia story line for next season. They don’t know who it is yet since it may not follow the books, but it’s probably Eric, my guess.

  • heather

    stick around for next season-there will be Eric and Sookie. and a grcious plenty.

    • Eric’s future wife

      @heather, I agree – nice comment, “a gracious plenty”! LOL when I read that. I think I need to re-read bood 4!

  • Sharla

    Why can’t everyone just enjoy the books for what they are and the show for what it is? Take pleasure in the differences. I for one do not want to watch a play by play of each book and much as I love the series and Charlaine, not every book has exactly been a stellar installment!

    • Amelia

      Well, I did want to see the books come to life, just has the Harry Potter films are true to the books. They aren’t exact, but at least they aren’t putting Harry and Hermione together. No adaptation of Pride and Prejudice matches up Lizzie with Bingly. I don’t read fanfic, for the very reason the only one who knows those characters and what they’ll do is the creator of those characters. Watching Alan Ball’s fanfic of these books reminds me why I never bother to venture into fanfic land.

      • mary q contrary

        Jesus, people, there is a reason the show isn’t called The Southern Vampire Mysteries, or The Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles. Alan Ball took some decent foundation, and deviated from some fairly awful material. Has anyone ever stopped to consider the fact that had you watched the show first, you might realize the books are utter crap and poorly written?

      • Zoey

        Well, of course the books are poorly written. They’re just popcorn novels. Fun to read, but that’s about it. It’s good that Alan Ball is changing it up, but he didn’t have to make Eric so different and make Bill so damn important and shove his “goodness” down our throats.

      • Brian

        What Zoey said.

      • Nila

        Huge difference between a series of films and a television series. With a television series, you have to find a way to keep up the suspense. Sticking faithfully to the source material would have killed the television series. It’s like Battlestar Galactica- the second television show is loosely inspired by the first, but the characters and plot deviate wildly from the source material.

      • Becca

        I haven’t read the books, and I was wondering about what Zoey said, “but he didn’t have to make Eric so different and make Bill so damn important and shove his “goodness” down our throats.”

        Can anyone explain (very simply) how Eric has been changed and why Zoey thinks Bill is “so damn important” in the show? thanks.

  • Ruby

    I agree with Kelly.
    No show/movie is ever like the books that they are based on.
    People need to stop complaining.
    Alan Ball is an amazing visionary and I love what he has done with True Blood.
    Besides, if the show were EXACTLY like the book, then everyone would know the outcome before the season even finishes -_- and that’s no fun.

    • KatherineM

      There’s a difference between changing the plots for the series, adding new characters for interest, and adding new layers to the lead characters to keep things interesting vs. completely rewriting the fundamental nature of the lead characters from the books. Let’s make Harry Potter the high school drug dealer, and Ashley Wilkes the romantic lead in Gone with the Wind instead of Rhett. That might have been very fun for the producers of those movies to do, but the books did exist before the movies, and it would have been pretty disrespectful to the millions who had read and loved the books. The Sookie book readers have spent 10 years closely following a very much beloved book character (Eric). So far AB has mostly just bastardized that character, and given all the positives written for that character to Bill, who was a dishonest character in the books.

      Yes, the books are ‘just’ pulp fiction, but so is Alan Ball’s work. Visionary?? Mostly I think AB totally wastes very good and popular actor Skarsgard, and also fills 50% of the show with lots of sideline crap/ characters that he dreams up out of his ego, which end up being not nearly as good of pulp fiction as many parts of the books. Other than giving us nice sets and good casting, I’m still waiting for his plot and character-driven ‘genius’ to hit me.

      • tigereyes

        @KatherineM… well thankfully AB doesn’t listen you or the other Bill bashing fans. I look at AB as seeing the chemistry Anna and Stephen have on screen and he is working with that. Eric and boring as hell. If the show is to be exactly like the books, why even have a tv show. He is showing what Eric is truly like. Blood thirsty, evil, a trickster, only out for himself, and yes a lier as you all love to put the title on Bill to easily. At least Bill’s feeling for Sookie are genuine.

      • Team Eric

        Thank you thank you thank you! You expressed it so much better than I could!

      • Shar

        I think you are missing the point tigereyes. In the books, bill is the deceptive one. That is all Ruby is trying to say, that Alan Ball switched up the characters. In the books, Eric is the one who saves Sookie over and over and over again. He’s the one who doesn’t lie. Not Bill, whose whole reason for being with Sookie is deceptive and based on a lie. That’s why people are complaining.
        To continue the Harry Potter analogy, it be like making Bellatrix the romantic heroine and Hermione the evil, lying one. It would piss people off and rightly so. Even if you’ve never read the books and are wedded to the show, you can still acknowledge that the book fans have a valid reason for being a little mad at the handling of the characters.

      • jackiej

        katherinen everything you said was true. alan ball
        feeds his own ego. eric is always bad, bill is always
        an angel. suddenly eric just wants revenge for hsi
        family .how about flashbacks with godric

      • Mami

        KatherineM said it all and expressed exactly I am feeling about the show so far. since Alan seems to want to favour Bill and Sookie, he has given all the glory to Bill even when it was Eric who were doing those actions in the books. Alan butchered the story and came up with a stupid fanfic as far as I am concerned.

      • Mami

        Have you even read the books, tigereyes? If you have read them, you would not be making the comment. Eric is not a Blood thirsty, completely evil lying vampire in the book series. He is the one who keeps saving Sookie over and over. Eric also is the one who is always honest with Sookie in the books, so your comment about Alan trying to show what Eric is truly like doesn’t make any sense at all. Eric is the thoughtful a d truthful character in the books. Bill is the deceptive lying character in the books. Alan butchered Eric’s personality and made him into this evil dude, and made Bill the Angel, which is not right. All the rescuing Eric did in the books were given to Bill as well. Adding and changing storyline for the TV show make sense, but not this switching of personalities and changing the core of the story.

    • PeteNYC

      @Mami and the “book fans” spewing hate, it’s obvious you lack the imagination and intelligence needed to appreciate True Blood. Alan Ball has done an amazing job with the excellent source material provided by Charlaine Harris. She loves the show and has very high praise for Alan Ball and company. I hope Mami and the other “book fans” continue watching the show and sharing their stupidity with the rest of the world. It won’t stop the critical acclaim or award nominations from accumulating each season.

  • Melinda

    Okay. Here’s my deal with Alan Ball. I’ve read the books–Eric and Sookie I loved. In the show, I love them too, but with Ball’s writing and Anna/Stephen’s relationship, I’ve given up.

    Let’s move onto bigger territory like JESSICA/HOYT. Now I believe they are the “It” human-vamp relationship. They need to start spicing up THIS relationship pronto before I completely lose all interest.

    BTW: Anna looks STUNNING here. Thanks Ausiello!

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