Exclusive 'Fringe' video: Cast reflects on Olivia/Peter romance, and the show's endgame

cc10-fringeContrary to popular opinion, I don’t have to get violently pantsed or viciously gang tackled to enjoy myself during an interview. Sometimes all I need is stimulating conversation with smart and passionate actors. Case in point: My exclusive sit-down with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble was short on unprovoked assaults and long on insightful discourse regarding Fringe‘s ambitious season 3 conceit, the pace of Peter and Olivia’s romance, and the complicated father-son bond at the heart of the show. Long story short: It’s one of my favorite interviews of Con ’10.

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  • tictactardis

    Man, even Anna Torv has a crush on Anna Torv.

    And looks like Joshua’s been paying attention to fandom with the Altlivia comment! <3 Although, personally, I still like Fauxlivia.

    • klingonlady

      *waves and yells I KNOW YOU!!!!!*
      Yeah I noticed that she was crushing on herself and it was awesome!! YAY!

      Heee! I am an alt!livia myself..Like Josh..

  • Liana C

    Would have loved to have met these fine actors. I love the show, and am so psyched for the new season. I truly believe they WILL achieve that goal of creating justified parallel worlds. The writing has been awesome so far, and the acting superb (Noble SHOULD have been nominated for the Emmy). Can’t wait!

    • HC

      AGREED! What an amazing show and brilliant group of actors, love them!

    • TQB

      That right there is three talented artists who love and respect each other. Notice the rapt attention they paid to each other when they were talking, the care each took to not interrupt – or to defer to one of the others. It’s no wonder they are able to produce such stunning onscreen relationships.

      I am so very jealous that couch!

  • KT

    I dont know how I feel about them wanting us to like both sides… I feel like I’ll always lean toward the original side, but we’ll see. I love how deeply they think about the show and the characters you can tell it’s not just roles they’re playing, but they actually really care about what they’re doing and what they’re trying to achieve.

    • Vannat

      You can see how much the care for the show, their characters, and each other. I’ve driven past the set a few times (by accident, they film frequently downtown so its hard not to), and they’re like this when filming to. They clearly care/respect each other, which I think comes through in their performances.

      • J.

        Sorry to be crass, but how the hell can you gather that just by driving by?

      • Tizroc

        You take generalizations by the way people act verbally and physically. Many times (in my experience) when they are filming they do so and direct traffic around them. This can cause bottlenecks that can give you a short time to actually see what is happening between the actors, as well as what happens with the shot. This also happens when you are walking past a consistently filming show in an area. They either need to replicate the spot outside the actual area (green screen or physical replica) or they need to create an environment that is cohesive to the businesses and lives of the people affected. When that happens it does become possible to get a glimpse into the set.

        Now, stop being crass!

  • nico

    You just don’t know how much I love this show…

    • Gonzo

      …i think i know :)

      • Ryan

        yeah i think i know too

  • Anna

    I am so excited for this season!!!!

  • JeffDJ

    Maybe I’m just dim, but where IS the video?

    • Shadow Step

      More like your browser is not showing it to you. You need to have flash – you are not on an apple device are you? ;)

  • Jason

    Such an amazing show and wow, I did not realize Anna Torv had such beauitful legs I mean I have always thought she was but damn. Can’t wait for the show to come back it just keeps getting better.

  • Melissa

    I love watching them geek out over their own show!

  • Vivi

    You can tell just listening to these actors how much effort and care they put into their characters. I’m really glad this show is slowly but surely moving up to the higher ratings it deserves. Next step: now that the Emmy’s are finally recognizing sci-fi shows with Lost (I know they’ve nominated a few others in the past, like the X-Files, but the last few years not as much), someone needs to start campaigning for this show (and by that I mean John Noble) for next year’s awards season!

    • NT

      John Noble needs to be recognized for his performance….he’s amazing. And though I’m biased, I really think Josh has been doing some fantastic acting too.

  • Kayla

    They seem like SUCH a smart cast! Anna acted a little nervous- fidgety and overtalking. Aww.

  • ziggy

    What intelligent, passionate, eloquent actors. You can tell they LOVE their jobs right now. Fringe is the best drama on tv. I really look forward to the new season.

  • Crystal

    Great interview and very glad to see how seriously they take the characters. You could tell this back at the Paley Fest after S1 and I’m glad to see it’s still there.

  • Carrie

    I adore this show. Great cast.

  • emily

    Thanks so much. What a great interview and wish it had gone on for much longer. Could listen to them talking about the show all day. They all have a lovely ease to each other and about the show. Wonderful.

  • SN

    what a wonderful interview- as much as i like to see people relax and have fun, it is just as nice to see these actors act professional and have a serious, intelligent, and passionate chat about a show they all obviously care about and respect

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